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Alone Once More: Before and Again by furriKira

I will be hones... im having a hard time on the First one ( the one before the redraw ) , but after a while of admiring the art, i foun...

Tink by furriKira

Is really sad to see that she closed the account... but this is a nice way to remember her is not a good bye... is a see you later, som...

Kira's Maid Outfit by furriKira

Bows.... cute little bows EVERYWHERE, trust me Kira, this is way to over the cuteness meter, i could had mistaken you for a catgirl o//...


How I Got Shinki - Part 2/2 - by TeamInTheDarkness
How I Got Shinki - Part 2/2 -
Im pretty sure any sane guy would probably have done what i did at the end, anyway, here is the last part of the comic i submitted earlier, another ironic thing i have in common with Shinki, is the fact that in some artwork i have seen, Shinki is sometimes naive, and do not know much things, this lead her to misunderstandings or akwards moments  which goes perfectly with my silly personality

Me vs Five Nights at Freddys by TeamInTheDarkness
Me vs Five Nights at Freddys
NOT EVEN THE POWER OF MAKAI WILL SAVE ME!! * cries and screams *

I started playing this game for over 2 weeks and i cannot go beyond the 4th night!, anyway, i feel i should say my reactions to each of the Animatronics, as well as to say which is my favorites ( i love them all, so i place them numbers ) ^^, don´t get me wrong, i love this game ;D, but im no longer scared, just frustrated of how Insanely hard it is O_O, is like a Dark Souls game, Indie Version XD, anyway, on with the animatronics

PS: Freddy Fazbear and Company sprites were made by MechaTails :icondmechatails:
Five Nights at Freddy´s made by Scott Cawthon

- Freddy Fazbear (3rd Fave): if you noticed how my power goes down in this picture, i guess you can know who have the most kills on me D;, yep, Freddy the main antagonist got me scared several times, (even now he makes me jump a little, but not so scared like the first times) i like the bear as the main leader of the animatronics, but i do not like the fact that he hides away from the cameras, although is easy for me to find him and close the door in time, even though, i hate how random he is, i mean, each kill he lays on me, he plays his tune, but takes his sweet time to kill me after the song ends ( that´s how i survived night 2 and 3 ). But i love to press his little nose to make the squak sound in the office ^/w/^. also, i love his theme, and i can feel he must be awfully stressed, being the Face of the Pizzeria and the leader of the band, he must be under heavy stress when he heard the Pizzeria would be closing by the end of the year.

- Bonnie the Bunny (4th Fave): let me put it like this... RABBIT SEASON FIRE!!! * fires a shotgun near the bunny * i really hate this bunny!, not for the scary factor or character wise (in fact, i feel sorry for him, how many people potray him as useless ;_;, Bonnie is not useless, he plays a guitar people, and i find him not scary). i hate him by how god damn annoying he is!, on night 1,2 and 3, he stayed at my door from 1AM to 3AM, consuming almost 25% of my power to keep the door down, and you people think Foxy takes most of the power, trust me, if i could, i tie up this bunny to the stage, but at the same time, i congratulate him, as in the 4th night, he finally manage to lay a kill on me, talk about patience, he was the one that was fighting more to get me killed, and i bet that when he finally did it, he rock it out of his Guitar, so bonus points of him, but is not enought to call him my top fav XD

- Chica The Chicken (1st Fave): Before you ask, NO, i do not have her as my favorite for the R34, or anything like that i saw on the internet (although the sexy antro art i have seen of her is excelent ^w^) i would explain why she is my fave. If we put a kill-o-meter, next to each animatronic, Chica would read 0, she has not lay a single kill on me!, even on night 4!, even when i knew everything was dommed to fail, i made a test to see if she would kill me, so when she got to my window in my office, i opened the door, what was my surprise that she didnt enter!, she stayed at my window office, or returned to the East hall. This made me feel some sort of concern for her, i mean, im practically already dead, why didnt she gave me the finishing blow?. maybe im overthinking this, but her "shyness" and passiveness this made her a instant fave for me ^w^, beside, her face on the window is fun for me. Still, i would love that she stop hacking my cameras! ;_;

- Foxy the Fox (2nd Fave): Arrrr mate! :D, i cannot make pirate noises ¬//¬, anyway, Foxy has only killed me so far 1 time ( tied with bunny ), thanks to either, my computer being a piece of crap, or the game being troll with me, as it seems, i couldnt bring my camera up, so i was left with only the doors and the lights to help me, i still do not know how i manage to stop him 2 times before he killed me on the 3rd go, and yes, he scared the shit out of me! D;!!, more than Freddy Fazbear himself!, so hands down to the Fox, he beat Freddy on his own game. Also, i only heard and saw him running towards my office because of the camara being hacked ( Thanks a lot Chica ), also, from all 4 animatronics, i feel sorry for Foxy the most, his jaw is busted, his chest is open, he do not have fur on his legs and his voice chip is broken, i read a theory that Foxy actually do not want to kill the player, he is just concerned if the player is still alive or not ( but he kill them by accident due to his apperance ), and i honestly believe it could be true, i mean, think about it guys, all the other 3 robots kill you jumping into you ( probably breaking your neck in the process ) Foxy doesnt enter the office completly, he just steps in a little.
How I Got Shinki - Part 1/2 - by TeamInTheDarkness
How I Got Shinki - Part 1/2 -
If you remember my other sprite comics, i was going to explain how i have Shinki as female avatar, all of this goes way back to my you tube channel ( that i no longer use ) when i use to do videos of silly things for fun, Rocko, a friend of mine, had the skill to actually give you a touhou character that it is, litteraly speaking, you female ( he actually needed to meet you first, talk, ETC, like what a friend do, then he wil sudgest it, but he do not do that anymore, he retired from that, as i retired from making videos on you tube that often ). So when he came and sudgested to use Shinki, as i wanted to get in the same train as everypony on the video making, i found myself literally finding more and more connections with her as character, as well as i took the chance to reflect my life a little, i mean, in real life, im super happy, patient, shy to a extreme, especially to the opposite gender ( or lonely, whatever you want to call it ), always ready to give advise to others, make friends, caring for others and putting it up front, if you know me well, you will find im a guy with lots of love to give, but  i get pissed off easy ( Like hurting my foot on the bed, people doing stupid things, Spys sapping my buildings and entrance in TF2 and my team is not helping, ETC ). Soo, seeing all this similitudes between me in RL and Shinki from the touhou games, just made me love her much than what i already had as a Touhou 5 Final Boss, i decided to keep her as a female avatar, and use it on my comics, as i find the lack of Shinki, Mima or Yuuka MMD videos disturbing.

Remilia and her Scarlet Devil mansion crew might be the most popular characters (and Shinki replacement in some way), But Shinki... Shinki is always going to the the most powerful God and THE most harder boss in all touhou history! ( i beat Remilia with no continues in normal... I cannot even beat Shinki in normal in touhou 5 without lossing all my continues and bombs, up to this date i only beat her 3 times!! ).

PS: i know i mispelled Goddess D;, is fixed on the other page D;

Shinki, Komachi and Yuuka Belong to ZUN
Blaze belong to me

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Mistshine was in the middle of a serious problem, as the Lunar Eclipse was in just 1 more night, once morning rises in the horizon, he will only have 24 hours to stop the curse inflicted on Fluttershy, otherwise, he will lose her forever, and with her, any chance to stop Poisonhoof sprit from sending all these monsters into Equestria, but… were the monsters… really monsters in reality?, or just tormented ponies looking for eternal rest?, the stallion was facing a moral struggle, Angel bunny stepped into the saddlebags of his master and pulled up the map

“we need to get to the throne room stat!, Fluttershy is definitely there” Angel said in desperation

Redhoof robot stopped the bunny “you will not go through the Clock tower alive, the area is not only filled with dark magic, but by Poisonhoof stronger experiments, besides, even if you manage to pass that, you will have to fight your pegasus friend”

“I know… I wish there is a way to remove that cursed jewel from her” Mistshine said, hitting the table

Redhoof smiled with hope on her face “there is master…the jewel itself is destructible, destroying the jewel might save Fluttershy, but since her body is already transformed into a bat pony, destroying the jewel might kill her, unless”

“unless what?” Angel replied with a grin

Redhoof look on her eyes, changed to serious, as she explained “unless the victim is cured from the vampirism curse and her body returns to normal, to clean her body, you must find the antidote on Poisonhoof Laboratory, sadly, that lab is in a secret location that even I do not know where it is”

“wait… I hear the term vampirism curse all over the Steel Empire history you just reproduced, what is the Vampirism Curse?” Mistshine interrupted, demanding more information

Redhoof replied to the command, with the information acquired so far. “Data analysis from the CPU fragments as well as Fluttershy conditions are a clear indicator of the Vampirism Curse, a very powerful magical curse, created by using vampire fruit bats blood, dark magic and arcane magic, this combination of factors make the victim extremely violent, and makes them feel constantly hungry, also, it grants dark magic properties to the subject, depending of the type of pony it is, the only downside, since it is a actual curse taking liquid form, it will constantly treat to consume the user mind and will, the victim will need to feed upon the blood of the most nearby pony available, instead of apple juice, as the proteins within a pony blood, are sufficient to keep the liquid curse controlled, however, the dark magic can also be controlled by the victim, by either pure light magic amulets, or by using the dark magic in form of attacks, on a side note, the curse is able to be transmitted to another pony via a bite or blood transfusion”  

“Hold on… Mistshine was bitten by Fluttershy, so that means…” Softheart said concerned

Redhoof nodded at the breezie succubus bot concern “he have the vampirism curse as well, and if he steps into any kind of dark magic area or if he is really angry, the infection could spread more quickly”

Oh sweet Celestia!, now besides the time limit, he have a curse, corrupting his body as well, and any contact with dark magic areas will accelerate the effects, he have the priest clothes though, and if what Redhoof said was true, any light or holy equipment, as well as attacking with it, will keep the dark magic at bay, until he saves Fluttershy, however, Redhoof CPU proved to be the source of information he needed to clear his path, as he now knows what happened on the empire, why Celestia destroyed the empire and why the monsters fear her, why the barrier was up, why the whip was there in the first place, and most importantly, what happened to Fluttershy and how to save her, he will put the empire upside down if he have to, but he will find Poisonhoof Laboratory before the Lunar Eclipse happens, he knew beforehoof, that Luna and Celestia usually holds a ceremony for these events, so that will give him a extra time besides the 24 hour limit, now… the fact that he can now use dark magic, as a side effect of the vampirism curse will be useful, he took out his wrench, and focused the curse power into it…successfully surrounding his wrench in dark magic, however, he cannot keep the dark magic on the wrench forever, as he felt dizzy already for only wielding it, so he will have to fill the wrench each time he will use it for attacking, with the path and mission clear, Mistshine gave a kind kiss to Redhoof on her forehead, the robot smiled, as a red aura surrounded her, and she emitted short circuits, Mistshine worried took out his wrench to fix her, but his surprise was huge… to hear his friend voice, and personality from the robot body.

