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Alone Once More: Before and Again by furriKira

I will be hones... im having a hard time on the First one ( the one before the redraw ) , but after a while of admiring the art, i foun...

Tink by furriKira

Is really sad to see that she closed the account... but this is a nice way to remember her is not a good bye... is a see you later, som...

Kira's Maid Outfit by furriKira

Bows.... cute little bows EVERYWHERE, trust me Kira, this is way to over the cuteness meter, i could had mistaken you for a catgirl o//...


Nintendo Direct 01-14-15 Reaction by TeamInTheDarkness
Nintendo Direct 01-14-15 Reaction
Title says it all, Dang it... my poor poor wallet ;_; it was so nice and big, now is going to be sacrificed, all in the name of Zelda Majora Mask, i found several things interesting in the Direct, if you missed it, here is the link ;3…

- Regarding the first game on the first frame, my opinion is that seems like a good puzzle game, but i felt it a little bit like Candy Crush, but i like dragons ^^, and the anime theme is excelent, however... really nintendo?, was nessesary to put Mario in it?, i found it hilarious, this game will be available in may, so i have loooong time to recover for this one

- I put a (*) next to Splatoon for a reason, if you saw the direct and you had a Nintendo Land, you might notice there is a several things that seems like Nintendo Plaza from Nintendo Land, just that in this game, you will see your friends/enemies in the plaza you meet in online and Miiverse, also, i love the idea that the cosmetic items are not only cosmetics! ;D, they also help you in battle, of course, you can select to be cosmetics that do not offer any advantage, but you can actually pick per example, a shoe that allow you to run faster, or a helmet that prevent headshots or at least that reduce damage by attacks in the head (Try to headshot that Mr Mundy!), another thing is that it will not require actual money, but in game money that you can gain in Multiplayer (both online and local as far as i know), sorry TF2, seems you got competition o_O, gotta save money for May

- Dear Hylia... DEAR HYLIA!! that new 3dS looks so epic *w* and glad that nintendo will allow us to transfer all the data from the olders 3DS to the new one ;D, so i will not lose my save games! yay! ;D, however, the charger for the New 3DS will not come with the console (wut?) but this can be fixed by ANY of the chargers for the previous 3DS

- DAT ZELDA MAJORA SPECIAL EDITION!!!!! Im sold!, take my money Nintendo D;!, I must have that new 3DS!! ( yes, i was waiting that kind of bundle XDDD ) not only young Link will be available in the Zelda Majora Pack for Hyrule Warriors, but also the game ( or so they say, i have to pray that the special edition works the same here in Costa Rica ) will come already installed in the console, i do not know about you guys, but im one of those gamers that likes to have the actual physical copy of the game.

Feel free to leave comments on your opinion ^^
Banjo-Kazooie Rumors by TeamInTheDarkness
Banjo-Kazooie Rumors
Ok, for those who didn´t know, i found under a gaming website (is in spanish if you want to check the articles yourself guys:… ). Seems that Microsoft had decided to finally reuse Rare Ips, such as Banjo, Perfect Dark, Blast Corps or Battletoads, or for what i could understand, they are currently reviewing the idea of using them in the near future, not this year, but the near future.

For one side, is a excelent idea, and my inner gamer boy that still remembers the golden era of Gaming, still belives in a Ray of Hope to revive Conker, Banjo and Kazooie. But for the other side, im a little afraid.

For starters, Perfect Dark is a old school shooter, and after Perfect Dark Zero, there is a high chance that some (pardon my lenguage) idiot, propose the idea of using modern shooting game mechanics to please the current audience (Cof! CoD style, cof!), this could leave Perfect Dark on the same boat as Duke Nukem Forever, and we all know what happened.

For Banjo and Kazooie, im a little bit more relieved, since Microsoft can easily ignore Nuts and Bolts and label it as its deserves to be, Non-Cannon, i mean, if i recall there is a excelent comic here on DA that is 100000 times better that what Nuts and Bolts in my opinion, it could have been a decent story, as JohnTron said (and i agree with him) there could be the posibility that Nuts and Bolts was Banjo 3, but due to Microsoft infinite greed, they changed it to a cars game at the very last second, without changing the whole overworld, which is something you NEVER DO when we are waiting a PLATAFORMER game for YEARS!!, if the rumors turn to be true, this new banjo better be a plataformer or i swear to Palutena, Amaterasu, Celestia and Hylia, the fans are going to tear Microsoft.

Now on to the comic XD, if you are wondering, Link is able to travel outside Nintendo Land ( yeah, each "Company" has their own game world in my comics, Link is one of the few from Nintendo that is able to travel to Sony Kingdom and Microsoft World, since he was a exclusive character on Soul Calibur 2, that gaved him a little advantage to learn a teleport song to those 2 worlds), and he usually visits the characters that were from Nintendo before (Banjo, Megaman, Capcom destroyed IPs, ETC ), also, why didn´t i used any Banjo-Kazooie sprites?, i will use them once i find a good artist that can make a good sidescrolling Banjo-Kazooie sprites, the only ones available are for the GB, and those ones are not very good ewe... and are top view, i need sidecrollers type of sprites.

Link belongs to Nintendo
Blaze belongs to me ;D
Banjo-Kazooie belongs to Rare
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Although Mistshine was excellent at close range combat, the Vampire Pinkie Pie was proving to be a hard catch, as she moved so fast he couldn’t even see where she was going, until he felt each hit from the lollypop on his body, if he keeps this up, he could die in seconds.

“Master, this is going to take forever, use the magical hourglass!” Softheart said, dodging the vampire mare attacks.

Mistshine pulled his magical hourglass and stopped time for 5 seconds, getting close to Pinkie so he can attack with his wrench, however, the mare suddenly moved and threw the stallion to the floor, placing herself on top of him, with all her weight, her plot sat on his legs, as she started to sniff him.

“Oooh, you smell delicious… I want a taste little one, besides, if I kill you I might not taste you anymore” Vampire Pinkie said, as her fangs grew, ready for a bite.

Mistshine blocked her bite with his vampire killer whip. “Gah…not today…if you are immune to sub-weapons then I will beat you the old fashioned way!”

“First I will decorate you, a nice frosting would do.” Vampire Pinkie said, smiling.

However, when the vampire pulled from her mane another weapon immediately Mistshine knew that something was wrong with the mind of his foe, from Vampire Pinkie eyes, she was holding a little trumpet shaped gun, and when she pressed, cake frosting came out of the tip, however, in reality, she was holding a miniature flame thrower, more light than the standard one she used earlier, and is able to be held with one hoof, when she pressed the trigger, a powerful flame came from the tip, Alure manage to teleport Mistshine away with her flower before he got burned at close range, finally he understood the creature in front of him, she is the representation of Pinkie Ignorance, specially when her pranks and parties go over the limit that a normal pony can handle, if he can show this copy what she is really doing she might stop, or could enrage her, but he cannot stay with his foe getting the upper hoof.

“Alure, go to the kitchen, give me any kind of cupcakes you find, Angel aid her.” Mistshine asked.

Alure, although jumpy thanks to the sugar on the vampire blood, she moved towards the kitchen, Angel tried to gain time. “Over here!, look at the bunny!”

“Oooh, Carrot top” Vampire Pinkie said, as she aimed at Angel with her mini flamethrower.

While Vampire Pinkie Pie chased the bunny, Mistshine received several cupcakes from Alure, he launched a cupcake at his foe, to which she ate almost instantly, but when she looked at the other cupcake on Mistshine hoof, she looked at it as a blood stained and fleshy cupcake, not as tender and sweet as they were in reality, this scared her, in fact, she ran towards the kitchen looking to a mirror, and found out the cupcakes remains she previously ate, were pieces of flesh stuck in her teeth, however, Mistshine saw his window of opportunity when she started to attack irrationally, the stallion threw another cupcake which Vampire Pinkie avoided.

“They are just cupcakes, stop avoiding them!” Mistshine said, as he was getting one ready.

Vampire Pinkie used her lollypop to return the cupcake. “No they aren’t! They were living ponies!, I know I kill ponies, but I would never bake them into cupcakes, what kind of pony would do that?!”

“You for starters, your weapons are not what they seem!” Mistshine said, as he threw another cupcake to the vampire face.

The “blood” on the cupcake splattered the vampire face, even her eyes, Mistshine took the chance to shoot all the cupcakes he had on the Vampire Pinkie… splattering her whole body and wings, she yelled in terror as she saw pieces of flesh glued to her skin… until she disappeared and attacked from behind, enraged, managing to cut Mistshine saddlebags from his back, and restricting Mistshine to only whip attacks.

“You heard the narrator, only whip hehehe” Vampire Pinkie said, taunting and returning to her attack.

Mistshine looked at his saddlebags and instructed Alure to follow his moves, while the two of them attacked, Alure made a few hints with her hooves to Angel, to which the bunny quickly understood, he hopped from Mistshine back and ran towards the container were his frozen teammate was, telling her Alure idea, Coldshard asked Angel for a little help lifting the lid of her container as she concentrated, letting a cold breeze out… that breeze was starting to form a column.

“Don’t you think for a second blood and guts will stop me!, I’m a vampire!, I drink blood!!” Vampire Pinkie said, as she launched a powerful flame blast from her flamethrower.

Mistshine smiled as he and Alure dodged and attacked with their whips. “Who said that what you have on your coat and eyes are blood?”

The Vampire stopped for a moment, enough for Coldshard to make a ice wall that reflected the pony body, seems these vampires have one critical flaw, their reflections is always visible, something that usually do not happen with pure blood vampires, since the Vampire Replicas are precisely that, replicas of the real ponies, they do have a body with enough amount of the vampire curse on her veins to make her powerful, but since they are not 100% vampires ponies, just replicas, they do have a reflection, a reflection they all must avoid at all cost, as these reflections…

“No no no no, what is this?!”

Shows their own fears, these replicas were created by insecurities, fears and disharmony, seeing their own reflection remind them those flaws and what they are, they are not living ponies, they are just mere puppets, hollow, without a soul that can define their personalities, everything is copied from the originals using memories that may or may not be true at all, memories that could all be a misunderstanding from Fluttershy part, as well as concentrated dark magic, courtesy of Poisonhoof herself, Vampire Pinkie suffered a mental crash… her hair, just like the real Pinkie Pie, deflated itself… this was Mistshine cue to attack her… but when he got closer to her, a powerful air wave send him back he noticed something on his foe…


She was laughing maniacally, linking the “blood” from her face, clearing her vision, seems the cupcakes frosting revealed her what her weapons are, as she started to lick the “lollypop” sides, Mistshine saw how she was licking the axe blade… instead of finding his window of opportunity, he created a real monster…

“Thank you for letting me see the real me…now…it is time for you to die. Such a shame really, if I wasn’t a copy I might would love to be your friend.”

Now the vampire replica moved twice as fast as before, hitting Mistshine in his belly with an almost instant kill move, emphasis in almost, as his vampire killer whip blocked the axe blade before it could cut Mistshine chest in half, Mistshine and Alure attacked, but Vampire Pinkie used her Flamethrower more efficiently making a flame circle around her that made Mistshine and Alure back away, she then changed target, her target was no longer Mistshine, it was Angel Bunny, the only one without fire protection. Angel scared jumped removing by accident the Spirit container from the saddlebags meanwhile Alure ran to assist him.

This give Mistshine his last idea, he already knew the magic hourglass was going to be useless against Vampire Pinkie Pie, so he decided to use the Spirit Container to the maximum, if Poisonhoof indeed created this device before her imminent downfall into madness, it must have a positive feature besides keeping the souls of ponies inside, he found it up, it was not fully operational, but in theory it should allow Mistshine to call all the trapped souls at the same time for assistance, but using it on this early stage could damage the trapped souls of his friends.

