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(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Although Rustyhooves is his friend, he kept hidden he was Goldengear, Princess Platina bodyguard, Mistshine felt regretful in fixing this robot but he was willing to listen to his story before either, killing him or allowing him to help him, Angel saw concern in his master eyes, he got closer to the empire engineer still believing in the noble idea of Friendship, putting a hoof on his shoulder.

“Please, Rustyhooves… explain it to me, what do you mean with sentenced… I cannot believe my friend is a servant of that psycho mare” Mistshine pleaded to his friend.

Rustyhooves held silence for a moment, but he replied. “It was during Poisonhoof attack, when she entered the throne room she was being followed by vampire ponies, I defended my princess and she fought as well, however, Poisonhoof had already polluted my mind with dark magic, so she used a control spell to stop every attack I threw at her or her creations, she let her vampire mares kill me by ripping my throat, when I awoke, I was in this lab, I saw myself on the mirror and realized I was nothing more than a skeleton, however, before I could move, I received a electrical shock, I saw myself moving towards the throne room where the remains of my old body and the Princess body where, I felt horrible.”

“That doesn’t sound like sentenced at all, is more like you were forced to become Poisonhoof temporal body meanwhile the 1000 years passed, that’s why you know her master overrides and the info on certain creatures, you were possessed by her spirit.” Mistshine analyzed what his friend said.

The skeleton worker nodded positive. “Correct…” Rustyhooves continued. “I could feel her spirit mixed with mine and how she was polluting me, I saw how she kept every single monster alive via cryogenic chambers on B2, and she used my own body to recover every single corpse on the streets to continue her experiments.” The former bodyguard recalled what Poisonhoof did while she was in control of his body.

“Can you go into more details?, like what experiments you remember taking part of” Mistshine inquired, sitting on the operating table, Alure saw Rusty with caution.

Rustyhooves looked and pointed to Coldshard. “I remember making her solid… and making her sister from an ice corpse, to a water mare.”

“YOU DID WHAT?!?” Coldshard said from her container, it was shaking violently, like wanting to beat the crap out of the worker.

Mistshine hit softly the container once to calm her, Rustyhooves continued explaining. “She has all the right to be pissed… I mean, I was the one that turned her into her shade form even if I wasn’t the one that was in control of my body, however, what I did to her sister, an orphan and my own brother is the worse.”

“Go on… I’m listening.” Mistshine encourage his friend to continue.

Rustyhooves got himself up and exited the room, getting inside the room with the neurotoxins that Mistshine and friends had to escape to Legion room, being a robot he was not affected and so the neurotoxins did nothing to him, he got to the computer on the room and deactivated the neurotoxins with a master command, once the room was clean, he called Mistshine to show him in the computer, 3 pictures of 2 fillies and one colt, each pony had a element symbol on their profile picture; the stallion had the lighting bolt, one of the fillies with a harp, had the water symbol and the last filly had the flame symbol. Each of them were of the same age as Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, Rustyhooves pointed at the filly with the harp and the colt.

“The colt is my little brother Arcing Spark, the filly with the harp is Sea Chord, Coldshard sister.” Rustyhooves said, with regret on his voice.

Coldshard voice sounded broken but interrogated her worker friend. “M-my sister... I remember that Mistshine found a data pad regarding the Elemental Fillies Project, what did Poisonhoof referred to?”

“Is a trio of creatures she wanted to use in order to prevent unwanted access to some areas of the lab, putting it into her own words” Rustyhooves changed his voice chip to sound like a mare. “Nopony on their right mind will attack fillies besides me.” Rustyhooves voice returned to normal and continued. “I had to melt Sea Chord and put her out of her hibernation, then I had to fuse her blood with magical holy water.”

Mistshine remembered the colt that died in the Library secret altar to the 3 princess. “Wait!, Holy water!?, that would have killed her!, I found a corpse that died because he drank holy water!”

“That’s true; holy water is poisonous to anypony, that’s why Coldshard will probably hate me… when I infused her with holy water, her organs quickly rejected it and she started to convulse due to the poisoning, this is when Poisonhoof made me combine her DNA with Coldshard liquid ice blood, the result ended up in a almost dead but alive filly with the capability of turn herself into liquid water, and as a bonus, she has all the anti-dark magic properties of the Holy water, she now respond to the name of Aqua Filly.”

Coldshard voice quickly changed to anger. “As soon as Mistshine give me my body back… I will rip that sick mare heart from her body!”

“Hey hey hey!, she is inside Fluttershy body!, do any damage to her and you really don’t want to see me what I would do!” Mistshine instantly jumped to defensive, remembering her friend about that little issue.

Coldshard, who forgot about that little detail, apologized, while Rustyhooves continued to explain the Elemental Fillies Project, he went into every little detail as possible while the stallion could only question himself to what lengths would Poisonhoof go just for this “Twisted Science” and what is its connection with King Sombra, also he questioned how somepony as kind as his friend Redhoof could have that twisted mare as an ancestor.