“The fusion… the fusion is finally complete… thank you, Mistshine, now we are finally one, we only need now the Full Life Replica Body so we can live again as we used to be “ Redhoof said

Mistshine laughed “ you scared me, I will do it my friend, but you can stop using the royal we, we are not 1000 years in the past”

“Sorry” Redhoof said apologizing, as she sit on the table, and pat her plot a little, she then raised her right leg, touching her buttocks with her left hoof, revealing her lady parts  “when you save Fluttershy, come to see me, I might have some tips on how to, pleasure her”

Mistshine blushed hard at this, turning his face away “yeah is you alright, glad to see you back in full Redhoof”

“hehehe, as shy as your brother, don’t worry, im just teasing” Redhoof said as she lowered her leg, covering her privates and getting back on the chair

Angel crossed his arms, strangely blushed as well “Well, these reunion is fun and all… but we have to go, Mistshine, you found a key when you fought the walking salad, where does it leads to?”

“It leads to the Armory” Mistshine said

Softheart remembered something “Wait… didn’t Rustyhooves said that there is a coat that he could use to enter the Ice Cave?”

She is right, he did!, also, he could use the armory to restock and get the coat to explore the Ice Cave, he will have to check every area of the castle to find the laboratory, and once he find it, he will climb until the throne room and free Fluttershy, Angel saw the determination on his new owner eyes and jumped to his back, in complete confidence, Softheart as well got ready for the challenge ahead, Redhoof made a question, to the now ready stallion

“That look in your eyes…is the same look you had all those years ago when you, me and your brother were just innocent little ponies, I know nothing will stop you once you set your mind on something, you are as stubborn as your brother, you know that this will be extremely difficult to pull off right?” She said as she sat searched for something

Mistshine smiled, holding the whip in his hoof “Well, you are talking to Mistshine Brave, there is no machine, curse or anything that is impossible to me, if my ancestor Sir Brave could beat that mare, I should be able to do it too!”

“In that case darling… I have a few scrolls I can sell ya, trust me, they will be helpful” Redhoof said, as she opened up her store again

The stallion purchased another superpotion, and took particular interest in almost all scrolls, specially the ones labeled “Sentry Upgrades”, however, he had only 11200 bits, he purchased a Fire Blast spell and a Ice Blast spell for 2000 bits each, then the Bubble Shield spell upgrade for the same price, and finally a Air Bubble spell, as he was thinking, that he might have to swim, and since he is not a good swimmer, me will need the unlimited air supply, after spending 7000 bits, Redhoof decided to sell something extra, for 1000 bits each item

“I have these for you, according to the robot memory, this is a magical hourglass that can stop time for 5 seconds, enough to make your escape if you are surrounded, and I also have these steel daggers, they already were purified in holy water” Redhoof said as she displayed the items

Both of them could be very helpful, so he purchased both, after finally has done shopping, he waved goodbye to his friend and returned to the library. Once outside, he searched for the teleport circle of the library, he manage to find it almost instantly, as it was next to a bookshelf, on the left side of the store, he used his tech horn and activated the circle, returning to the Castle Town Market.

On the market however, all the skeletons and some axe armors from before were in his way, he decided to put the skill he learned with the turrets to use, and using the data acquired from the library, he build a automatic turret sentry, that shot continually at the skeletons before blowing up, he used the steel wings to fly for a moment and attack the skeletons from the air with the new acquired daggers, since they were made of steel and holy water, they easily pierced the skeletons skulls, Angel bunny alerted his companion about the harpies coming from behind, he build another sentry, using his tech horn and his magic to the limit, and this sentry was able to track the harpies in the air, he flew and attacked them with the vampire killer, eliminating the creatures in a burst of flames, he felt bad for how the monsters died at his hooves, but there was nothing he could do for them in special, they are just empty shells of the ponies they were in life, after finishing the creatures off, Mistshine returned to the west tower, using the west tower elevator, he quickly reached the second floor armory door, as he used the key he got from Alure, the door opened, welcoming him to the castle Armory.

Compared to Canterlot Armory, this one was twice as large as the ones back home, he searched between all the dusted armors, for the winter coat that Rustyhooves mentioned it could protect him from the cold, there were some Axe and Disk Armors, this time Mitshine was more prepared, he threw a bone upwards, the axe armor launched its weapon to destroy it, but he received a dagger to the chest, the disk armor threw his disc, Mistshine dodged and send Angel towards the creature, Angel proceeded to cut the disk from the armor and cut the wires that made him function, Mistshine attacked with his holy whip, breaking the armor, he reached at the end of the room, the winter coat was on a display box, behind a golden armor, the stallion approached, just to receive a warning from her breezie companion

“Watch out!” She said as she moved to the armor

Mistshine dodged to a side and the armor began to move, it was a huge armor, for a royal size pony, but the strange thing is, that it had the same design as the actual Canterlot guards armor, he attacked with his holy whip and daggers, but the creature made a light shield that blocked all the attacks, he attacked with his wrench, infusing it with dark magic, the shield held the first blows, but eventually, felt to the attack, hurting the creature, Mistshine quickly switched back to his whip and attacked, hurting the creature, as its raised its sword, Mistshine threw a alcohol bottle at him, burning the cables inside, but it was still moving, he attacked again with his whip, the creature generated another shield, annoyed, Mistshine used more dark magic on his wrench and not only destroyed the shield, but the armor helmet with it, destroying the motherchip inside the armor, once it finally stopped moving, Mistshine was able to take in the coat, it had even some warm pants to cover his whole body. But he noticed something odd… there where several daggers and axes he currently use, so he reloaded his throwing weapons, but as he picked one of the axes, he found it it was a fake one, and opened a secret passage to a room, that seems abandoned, as the stallion explored it, he found out that there was a piece of scroll, but the scroll itself was very ancient, he read what he could.

“Lets see…”he said” To the holder of this scroll, this technique is the most powerful attack of holy magic that our empire is capable of creating, not as powerful as the princess of the world, but still packs a deadly punch to any dark magic creatures… the name… is Grand Cross” Mistshine stopped

Angel, since his companion forgot to deactivate the animal translator, said” Hey… didn’t the too much leather pony said that technique name along with Mistshine ancestor? “

“She did…Redhoof said only she knew the technique… if this is indeed the Grand Cross Spell, then I can use it” Mistshine said, as he finished reading

Softheart stopped the stallion by stepping into the piece of the scroll “ Sorry master but… the scroll is incomplete”

The breezie unfold the scroll, just to reveal most of the steps to make the spell where missing, the document was split into 3 pieces, and once completed, could allow Mistshine to learn the powerful Grand Cross, sadly the warning was on the document.

“Warning… although this spell can be used by unicorns, earth ponies and pegasi, the spell could be fatal if performed twice by a non-unicorn, it is recommended to only do it once every 12 hours, and the amount of energy that it consumes is very high, use with precaution” The warning read on the scroll

Mistshine got concerned “Excellent, even with my Tech Horn, this spell could kill me if I perform it too much… perhaps is better if I leave it here”

“Will you let Fluttershy alone with that thing inside her?, who knows what kind of pony Poisonhoof is!, dear Celestia, she even went hoof to hoof against our princess and required the effort of 3 ponies to kill her! The Grand Cross spell will be your last resort if everything else fails “ Angel said, trying to encourage his master to pick the scroll and find the remaining pieces.

Again, he regretted having the animal translator turned off, but Angel had a valid point, he took the scroll and stored it on his saddlebags, now, with the winter coat he decided to return to the Ice Cave, during his travel however, he noticed something, on the window of the tower, was a Fluttershy feather, when he scanned it, he found a recorded message of Fluttershy, it said “The garden was so beautiful…but the enchanted forest was breathtaking…I wish I could bring somepony with me there “, he remembered when he first saw Fluttershy, she exited from the castle market forest area, so he might find some clues to reach the throne room there, he now have 2 options, explore the enchanted forest, or explore the ice cave.