“No.. I can’t do it, not if Harpy, Black Tide or Soul Shield can die for this!” Mistshine said to himself, turning his face away.

Alure yelled, as well as Angel, snapping Mistshine out of his dilemma. The bunny was terrified at their foe moves. “For Celestia Sake!!! Mistshine help!!!”

Mistshine picked up the Spirit Container, but as soon as he picked it up, Vampire Pinkie had already neutralized Alure Une by cutting her right hoof clean off, Alure cried holding her wound to prevent too much of her blood escaping her body, as for Angel, he was already cornered and about to become roasted rabbit, against his wishes he activated the Spirit Container extra feature, the 3 souls of his friends exited the container, taking the forms of their bodies before dying, Black Tide appeared as a half eaten mermaid pony, with her eye missing, her hoof and part of her torso are just mere bones with flesh still half eaten, Soul Shield appeared in her valkyrie form, but with all the scars of all her battles still flesh, her wings are featherless and her chest still shows the stab wound that ended her life, Harpy on the other hoof, had her belly exposed with her stomach and rib case broken, her talons as sharp as ever, and her wing hooves with small holes… a really horrific display, they smiled kindly to Mistshine, but not to her foe, they started to walk, slowly towards the vampire replica, she turned around only to saw a really horrific scenario, the 3 mares jumped towards her and started to eat her alive, like real zombie ponies, ripping her flesh, Vampire Pinkie weapons could not do any harm to them, but they can hurt her, victim of absolute terror and fear, Vampire Pinkie cried.

“Stop!!!, Please!!!, I give up!!, you win!!, please stop them!!!, pleaaaaaaase!!!” she plead.

Mistshine pulled up the spirit container. “Girls, stop now.”

But nothing happened… they continued her brutal attack, Harpy pulled her hooves, starting to rip them.

“HELP!!!! SOMEPONY HELP!!!” the replica plead again, more terrified, blood was exiting her mouth.

Mistshine yelled, now terrified himself of what he had done. “Girls!! Stop!, that is a order!! Stop!!”

The 3 mares did stop, but now looked at Mistshine angry, as if they wanted to end the mare life right there, they left the vampire pony on the floor, bleeding, while they turned their attention to their friend Mistshine… all of them were about to attack him, Mistshine defended with his whip, but one of the mares managed to remove the whip from him, the stallion was now trapped by his 3 friends, Angel snapped and ran towards the Spirit container, picking up Mistshine wrench from his saddlebags and hit it with all his strength, sparks flew from the device, snapping his friends from their madness attack, hhe 3 mares lost their strength and felt to the floor only a few words could be heard…

“Im sorry Mistshine… the container…” Black tide said before disappearing into the device.

Harpy covered her belly before disappearing and entering the container. “Please… release us soon… we are losing our minds…”

“Is your turn now… do it quickly, we might not be able to stop next time.” Soul shield said, turning into dust and returning to the spirit container.

Angel jumped in front on Mistshine, trying to get him back to reality. “Not that I’m complaining, but what the hell happened?!?, aren’t those 3 our friends?!”

“That mare is really a psycho…” Mistshine said, his mind returned to his body and looked at the device, even Angel attack didn’t made a dent on the sturdy steel which it was made off. “She put a extra feature on the Spirit Container after her sanity finally died, one that allow the spirits of the deceased to materialize and attack the first creature they see on sight, they will not hurt the owner of the device… but those souls also lost their mind and cannot reason, that is why she kept the souls of the failed experiments there!, the longer they remain inside the more the souls forget!, until they became nothing more that mere souls without any memory that can be manipulated by anypony!”

Angel looked scared at the cylindrical device. “ Are you saying that our friends are losing their memories and mind inside that thing?!?!, for Luna sake!, if you use that thing again!, they might attack you!!”

“Seems so Angel, I cannot waste anymore time, I need to bring them back to life ASAP before they forget who they are!”

Vampire Pinkie, who was almost dead, looked at the stallion, smiling. “There is a way… that you can fix that silly pile of rust…”

“What?” Mistshine and Angel said to the unison.

Vampire Pinkie continued, noticing that the stallion now was close to her and the wounded Alure. “if you can find the alteration done by Poisonhoof, you can revert it.”

“Why are you saying this to me?” Mistshine inquired, as he took out an ultra potion to heal Alure, to which the plant pony stopped.

Vampire Pinkie let out a giggle. “hehehe…I saw it on our Master memories, she modified that device on her lab, go to her lab, B2, a room labeled “Post Mortem Engineering” that is where she created the container in the first place, there is where you can repair it.”

Mistshine being the kind pony he is, used a super potion on Vampire Pinkie and another on Alure to heal them, Alure mentioned via hoofsigns she can regenerate her lost hoof, but she need to rest and drink a lot of blood, however, she cannot take Mistshine blood due to his dark magic corruption, Vampire Pinkie Pie offered herself to be the one to have her blood sucked away in order to Alure to regenerate, much to the surprise of everypony, but since the vampire blood is so full of sugar, Alure regeneration can be speed up if she concentrated. Mistshine nooded in agreement and recovered his saddlesbags, once he put his tech horn, he teleported everypony to the Lab lobby.

Once everypony was back to the lab, Vampire Pinkie Pie eliminated in a flash the enemies present and knocked down a door that was locked, the whole room was covered in flora and flowers, it was a no brainer to know what experiment took place there.

“Let her rest here, nopony will ever come to this place anyway” Vampire Pinkie Pie said, still with her hair flat.

Alure smiled kindly as she rested on the operating bed, covered in soft grass. “How will she regenerate?” Mistshine asked

“I can remain with her to make sure she is ok” Softheart said sitting on the flower

The stallion nodded in agreement, he soon had his question aswered, as the vampire came close to Alure, she bite her neck to take as much blood as she needed, once that was done, a huge flower appeared from the floor, covering the operating bed, and closing itself, the plant pony heartbeat could be heard even outside the beatiful flower, everypony exited the room and Vampire Pinkie put the door back to it´s place, once they were back on the lobby, they found Rustyhooves, he was shocked to see the vampire replica next to Mistshine without attacking him.

“You haven´t turned into one already are you?” Rustyhooves asked.

Mistshine denied. “No, of course not!, listen, this lab has been lock down so i cannot access any door, can you nulify the lock in this lab?”

“On it, come on boys!, let´s get to work!” Rustyhooves said as he brought several skeletons workers.

Coldshard asked. “Do you think Alure will sleep with all the noise?”

“I belive she will, now... Vampire Pinkie, give me the cure components back” Mistshine asked to the vampire pony.

Vampire Pinkie Pie let another giggle. “They are in the Central Tower lobby, when your friends souls attacked me, I dropped them.”

“Then let´s go back to the lobby and get them, by the way, why are you so friendly now?” Angel inquired.

The vampire mare replied. “what is the point to continue fighting when i already lost?, if you can´t beat them, join them.”

The trio teleported thanks to Mistshine back to the lobby, once on the central tower lobby, Vampire Pinkie found the cure components intact, she picked them up and got close to her flamethrower, Mistshine got himself on guard thinking she will attack him, but she disarm her weapon to reveal a lollypop that inside had the hypercharged antibodies, the lollypop had a sturdy metal alloy and just like the teddy bear, a chriogenic device that kept the antibodies alive, but when she was about to give the components to the stallion...

“TRAITOR!!!!” a mare voice rang.

Vampire Pinkie eyes shrink “N-no!”

The vampire mare belly was stabbed, by a powerful vampire tail, Mistshine attacked the tail, but his hoof was stopped by a orange mare, the replica of Applejack, Angel tried to attack as well, but he was kicked by Rainbow Replica, Vampire Pinkie on the other hoof, started to be levitated.

“We do not need a traitor in our ranks... die and farewell” the purple mare said.

Vampire Pinkie plead. “No!, wait plea—“ her voice was cut short as the spell started to soffocate her.

The attackers were not other that the remaining 3 vampire replicas, Vampire Twilight, Vampire Applejack and Vampire Rainbow, Vampire Twilight started to rip Vampire Pinkie eyes and wings, Vampire Rainbow and Applejack let Mistshine go, and flew towards their former teammate and pulled her hooves, ripping her by half, her corpse hit the lobby hard...splattering Mistshine with her blood, as the pieces of her flesh burned and turned into a puddle of cake frosting. Mistshine attacked the 3 mares, but he was in a extreme disadvantage, he activated the Magic Hourglass to stop time, but Vampire Twilight inmediatly used a counter spell, making the effects of the Magic Hourglass affect Mistshine only, Vampire Rainbow and Applejack took their chance and removed him from his saddlebags, throwing them to their vampire leader, leaving him only with his whip, Angel Bunny and his gizmo clock, when time resumed itself, Coldshard tried to conter attack but...

“Nice try water mare.” Vampire Rainbow said, as she opened the lid of the container and let the mare drop into the floor.

Mistshine yelled, running. “Coldshard noooooooo!!!!”

“Now girls” Vampire Twilight ordered.

Vampire Applejack bucked Mistshine so hard he was send flying towards the wall, a splash sound let Mistshine know the terrible fate his icy friend experienced... she crashed on the floor, and without cold, she will evaporate, he tried to recover his tech horn, but it was already too late... his friend soul rose from the water puddle and was trapped inside the spirit container, but his foes didn´t stopped, they continusly attacked until Mistshine lost grip of the vampire killer whip, unarmed he tried to counterattack, but all he got was a powerfull blast from Vampire Twilight that sended him over the roof of the lobby, unable to move, Vampire Applejack was going to finish him, however...

“That´s enought girls, i guess is time for our game... Vampire Rainbow, you can retire now, we will take care of this.” Vampire Twilight said as she stepped closer to the water puddle that was Coldshard body.

Vampire Rainbow acknowledge and flew away, Vampire Twilight used a freezing spell to freeze the water, and took out Coldshard soul from the container and put it inside the icy puddle,  as if she was enjoying the torture she was about to perform, one that Mistshine could see perfectly well, Vampire Twilight was so skilled on magic just like the real one, she perfectly could shape the body of Coldshard even if she was solid ice, then she melted and freeze her again, making her soul weaken considerably for the constants “revivals”, once the soul was about to lose its last bit of esscense, she took all the water and put it on a new container that Mistshine had in his saddlebags, Coldshard could no longer talk due to her lost of soul energy.

“Learned the lesson yet?” Vampire Twilight taunted the knocked ice pony

Mistshine, wounded and confused, looked at Vampire Twilight. “W-what happened?...I thought she died, her soul even went inside the container.”

“I just wanted to mere ilustrate what will happen to her if she interferes again, with my magic i can revive your friends really easy... but why would i do that to a intruder and a pest to my master?” Vampire Twilight laughted as she reviewed Mistshine saddlebags contents.

Vampire Applejack said, as she stepped in on Mistshine hooves, breaking them. “And besides sugarcube, we have to make you pay for killing our Rarity.”

“Aaahhhh!!!, Damn it!” Mistshine yelled, as he, by miracle, kicked the last of his strenght into his hooves and managed to kick the replica of the farm pony.

Vampire Applejack angered tried to kill him, but Vampire Twilight stopped her, holding one of Mistshine ultra potions on her hoof. “Don´t, remember our master orders... she want him to suffer, here is the deal, if you beat us both, i will give you the location of the chambers where you can revive your friends, as well as the spell nesserary to do it, but if you lose...”

“hehehe, not only you will die...that traidor worker and bitchy librarian as well.” Vampire Applejack said as she ran ahead first.

Vampire Twilight let the potion in front of Mistshine. “Oh by the way... no magic and no flying” Vampire Twilight said, as she enchanted Mistshine tech horn and steel wings, putting them on to the stallion and taking the remaining items away with her, disappearing from the lobby, it took him a few minutes to be able to reach the potion and apply it directly on all his open wounds, the ultra potion was indeed so powerful it restored him back to normal.