Mistshine decided to go to the enchanted forest, perhaps he can find something of usage there, he quickly returned to the Castle Town Market central area, and went to the double opened doors that where overflowing with vegetation, he could feel several scents, but he also found several feathers from Fluttershy in the area, he encountered a cliff, one he couldn’t cross, but the forest seems to have a little wooden hut, strange to find that in the middle of the forest, however… from the window, Mistshine could see Alure sleeping, next to her, was another bed, cold as ice, that must belong to the Frozen Shade, he heard laughs and monsters yells coming towards his position, Mistshine used his shrinking device on his clock, and became as small as a little worm, this time, he ride Angel to safety, near a tall grass area, he could see some monsters going to Alure hut, and started to hit the door, the plant pony answered, just to be received by a icy water bucket from one of the other monsters, their worlds where illegible, due to their vocal cords being actually animal based, however, Mistshine had his animal translator only activated for Angel, if he could scan the monsters without being detected, he could understand the monsters this time, he saw a nearby apple on the floor, so he made a whole in it and got inside, he instructed Angel and Softheart to hide in a tree, as he, with his apple disguise, got closer to the little wooden hut and used his scan to scan the creatures, as he suspected, he could hear them talk now, as if they where normal ponies.

“hahaha!, you deserved it!, that’s what you get for not killing the intruder!” Said a harpy monster

A Medusa head only floated, as she said something else “What were you expecting?, that he will like you or give you a kiss?, you are a monster!, you are designed to kill!

“why are we having a conversation with her if she is mute?” a Zombie pony talked as well

Harpy talked again “ hey I got a idea, let´s use her vine and do a bondage montage on the Clock tower “

“Like if I will allow that!” Said a icy pony coming from behind the monsters

Zombie got scared, as he picked up his arm “Is Frozen Shade!, Scram!”

Frozen Shade attacked the 3 monsters, freezing them, then she picked up a piece of log and shattered them to pieces, Alure, still wet, started crying and hugged her friend dearly, Mistshine could feel his heart breaking in two… he knew these 2 are the only monsters with some free will left, some degree of knowledge of the events, however, he felt a little fear, when the Frozen Shade picked up the apple and placed it inside her bowl, bringing him and the soaking wet Alure inside the little hut, Mistshine could not take the apple disguise off, as the insane strength of Frozen Shade, made it more tight to his body, he could hear Frozen Shade speaking, trying to comfort the poor plant pony.

“You really should have attacked them Alure, here in the forest you are almost as powerful as our master” She said, giving her friend a towel

Alure didn’t reply, but started to dry herself.

“Listen Alure… I know you like him, im not stupid, but he is an outsider, and from what you had learned after spying on him during the whole night, you know as well as I do his heart belong to our master”. She said as she put the bowl on the table

Alure nodded, trying to hold back her tears

“Im sorry Alure… but if we don’t kill him soon, Flutterbat will have our plots served with blood jam for tomorrow night, im going to the Ice Cave to defend a item that our master do not want to fall within the colt hands, if you want you can come with me, both of us can kill him” Frozen Shade said, trying to persuade her friend to continue her duty

Alure nodded in a negative way about killing him, she used her vine to pick up a apple, the same one Mistshine was inside hiding, and with her other vine, she wrote down something on the floor “Im tired Coldshard… im tired of being here alone, you are my best friend, and im thankful for that, but I cannot hurt him… you know what he did?, after he beat me the first time?, he took my body, put it on a desk, and let me rest, recover my wounds, he didn’t kill me, he even know im mute thanks to the experiment, he is the only alive pony that had saw me still as a pony, and not a monster”

“…oh yeah… that… if there was something I could to prevent you for losing your voice. I could have frozen that bitch if I knew how to control my powers as I know today” Frozen Shade said in anger, as she froze a pineapple and shattered it to bits

Alure just smiled, as she wrote on the dirt again “it was my fault after all… after I became this… I threaten to alert the princess, but she silenced me, how could I have fallen to such obvious trap, she said she was going to do my maid job more easier, at least you where a musician, I was just a simple maid “

“So….Alure Une was a maid before becoming a plant monster… and Frozen Shade was a musician of the Steel Empire 1000 years ago?... how did they survive such a long time?, Celestia barrier was supposed to have killed them, due to their dark magic bodies” Mistshine thought to himself, as he felt on her hooves something warm, when he looked down, he saw Alure tongue licking the apple “Oh shit…” he said

Frozen Shade smiled, as she opened up her closet and pulled up a harp, more bigger than a lyra, and she started playing ”Ahhh… this song, it still brings back memories, I remember that when we become monsters, everypony was afraid to come to the ball room to listen to me play, but you stayed there, along with Rustyhooves, that is what made me be at your side to be your voice my dear friend”

“Hold up!, They knew Rustyhooves?!” Mistshine mind quickly catch this detail

Alure smiled as she took a bite of the apple, without know Mistshine was there, she left his hooves discovered “Yeah… that knuckle head has always being kind to us… but that is what I mean, I want real kindness from another living pony, I wish the 3 of us could exit this empire and go to Equestria… but knowing Celestia, she will probably blast our plots to the moon”

“Well…changing topic, what else did he do during his travel?, after you failed to kill him and I have to drag your wounded body here?” Frozen Shade asked

Alure blushed and wrote “I-i… I gave him a antidote for my poison and the key to the armory, I wanted him to continue, to free his love”

“When our masters find out you will be getting killed, I will not be able to protect you like I did during the barrier set up” Frozen shade said as she put her harp into her dress saddle

Alure witting turned nervous “Don’t remind me!, that ice coffin was cold already as it was!, imagine if we haven’t got frozen over those 1000 years!, when that stupid Harpy destroyed my crio chamber, you shared yours with me

“anything for a friend… “Frozen Shade said smiling

Alure said something else as she took another bite of the apple, leaving Mistshine with half of his body exposed “Also, he just recently set way to the Ice Cave…I lost his track when he got near this forest”

“Wait, he is going where?!?!, crap I must go! before he finds the Spirit Container and the Vampire Cape!, rest Alure, we will continue this later if I do not get killed by him” Frozen Shade freaked up

Alure didn’t reply, as she feared the last words her friend said…Mistshine on the other hoof, besides being covered on Alure sweet saliva from his waist until his back hooves, he felt incredible bad for hurting Alure, she liked him, as a friend that is, maybe he could make friendship with this monster?, but if he do that, he will be separating the only friend she had during 1000 years, same thing will happen when he fight her on the Ice Cave, he meditated about what he was doing… was he doing this travel to find Fluttershy, only because he likes her?, or because he values her friendship?, his mind answered that with a quick “Yes!”, to Mistshine, Fluttershy represents his world, his dream, he want to be her friend, and if the destiny allows it, more than just friends, and he knew she felt the same, otherwise she would have not gave him one of her feathers, when he received the kiss from his crush, he felt like the most happy earth pony on the face of Equestria, that’s why he understood perfectly the relationship between the Frozen Shade and Alure Une, and he will not let that friendship rot or die.

Alure took one last bite to the apple, and by just mere luck, Mistshine was able to prevent being eaten by the plant pony, as she slept, Mitshine jumped to the bed and into the floor, he was covered in apple juice, and thanks Celestia that Fluttershy now do not have a appetite for apples, otherwise this will be his last night, he grew himself back to normal size, seems that Alure Une is a heavy sleeper, as she was still KO, with a little embarrassment, he used the little shower on the hut to clean himself, thinking several questions in mind, specially, how will he befriend Alure, if even she cannot exit the empire?, he could shrink her with the Gizmo clock, and carry her with him, but what about Frozen Shade?, she is, from what he could tell, half pony, half ice ghost, she is able to take solid form but her primary form attacking is precisely a ghost, and both of them are composed of dark magic, to make matters worse, her skin is able to freeze if provoked, after finish up his quick shower, Mistshine noticed Alure didn’t even hear, as she was fast asleep, he searched the house of the 2 mares, and found a fragment of the Grand Cross Spell under Frozen Shade bed. Having a important item, he put his hoof on the hut doorknob, but took one last look at Alure, he thought for himself; “What will Twilight do?...what will Fluttershy do?”. He sat down and used a nearby desk, to write something down, after writing it, he returned to the enchanted forest, with a concerned Angel and Softheart receiving him.

“Holy Luna, do not leave us alone again!, I thought you will become apple sauce by now!” Angel said crying

Softheart cried as well “What happened there?, did you find something?”

“I believe I do… I guess I found something valuable, let’s go my dear friends; we got a cave to explore” Mistshine said, hugging the bunny, hiding his tears

He quickly returned to the Castle Market, and found the tend that corresponds to a store labeled “Frozen Delicacy“, inside was a teleport circle he activated, the glow on the circle was red, meaning something blocked the other end, he dressed up with his winter coat, and instructed Angel and Softheart to enter inside, both companions did as told, and although Mistshine had his saddlebags over the coat, it will not prove protection to cold for the bunny and breezie succubus there. Once he was in front of the cave, he ran inside, the icy wind received them as hard as it could, but Rustyhooves ended up saying the truth, as the coat manage to withstand the low temperature and allowing them to explore the cave.

Inside the Cave was very extent and he saw several ice type creatures, such as a Ice Bat, some Armors that have ice-based attacks, but more importantly, is that in the water he was able to see Merman ponies, a combination of a fish and a pony, what kind of sick experiments did Poisonhoof conducted on these ponies?, seems the monsters didn’t notice him, perhaps due to the cold of the place, they believed nopony in their right mind will enter there, but as he started to jump from ice floor to other, the merman ponies where the first to attack, they spit water from their mouths but to such a pressure, that they are able to pierce armor, and the winter coat was no exception, Mistshine started to attack them, they are not strong, as a single hit of the vampire whip manage to burn them in a pile of flames, leaving their skeleton behind, the next to attack where the ice bats, Mistshine took out his whip and started spinning it in circle, to use it as a barrier, that prevented the bats from touching him, as he reached towards a frozen lake, sturdy as a stone, he advanced, using his steel wings to glide and lower the descent, deeper into the cave. Once he reached to what it seems a lake, he saw that the only way to go there, will be swimming, he used the Air bubble spell, his tech horn replicated the spell perfectly, as a bubble full of air surrounding Angel, Softheart and Mistshine, as they started to swim on the freezing waters of the cave.

Although the view was beautiful and breathtaking, some monsters on the bottom of the lake noticed them, seems it was the skull of a dragon, able to shoot fireballs towards them, and a fish with the head of a pony swimming towards him, inside the water, Mistshine was as slow as a turtle, even the holy whip was slow, he manage to kick the fish pony, and but couldn’t dodge the incoming fireball, as he felt hot from the attack, Mistshine decided he needed mobility, so he used his gravity spell, and surrounded himself with magic, this allowed him to move normally while in water, but also, made him felt prey of the gravity itself, reaching to the bottom of the lake in seconds, after landing, he destroyed the skull shooting at him, as he dodged another fish and killed it, he felt he was being hold from his waist, but when he turned around, he didn’t see nopony, he continued to walk and climb the rocks, but he felt now a lasso on his hoof, when he looked down, he saw a liquid mare, made of pure water, her organs where not even visible, she could even grew to giant size to squash Mistshine with her hoof, Mistshine dodged the incoming attack, but using his whip to attach to a nearby stalactite, releasing himself from the Aqua Pony grasp, she started to emit electricity, that, for the stallion bad luck, electrified the whole lake, managing to hurt him badly, the aquatic pony charged another attack, but Mistshine decided to return her the same medicine, he unleashed his Artificial Electrical spell, which not only hurt the creature, it paralyzed it, allowing Mistshine to deactivate his gravity spell and return to the surface, the Aqua pony followed, but she was still in the lake, Mistshine charged another electrical attack and electrocuted the mare until she vanished, evaporating herself, leaving behind a rubber band that Mistshine stored in his saddlebag.

After a while searching the cave, he found a little chest, in a big round area, he was willing to think, that inside there, he could found the items Frozen Shade mentioned, the Vampire Cape, and the Sprit Container, but he didn’t knew what they do, but as he approached the chest, a wall of Ice separated the heroes from the treasure, making them fall back. As he expected, the Frozen Shade revealed herself to defend the chest.

“This is as far as you go!”

Mistshine saw the icy pony floating, her face was missing, only her mouth could be seen “You already know I will not stop until Fluttershy is free, lets make this easier, step way, and nopony gets hurt “

“Funny… I was going to say the same thing” Frozen Shade said, as attacked

Frozen Shade didn’t held any punches, as she started to threw ice spears and stalactites towards the stallion, Mistshine dodged successfully, his turn came and attacked with his whip, this made Frozen Shade to went into defensive mode and took advantage of being ghost to dodge the holy whip, equipping both, the wings and horn, to fly and attack, he unleashed a fire spell, one that Frozen shade manage to block with a Ice wall, that wall quickly melt on impact, the creature send a attack of Ice blast towards the colt, this froze his wings, making him land and taking off his wings, seems the creature was intelligent enough to prevent him from casting spells and fly, as she targeted next the horn.

“fight me like a earth pony coward!” she said as she attack

Mistshine anger was reflected on your face “hey!, I have to use my machines to perform spells!, I cannot control ice naturally like you!“

The comment seems to anger the icy pony, as she literally, put her hooves on the ceiling and started to drop all stalactites stuck there, towards the colt, he broke the most he could with his wrench, but 3 spears where going towards his position, he didn’t had time to reach and manage to pierce his winter coat and injure him, but this didn’t hurt his friends inside the coat, Mistshine broke the pieces of the spear, but as he was distracted, the creature used her ghost properties and went straight through him, making his body temperature drop incredible fast, Mistshine hold his belly, trying to recover his body temperature, Frozen Shade send herself to continue attack him… until something intervened

Several vines formed a wall that protected the colt, Angel and Softheart knew to who belonged those vines, as a flower was forming around the stallion, covering him, Frozen Shade saw in confusion how the flower protected him, Mistshine felt a kind hoof on his belly… going up towards his neck, when he saw down, he saw a familiar plant pony, smiling happily at him, holding his cheek, inside the flower was really warm, enough to fix the effects of Frozen Shade, as she opened the flower, she stepped outside her flower, and took out her rose whip, Mistshine also got himself out, feeling better

“Alure?!?! What is the meaning of this?!” Frozen Shade said in anger, as she felt betrayed

Alure didn’t reply, instead she gave a piece of paper to her friend “…”

“Alure Une… there is no reason to fight… I will become your friend if you so desire, but I need your help, im going to fight your friend, and I do not want to kill her, please, help me convince her that you and her travel with me “ the paper said

Frozen Shade got angrier “You honestly believe he will do that?!, wake up!!, he is the enemy!!”

“…” Alure formed words with her vines “you said it yourself…unlike me…you cannot chose, I can chose… I will travel with him… you are in… or out my friend?”

Frozen Shade launched a ice spear at Alure, managing to not only froze her vines, but also her flower, she cannot escape now “WE ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS!!, THIS CAVE WILL BE YOUR GRAVE!! “

Being plant, Alure is in a serious disadvantage, however, she can compensate it with her pollen, Mistshine on the other hoof, made a combination attack with his new teammate and they started to spin, both of them raising their whips, catching Frozen Shade inside the whirlwind, since they where spinning them very fast, the whips started to emit a powerful tornado of holy energy, which ended up hurting the icy pony, sending her towards the wall she created to protect the treasure, on the ground, she changed to a powerful blizzard, that instantly froze Alure in place, Mistshine started to melt the ice with his fire based spell, set up on low potency, to do not burn her, as Alure got her head unstuck, she alerted Mistshine via her facial expression that Frozen threw another icy spear, Mistshine dodged and attacked with his whip, this time it did worked.

However, Frozen rage proved to be lethal, as her blizzard started to not only freeze Alure again, but also froze the lake, this made Alure cry, as she cannot tolerate insane low temperatures, and her pollen was nullified, Mistshine as well started to get frozen, the icy pony manage to attack with several stalactites, but these ones where aimed at Mistshine instead of the plant pony, Mistshine backhooves where frozen, so he couldn’t dodge, he felt though, something warm… when he opened his eyes… he saw Alure Une in front of him, she used her flower to “teleport” herself to Mistshine position, she received the blow in full… falling to the floor, severely wounded…the green blood was covering the ice on the cave…

“ALUREEEE NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” the stallion yelled

A Monster that only wanted friendship and maybe a life, ended up sacrificing for him, she was dying, the ice was her weakness, and in such a cold place as that one, she could die instantly, this made Frozen woke up from her blinded rage, and saw how Mistshine took out his coat and put it on Alure, he even went as far as taking out one of his potions to gave it to Softheart

“M-master!, you will die without your coat!”

Mistshine was enraged “I don’t care!, Alure is my friend!, heal hear now!” he yelled as he saw Frozen Shade with wrath and hate in his eyes “Enough Friendship!, HAVE AT YOU!!“

Mistshine changed to his wrench and filled it with dark magic, he even ran towards Frozen Shade, for the first time, this monster was afraid, as she saw how he destroyed the icy floor with one blow, the frozen shade got herself up and started to float again, this time she launched her most powerful ice blast at the colt, but his dark magic went overboard, so much his fang grew, Softheart took notice of this, and yelled to her master to calm down, but Mistshine just wanted to blow the ice pony out of the sky, each attack he manage to connect to her, was like flames, burning her coat and clothes, Mistshine kept attacking until something unexpected happened, the dark magic started to cloud Mistshine eyes, his mind entered into a freak out mode, as he couldn’t tell friend from foe, he needed to burn energy now!, otherwise the next stop was his mind!, Frozen Shade took advantage of this and launched several freezing balls of snow towards the colt, that not only damaged him, but froze a part of his body, the burning of the dark magic, melted it quick, but not fast enough to have his back hooves already frozen again, he decided to do a combination, he took out the alcohol bottles, and combined them with his fire spell, then charged the bottle with dark magic, and he threw it on the air


The bottle exploded, and like if was rain, drops, and drops of pure fire felt on the Frozen shade, not only hurting her, but they started to melt her, making her not only, lose the battle, but half of her body when she hit the floor, was already liquefied , she felt a incredible amount of pain, as the water that was part of her body, was escaping and forming now part of the lake, she cried as she saw the pissed off earth pony, get closer to her, raising his dark wrench, however, his vision was no longer clouded, as his eyes where normal.

“Any last words?” Mistshine said

Frozen Shade covered her face, ashamed “Just do it!, just kill me like you did to all the monsters in this castle!, how you surely will do to Alure!, just kill me, you already took everything dear to me!, I caused her a terrible pain, why don’t you take my life to?!?”
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 7 -
Mistshine is infected, and the infection is spreading like wildfire!, will he be able to resist?, or will he sucumb?, find out on the next chapter

Achivement Unlocked: Akward Reunion ( Help Redhoof complete her fusion )
Achivement Unlocked: If you build it... ( Destroy a armor using a dark magic attack, charged to LV2 )
Achivement Unlocked: Equestria Two-Step ( Finish off a creature with your whip, after the sentry manage to land some damage on it )
Achivement Progress: Legacy of Blood ( Complete all 4 parts of the Grand Cross Spell 2/4 )
Achivement Unlocked: The Secrets we keep ( Hear Alure backstory )
Achivement Unlocked: Stay Cool ( Beat Frozen Shade )

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(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
“The new master of the Steel Empire, is Fluttershy! “

Those words echoed on the stallion mind, the mare he loved, the yellow pegasus, Element of Kindness, is the one controlling the empire, and sending all those monsters after him to kill him and Angel?, he was in a total shock, he felt the burning sensation from Flutterbat bite, the bunny however, was crying to no end, along with the stallion, as he burst into tears.