Once he regained his strenght, he tried to remove his tech horn and steel wings, but they were glued to him, he couldn´t take them out and it takes little amount of logic to know that Vampire Twilight might have done something to the devices to alert her if he tries to fly or use magic, once Angel woke up, Mistshine tried to figure out where he needed to go first or which vampire find first, a call from his gizmo clock alerted him...

“Mistshine!, Help!!” It was Redhoof voice.

Mistshine replied alarmed. “What happened?!”

“There is a vampire purple mare here in the library!, she is trying to enter the store!, your turret and a few other turrets Rustyhooves left are holding her back!, but i do not know how to repair them!, help!” Redhoof sounded desperate as a explosion alerted her of something. “Oh Luna!!, one sentry down!!, 3 left!!, HELP!!!!!” she plead, desperated, as bangs in the door could be heard.

Mistshine grabbed his whip. “Hold on!, im comming!, block the entrance with anything!”

He had to press on!, however another call came in, this time it was from Rustyhooves, when Mistshine answered, sounds of bullets could be heard, magical bullets, tryint to hold off something, he sounded calmed, but his workers... not.

“Yo! Mistshine!, we have a vampire here!, and is not friendly!, she is trying to destroy the lab!, we have her cornered on the lobby entrance but we cannot fall back or she will kill your plant friend and the whole database here!, we need you here!, teleport! Rustyhooves asked.

Mistshine saddened, replied. “I can´t... I can´t teleport, the vampire did something to my tech horn and steel wings. They are glowing red.”

“Sounds like a bomb spell...if you activate any spell or try to fly, the devices will explode, but is a huge blast radius, you won´t survive.” Rustyhooves explained, as he turned arround. “Keep firing those magic bullets from the turrets!”

Mistshine now understanding what had happened, asked. “Rusty, Redhoof is in danger by the purple mare that cursed my devices... if i kill her, the curse will cancel?”

“Yes, if you are going to the library, hurry up!, we are going to hold off the lab as long as nessesary!, i have been waiting to fight for a really loooooong time, talk to ya later!” Rustyhooves ended his transmission.

Angel heard everything, he jumped to his master back.”So... what now?”

“You need to ask?, Hold on tight Angel!, we are going back to the library!” Mistshine replied as he ran towards the library...

Mistshine stopped next to where Vampire Pinkie Pie died, her weapons were still there, intact, but without his saddlebags, he can only carry one, he could take the minuature flamethrower, the big flamethrower or the fire axe, he reasembled Vampire Pinkie Pie flamethrower, it might come in handy if he do not have any other weapon, it seems the fuel for the weapon is ironically, cake frosting, he looked back at the vampire mare remains, they had become cake frosting, so he loaded up the weapon with its ex-owner remains, Angel picked up a butcher knife that was covered by cake frosting.

Of course, using the teleport circles will activate the bomb spell in a instant, so Mistshine had to ran, there was no time for stopping in any place, there were new monsters waiting on the market to slow him down, a werepony, a stone pony and a huge salamander, Mistshine decided to put Vampire Pinkie flamethrower to the test and ran while firing, burning the werepony to a crisp, but the stone pony and salamander were not affected, Mistshine managed to use the flamethrower as a shield and counterattacked with his whip, killing the creatures as fast as possible to reach the library, he used the courtyard shortcut to reach the East Tower, when a message sounded on his clock.

“One turret down!, 2 left!, hurry please!!” Redhoof plead.

Time was really running out, he ran as fast as possible, avoiding as much fight as possible, he could do it more faster if he could fly or teleport, but doing that was asking for a horrible death, once he finally exited the Magic lab and entered the elevator, one final warning made him speed up.

“Second turret down!!!, 1 left!!, aahhh!!, the door!! Help!!” Redhoof now sounded desperate, as a crashing sound and sounds of choking could be heard.

Crap!!, he is already late!, Vampire Twilight must have break the defenses!, the library door had a spell on it to prevent it to be open, however, there was a spell scroll next to the door, is like Vampire Twilight is forcing Mistshine to read it and use it, however, instead of reading it, he just used his natural earth pony strength and bust the door open, so the spell was actually a illusion, no point of questioning what it was, he ran towards his friend store, just to reach in time he saw Vampire Twilight pulling the mare out, screaming, Mistshine jumped and used his new toy to its maximum, the flames made the vampire drop Redhoof, she took her chance and ran towards the teleport circle, returning to the market in the central area.

“Now I got your attention… is time for you to give me my items and friends back!”

Vampire Twilight smiled, “your friends?... oh sorry, they don’t seems to know you, Soul Sword!”

Mistshine felt how the flamethrower was cut in half, by Soul Shield holy sword!!! The cursed vampire was using his own friends against him!, and she knew he couldn’t attack them of he could risk of killing them for a second time, before he could get up, he felt Black Tide hydro pump and Harpy tornado attacks combined against him and Angel, the 3 souls looked regretful before returning to the container, Mistshine launched Angel to the mare, but she instantly put a barrier around her, rejecting the bunny attack, the stallion launched himself using a chandelier and attack, while Redhoof watched hidden, a fragment of her own past returned to her mind…

“I…I remember that moment…that move… is when…” Redhoof said…her eyes were filling with oil tears

For that mere second, the whole world for her seems slow motioned, but in grey, she was no longer at the steel empire, she was back to her home, to Manehattan town hall, the whole place was burning and although she didn’t burn, her memory did, she saw herself burning behind the desk that used to be for her father work, Stormy, her ex-coltfriend, trying the best to protect her, even if she was already dead at that time, in the same position as Mistshine, each blow that he received was like a loud chest pain on her robotic heart, the fire, her lover and her own screams, all because of his brother, a descendant of that cursed mare that is making Mistshine life a living hell, and the worse is, she is a descendant of the Goldenscroll family as well… a cry of pain took her out of the memory of her past, as she saw how Mistshine felt against Vampire Twilight, the mare knew perfectly well he will not hurt a loved one, and she used Coldshard container as a shield each time he tried to attack, Angel tried to snap him, but Vampire Twilight send over Harpy soul to eat the rabbit whole, seems the vampire already dominated the spirit container, Harpy soul launched towards Angel, still in her post dead body, crying, trying to find the strength to eat the bunny, but she couldn’t at the end Harpy stopped much to Vampire Twilight annoyance, she send Black Tide and Soul Shield souls after the stallion, using the Spirit container extra feature, the 3 mares screamed and cried, as they launched towards Mistshine, he defended but ultimately, he gave up… dropping his whip, much to Vampire Twilight and Angel surprise.

“I…I cant… I cant do it!, I cannot hurt my friends or Fluttershy, I should have listened to Lusttail!, I cannot avoid the fighting againts her!, and I fear I might end up killing her, please, somepony wake me up!”

Vampire Twilight smiled, enjoying her victory. “At the end of the night, you are just one colt right?, you couldn’t do anything by yourself, it was your last mistake, coming here alone…, girls finish your friend and you may see each other on the other side before my master put you in good use!”

“Mistshine!, is a trick!, don´t give up!!, please!!” Angel plead.

The bunny quickly saw the effects that Vampire Twilight illusion had taken on Mistshine, his eyes were no longer blue, they were purple, indicating he felt completely under the vampire control, she licked her lips in anticipation of what is going to happen next, she took Angel and threw him away behind her, turning Mistshine face to a side, exposing the already obvious bite mark that Flutterbat made on him, she grew her fangs and bite Mistshine neck, enough to make him scream like a filly, the dark energy was quickly spreading across his mind, his steel wings now started to alter themselves into bat type wings…

“No need to cry… soon you will be our master precious little pet.” Vampire Twilight taunted…

However, a voice from behind came closer to the stallion. “Not tonight!!, leave my friend alone!!!”

Vampire Twilight felt the blade of the butcher knife stab her on her back so badly, that all her spells got cancelled, including the bomb spell on Mistshine equipment, this included the control spell on the spirit container, the 3 mare souls, released from their spell, helped Mistshine get back up, and decided to absorb the dark energy to save him, by order of none other that Redhoof herself, when Vampire Twilight threw the bunny, he managed to take the spirit container with him, but he was caught by Redhoof, she put the container on and called on Mistshine friends souls, which created the previous interference, angered Vampire Twilight tried her mental control but…

“Nice try…my brain is positronic!” Redhoof said, as she nullified the mare hypnosis with a gun mounted on her front hooves” I will not fail my friends again!, I failed my lover when he needed me the most!, I will not fail him again by letting his brother die!.”

Vampire Twilight taunted. “Oh please!, you are nothing more that metal and screws, you were terrified a few minutes ago, why do you think you can beat me?!.

“Because I’m not alone, mares like you are the very reason I cursed my last name, mares like your master are just a stain on my life!, I’m sick of always being the one that always needs rescue, not doing anything while my loved ones risk their lives for me!, this time I will fight, for me, for Stormy, and for my friend Mistshine as well!, I will kick your flank so much that I will exhibit your broken remains on Manehatten town hall lobby you rotten bitch!!!” Redhoof said, as she ordered the souls to continue remove Mistshine recent corruption and protect him.

The 3 souls agreed, as they started to bite Mistshine and take as much dark energy as possible, Mistshine couldn’t move though, but Vampire Twilight changed priorities, instead of attacking Mistshine she attacked Redhoof, since she is a robot, her body is extremely fragile but the soul inside the robot is just as powerful as when she was alive, she asked angel to search on her bag of items 4 items, the bunny did as told and entered the store where the bag was, as Redhoof dodged every single attack much to the vampire surprise, her moves were pure gymnastics, but her flexibility despise the fact the is metallic made her far more dangerous if she use a direct kick, she dodged enough attacks for the bunny to return with 3 more hooves guns that were used by Manehatten police, just that Redhoof modified them to have a never ending supply of bullets, and what it seems a powerful bracelet.

Redhoof managed to attach all the guns to her hooves and started to attack Vampire Twilight in hoof to hoof combat, much to Mistshine surprise, each punch she made was followed by several shots of her guns, and with her gymnastics skills she managed to dodge every single of the mare attacks with grace and enough teasing that she could practically milk any stallion by mere touch.

“Bad mare deserves a little spanking!” Redhoof said as she put the bracelet effects into effect

Vampire Twilight found a opening and threw her hoof straight to Redhoof face. “Gotcha bitch!”

“Not quite!” The bracelet magic activated, allowing Redhoof a counterattack the mere second the hoof of her foe touched her, spanking Vampire Twilight with her hoof gun, until she send her over a bookcase.

Mistshine could not believe his eyes. “W-wow… why she didn’t use that skills when she was killed?”

“I learned a few things from the succubus down there my friend, especially Softheart” Redhoof replied kindly.

Mistshine smiled, as one of his steel wings returned to feathers instead of bat-type. “Remember me to ask her about that.”

“Aaahhh!! Enough!!!, you are already dead!!!, I will make sure you are nothing more than spare parts to repair a train after in done with you!, and don’t count on your soul being saved either! I will enjoy making it disappear!!” Vampire twilight lost her nerves and got herself ready for the fight.

Redhoof just aimed at her guns and smiled, taunting her. “Bring it baby!”