“This cannot be happening!, this must be a dream!, somepony wake me up!, Princess Luna!, Wake me up!, Wake me up!! “ the stallion begged to the moon, the night had fallen on the empire

A quick punch from the minotaur robot and a sharp talon attack from the griffon made him see this was pretty much reality, the punch from the minotaur was so powerful it send Mistshine across a few feet’s, as the griffon took flight, Mistshine finally reacted, and called to Angel

“Angel!, wake up!, snap out of it!, attack Gilda!! “ The Stallion ordered

Angel looked at the griffon robot, angry “ That chicken made my owner life a mess that day…. Oooh I will enjoy this…”

Misthine picked up angel and threw him towards the Gilda robot, the bunny attacked the griffon eyes first, making it lose their flight pattern and crash into a nearby pile of barrels, while the stallion battled the Iron Will robot, even if the tears were still visible in his eyes, he didn’t stopped, Iron Will bot however, manage to dodge the holy whip and used his breath as a stone prison, Mistshine couldn’t move, as the minotaur was charging his punch to break Mistshine statue, Softheart intervened and used another of her abilities as breezie bot, she pulled out magic hammer, as the word suggest, she made the hammer appear by her “breezie” magical dust, and hit Mistshine on his head, destroying the stone shell that kept him immobile, just in time to dodge the deadly fist the robot launched, with “Gilda” blind, she launched her feathers all over the place, but the trio could dodge it, having enough of the Minotaur, he attacked furiously with his whip, the holy energy plus the speed of the attack was breaking the robot chest plate, however, Gilda robot launched herself and manage to catch Mistshine, the stallion having enough, used this wrench to beat the griffon, until it head exploded, making the body felt to the floor, he called upon his timberwolf robot to stop the fall, one down, one to go, the minotaur took the griffon wings for himself, allowing him to fly, and attacking Mistshine from the air, Mistshine, Angel and his timberwolf dodged, Softheart was distraction the minotaur by flying in circles around him, however

“RRAH!” The minotaur caught Softheart

The breezie bot screamed, as she was being squeezed by the brutal strength of her foe, as sparks were starting to burst from her articulations “ HELP MEE!!! “

“Damn it… Angel!!, catch her! “ Mistshine said as he used angel on the tip of his whip and swing it at the minotaur

Angel Bunny was send flying towards the robot open chest, and from the inside, he started to do massive damage to the cables and artificial organs, this allowed Softheart to escape, but she instantly felt on the floor, her wings got damaged, enraged, Mistshine jumped towards the minotaur, and allowed his timberwolf robot to bite him, as Mistshine used his whip for a final blow, explosions were happening from within the creature, as the bunny escaped just barely from the “corpse “, once it finally exploded, Mistshine has rid himself of the problem he was facing… the remains of the 2 robots revealed the 4TH Redhoof CPU Fragment, a bag with 4000 bits, a new weapon for Mistshine, a axe he can threw upwards, and finally, inside the griffon body, was a magical crystal, similar to the one he used for his Tech Horn, just that this one, contained pure raw pegasus flight skills, Mistshine quickly combined it with the remaining alloy he had and the cables he still had, and remake his Steel Wings, but before he could test them… he heard Softhear crying… repeating the same thing.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry Mistshine!, I knew this would happen, this is why I told you, that you wont like to find her!, I’m so sorry! “ she kept on crying

Mistshine and Angel looked at each other… they had the same sadden expression, Mistshine however, was the most affected, he fought with all his might, all his brains, until the very last drop of his soul to find his loved one, to find her, and what he found out, was worse than a lance piercing his heart, Angel could only remember all the times Fluttershy talked to her in kindness, not able to hold the tears anymore, as he found comfort on the crying breezie and the stallion hoof, as for Mistshine, he sat on the floor, next to the breezie and the bunny, all he could remember of her, were the time they spend together, even if it was for just 2 days or so, it was like if he spend all his lifetime with her, how she kindly smiled to him, how the touch of her feathers felt like clouds when she said goodbye to him, or how she laughed with him as they talked… he even remembered something Fluttershy said.

“I-is nice to be with you Mistshine…I mean… I just met you… but… I feel safe around you…as if I can depend on you for anything… I would love to help the animals in anyway I can, I know a little about nursing, so if you need me for your research about.. what you want to do…I will be there “

Another memory rang on the colt mind… one that made him cry…

“My goodness Mistshine! this is just... Just... I have no words!” Were Fluttershy words of excitement and happiness when she received her crimson butterfly brooch/hairpin

This made Mistshine curse his little strength, as he yelled so hard, that he believed that if anypony was alive in the kingdom, they could hear him “I do not deserve this whip!!, I failed the only pony that liked be for who I am!, for what I am!, I failed her when she needed me the most!, im the worst pony and friend she could have asked for!, Celestia!, Luna!, Cadance!, Twilight!, anypony!, please… tell me this is a dream!, please tell me this is a nightmare, that I felt myself asleep on my workbench and im imagining this!“

In anger, Mistshine threw his whip towards the wall, his eyes turned red from all the tears he had shared, Angel calmed himself enough to hug and comfort his new owner, as well as the timberwolf and the breezie succubus… they lost track of how long they spend there, once Mistshine calmed himself up, he started repairing Softheart, so she can move again, the timberwolf was keeping guard around them, in case some monster came to attack them, as Angel and Mistshine talked to her…

“So… you want to start explaining Softheart?, or would you allow us to cry more? “ Mistshine said, as he was remounting the wings on the breezie back

Softheart felt guilty as she spoke “ im sorry… this happened before you two came to the empire, my sister and I were already called to the throne room, because all the monsters and security systems got reactivated, when we reached her, we noticed she was crying, as trying to hold into something, when we inquired her about it, she said she touched the throne and she felt as new as a filly, but she was visibly holding into a brooch, then we receive the order from her to prevent the stallion from reaching the throne room, as it might interfere with her domination of Equestria schedule “

“Whoa whoa, dominating Equestria?!, is my master we are talking about here, she would never do that Softheart “ Angel interrupted, politely

Softheart smiled, “heh… first time you call me by my name Angel “

“…” Angel didn’t replied, as he turned his face away.

Mistshine thought for a moment “Angel got a point, she would never do that… that would be something Poisonhoof would do…” he felt silent suddenly, dropping his screwdriver, in shock

“…. You are quick on your brain master “ Softhear said with a sadden expression.

Angel was concerned “ what happened?, what did i miss Mistshine? “ the bunny replied, jumping in front of his master

“W-we need to return to the Library, and find Redhoof, stat! “ he said as he finished repairing Softheart  

If he was correct on what he was thinking, Fluttershy might be just a victim, not the culprit of this issue, but he was so concerned he forgot which way was the West Tower, so he went straight to the Central Tower entrance with whip in hoof, the door was locked and no matter how hard he hit it, the door didn’t budged, he turned around but he heard a soft click on the door, he felt something grabbing him from his tail, when he watched back, he found out it was a skeletal hoof, with a blue robe, and a massive scythe on his back, Mistshine let out a death yell, as he knew that looks only belong to a pony in particular, only known in mythology

“DEATH!!!” he jumped, falling the stairs

The creature however, seems to smile “ close… but no, my name is Deathscythe, right hoof of my master… what business do you have here? “

“I came to take my pegasus back to Equestria “ He demanded

Deathscythe seems surprised “ you know the master?, that is uncanny, we are just celebrating her coronation“

“That confirmed my suspicion… tell Poisonhoof, to get away from the body of my f- “ Mistshine was interrupted when he had everything figured out

Deathscythe looked at him, now angry “ or what kid?...if my eyes works… you are the one invading, and no, is not Poisonhoof I mean, is our master Flutterbat, and we have plans to revive her in case of death every 100 years “

“Then I will continue to come, kick all your plots and take my friend back!, and I will not stop until she is free “ Mistshine said, as he attacked with his whip towards the skeletal pony

Deathscythe annoyed, blocked with his scythe “ you shall regret those words… we will meet again… if you survive “

Deathscythe threw Mistshine away, and with his weapon, he cut Mistshine saddlebags belt, taking all his items, his 3 companions tried to attack, but he imprison them on 3 spheres and place them inside the saddlebags, leaving the stallion with only his bare hooves, as the Whip was attached to the creature scythe and his wrench was inside the saddle, the creature laughed, as he flew himself towards the east tower library, he must get all his items back!, otherwise he is dead, he watched the Central Tower, as he knew Fluttershy will wait him on the throne room if she is indeed the new empire master… the stallion however, noticed something on the floor where Deathscythe was, a Fluttershy feather, he picked it up, and placed it on his pocket, but, he quickly got towards his belly, as he felt on the floor, from Fluttershy bite, he felt a burning sensation, as if he was infected with dark magic, he could confirm this, as he saw his hooves, surrounded in black aura, now he have a extra worry, Fluttershy bite manage to infect him with dark magic corruption, it was not much, but the more he takes to find a exit from the empire, the more it will consume him, he quickly returned to the market.

Things proved to have escalated from “hard” to “you are going to die” as all the monsters he had faced before, are now back on the market, and without his holy whip, he cannot do much against creatures made of solid metal, and attacking them with dark magic hooves could strength them, he ran towards the library store, but he found that he needed his horn to reactivate the teleport circle, as some unicorn skeletons deactivated the circle, draining its magic, he fought them with his hooves, as these creatures were actually magic based, and since he used light magic to activate the circle, they were vulnerable, his experiment worked, as the skeletons died in one hit, leaving the place clean, but with a single scroll, called Swap Spell, it can switch the foe magic between Dark and Light, and viceversa, so he can actually used the magic that formed them as one hit KO move, but the spell was way to advanced, it will consume most of his energy, and in a life flesh pony, could be fatal, since he cannot use the teleport circles, he decided to try the fixed East Entrance that Rustyhooves was fixing before.