The 2 mares launched themselves into battle, Redhoof seems to have the advantage despise being a robot, seems that Mistshine encounters and several readings had managed to sharp her up, but actually her plan was to piss Vampire Twilight enough for her to do not cast any spells, this is crucial for any unicorn, they need concentration to attack, and she was taking precisely that out from her foe, the fight was going to prove to be interesting.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 14 -
Im back, dang it... next time when i include a 4th wall breaking character i will bring Link shield with me, anyway, Redhoof had enought on this chapter of being scared, will she be able to kill Vampire Twilight?, lets see ;3

Achivement Unlocked: Cupcakes Treatment (Beat Vampire Pinkie Pie)
Achivement Progress - Promise - (Collect the 6 Cure components 3/6)
Achivement Unlocked - M+1 Pyro (Kill a enemy while running with Vampire Pinkie weapon without taking damage)
Achivement Unlocked: You Want to Touch me? (As Redhoof, dodge successfully 5 times in a row without getting hit)
Achivemnt Unlocked: Come here little filly (As Redhoof, successfully apply a counter attack while your opponent is enraged)

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Emeralds…each pool he looked at, had emeralds, that hint that Softheart got from the guard was not going to help much, he needed something more specific, he fought another guard and let his friend possess the armor.

“Mmmm…this one has rubies in his CPU, diamond shaped rubies” Softheart said, as her spirit returned to her breezie body.

Mistshine looked at the far pool on the east side of the room.”Maybe that one?”

The stallion went and fought another skeleton, but this one was huge, Coldshard had to freeze the gold to allow Mistshine to attack it without suffering much damage, especially since the lights are out and without spells he cannot kill the creatures fast.

“This one is not dying!” Mistshine yelled as he continued to attack.

Alure Une used her whip to trap the legs of the creature.”…”

“Coldshard, freeze him!” Mistshine ordered.

His icy companion did as told and froze the skeleton, Softheart exited the breezie body and possessed the skeleton, she took the last additional piece of data and let his master know where to go.

“Second Floor, Sapphire with shape of dragons.” Softheart said, returning to her body.

Mistshine moved to the second floor of the vault, he could see there was just one huge pool, filled with all kind of diamonds and precious jewels, the temptation to pick everything was far greater than what he could handle, but as soon as he put his hoof on the pool, he didn’t sink, at the very end, was the sapphire dragon statue…

“Softheart, I guess your hints helped us, it must be here, I feel magic from every coin on this pool…” Mistshine smiled.

He traveled the pool, not sinking into the sea of money, until he reached the end, he could feel with his hoof several things soft, even… mane?... he stopped for a moment, and pulled a lever in the wall, a little earthquake from the pool made the gold rise, the sound of falling coins and jewels made him jump, he had discovered the spare generator, it was a beautiful generator covered with gold and jewels, each jewel seems to activate a specific area of the castle, Mistshine started to activate all of them, once he light turned on inside the vault, a panel with 3 giant jewels appeared, seems each jewel powered up a specific part of the castle, one had the form of a dragon, made out of sapphire, a ruby in the shape of the empire princess, and a emerald in form of a cross, as he was activating the device… his backhooves sink into the gold, but he suddenly stopped when his body was halfway inside the sea of gold.

“Ahhh…h-hey Alure, cut that out, do not rose your vine there” Mistshine said, blushing, as he felt something warm on his hips and between his legs, while holding to the generator.

Alure blushed heavily, but denied with her head, Coldshard translated. “S-she is saying she is not doing it.”

“But I really want that viiiine you have in there” a female mare voice said, the voice sounded really familiar.

Mistshine stopped activating the energy… he now felt a force pulling him down, like if somepony had catch him and dragged him inside the pool, Mistshine aimed at the chandelier on the roof and used his whip to pull himself up, once he free himself, he saw his captor, a white coat mare with purple mane, really stylized and sophisticated, the jewels stuck on her mane just added to her beauty…

“R-Rarity?” Mistshine said, but he immediately noticed the bat wings and ears. “No… you are not Rarity.”

The vampire replica of his friend, fixed her messed mane and taunted at the stallion. “Yes and no darling, I’m here to make sure you die. Such a shame really, you have a really sweet taste, maybe if you survive, Pinkie might eat you whole.”

“P-pinkie?!, wait, I guess I know what is going on, she did it, didn’t she?, vampire replicas of Fluttershy friends!, she is using you to stop me or stop her friends if they enter this place.” Mistshine said, catching quickly on Flutterbat strategy.

Vampire Rarity sounded surprised. “Wow… my master was right, you are smart, but sadly you need more that brains to fight me…ooooh when I’m done I will make you my personal butler, we can have so much fun when alone darling.”

Alure blushed and upset attacked, Vampire Rarity stopped her with her magic and slammed her to the ground, Mistshine also attacked the vampire pony, but he hesitated due to the resemblance to his friend of Ponyville, Angel jumped and tried to hit the vampire pony, but she rose a bunch of coins to shield herself, hitting the bunny with them in the process, Mistshine tried to jump, but he returned to ground almost instantly, he noticed his saddlebags, they are filled with gold and diamonds!, his pockets are so full that he cannot jump well and the steel wings could lift him, but reduced his speed very drastically.

“W-what?, but I don’t remembering filling in my pockets!” Mistshine inquired…

Angel, ashamed, put a paw behind his head. “I-I’m sorry, I filled them, I though we could use the money to help Fluttershy, she is always short on funds to feed all her animals, I just wanted to have a little income to help her live better.”

“Couldn’t just you wait until we get out of the vault?!” Mistshine scold Angel.

Vampire Rarity seems to smile. “Hehehe, oh my dear stallion, is obvious we are perfect for each other, you see, you took the gems for greed, you shall all be mine, and mine alone.”

“Forget it, here, this is a spell the real Rarity uses!!, Crystal Spear!!” Mistshine tried to use his spell, but his tech horn failed. “W-what?!”

Vampire Rarity laughed. “Darling this vault is magic proof!, and since I was created by my master…” the vampire replica said, as she lift Mistshine with her magic. “Only I can use magic!!!”

“Pffff, allow me to defer, but I can also do it.” Softheart said as she used a stun powder on her foe.

Vampire Rarity seems unaffected however. “Oh please, a low level succubus like you cannot do anything in that body that is not related to fighting, get out of my sight.”

The vampire replica backhooved Softheart, when Mistshine catch her, Vampire Rarity pulled Mistshine closer to her and bite his neck, compared to Flutterbat bite, this time, he felt a more awful pain, his foe was able to steal light energy from his body besides blood, Mistshine could feel the dark magic starting to cloud his mind, he tried to break free from the replica grasp, until Black Tide intervened and launched a powerful wave of water to the vampire pony, she yelled as her makeup got removed.

“My mane!!, my beautiful mane!!, I was so perfect!!” Vampire Rarity reacted angry, launching Mistshine to the floor.

The stallion got himself up, looking how the mare desperately tried to fix her makeup. “I guess I see it now… she is the image of Rarity Perfect World.”

“English please, I know Rarity but, this is way to far from her.” Angel said, looking at the mare.

Mistshine smiled. “Is simple Angel, I’m sure Fluttershy had mentioned it to you once… Rarity believes in an idea of a perfect world, but she believes it so blindly, that she cannot see the reality of the situation or the real important ponies to her besides her friends, to Rarity, everything must be perfect, from the dress design, to the colt she wants to live with and specially on this aspect, Fluttershy believes that Rarity demands for a colt are waaaay to over the limit.”

“I guess I remember it… wait, I do!, specially after Spike became Spikezilla, or the Grand Galloping Gala, she often locks herself on her idea of perfection that tends to ignore Sweetie Belle or Spike, specially during work hours unless they are helping her. So that means…” Angel said, quickly catching on his owner idea.

Mistshine draw his whip and attacked the mare, lifting her wing, looking at her cutie mark, it was identical. “This mare and the others are Fluttershy vision of her friend’s mistakes and flaws in critical situations. That’s why they are so identical.”

“Pervert!” Vampire Rarity said as she kicked Mistshine with her back hooves, freeing herself.

The stallion launched his alcohol bottle and attacked with a fire whip, Vampire Rarity blocked it and hid herself on the sea of bits, forcing Mistshine to find her the old fashioned way, by touching… he inserted his hooves under each pile of money he could find, until he felt the vampire, she returned with a hoof uppercut, but she felt under Mistshine clever trap, he let himself be hit, in order for his cape to be as close as possible to his foe.

“Bad idea injecting me more dark magic, Hellfire!!!” Mistshine yelled, as with his whip, he trapped the mare closer to him; his cape burned the mare coat.

Vampire Rarity screamed, flying fast, trying to get the colt away. “Let me go!”

“Gladly” Mistshine replied, letting go his foe.

With the speed the vampire had, she crashed on the sea of money in such a way it actually hurt her, the diamonds cutting through her mane and coat stained the pool with blood. Vampire Rarity became so angry that she began to attack creating pillars of diamonds and sapphires and launching them towards Mistshine, all while she fixed her mane, Mistshine couldn’t dodge well the attacks due to his pockets being so full of bits, but he then had a idea, he searched on his pockets for something so shinny that could reflect the vampire pony, and he found a golden mirror that Angel put in his pockets. He threw it to the vampire pony, along with some bits and diamonds.

“For me?, awww, thank you, you are so generous…” Vampire Rarity said, as she used the mirror to fix her mane, as well as the diamonds to make herself more beautiful, but… something happened…”W-wait…what did I say?”

Mistshine smiled. “Generosity, Rarity Element, despise her flaws, Rarity usually puts her friends needs over herself, making her a beautiful mare not only to the eyes, but in soul as well.”

“W-what are you trying to say?, I know I’m not Rarity, I’m more perfect than her!” Vampire Rarity said, posing seductively to the colt.

Mistshine just stood there. “If you are so perfect, then look yourself at the mirror.”

Vampire Rarity did look herself at the mirror…but she saw something horrible, her reflection was of a decayed changeling, that just looked like Rarity in her mane, and nothing more, no matter how she fixed her mane and appearance, she could not make the image go away, Mistshine had found the weakness of his foe, since they were created based on fear and insecurities, they do not have a proper soul that can reflect the originals elements, once Vampire Rarity saw the reality of her body, she threw the mirror to the money floor, breaking it, yelling “The mirror is wrong you fool!!, I’m the very icon of beauty and perfection!”, she launched herself at Mistshine in order to bite him again, Mistshine dodge to a side, and attacked with all the combos he knew, since Vampire Rarity was angry, she lost focus on her spells and attacked irrationally with diamonds and sapphires, until she made a fatal flaw, she used a spear made out of diamonds and threw it towards the stallion…

“Here is your change!!” Mistshine yelled as he used his whip to pick up the spear in mid air.

He launched the spear with all his might, his natural earth pony strength made the spear not only pierced the vampire heart, but also impaled her on the wall next to the generator. The replica mare yelled as hard as her lungs were still capable of launching air, her body started to burn and wither away, like ashes, all her jewels melted away, except for one: a ruby in her mane, which was not consumed by the flames. Until, she finally died, her body turned into just a mere skeleton that upon contact with the bits, it shattered, her skull still had the ruby attached to very few lines of hair, Mistshine took it, just to find it was a little heavy for a ruby jewel. Seems the ruby was actually a container, inside the container, was a specific green powder, Mistshine scanned it, and his results brought a smile to his face.

“Powder contains DNA of a mature dragon; its anti magic qualities are amplified since powder is composed entirely of their durable scales”. The robotic scanner said.

Angel closed the container to store the powder on his owner saddlebags. However, Mistshine put a tired look, as if he was already guessing something. “Yeah… I think I can get where this is going.”

“What do you mean?” Coldshard inquired

Mistshine replied, showing his clock a holographic display of the previously cure related items he has. “We obtained the base agent from Legion, a filly genetically modified to control corpses and that just by mere coincidence, she was the generator for the whole empire and now the powdered dragon scales from Vampire Rarity, a replica of the real Rarity made out of the fears and flaws of Fluttershy friends… so I’m willing to bet my wrench and whip, that the other 4 vampire replicas has the remaining cure components.”

“Why on Equestria name would Poisonhoof use your friend’s images to make monsters out of them, and give them the cure components?” Softheart questioned.

Mistshine picked up the replica vampire skull and carefully lifted it. “Is her fail safe mechanism, she knows I’m coming for Fluttershy, and she created the replicas in order to either, stop me or her real friends if they come, or speed up my curse, the fact that she gave them the cure components only further my theory, That cursed mare will pay for messing with my friends and Fluttershy memories...”

Softheart tried to calm Mistshine, but something was off..., the stallion voice sounded more deep by a mere second. “Even if I have to send her soul to hell myself” Angel noticed this as well and with Alure help, they used Coldshard container to launch a little snowball at Mistshine to make him return to normal, Mistshine felt awful…but he could hear better, he saw on the sapphires and rubies his reflection, his face was normal… but his ears…

“No!, no no no no noooooo!!!” He screamed, covering his ears, they are bat ears now.

Angel pats his friend neck, trying to comfort him “Calm down, there is still time, you will not turn, just find the other vampires, beat the living crap out of them and get the cure components, then go to the throne room and problem solved.”

“Is not that simple Angel, I’m not a pegasi to fully become a vampire pony, however, the curse can affect my steel wings, the more dark magic I have, the closer I’m getting to lose myself and become nothing more than a puppet.” Mistshine replied, getting himself up.

Softheart interrupted. “If Roseblood could dominate it, so can you!”

Wait… that’s right!, Roseblood was the original owner of the Vampire Killer, and she manage to control the dark magic pollution on her body, enough for her own whip to be used, it doesn’t help that she was his ancestor, if she could do it, there is no reason why he will fail, Mistshine got up and looked at Vampire Rarity skull again, being respectful, he moved a little the coins on the vault and buried the skull there, once that was done, he went to the generator and started to activate the special jewels, once all the electricity on the empire was restored, he received a automatic message from Rustyhooves.

“Yo Mistshine!, you did it!, the empire is back on its tracks!” Rustyhooves said, exited.

Mistshine talked to his friend. “Ok, see me in Poisonhoof Lab on the lobby, you will recognize it, it looks like a hospital reception room, I need your help there.”

“Ok, see you later then, by the way… damn… your librarian friend is…hot” Rustyhooves said, nervousness could be noticed on his voice.

Mistshine cut the call short and ran towards the vault exit, face hoofing along the way due to Redhoof actions, it is true that she is very lustful, and he wonders how his brother will be able to withstand her once he bring her back to Equestria, anyway, with his pockets full of bits, he might not have problems in purchasing items from her now. Once Mistshine finally exited the lab, he instantly equipped the steel wings in order to hover a little and withstand his modified weight… as he flew softly in the guard’s tower, he could hear laughter, each time growing more loudly as he was getting close to the Central Tower Lobby.

Finally, once he exited the lobby he noticed something that picked his attention, the teleport circle that was previously locked and takes to the Throne room, was emitting a green glow, meaning is active!, he can finally get to Fluttershy now!, without thinking for a mere second, he ran and used the circle, teleporting him and his teammates to the empire throne room. Once he appeared on the other side… he felt the air heavy and he started to cough, he felt his body numbing, he used his lantern spell and saw where he was, it was a trap!, he was in the clock tower instead of the throne room, and the whole dark mist in the area is pure dark magic, he was getting corrupted at a alarming fast rate, the cape and jewel manage to withstand it a little, enough for him to use the circle and get back to the lobby, breathing as heavy as he could, he asked Alure what happened.

“What… what happened there?!?!, wasn’t that circle supposed to take me to the throne room?! Ahhhh.. my chest hurt…” Mistshine yelled, trying to hold off the dark magic polluting his mind,

Alure on the other hoof got closer to the circle and looked at it, her reaction alerted Mistshine of something bad, as she jumped in and with her whip, pulled Mistshine away from the circle, once away, she wrote. “It was altered!, somepony changed the symbols on the circle and make it to go straight to the clock tower, if you go there without the full vampire suit you will never make out alive.”

“W-why?... what else happened that made you take us away from the circle?” Mistshine inquired further.

Alure pointed at the circle, writing. “That”

The glow on the circle became a powerful glowing yellow, a unknown color for the circles at that time, when Mistshine asked, Alure mentioned it as a timer, like a cool off mechanism, the usual time to cool off is 10 minutes, in other words, Mistshine would be trapped for 10 minutes inside the clock tower until the circle became active again, and without the full vampire suit, that timer would be his death sentence, no matter what, he have to find the vampire tunic before going to the clock tower, Mistshine checked his saddlebags, he was running short on potions, and he need to empty his pockets a little so he can jump normally, so he used his teleport spell to teleport to Redhoof store.

Once he was back on the library, as usual, Mistshine caught his friend doing something naughty, using a little doll with the likeness of his brother.

“Ummm… should I even ask Redhoof?” Mistshine said a little blushed.

Redhoof blushed and got back on the chair, putting the little doll between her legs and plot. “S-sorry, w-what can I do for you?”

“That’s a channeling doll right?, whatever happens to that doll, happens to the real pony, where did you get it?” Softheart asked, advising the librarian to remove the doll from her private parts.

Redhoof blushed as she took a book. “Well… I found this guide on how to create one, what else was I supposed to do when the lights went out?, anyway… what can I sell you tonight?”

Mistshine purchased all the sentry upgrades to modify his sentry, and a new powerful potions called Ultra Potions, according to his friend, that potion can repair even the more extreme injuries, but just like the other potions, it cannot be used via oral, otherwise, the target will be stuck in the bathroom for 2 hours, Mistshine looked a bit disappointed, as he looked at Alure Une, her vocal cords are damaged on purpose, so much that a surgery only have a 5% success rate, the ultra potion could heal her, but he cannot be without his teammate for 2 hours, it will be way to risky, he will have to find a way to heal her vocal cords applying the potion directly on her throat, that is when he had a idea.

“Wait, Redhoof, if I shrink myself to the size of a candy, Alure can swallow me enough to reach her vocal cords and apply the potion to her directly?” Mistshine inquired

Redhoof stand up of her desk and looked at the plant pony, from all angles possible, even hearing her belly. “It is possible, but is too risky, not only you could be crushed by her throat muscles, but you could also suffocate her if you stay too long in her larynx, now if you reach her stomach however, you are done for.”

“Why?” Mistshine inquired.

Redhoof continued. “Alure is a mixture between several types of plants and a living pony, and the smell of blood from her hooves gives me a idea of her primary food source, so, if my calculations are correct, her digestive system is able to absorb blood quickly, now imagine what it would do to a living pony.”

“It will melt in a matter of seconds…” Angel said, looking at his owner.

Mistshine looked at the potion and then back to his friend, putting his hoof on her throat scar, Alure blushed but held the stallion hoof, she didn’t want for her friend to suffer anything, and when she heard that she could kill him by accident if he reach her belly, just made her worry more, however, Mistshine seems decided, he put his tech horn and prepared his Gizmo Clock to shrink down, but before he could activate it, Alure stopped him, scared, denying with her head that she didn’t want Mistshine to do it, at least not know, Alure pointed at the clock, it was already 8PM, time was running short to save Fluttershy, if Mistshine recovers Alure voice he will be losing precious time, Redhoof made a little comment, smiling.

“Seems she really likes you Mistshine, but you love Fluttershy, and she seems to know that very well, there is something I could do for you my little friend.” She said as she was putting some potions in a bag.

Mistshine inquired. “What are you doing?.”

“Since I’m leaving this place with you once Fluttershy is ok, I’m storing every item in this bag, so I can take them back to Equestria, who knows?, maybe I can even use them in Manehattan to put things in order, I will keep a few ultra potions for you, once you got Fluttershy free, you can ask the little skeleton worker to advise me to get out.” Redhoof said, with a smile.

The stallion nodded in agreement, smiling, relieved to see that his friend was indeed back to her roots, Redhoof when she was alive and not robotic, put others needs instead of hers, that was the prime reason she wanted to replace her father as mayor of Manehattan, to make her town a better place, her warm smile brought Mistshine back for a moment, to a time where he, his brother, his sister and Redhoof were always together.

But that memory was cut short when Redhoof started to cough, more and more often, until her “blood” or oil as you might call it, started exiting from her mouth, so much that she drop the bag and collapsed on the floor, Mistshine picked up her friend and put her on the table and quickly opened up her chest, just to see there was a miniature pony ripping her cables and motherboards, Angel jumped and removed the miniature pony out of the robotic pony chest, the miniature pony was Pinkie Pie, or miniature version of a vampire Pinkie Pie, Mistshine tried to attack, but the pink mare put Softheart in the middle of his attack, Mistshine manage to stop before hurting his friend by accident, and saw how the miniature replica crashed into the stallion and ran as fast as a bullet out of the library, Redhoof recovered her consciousness, but she was very injured.

“aaahhh… ahhh!!, damage on circuit mother board… my heart!” Redhoof started to panic.

Mistshine immediately tried to fix his friend damage, he ordered to his teammates. “Angel!, get me the bandages!, Alure and Softheart!, use your stun pollen to reduce pain!, Coldshard make a few ice for her reactor! Now!”

“You know that works better on ponies made out of flesh and bones instead of cables and chips right?” Angel said as he brought the bandages.

Mistshine replied, preparing a repair spell. “True, but at this point, her soul is so fused with the robot soul, that if we do not act now, she will die a second time, and with Softheart here, nothing will save her from Tartarus.”

“Wait…Mistshine, what is that?” Softheart said as she looked at the librarian body.

Redhoof continued to scream, as pink smoke was coming from her eyes, between tears and sobs her playback feature was activated by this smoke, but this time the images were not related to the Steel Empire, they were related to Redhoof past, Mistshine and his friends could see how the real Redhoof died; at the hooves of her own brother, her body was then burned after she died of suffocation, all because she wanted to protect somepony special to her, this is why Mistshine had a absolute fear of the Goldenscroll last name, when his teammates asked.

“Let’s just say, there are some brothers that do not want to share anything.” He replied.

Time was critical, Redhoof was suffering a mental crash, Alure and Softheart stun powder, manage to relax her a little, as Mistshine used his repair spell to fix the broken parts of the motherboard, he then used the bandages to cover the rips on the cables, and reunite them, once finished, he put her chest place back to its place and prayed to Celestia his next spell worked, he put the tip of the tech horn on Redhoof forehead and casted his swap spell. As he suspected the pink smoke changed to white, making his friend stop moving seems the smoke had high traces of dark magic, Mistshine and Alure carefully put the robotic mare on the chair, and let her rest, the stallion smiled, as his friend started to open her eyes.

“Thank you Mistshine, for a moment I thought I would be back in Tartarus, I’m saddened to say that I will be unable to sell you anything until I get better.” Redhoof said, as she started to take deep breaths.

The stallion smiled, as he was exiting the store.” Rest my friend, I will be back later.”

“Farewell for now my friend.” Redhoof smiled, waving goodbye to her friend.

Mistshine, relieved he saved his friend life returned to his mission, however, he put his hooves on the saddlebag to check the cure components, but. “The teddy bear and the ruby are gone!!, the cure components are gone!!”

“How did that happened?” Angel asked.

A little laughter draw their attention to the little Pinkie Pie on the door, the vampire replica of Pinkie Pie had on her tail the 2 items, she ran again as if she was requesting Mistshine to follow her, of course the colt needed the cure to save Fluttershy so he followed the replica until she stopped on the Central Tower Lobby, to be exact the kitchen. Once Mistshine finally caught her, he noticed the little Pinkie Pie, melted and turned into water, that same water joined the hoof of the real Vampire Pinkie Pie, that same mare jumped happily across the kitchen and into the lobby, looking at Mistshine and his friends while holding the cure components on her tail.

“Oooooooooohhh… you look so cute, sorry if I took these, but I can’t afford you hurting our master silly filly” Vampire Pinkie Pie said, laughing.