He returned to the fountain where he got his whip, and found out several corpseweed emitting poison, he started to dodge and ran inside the Laboratory, inside however, he noticed that the enemies had changed, the armored ponies are now twice as big, and instead of throwing axes, they throw disk blades, Mistshine needed a weapon ASAP!, he dodged the creature and picked up one of the disk, throwing it back to the creature, , he noticed that the disk had a rope that the disk armor used to pull him towards him, Mistshine felt for the trap, but he changed strategies and got ready for a good buck, he used all his earth pony strength and burst the armor “skull” opened, allowing him to take the armor hoof plate and use the disk as a shield for the incoming attacks, he didn’t lose much time getting back to the main corridor that takes him to the library, since the elevator was operational this time, meanwhile he was getting up to the library, he noticed that during nighttime, the creatures are more vicious to attack and had more fury than before, perhaps the empire dark magic is stronger during night?, that is a question he will ask Redhoof later, speaking of her, he will finally unlock all her memory with one more fragment, whatever happened to Fluttershy, must have something to do with the empire backstory, and if he can unlock the empire backstory, he could find a way to revert Fluttershy back to normal, he will find a way to cure “Flutterbat” and get his mare back, once the elevator stopped, he noticed the door to the library, covered in vines, Mistshine already knew which monster belonged those vines, as they opened up for him, granting him access to the ancient knowledge of the castle,

As he was cutting, inch by inch of vines, he noticed that the same creatures he found on the garden were present there, including the leaf pony and a new monster, seems it was a filly version of Alure, but it was actually a trap, it wasn’t a pony at all, it was a giant Venus fly trap, that tried to eat the stallion whole, he cut the creature from the base, killing it, after a little exploration, he found his items, in a little table on the reading hall where he fought Lusttail before, surely Softheart would made a comment if she was with him, he walked near the saddlebags, when a cage felt on the table, Mistshine dodged quickly, as he saw how the cage closed itself, leaving his items out of his reach, from the bookshelves, a pony he already fought appeared… walking towards him seductively, she had her wood saddlebags on, but she had something on her mane, the key for his items cage, a key that was enchanted by magic, the stallion, tried to convince Alure to give him the key

“I need that key, please give it to me” Mistshine said, his voice was filled with kindness and confidence

Alure didn’t reply and instead, she took out the key from her mane, and placed it inside her saddlebags, along with her rose whip, she put the items on a corner of the room, and a little flower appeared and “ate” the wooden saddlebags, seems she wanted a no-weapons fight, so Mistshine took the disk armor gauntlet, and gave it to Alure, kind of foolish to do that, but he was using his brain to test the monster, and seems his experiment worked, as Alure, a little shy at first, took the weapon and placed it next to her saddlebag flower. This pretty much confirms to the young stallion that this monster in specific has some degree of intelligence and honor; she put her vines on the gate, closing it, and the vines had some flowers on them, they both started their fight, with the plant pony attacking first, however, since they were on a reading hall, her vines were very limited, they didn’t had the same range as they had in the other library hall, but Mistshine noticed that Alure was just sending him over some plants she had previously planted on the floor, plants that trapped his hooves and restricted his movement, once trapped, he felt how the creature used a thorn from her roses and licked Mistshine blood, however, it seems that she didn’t liked the blood taste, as she started to spit what she drank, maybe due to Fluttershy bite?, Mistshine used this towards his favor and taking advantage of the bite side effect, he burned the plants with his hooves and attacked Alure again, his hooves started to punch her on her stomach, since his hooves were surrounded on what it seems, black flames, this hurt Alure in such a way, she started to roll to put herself out, Mistshine on the other hoof, continued his attack, using his back hooves for a potent buck, sending the creature against her flower with the saddle, opening it, she picked up her rose whip, and attacked, Mistshine dodged the attack and picked up the disk armor gauntlet, and blocked the hit, Mistshine launched his attack, and the razor-sharp blades did their intended work, as they easily pierced the pony coat and flesh, for the first time, Mistshine could see Alure´s blood, it was green, and had a scent of chlorophyll.

Alure seems to emit a yell, but her voice was not heard, but as she fought more, she started to become more aggressive, the stallion however, kept on blocking her attacks with the Disk Armor disk, the monster seems to have a idea, as she started to emit pollen from the roses on the side of the room, the pollen itself was making Mistshine feel poisoned, seems the creature had picked up a few tricks, the disk only could allow Mistshine 2 attacks, launching the disk, and using it as a sharp shield, however, Alure poison was very strong, he felt dizzy and he started to lose balance, the creature attacked, and with her whip, she manage to take the disk out of the gauntlet, breaking the little cord that kept it “glued” to the hoof armor, she covered the disk in rose petals, and made it spin, shooting all the petals towards Mistshine, each petal exploded on contact, so is like a miniature explosion, some of them hit Mistshine on his chest, the Iron Vest withheld some of the impact, but they still send him back a few feet back towards the gate, the flowers on the gate now emitted a stun pollen, that made Mistshine muscles respond late to his commands or do not respond at all, with poison and paralisis on his body, Mistshine was done for, as the plant pony came closer to him, holding the disk armor spinning disk to give him the final blow, but as she raised it…

“Gahhh” Mistshine said as he closed his eyes, awaiting his death

Nothing happened… he opened one of his eyes, and noticed Alure… trying her best not to cry and lower the disk to give him the end… but her hooves were shaking, she couldn’t do it, if he wasn’t paralyzed and poisoned, he might be surprised and would try to take the disk out of the creature hooves, but he could hear a voice, as if somepony was coming to interrupt the fight, the temperature started to drop

“ Come on Alure!, what are you waiting for!, kill him now! “ the voice said

Alure couldn’t either reply or attack “ … “

“ Oh… ponyfeathers… I forgot, but kill him now!, that is our master orders remember?! “  the icy pony said

Alure started to shed tears.., as if she was trying to say something.

“Oh Sweet Platinum, I will do it myself “ The ice creature said

Mistshine manage to said something “ who… who are you? “

“Who me?, im The Frozen Shade “ the voice said

The creature entered the area, freezing anything that Alure had made, including her pollen and vines, although she looks like a earth pony, she appears floating in the sky, and she is a ice base creature… she was a faceless cyan colored pony, however, her expression changed from serious to a worry look, as Alure hooves started to freeze, is not her intention to do it, she landed near her, the temperature of the room started to return to normal levels, as soon as she landed, her cyan coat was noticeable, but also, her remaining features, her mane was actually a deep sapphire with some touches of light blue, her tail was in a ponytail style, she had a collar on her neck, her eyes were purple, she had a yellow bow on her head and a vest on her chest of the same color, the chest looks like normal clothes, but it was fire resistant, Mistshine eyes recognized the fabric from the pictures he saw on the Magical Laboratory.

The Frozen Shade got closer to Mistshine, and materialized a ice spear on her hoof, ready to finish the stallion of, but a vine from Alure held the hoof of the ice pony, stopping her, her expression said that she wanted to kill the stallion herself, the ice pony seems to be concerned about her friend, as she got closer to her, and started to heal her, taking a potion from her mane, Mistshine, although he couldn’t move, he could see very well, how Alure body reacted to the potion components and healed her previous wound, is the first time he see a monster being able to use the potion, once healed, Frozen Shade said something to a concerned Alure

“Contrary to you, I do not have a choice; kill him before I get ordered, again, to do it”

The creature left as quickly as she came, however, her impact on the plant pony was successful, as Alure threw the disk towards Mistshine, the stallion ordered his brain to move his legs, to dodge, his legs were shaking, due to the stun pollen, but his muscles replied on time, successfully dodging the incoming attack, he picked up the disk, but his mind started to draw his attention towards the monster, as several questions ran in his brain, like in a racetrack, why did she doubt in the last moment?, he would be practically dead right now, and what is with the Frozen Shade and her “ I do not have a choice “ talk, does this have something to do to whatever happened to Fluttershy?, what kind of sick and twisted empire this has turned into?, he was having a moral debate, did he really must kill this marvelous pony?, or let it live?, must he try to be her friend?, or forget friendship this time and kill her?. His answer came as the plant pony attacked him, he defended, using the sharp edges of the shield to cut her belly, she yelled, this time, she even caught blood from within her throat, her previous already destroyed vocal cords got damaged from the scream she made, and that was the only noise she could make, screams of pain, her roses started to emit pollen as maniacs, but this pollen was blue… this made Mistshine felt very sleepy, he lost consciousness, as he felt to the floor, he could hear a large bang, as if the body of somepony felt down to the floor, everything faded to black.

Once the effects of the pollen wore off, he started to regain control of his limbs and senses… he was still poisoned, but he was able to move, however, he didn’t find Alure anywhere, also, the disk armor was busted, so he could not use it anymore, but he did find out something, on a bench, near the care were the items are locked, he found a key to the armory, a bag with $5000 bits in it, and, the last fragment of Redhoof CPU component, the key to his items however, was already inside the keyhole, Mistshine only had to turn around the key to open the cage, once he opened the cage… he felt something in his back, he turned around to find a flower, that flourished just in front of him, inside was a antidote, he took it and drank it, he felt the poison no longer affecting him, was this Alure way to say she is sorry?, either way, he recovered his saddlebags with all his items, he put Fluttershy feather out of his pocked, and when he re scanned it, Fluttershy cutie mark was visible on the castle map he previously acquired, revealing the shy pegasus is indeed on the throne room, he picked up the 3 orbs from where his companions were imprisoned, breaking them and freeing them

“Aaaahhh!! I hate that idiot! “ Softheart said, flying

Angel crossed his arms “ So you do know each other? “

“ You might call him the Empire Lieutenant, also known as Head Engineer, right hoof of the master of this castle, and a little narcissist “ Softheart replied

Angel annoyed said “ we could use that info before Mistshine fought him, why don’t you tell us something useful, like how Fluttershy became a vampire pony!? “  

“That I do not know, ask your friend Redhoof” Softheart

Angel made a comment “Great, we are asking another sex driven pony“

Mistshine was glad to have his 3 companions back, as he hugged them all, he made a angry face to Angel, for talking that way about his friend, but Softheart had a point, whatever happened to Fluttershy, must be linked to the empire history and demise, they quickly returned to the library store.