Mistshine just looked at the mare, staring at the cure components. “give me those back”

“Wait hold on, how I’m supposed to give them back to you when the scrip of this story doesn’t say so until the next chapter?, you really need to pay attention to what the writer says silly filly.” Vampire Pinkie Pie replied, hiding the components.

All the ponies just said “What?” at unison.

“Ooooh what’s this?” Vampire pinkie said, as she hugged the stallion and Alure so tightly they ended up kissing her. “mmmm!! Juicy and tasty, and with a little drops of mint, I’m going to enjoy this fight, after we finish we make cupcakes alright?”

Mistshine and Alure looked at each other; Mistshine prepared his whip for battle and so did his plant friend, but Vampire Pinkie had other ideas, as she pulled out of her mane a flamethrower and used it against Alure, although it hurt, Alure was not consumed by flames thanks to the brooch Mistshine did for her, this allowed the plant pony to use her rose shield to teleport behind the mare and with her vines rip a little of her back to drink her blood, Vampire Pinkie Pie’s blood was way too sweet, so much it kicked Alure into hyperactivity, attacking without end, however her foe seems to dodge everything without breaking a sweat.

“Alure!, stop, you will never hurt her that way!” Mistshine asked, trying to stop his friend.

Alure Une however, said everything with her eyes, Angel translated. “She cannot stop Mistshine!, Pinkie blood have high doses of sugar, she have to burn the energy.”

“Then is our turn then to attack.” Mistshine launched himself to attack.

No matter what type of attack he used, Pinkie Pie manage to dodge every single one of them, and she was fast enough to appear behind the stallion and attack him using a giant lollypop, however, that lollypop cut his back very badly as if it was a axe, he crashed on the walls in the lobby, just in time for Vampire Pinkie to fire a cake filled with knives, Mistshine used Coldshard to froze the knifes in the air and prevent further damage, if he wants to save Fluttershy, he must eliminate all vampire 5 before the night ends, and the clock is already against him.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 13 -
The next chapter, now the fight begins, Againts the Vampire 5!!, hell, Poisonhoof must really hate Mistshine now... wait, if Vampire Pinkie has pinkie abilities and she already broke the 4th wall... oh S-- * cuts off *
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Achivement Unlocked: Real Beauty (Beat Vampire Rarity)
Achivement Progress - Promise - (Collect the 6 Cure components 2/6)
Achivement Unlocked: Reminders of the Past (Save Redhoof from Vampire Pinkie Pie)

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(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
The inside of the room not only had a stench of decayed bodies everywhere, but also a cargo elevator at the very end, they carefully walked, stepping into thousand and thousand of ponies bodies piled up on the floor, decomposing…from mares, to fillies, from fillies to stallions, even animals and griffons, some of them still had flesh, others are just weak bones that broke with just Mistshine weigh, until Mistshine felt something hard on his hooves, it was not skin or bones, it was metallic.

“What’s this?” Mistshine said as he sat on the floor and took out a helmet.

Soul Shield turned around and saw the object. “W-wait!, that is one of my friends helmets!”

“There is more than just one…” Angel said as he saw Alure Une lifting a corpse out of the fleshy floor.

The corpse not only had it had a whole armor but the helmet was similar to what Soul Shield had before her encounter with Mistshine, the former captain came closer to the corpse and hugged it, she knew it was of one of her friends, but what she didn’t notice, was what the deceased pony had on its back, it had pegasus wings, while the body was of a earth pony, the base of the wings were screwed into the spinal column and shoulders, Soul Shield smelled the corpse, despise the smell of decay, she could identify 2 ponies scents emanating from that corpse, being a valkyrie experiment, her senses are more sharp than a normal pony.

“I-I know these scents… they belong to Sweet Scent and Featherspots, 2 of my 3 best friends in the militia” Soul Shield said, almost breaking into tears.

Mistshine noticed the shape of the wings; it seems the wings were halfway turned into bat type wings. “That… and they are your prototype for Valkyrie Experiment, look closely at her left wing and right ear, sorry for this but…”

With a little disapproval from Soul Shield, Mistshine came closer to the corpse and opened its mouth, besides the stench, the evidence was obvious, sharp fangs for vampire ponies, Soul Shield was quickly to process what his friend was trying to say.

“So… that bitch ripped Featherspots wings, attached them to my friend Sweet Scent and then injected her with vampirism curse in order to create the Valkyrie Experiment?” Soul Shield said, annoyed and angry due to this situation.

Mistshine nodded. “It seems that way… we are in a corpse disposal room, so there must be hundreds of failed experiments and prototypes here… if possible your friend heart couldn’t withstand the transformation.”

“Ummm… Mistshine… Look at the floor!” Angel advised his owner

From the floor, the corpses started to rise and attack, Mistshine and his friends repelled their attacks with their own moves, but it didn’t matter how many creatures they killed, they keep coming back, Mistshine fought for a while, until he heard a soft cry and sobs, all the ponies saw how the corpses started to move and crawl towards one central area, in that central area… was a little white filly, unharmed, unstained..., holding a teddy bear, Mistshine ran towards the filly, once Mistshine had her in his back, he noticed the corpses were aiming towards that filly, Alure and his friends made a barrier, Alure attacked with her vines, Soul Shield, broken for the experience, took some of her friend armor and helmet and put it on, she took her friend bloodstained sword and fought against the fleshy ponies.

“M-mister…do not leave me alone!” The little filly cried, hugging the stallion

Mistshine attacked the creatures with his cross boomerang. “I wont, hold on!, we need a idea now!”

“Mistshine…” Angel was going to attack the fleshy ponies, but he saw the filly pulling out a knife from her teddy bear. “Watch out!!”

Mistshine received a backstab on his back, his reflexes didn’t shake the filly from his back in time, Angel and Alure intervened before more damage was done, Alure with her whip grabbed the filly and toss her towards the fleshy monsters, however, the fleshy ponies, including the corpse of Sweet Scent, caught her, even Sweet Scent let herself be ridden by the filly, once the pony was sitting on the back of the steel empire champion friend, her voice changed, it sounded like a mixture between a colt, mare and a filly…

“And here I thought I was going to kill you without pain” the filly said, when her hoof rose, so did all the fleshy corpses.

Mistshine saw the corpses and fillies reactions. “Girls…I have a terrible feeling… do not approach that filly…”

“Oh come on…you cannot even touch me… your skills as warriors are useless, especially you Valkyrie experiment” the filly taunted at Soul Shield, passing her hoof on the face of her dead companion. “She screamed your name you know?, several times, asking for your backup captain.”

Soul Shield pride as a warrior kicked in, she tighten the grip of her sword. “W-what did you say?!”

“Soul Shield, calm down, do not let her words enrage you, that is what she want. “ Mistshine tried to calm his friend down.

The filly insulted the former captain one more time. “yeah Soul Shield, listen to that colt that was glued to a bed for all his fillyhood and stay put, like when you were inside the capsule, while your friends needed you, go back to sleep peacefully while all those that you care the most die screaming for your help.”

“That’s it!, you are finished!” Soul Shield raised her sword and attacked, flying fast towards her foe, disobeying Mistshine.

Mistshine yelled, trying to hold his friend by her left hoof. “No!!, Soul Shield lower your sword!!”

The mare however, didn’t listen, in fact, her left prosthetic hoof detached from her body, the filly rose her left hoof, and Sweet Scent corpse mimicked her movement and from the filly teddy bear, a sword appeared, Sweet Scent corpse took the blade and pierced Soul Shield armor and heart…ripping her chest, Soul Shield screamed as the fleshy ponies came closer to her and started to bite her, Mistshine and his companions attacked, but the filly just moved her hoof and all the fleshy ponies formed a wall, preventing them from reaching his friend.

On the other side of the corpse wall, Soul Shield screamed, as her flesh was being ripped away…but since she is a monster herself, her body was quickly turning into dust, just like the rest of the valkyrie ponies, Soul Shield had a idea, she took her vampirism curse to work and attacked, biting the filly neck, and taking her blood for power, this allowed her to get away from the creature grasp, she flew up high, enough for Mistshine to notice her and use his whip to remove the corpses from her back hooves, the filly grew furious and emitted a yell, that was replicated by all corpses on the room, their combined screams made everypony cover their ears, this was her window of opportunity, the filly smiled as from within her body, 4 tentacles appeared, each of them with different color, they launched towards the pegasi and ripped her wings, making her fall towards the pony corpses, Soul shield tried to attack, but the filly commands made the corpses pull each of her remaining hooves, ripping them out of her torso, the flesh wall felt to Mistshine, who, enraged, attacked with all he had, but it was late, the pegasi captain he knew, was already dead…her body turned into dust, as her soul rose from her body and began floating towards the stallion…but…

“Your soul will be a delicious nutrient” said the filly, as she, with one of her tentacles, started to suck out the soul out of the air

Mistshine launched his Spirit container towards his friend soul. “Starve then!, I will not allow you to eat her!!”

The container caught Soul Shield rather quickly, the filly was going to take the container, but Mistshine quickly recovered it using his whip to pull the container towards him, the filly smiled, as she put all her tentacles together and the corpses also surrounded her, all of them started to pile up, forming a giant ball of flesh and corpses, the corpses however, are whole, but there are so many he cannot count them, once she finally assembled completely, all the mouths of all the bodies spoke at the same time.

“My name is Legion…. For we are….maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” said Legion, as the flesh took the form of her filly face to talk

Mistshine raised his whip and hit it on the floor. “You might be many, but I’m not alone, you will pay for what you did to my friend.”

Mistshine started to attack, since Legion was made of several corpses bodies, each attack burned a corpse, but it was immediately replaced by another, and so on, making a almost interminable wave of corpses, some corpses hold Mistshine for preventing him to attack, while Angel tried to remove them from his owner body, while Alure attacked without stop, until Mistshine had a idea…

“Alure, use your stun pollen, use some of your darts to attach them to the ceiling” Mistshine ordered

Angel questioned. “What are you thinking?”

“If this creature is using corpses, this might work if they still have blood in them” Mistshine replied.

The stallion made a spin attack and removed all the creatures, enough for Alure to launch her rose petals and stab the ceiling with them; the flowers bloomed, dropping pollen all over legion and the corpses on the floor, Mistshine idea worked, he saw how the corpses now reanimated more slowly and also, Legion itself moved slow, Alure was not affected, being part plant herself, however, Mistshine and Angel had to cover their mouths.

Legion started to suffer additional effects, her attacks were so slow that Mistshine didn’t need his hourglass to stop time, besides her only attack is just ramming herself as the giant ball of flesh, until something unexpected happened, a tentacle appeared from within the ball and attacked with a powerful gust of air, Mistshine grabbed the tentacle and slam it against the walls, however, the tentacle wasn’t affected by Alure pollen, so it moved pretty fast for him to get close and attack, he used his magic hourglass to stop time but…

“I see you…” Legion said, as her tentacle still followed Mistshine, even with the time frozen, sending a gust of air to him and his friends

Mistshine and his teammates hit the wall hard. “Are you kidding me?, the hourglass do not affect her.”

“… hhus, haaah, gaaaah” Alure was trying to say something, pointing a huge flower spear on her hoof

Mistshine questioned. “What?”

“…” Alure did a facehoof and pointed her lance to the floor, and then her fangs

Mistshine seems to have caught the idea. “I guess I understand, you are talking about blood right? When we fought you grew stronger with my blood, are you saying you can use the blood of the corpses for something else?”

Alure nodded positive and via hoof sings asked Mistshine to lift her up, he used his back hooves to launch his friend to the ceiling, Alure launched her spear with all her strength, the spear easily pierced the corpse floor and even the decayed metal at the bottom, the spear spawned some vines that inserted on the corpses, draining their blood, once the vines were near their owner, they glued themselves to Alure hooves, a little painful, but this allowed Alure to generate her giant flower from her vines, the flower petals were quickly becoming blood red, once she had absorbed enough blood, she focused all that extra power on her weight, making her as heavy as a mountain, the gust of air from Legion tentacle didn’t moved her, this allowed him the perfect counter attack, as the tentacle seems to only focus on Alure now.