Inside the store, the first thing that Mistshine found, was that he bumped into Redhoof soft plot, because she was rearranging the items, she blushed as she picked up the falling items, and hitting her stomach on the table, she made a little comment, Mistshine could notice that he as practically seeing her fillyhood friend, as her voice no longer sounded robotic, and her actions were more natural, however, her body is still pure metal, instead of being synthetic.

“If you wanted to pleasured me, you could have just asked darling master” Redhoof bot said

Mistshine forgot that little detail, blushing “ I got all your CPU fragments, they will be enough to restore your memories and make you 2 one, right? “

“Yes, they are master, ooh I can wait for the fusion to be complete, I want to be back to be in Manehatten” the robot replied, lying on her chair

The Stallion removed the chest plate from the robot as he inserted the pieces “ok, here it goes… I need to know what happened… run everything you find on this CPU “

“Understood” she replied

Mistshine placed the pieces inside the chest circuit board, and used his restore spell to repair the cracks on the CPU, repairing it and allowing Redhoof to full access of the CPU Databanks, this is it, he was going to hear the demise of the Steel Empire, straight from a pony he knew couldn’t lie to him.

“The visit of Princess Celestia to the empire brought a ray of hope towards our citizens, as more of them keep disappearing after Poisonhoof started her Ascension Program. But the fact she brought a full escort made us feel nervous, during the talk between the 2 princesses, we learned the reason why Luna couldn’t assist the visit, she was already preparing and fighting Sombra forces that were in the Crystal Empire, she became concerned, because she found several soldiers of the dark unicorn, where using Steel Empire armor, our Princess Platina got scared as well, as she told Celestia that she did visit the empire before Sombra invasion, to give the crystal ponies armor and equipment to defend themselves, these seems to please the sun princess, however, she gave us a word of advise that we took in too late… she said that if we had any black crystal from the empire, destroy it at once!, as they found several Canterlot ponies that became mad and irrational near them, Platina offered Celestia some Light Enhanced Armor that could help the troops protect themselves from the Dark Crystal influence, Celestia gladly took the offer and stayed on our castle, as Platina made immediate order to our Magical Laboratory to generate a armor so powerful, it could not be polluted by dark magic. Celestia decided to stay in a hotel on our residential area in the Castle Town Market.

One fateful night… we heard screams coming from the Throne room, all our guards ran in, just to find Platina being strangled by Poisonhoof and her right hoof, Goldengear, dead by a dark crystal spear on his chest, Celestia herself intervened, but it was late, Poisonhoof killed our Princess, the ring in our princess horn prevented her to cast any spell, she started to laugh maniacally, as she was challenged by the Sun Princess, I remember what they said, as I was already a cybernetic pony, I recorded that moment… “

Redhoof Said, as her voice started to reproduce both, Celestia and Poisonhoof voices, and she used her LED eyes to recreate a massive holographic recreation of the throne room and all she had in her memory banks of the incident


“That’s settles it… this princess is not fit to rule” Poisonhoof said as she picked up her crown

Celestia was angry at this “You are the one not fit to rule!, you surrender and I promise you your trial will be fair and… “ Celestia was quickly interrupted by a steel spear, that hurt her face

“You are in my domain now Princess of the Sun!! I DO NOT TAKE ORDERS FROM YOU! ONLY FROM MY KING! “ Poisonhoof said as she pulled up a remote

Celestia eyes reacted to the word king “ You… you are one of Sombra agents, are you?! “

“Not just a agent dear stupid princess…im also a Sombra Engineer, meet the weapon that will soon annihilate any resistance on the empire!, as well as your Equestria! “ Poisonhoof said, as she activated the control, and then destroyed it


Redhoof continued her reading of the CPU Components, as the hologram reproduced the battle.

“Soon we came to know what was Poisonhoof Ascension Program all about… from within her laboratory, a bunch of strange creatures came flying towards the Castle town market and of course, the empire residents, we saw floating pony heads that could petrify, cockatrices, element based ponies, mechanical armors that can reason on their own, giant mutated unicorns, mechanical griffons, vampire ponies, etcetera, Celestia saw in horror, how her Moondust and Sunflare guards were quickly overrun by the creature’s abilities, she gave the order to the Steel Empire Guards to go on a full scale war against the creatures, but even the special class engineers and their familiars were falling short on keeping the creatures at bay, I hid myself on the throne room, as I saw how Celestia herself got incredible angry, so much we feared her…” she said as the hologram changed


“What will you do now princess?, fight and kill me?, or save the innocent ponies?, your feelings control you, so the victory is mine, All hail King Sombra!, Ruler of Equestria! “ Poisonhoof said, as she jumped towards the Princess

Celestia quickly gave her a wing smack, sending her flying towards the throne “ you… you destroyed the empire… just for the sake of….oh no… “

“Yes… you imbecile!, this is a trap and you felt for it!, and with you trapped here!, Your sister will not be able to take on my king alone!, divide and conquer 101, I don’t care what happened to this kingdom, it can burn to crisp for what I care!, as long as one of you dies!, the victory shall be ours!” Poisonhoof said as she called in reinforcements

Celestia was looking sad and enraged to the massacre of innocent ponies, as she noticed some of the creatures where using Canterlot armor “So… you are killing your own citizens and trying to pin this on my kingdom? Nice try… but your words will be your curse… this empire will burn, and you along with it! “


“Several harpies and disk armors attacked the princess of the sun at the same time, the screams of the ponies became unbearable for Celestia, so much her rage exploded from her, killing not only the creatures, but burning Poisonhoof body was well, however, Poisonhoof was known to always have a plan B, so, before her body died, she casted the release spell of the ring in our princess horn, and she used her dark magic powers to fuse herself with the body of the recently deceased Princess Platina body, and removed the ring from her forehead, this gave her the powers and stills of our alicorn princess, and started to fight Celestia on a hoof to hoof battle, below, in the city, everything was chaos and mayhem, some of Canterlot troops felt by the minute, however, the formed alliance between Canterlot and Steel Empire soldiers quickly went away, when they “Saw” a Canterlot guard, murdering steel empire citizens, all our battle engineers felt under Poisonhoof trap, and started attacking the Canterlot guard, since it was night time, the moondust guards had the power advantage, but our engineers had the home field advantage, the sunflare ponies where quickly overrun by our machinery, but Cantelot Moondust ponies prove to be lethal, as their prefer method of assassination was strangling our engineers with their moondust blast, the fight reduced to only 2 ponies standing, as most of our civilians already either, fled the castle, or perish on the streets, one was a stallion, and a moondust capable guard, the other, was our engineering champion, she was Roseblood, and she had something that kept the creatures and the canterlot ponies at bay, the holy whip, which she nicknamed Vampire Killer, after a good fight, the 2 soldiers quickly became friends and ran towards the throne room, aiding Celestia, when they reached the throne room, they found Celestia and Poisonhoof on equal footing, however, Poisonhoof reacted with a maniac laugh, as she used her magic to control Roseblood, revealing she was a infected pony with vampire bats blood, this allowed Poisonhoof to take her as hostage and use her as a moving shield, as she could control the dark energy present within our best engineer” Redhoof finished explaining, as the hologram changed to the battle scenario


Poisonhoof kept the Engineer with a sharp wing on her neck “You see it right Princess Celestia?, Friendship, Kindness…Loyalty… THIS is where this situations take you!, nothing matters more than power!”

“D-damn it” Celestia said keeping herself at bay

The Moondust guard smiled “don’t worry princess… we have a plan”

“Ahh, Rivers of blood with never bring peace and harmony Poisonhoof” Roseblood said, as her dark magic started to raise her temperature

Poisonhoof smiled within the body of the princess “ But they bring obedience!, and that is enough, what do you gain with love?, nothing, look what happened to the Crystal Empire!”

“You are underestimating that mare, heh, Princess…” the moondust guard said, in a sarcastic tone, as he charged his horn, the moondust magic was surrounding it

Poisonhoof attacked the moondust pony with steel fragments of the roof, the guard dodged “ oh yeah?, and why is that, guard? Thanks to Platina power!, I can control all creatures and anything that possesses Dark Magic!, why do you think this will be different?!”

“Because during the time I was infected, I learned to control it! You useless high priestess!! “Roseblood said, as she unleashed a powerful dark blast that removed Poisonhoof from her

Poisonhoof emitted a yell, as both the Moondust pony and Roseblood unleashed a powerful combination attack, the Moondust pony was the first to talk “Ready dear lady?”

“Never… call me lady again when we are in front of Celestia! “ Roseblood said as she crossed her horn with the stallion

Both emitted a powerful magic attack “Take this!!, Maximum Grand Cross!!!“

The attack itself was a more potent version of the legendary Grand Cross technique that only Roseblood knew, this paralyzed the body and started to suffocate her, as well as it started to eliminate the dark magic present from Poisonhoof corruption in Platina body, this made the perfect damage set up, as the stallion and the mare only let out a few words

“Finish her off Princess Celestia!” both said, holding the cross in place.