“You are pretty smart my friend, now, let’s see if this ball has brains, Magic Hourglass!”

Mistshine activated the hourglass and to his surprise, the tentacle was so focused on Alure, that it didn’t notice him moving towards Legion, he took this opportunity to attack with all he had as his disposal, from his whip, to several combos using the steel daggers and alcohol bottles, until he decided to try to harness the power of his fallen friend.

“Hey! Legion, Soul Shield wanted to say something, Attack!” Mistshine ordered, pointing his hoof towards Legion

Soul Shield soul exited the sprit container and turned into some sort of holy sword. “Disappear!”

“Aaaaahhhh!!” Legion screamed, as the holy damage burned her.

But not only Soul Shield “holy sword” burned her, it also cut clean a part of her ball shell, leaving her hooves exposed, this made the creature enrage and attack with a blue tentacle that spit ice, Mistshine and Alure dodged, however, suddenly Alure started to sink, she started to scream, Mistshine held her hoof, Angel and Softheart helped him to pull, but Alure forgot to modify her weigh, so she ended up sinking faster, her terrified screams intensified when she was pulled inside the floor and the sounds of bites could be heard, Legion lowered itself enough for the creature to take something…

“Give me back my friend!!” Mistshine yelled as he attacked Legion with his whip

Legion seems to smile. “Gladly…”

The creature turned around, only to use Alure as a shield, she took her body out of the fleshy floor and used it to absorb Mistshine attack, this made the poor plant pony emit a yell and faint, although Mistshine didn’t wanted to do it, he practically knocked out Alure in one hit, this made her pollen flowers on the ceiling wither and stop emitting its pollen, making Legion recover its lost speed and attack, Mistshine decided that he was not going to put Alure in more risk, and if his foe wanted to play with ice, he will play with ice as well, Legion tackled him, and all the corpses on the ball hold him, as the blue tentacle was charging a shot.

“Gahhhh!, come on come on, think… “ Mistshine said, getting his whip ready

Legion seems to smile. “You are all soon going to be assimilated.”

“Not today…Coldshard now!” Mistshine ordered

His icy companion exited the container and launched a powerful gust of ice that froze the corpses. With the ball froze, Mistshine broke free and attacked until a red tentacle came and started to spit fire, melting the ice, Mistshine called Black Tide soul, she created a powerful wave of water that turned off the flames and allowed Coldshard a opening for her to freeze the soaked ball, With Legion frozen, Mistshine let a devastating attack against his foe, ending his combo with Soul Shield soul sword, this ripped another section of the enemy shell, making Legion face clearly visible, she used her remaining 2 tentacles to attack, the one holding Alure started to emit ice again, freezing his knocked companion in the process, while the yellow one attacked with lightning, the stallion dodged each attack, he needed something to free Alure and fast, he used Harpy soul to launch a powerful gust of air to the base of the tentacle, this knocked Alure out of the creature grasp, Mistshine catch her, but he received a powerful electrical shock from the Legion creature, having enough, Mistshine grew angry and used harpy soul again, just that this time, he used his tech horn to perform a dangerous spell, as the backfire could make interferences with his equipment.

“Harpy Soul!, Tornado!” Mistshine ordered as he charged his electrical attack on his horn. “Lighting Blast!”

His electric spell plus the powerful tornado created by the soul of his friend not only canceled the ice and lighting attack of Legion, but also heavily damage it, to the point that one more fragment of the shell broke, leaving the filly vulnerable, she attacked with her 2 remaining tentacles, Mistshine launched several whips attacks to the filly, she felt each attack to its full potential, and after she no longer had any more strength to fight, Mistshine finished the creature with a powerful shockwave from his whip, Legion started to burn, screaming, her teddy bear didn’t get consumed by the flames though, but something was wrong, the electricity on the room and in the lab was going in and out, and even Legion herself, started begging for help.

“Ahhh!!!! Mommy!!! I’m burning!!!, please!!, help meeeeee!!!” Legion screamed, as her body burst into fire, she desperately tried to turn it off.

Angel noticed something, he pointed at a strange silver object. “Mistshine, look at her neck!”

Mistshine saw in horror, another one of those control collars that Coldshard had in case of betrayal, but this one was inside Legion skin, it was just visible when her skin started to fall off from her flesh, feeling pity on the creature, he instructed Black Tide to turn off the flames with a water attack, it worked, but Legion was far to wounded to stand up… her time was running out, Mistshine prepared the spirit container… but…

“Please… don’t, my time is already way too overdue.” Legion said, holding the hoof of Mistshine, to prevent him from activating the container. “I want my soul to rest in peace…”

Mistshine a little sad, reply to the filly. “Ok… but I want to know something… why did you attack us?, why did you kill Soul Shield?”

“Those… ahhh…” Legion said, spitting blood in a cough .”Those were the orders I had due to that damn collar… it make me kill anypony that enters this area, even if I do not want to…I have been imprisoned within my own body, as that infernal device made every single order Poisonhoof made…from killing, to devouring corpses…, please… stay with me… stay until I depart…” Legion continued, getting weaker by the minute.

Mistshine sat next to her, on top of the corpses. “I will… I’m sorry kid…but I have to ask, why Poisonhoof turned you into…”

“That pile of fleshy ponies?” Legion continued. “First things first, I’m a mare in a filly body, second, although I do enjoy battles, Poisonhoof knew somepony might try to stop her and her prided experiments, the vampire ponies, so she kidnapped me because I had a talent for puppets, and amplified it, to control corpses, at first I didn’t knew they were corpses, until I felt that collar on my neck, inside…” the filly cried, as she continued to speak. “When I tried to take it off, she activated it!, my body moved on its own, I killed my own parents, the surviving troops of Soul Shield and even experiments that were running away!, I’m nothing more than a monster now!, and I couldn’t stop!”

Mistshine hugged the filly, now feeling awful for sending her to her death, but keeping her company as she requested. “I’m sorry, if I knew that, I could have removed that collar.”

“Kind act… but sadly… useless…if somepony take it out… it goes boom, but… I had other task the cursed pony made me to do… please… somepony gets me my teddy…” Legion said as she started to die finally, her temperature was dropping fast.

Angel Bunny and Softheart founded the teddy, when they gave it to the filly, she rotated the head until she detached it from the toy body… revealing a capsule with some blue liquid.

“What is that?” Mistshine inquired.

Legion, took the capsule, and with her remaining strength, gave it to Mistshine. “Is one of the components of the Vampirism Curse Cure… is the base agent…if you want to save your friend… you need the base agent, DNA Sample of her when she was non-vampire pony, some dragon scales in powder, as the dragons are immune to magic, some light magic in liquid form, to drive away the black magic, several proteins found on apples that replace the thirst for blood, and finally, antibodies that are super charged, remember, antibodies fuel is sugar…”

“How… how in Equestria did you?!” Mistshine said, as he was interrupted by the hoof of the filly in his mouth

Legion smiled… her time has come… “I read your mind…using Clerise mind reading spell… “ the filly lifted her left hoof, and a corpse on the floor mimicked her, but that power was cut short, as her hoof felt heavy on the floor. “she has luck of having you…I wish I could grow in a peaceful town…strange… is the first time in 1000 years that I’m in full control of my body and use my power as monster to help somepony… “ Legion eyes lost their color…” It… feels… very… n…i…c…e”

Those were the “monster” last words, before closing her eyes…although her body didn’t melt like the other monsters, the same couldn’t be said from the corpses in the room, the corpses started to discompose at a accelerated rate, turning into bones and dust in seconds, Legion corpse however, remained the same…since the filly no longer felt the flames, Mistshine decided to do a burial for honorable knights, he took the filly teddy bear and stored the cure base agent there, the teddy bear seems to have a little cryostats chamber to keep the base agent froze until it is needed, once Alure woke up, Mistshine asked for her help, to carry the bones of the corpses to make a little coffin, then, he put Legion corpse and Soul Shield dust inside… with tears in his eyes, he charged his cape…

“I… I will make sure that mare pays for what she has done… rest little Legion…Hellfire!!” Mistshine yelled, closing his eyes.

The ball of fire hit the skeletons, and started to burn the corpse of the filly, he stood there for a minute, paying her respects… he saw behind some skeletons a double steel door, that was protecting the cargo elevator that takes to floor B3, so he was in a isolated room 1 level extra below B3, he activated it, and went to the third floor of the lab, he found a little scroll for a new spell, called Legion Wrath, as far as the spell described, it allow the user to fire a blast of magic from 3 classic elements, fire, ice and lighting, he stored the spell and saw himself on the basement third floor, but as soon as he and his friends exited the elevator…

“Warning…power source drained…shutting off all devices…” the automated message said, as the room felt to the darkness…

Mistshine confused, used his tech horn to replicate his brother lantern spell, making his horn to illuminate forward, but his tech horn cannot do 2 spells at once, so he will not be able to perform any spells…he called in Rustyhooves, to try to fix the energy.

“Yo?” Rustyhooves replied.

Mistshine went straight to the point. “Rusty, I need you to restore the power on Poisonhoof laboratory, stat!”

“How in Equestria did you get there?!” Rustyhooves seems surprised, but his voice changed to serious. “I can’t get it back online without the generator.”

Mistshine inquired further. “Why?”

“If I recall, our master made the energy of the empire to run on a specific room with high doses of dead bodies as fuel, if you are indeed on the lab, then you must have met a creature that controls corpses, right?” Rustyhooves informed his friend.

Mistshine replied positive, as his friend Rusty continued on the other end of his transmitter. “Oh crap, if you killed her, then you also killed the power source, I spy on her files, the collar that monster had was wireless connected to the power generator, if it gets destroyed or the creature dies, the power goes out”  

“What?!?!, then how do I get it back?!” Mistshine asked, shocked at what lengths would Poisonhoof go to protect her lab, thinking about Legion, perhaps she didn’t knew she was the power source of the lab.

Rustyhooves stopped talking, sounds of paper turning was heard. “ummm… let’s see… there is a spare generator on the Castle Treasury, that generator will reactivate the empire electricity.”

“Rustyhooves, I have a favor to ask…go to Redhoof Store and make sure no one enters the area, I have a really bad feeling… once I get the power up, I want you to come to the lab. “ Mistshine asked.

The empire engineer replied positive. “Ok…I will instruct my workers to put a battery on your turret and keep the librarian alive, you get the power back up.”

Mistshine cut the call short and searched for the stairs that will take him back to the Lab Lobby, there was no point in exploring the lab in full, with no power, no door can be open, and with no power, he cannot synthesize the cure or revive his friends, he ran for a few moments, but then stopped.

“I’m such an idiot, I know teleportation and with the lab energy gone, no anti-magic device works, everypony close to me.” he said as he teleported him and his allies out of the lab.

Meanwhile…in the throne room, a annoyed Flutterbat looked at the dark camera that no longer followed the colt due to the power outage, stylizing her mane, covering her left eye, the possessed pegasi was preparing herself for one last trick, she couldn’t rely on her cameras or weaker experiments anymore, so she was preparing a alternative for Mistshine...

“Hehehe... oh dear Fluttershy, was it fun?... seeing this colt terminate a little filly life?, and you still have hopes of him rescuing you?” Flutterbat said; as she searched for something on her cape.” And don’t even count on your friends either... with Celestia barrier up, they cannot enter here..., which reminds me..., thank you for their I have the perfect opportunity to burst my newest creations.”