Celestia smiled “Gladly…thank you Sir Brave”

A final piercing blast of the Sun Princess put a end to Poisonhoof life and burned up Platina body on her throne, as she burned, screams of agony could be heard, as she was dying, so did the monsters and the mechanical guards of our engineers, as our princess Platina body still had the power to control them, and Poisonhoof with her dying breath, made all the engineers and monsters deactivate, within some exceptions, as she burned, she let out a final curse…

“This is not the end Celestia!...i swear to you!, the day will come for my vengeance…when a kind of heart steeps into these ruins and take my throne as their own, the wrath of the Steel Princess will consume Equestria! “


Redhoof ended up the LED display, with the final image of the corpse of Princess Platina burning up, she said a last information “Shortly afterwards, Princess Celestia, Sir Brave and Roseblood decided to escape the empire and take all surviving citizens to Canterlot, I decided to stay behind, in case the curse resulted to be true, I will provide assistance to whoever came to stop the curse, Roseblood decided to leave her whip here to weaken the power of the empire, as for Princess Celestia… she decided to put the stronger magic barrier she was capable of create, to keep anypony from entering the empire, however, that barrier had a nasty side effect for me and any remaining machinery, since the empire itself was polluted by Poisonhoof lust of power, practically the whole empire was filled with dark magic, the barrier was made of light magic, so it slowly ended up killing every surviving monster and machine in the empire, myself included, until you fixed me up”

“Hold up… are you saying… that Poisonhoof was corrupted by King Sombra dark magic, and she experimented with the more citizens she could, combining arcane magic, dark magic and animals, dethroned her own princess and tried to murder Celestia, all part of King Sombra plan to separate the princess?!”

Redhoof smiled “more of less master… however… there is a secret file on my CPU memory… according to my records… is from today”

“This must be Fluttershy disappearance… how did you record it, if you where deactivated? “ Angel said

Redhoof showed a cord that was connected to the back of her head “I placed a camera on the throne room before I died”

The hologram was messy, it didn’t had any sound, but Mistshine, Angel and Softheart were able to see Fluttershy, normal, sitting on the empire throne, tired of walking, recovering her breath, but she noticed a jewel on her plot, when she picked up and examined it, the throne trapped her with the wings ornaments, preventing her from moving, the jewel floated and the room started to get filled with dark magic, a pair of Red eyes could be seen, as all the dark energy, entered Fluttershy body, her face was a mix of pure terror and pain, as she tried to prevent it, even her rainbow power was not enough, as Poisonhoof, used the fears of the poor pegasus to prevent her to cast her Rainbow Power to defend herself, the hologram ended, when a sudden burst of energy exited Fluttershy body, the rest was easy to deduce…

“Poisonhoof possessed Fluttershy body… but the possession is not instantaneous, correct?, she still can be saved! “ Mistshine said, asking the robotic replica of his friend

Redhoof smiled “ yes master, she can, the jewel is infused with pure genetically altered vampire bats blood, that’s why she is a vampire pony “

“Excellent!” Mistshine said, but he felt a hoof on his tail when he was about to exit the store

Redhoof hold the stallion, with a sad expression on her face “but you must do it quickly, if her vampirism is not cured before the moon became blooded during the Lunar Eclipse, she will become Poisonhoof permanent body”

“B-but that is tomorrow night!” Mistshine said in absolute fear, feeling the time already running against him
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 6 -
Finally! the truth is finally revealed! as well as what happened with the Steel Empire 1000 years ago, now the clock is ticking for Mistshine and Fluttershy as well... will he succeed?, or will time be more faster than him?, find out in the next chapter

Achivement Unlocked: Not Satisfied! ( Beat Iron Will Replica )
Achivement Unlocked: Who want some chicken? ( Beat Gilda Replica )
Achivement Unlocked: Dark Magic 101 (Use your new dark magic powers againts a light creature )
Achivement Unlocked: In her garden a flower of hope blooms ( Beat Alure a Second Time )
Achivement Unlocked: Steel Empire History = 5/5 ( Restore all 5 Redhoof CPU fragments )



Costa Rica
About miself?, ummm... letīs see, im a very happy person who likes a lot video games ^.^, thatīs why my artwork is about mostly, games sprites ^.^, also, if you havent notices, im a brony ^^, and im happy to be one, i may work super slow in writting or have little time to practice my ocarina, but i will never give up

On Brony comunity, i go by the name of Stardust Breeze ^^, while most of my friends know me for Blaze ( my Sprites Character ), im glad to meet you all :3

Favorite Ponies:

1) Fluttershy
2) Luna
3) Pinkie
4) Rarity & Spike

Favorite Shipping: Sparity x3, they are so cute
:iconteaminthedarkness: : My Mistshine story received a Fav!, yay!!! :D you rock guys, and since you like my stories so much, i felt i should make a few explanatios so everypony can enjoy my stories without anyproblems, so let´s start :D, you can call them as facts XDD ( + = Stormy story, - = Mistshine Story )

+ Stormy´s Story ( Silent Ponyville - Homesins - or SPH for short ) was inspired by :iconjake-heritagu: incredible fanfics of the same name, i asked permision from him to do my own version, and he says it was ok, but it will be considered non canon to his main story, so you can read his story without any problems ( i erased the PM note where he said it was ok, im a idiot ;_;, so Jake, if you read this, i know you are busy, but i wanted to thank you for the oportunity of doing my story with some elements of yours )
+ Stormy´s Story have as primary focus the Ancient Songs of Harmony, the songs are based on the Zelda Franchise Songs, such as the Winds of Frienship, which it was based on Saria Song
+ Just like Jake story, every monster represent a trauma of Stormy or Luna past
+ Stormy story would have been imposible to finish without the support of another brony writter and friend of mine :iconlightnazoyagami: and the ideas of :iconeramthgin-1027501: , Thank you guys ^^
+ When creating my story, i wanted to combine Zelda with Silent Hill, as those two are part of my favorite games that i played on my childhood, i decided to place a "Magic bar" on Stormy, so that, even with the power of the songs, he would still feel trapped on Silent Ponyville scenario
+ The Fluttershy doll was actually a joke idea that quickly turned into a thing in my fic, as Mistshine never met the yellow pegasus, but Stormy did when she was a filly, the doll apperance in SPH scenario can vary between Normal Fluttershy or filly. due to Stormy mind trying to recover its lost memories.
+ Fluttershy doll is found in the same trap as Robbie Doll in Silent Hill Homecoming
+ Just Like Robbie Doll, Fluttershy doll appears on unusual places, even if it is inside Stormy saddlebags, it will still appear and move on its own, however, Fluttershy Doll actually assist Stormy in order to find the truth
+ Although Stormy didnt perform the dangerous songs, is implied he know them and can execute them, but they will consume more magic than usual
+ Stormy moondust magic is like Gaara Sand from Naruto, but is not sentient or act on its own
+ When i designed Redhoof, i wanted to create a character that was a little lustful, but good hearted, however, i wanted to have a backup explanation for her lustful nature, hence the Deep Ambition Bracelet.
+ The idea of Redhoof monster, the plastic mare, slowly stopping attacking Stormy, and instead, trying to help him, was a clear show on how close their relationship was before her ultimate demise, as their passed childhood, school, college and university together, and they where lovers before she died
+ The skeletal mare as Sunnybreeze with wings, was actually Stormy guilt for his big sister lost, since his sister use to dress up as death on the university plays when she was student, this only made stormy guilt to take death personification as her sister seeking revenge, however, in the end, family ties saved the day and Skeletal Mare suffered the same "reversion" that Plastic Mare
+ Since Manehatten was the cosmopolitan city of Equestria and most murders made by Blackhorn happens at night, this would actually made Luna the responsable of not paying attention to what her subjects do at night, however, during the time Blackhorn tormented Stormy, Luna was still on the Moon as Nightmare Moon, and Celestia was the pony in charge at the time, but even with her responsability of the Sun and Moon, she couldnt stay awake at night for long periods of time
+ Stormy Story is centered between Season 3 and Season 4 ( Just before Twilight Coronation )
+ The everfree forest castle has a tons of secret passages, that it was the perfect hidding place for the book

- Mistshine Story is completely centered after season 4
- Mistshine Familiars will not going to be all metallic, as Angel Bunny is already filling up for the Sword Specialist Familiar Type.
- Ironically, Angel Bunny plays with Alucard attack style ( Swords primary ) and Mistshine with a Belmont Style ( Holy whip, Sub weapons )
- Mistshine Story is a Castlevania themed fanfic ( as if it was not hard to guess it already xDDD )
- I know mosf of you would be confused about why a earth pony can use magic and fly, if you remember season 4 last chapters, we learned that everypony has magic ( pegasus can fly and control the weather due to this, Unicorns perfom magic and earth ponies have brutal strengh, and alicorns have all 3 types of magic ), but since Mistshine cannot perform magic or fly on his own, he develop the Tech Horn and Steel Wings to perfom those actions, however, his magic is weaker that a regular unicorn, and his Flight is just as gentle as Fluttershy.
- When Discord gave the first Tech horn and steel wings a drop of his magic, that magic actually went to Mistshine so when he uses those devices, he wont have the side effects, so in a word, the draconequus actually healed Mistshine Magic Center without him knowing, perhaps because, if he knew, he could turn reckless.
- a friend of mine asked me why didnt i bring Redhoof back?, and i couldnt since she was dead, but remembering that in Castlevania, sometimes the souls of the deceased can come back, as replica bodies ( Inspiration from the Battle against Castlevania 3 Fake heroes on Castlevania SOTN ), and specially on our dear Dracula case, i decided to bring Redhoof soul back. and make her body recovery a quest.
- Some of Mistshine abilities and enemies are a tribute to SOTN, Aria of Sorrow, Lord of Shados Mirror of Fate and Super Castlevania 4.
- As mentioned on the previous fact, Some monsters keep the same name as they had in Castlevania, others will have their name changed.

there ^^, once again, thank you guys for all your support and reading my stories :D
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