Flutterbat, or rather called Poisonhoof inside Fluttershy body, prepared a spell with her own variant of the tech horn, this spell was special, as she put herself in the middle of a pentagram, and put 5 candles on each point of the star. The candles flames rose until the roof, as her enchantment progressed.

“Come now my servants of disharmony and chaos, rise from the grave and take the form of those dear to my enemies!, crush their hopes and dreams, and bring the judgment of the new ruler of the Steel Empire!, come! My Vampire Knights!!!”

The wax of the candles started to follow the traces of the pentagram, until it glued itself to Flutterbat body, reaching the back of her head, as if they were taking information, the real Fluttershy would be terrified, but Flutterbat was not, the wax disappeared, like smoke, and the candles turned themselves off, a summoning circle appeared on the points of the pentagram, summoning 5 mares, 5 mares not only familiar to Mistshine, but to Fluttershy as well.

“Fluttershy my dear… say hello to your friends.”

Flutterbat taunted at Fluttershy in her mind, as she got near the vampire replicas of her friends, they are identical in appearances, but in personalities, they are similar, but not the same, they are actually physical manifestation of Fluttershy insecurities or certain dislikes about her friends, things she was too afraid to say when they make mistakes… those fears are now given a body and mind of their own…

“Ok you five, search that silly colt called Mistshine and his little familiars, make sure he don’t reach this throne room until the Lunar Eclipse has passed, I need this body ok and the curse effective to take control of Equestria.”

One of the vampire knights talked with a seductive voice, her coat and appearance mimicked Rarity. “Oooh, a colt you say? Perhaps I can have a little... Fuuun with him before we end his life.”

“Are you crazy?, we should just press on, kill him, and bring his head here in a silver platter, he already killed several of our other experiments, he needs to die now!” the vampire pony mimicking Rainbow Dash said, eager to fight.

The third vampire knight spoke, jumping all over the place, but seductively linking a lollipop, holding it with her tail. It was impossible to do not know what pony she is coping. “DID YOU SAY FUN?! I LOVE FUN!!! WILL WE HAVE FUN WITH HIM?! CAUSE I SURE LOVE TO HAVE SOME.FUN WITH POTENTIAL MURDER VICTIMS!”

“Hey! Don’t lose your head!” Flutterbat said as she pulled the tail from vampire Pinkie Pie, sending her to the ground. “Don’t underestimate that colt... my previous experiments already made that mistake and look what happened!”

However… a very soft voice escaped Flutterbat lips. “P-please... stop...” it was Fluttershy own voice.

“Shut up!, damn it, I though the curse would have already eaten her mind by now!” Flutterbat replied out loud, forgetting for a moment that the forth and final vampire ponies looked at her.

The forth vampire pony, resembling Applejack, put a hoof on her master shoulder. “I sense there is still struggle in your head, Master. Although I doubt a weakling like her could do anything against you, just like that colt is doomed.”

“Don't worry Master. Our only duty is to serve every single of your instructions. Consider that invader dead, your Empire will be born without him” The final vampire replica spoke, mimicking Twilight Sparkle.

Flutterbat smiled. “You better be, now go, ambush him before the power gets back on!”

With all her vampire knights disappearing with that order, Flutterbat sat on her throne… smiling, looking herself on the mirror, she knew that Fluttershy could see and hear what she is doing, and the feeling of being completely powerless to help sends waves of pleasure to the sick mare mind, so much she started to taunt at Fluttershy attempts to regain control, since her reflection keeps on going in and out.

“See that dear Fluttershy?, is too late for you now... this beautiful and young body will be perfect for my return, with you gone, Equestria will not be able to use the Rainbow Power or the elements to defend themselves, and for what I have seen in your memories, Twilight will not even fight me.”

Fluttershy manage to spoke a little. “Y-you can’t beat her or Celestia” Her reflection reappears in the mirror, angering Poisonhoof even more.

“Hehehe… why?, if I recall, Tirek missed a perfectly good chance of killing Twilight after he stripped her of the alicorn magic…what makes you think I won’t kill Twilight the mere second she surrenders?” Flutterbat laughed.

Fluttershy replied, more strongly this time, as her reflection now appeared in full, next to Flutterbat reflection. “Because… he will stop you... You'll see... I trust in him... You... You won't beat Mistshine.”

“Nice try... is adorable you have that faith in him, but your mind already had betrayed your little friend, if i recall my vampire knights are made with YOUR fears and insecurities you have for your friends?, as well as the things you don’t like about them?, like Rarity being manipulative, your friend Applejack pride, your best friend Rainbow Dash arrogance, Twilight overconfidence and Pinkie Pie oh her, that she is not aware her pranks sometimes hurt other, what is that called, oh yes, ignorance, I must thank you though, your negative thoughts gave my Vampire Knights a edge not even your little friend can beat.”

Fluttershy yelled, trying once again to resume control of her body. “Y-you're wrong!... My mind might betray me... But he won't.... He promised me...”

“With the vampirism curse running in his veins as well? Face it, both your time and his time are running out! Learn your place pegasi and disappear quietly!” Flutterbat replied with anger in her voice, as her tech horn released a powerful burst of magic that not only silenced Fluttershy, it shattered the mirror, no reflection could be seen from either Flutterbat or the real Fluttershy. The possessed pegasi push her taunting a little further, closing her wings near her waist and plot. “And to think that, you wanted to hug him or kiss him after he gave you the brooch.”

Flutterbat sat on her throne and laughed, just waiting for the vampirism curse to kill Mistshine during the Lunar Eclipse, meanwhile, Mistshine just reappeared on the Central Tower Lobby; Alure ran and guided her friend to the vault door inside the guard’s tower, Mistshine gave her friend the master key and she unlocked it, the door was a little hard to open it, both of them pushed the door with all their strength, the sound of bags of bits coins falling from their place was heard as soon as they fully opened it.

Inside was far bigger that what he was originally expecting, he was hopping to see several bags of bits and that’s it, but no, the Steel Empire vault was made of several “pools” each of them connected by a bridge, that bridge also have some stairs that goes to the second floor of the vault, technically speaking, the third floor of the Central Tower, Mistshine was expecting a lot of enemies, but instead, he found the place completely deserted, and dark, he used his lantern spell in order to see where he was stepping…

“Just a handful of this money would make me richer than Celestia or Fancy Pants…” Mistshine said in awe, at the multiple pools filled with precious jewels and bits.

Angel just jumped from his owner back and into the pool, swimming in the cash. “Come one, take a few, I bet this money is still usable in Equestria, and if not, you can make a nice gold ring out of them.”

“Angel get out of there!” Mistshine ordered.

Angel questioned. “Why?”

“If I know Poisonhoof well enough in these last 2 days, she might have bobby trapped the pools!” Mistshine said, offering his whip for the bunny to climb.

Angel reacted to his owner command and grabbed the whip tip, Mistshine pulled just in time, as a huge bear trap jumped, closing its metallic jaws, if the bunny had stayed, his body would have been ripped in half, Angel turned pale, Mistshine picked up his bunny friend and put him on his back, Mistshine tried to use a spell to lift anything that is metallic but able to be magnetized, however, the spell failed, he activated his scanner, and scanned the walls of the vault, they had anti-magic symbols, meaning anything that operates via magic is useless inside the vault, this applies for his steel wings and tech horn as well, as he progressed his tech horn started to lose power, and eventually, his lantern spell got cancelled, turning off his only light…

“Crap, this is when I wish I had brought a LED Flashlight.” Mistshine replied as he walked blindly on the bridge.

Softheart came closer to her master. “M-mistshine, since I’m a succubus, I can use the sexual energy I took in our previous encounter, plus the energy of this body to make it shine like a mini lantern.”

“That won’t leave you starving?” Mistshine asked, as he knew what a succubus needs in order to stay alive.

Softheart nodded negative. “No, contrary to my sister, I learned to use the energy a bit more efficiently; I can still be alive for at least one more night.”

“But you still going to take Mistshine energy before you stave right?.” Angel said, looking at Softheart with a wink.

Softheart blushed. “A-angel, I just take the minimum necessary.”

“Please do it my friend, I’m confident we will be out of this empire before the night ends.” Mistshine replied, smiling.

Softheart searched on the breezie bot data banks and found the enchantment for changing the illumination of her skin, since she is a succubus; she is able to bypass the anti-magic symbols on the vault. Softheart used a little of her succubus energy as well as  the breezie body, her body skin turned into what it seems, white coat, that reflected a weak LED light, but enough for Mistshine to see where he was walking, as he walked however, a loud bang stopped him, he saw behind him or in front, but nothing was there, he heard another bang, he looked below him and saw the bridge breaking up, before he could react a final bang broke the bridge and he felt towards one of the gold pools along with his teammates.

Besides the loud crashing sound he made when landing, a gold spear launched upwards towards him, he dodged but his hooves got sink into the pool, Angel, without his owner knowing, started to fill his pockets with bits. The spear rose as it appears to be held by a new type of skeleton, a Golden Skeleton with Armor, the armor was the same as the Canterlot Royal Guard, just that it was gold colored, he attacked with his whip but the gold made the skeleton extremely durable, but since they are robotic skeletons…

“Black tide!, wet them up!” Mistshine ordered.

The mermaid pony soul attacked with a water wave that wet the skeleton, this made it launch sparks all over the place due to a short-circuit, allowing Mistshine to finish the creature off, once the creature finally stopped moving, Softheart got closer to it and her soul existed the breezie body to enter the armor, its eyes flashed constantly, as if she was getting information for Mistshine, once finished, she returned to her breezie body.

“This was curious…” Softheart said.

Mistshine inquired. “What is curious?, what did you do?”

“I can possess machinery when I’m outside the dream world remember?, This skeleton seems to possess the knowledge of all traps in the area as well as a very little info on the generator itself, all I could get from the generator was, Emeralds.”

Mistshine saw on the other pools several skeletons rising from the piles of coins. “Guess we need to possess other skeletons to get to the generator, 2 more should do the trick right?”

Softheart nodded as Mistshine used his whip and explored the area, without him knowing that a very seductive laugh was heard inside the vault, and with his magic devices out, he will have a hard time against that creature, the vault door closed, as Mistshine felt heavier each time he jumped.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 12 -
Finally, after a long haitus im finally able to upload my fanfic chapters! yay!, this time Mistshine has messed up and Poisonhoof diabolic experiments continue, will he survive?, find it out next chapter :D

Achivements ;3

Achivement Unlocked: You are many, Im One, and i beat you! (Defeat Legion)
Achivement Progress - Promise - (Collect the 6 Cure components 1/6)
Achivement Unlocked: Money money moneyyyyy!!!! (Collect at least more than 1 million dollars in the Vault, even counting the money on the pools)

First: Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 1 -
Next: Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 13 -
Previous: Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 11 -

MLP and all it’s related characters belong to Hasbro
Mistshine and Oc´s featured on this fic belongs to me


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About miself?, ummm... letīs see, im a very happy person who likes a lot video games ^.^, thatīs why my artwork is about mostly, games sprites ^.^, also, if you havent notices, im a brony ^^, and im happy to be one, i may work super slow in writting or have little time to practice my ocarina, but i will never give up

On Brony comunity, i go by the name of Stardust Breeze ^^, while most of my friends know me for Blaze ( my Sprites Character ), im glad to meet you all :3

Favorite Ponies:

1) Fluttershy
2) Luna
3) Pinkie
4) Rarity & Spike

Favorite Shipping: Sparity x3, they are so cute
:iconteaminthedarkness: : Jejejeje, guys, im almost done with Mistshine story ^^, i still want to thank you all who read my stories, i know my stories are might not be much ( i only have 2 MLP Stories, and im planing on making more ^^ ) but i put all my heart into them, im so sorry i dont have a cover for the fanfics, but i do not know how to draw ponies D;, i promise i will get them a cover soon ;3, thank you guys ^^
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