“It didn’t help that Sea Chord was a unicorn, this made her absorption of the cold blood and the holy water quickly but this also allow her to turn any normal water into holy water by touching it if she wants to. The second filly on the proyect was an orphan I found while recovering corpses called Fiery Pyre, this little pegasi was really brave but foolish to challenge Poisonhoof inside my body, she instantly killed her with a quick neck twist.” Rustyhooves looked at his hooves before continuing. “Is in this same room where the 3 of them were altered, Fiery Pyre was modified to generate fire at will, Poisonhoof accomplished this by altering the filly pegasi abilities to control fire instead of weather, as a result, she cannot stand on clouds or manipulate weather, but she compensate it by generating any kind of fire from the air, from fireballs to fire pillars, her memory was wiped out clean by the Spirit Container.” Rustyhooves finished

Mistshine questioned one thing regarding that filly. “So... due to her now fire control, she cannot longer be a normal pegasi…right?”

“She could… if she can be enchanted by Princess Celestia herself and knowing Celestia history with this empire, there is more chance of her shooting her to death than helping, and I believe this Fire Filly is too proud to accept any help. Now… finally the only colt on the team… is my little brother Arcing Spark, also know as the Electric Colt.” Rustyhooves felt bad for what he was going to say.

Mistshine got closer to him and put a hoof on his shoulder, encouraging him to continue, Alure did the same as she knew he was not guilty of his actions, Coldshard even forgave him, letting him know that it was not his fault, Mistshine spoke for everypony. “I cannot promise I can bring him out alive, but I need to know what Poisonhoof did to him, can you tell me?.”

“Yes…” Rustyhooves voice broke as far as his voice chip could allow him. “My brother was always good with electronics, but I found him dead in our house in the residential area before it became a forest, I took his body and gave it a thunder charge, or course this would had fried him if Poisonhoof didn’t increased his earth pony strength and resistance with dark magic, she made me cut his belly open after the thunder struck him to surgically modify his magical center with dark magic, to allow it to absorb all the electricity from the thunder into it.” Rustyhooves explained.

Mistshine continued his friend explanation. “Changing an earth pony magical center from earth pony strength, to pegasi qualities without need for him to be a born pegasi correct?”

“Exactly, this allow my brother to use thunders and lighting on each hoof to hoof impact he does, that’s why he has to always use rubber hoofgloves to prevent him for giving anypony a shock by accident, to make matter worse he can make static interference with electrical equipment, so your Gizmo clock and Spirit Container will be useless, your Steel Wings and Tech Horn will be ok since the alloy they are made of are not affected by electricity, but by magic.” Rustyhooves finished his explanation with a warning. “Be careful!, despise the 3 of them being fillies, they are a menace!, they were designed to prevent any foe from attacking them, but if the foe do not stop they can kill it with no problem, never let their appearances fool you.” Rustyhooves finished with a last advice.

Mistshine nodded and asked his friend for the place where those fillies are as well as the room where he can make the teleport collars, according to his friend, they are on floor B3 in a huge double door marked with a no entry signal, next to that room is the mechanical devices spare room, where he can make the collars. He ran quickly and got to floor B2, there were a Iron Will and Gilda replica robots waiting, but more fragile that the ones he faced and behind them a little pegasus that shoots fireballs out of her feathers, Mistshine and Alure dodged to the sides in order to avoid damage and returned a counterattack by combining their whips in a tornado, injuring the 3 enemies at once until the robots replicas died and exploded.

The stallion noticed something, in one of the rooms was a busted cage, with several soft feathers, no doubt it belonged to Harpy, the next room was a fishing tank large as a pool with several scales, broken and the liquid was long dried, that chamber must have belonged to Black Tide, however screams came from one closed door, said chamber actually had a changeling alive, while sparks flew across some cables and devices, the changeling instantly became Fluttershy as soon as he noticed Mistshine getting closer to it, the changeling was trapped in a device that copied it and generated an changeling robot, the same ones Mistshine have been fighting, it only had its face visible crying as the changeling robot noticed Mistshine and started attacking, the stallion eliminated the robot as soon as possible, turning his attention towards the trapped changeling before the machine activated again.

“Please… help me, I do not want to be used for another… ahhh robot” the changeling pleaded, using Fluttershy voice.

Mistshine got closer to the changeling. “Explain please.”

“T-this machine… you saw it; it makes…c-clones of me…robotic clones… but is slowly taking away my blood… my magic... I will die… there is no salvation for me…please… let me taste for last time some love energy…” The changeling said, still using Fluttershy voice and body.

Mistshine confused inquired further. “Couldn’t you use my love energy to attack me or free yourself?”

“I could do it yeah… if my body from the inside was not getting ripped and stabbed to get blood and organ tissues, I survived 4 months alone here, please at least allow me to die as a changeling and not as somepony sick science project.” The changeling said again, starting to lose grip of Fluttershy transformation and reverting back to its usual insect appearance.

Feeling compassion and seeing its suffering, he agreed to have some of his love energy taken by the changeling, however, he tried to help the creature by breaking the machine, once the machine ceased working, the weaken changeling got released, only to show Mistshine the reality of the creature situation, its chest was ripped and the machine was taking samples of its organs to replicate them in the machine, the changeling before dying used the love energy acquired to levitate a piece of scroll, giving it to Mistshine, the stallion read the scroll just to find it was the Perfect Replica Body scroll, but it was only one piece, seems the scroll was ripped in 3 and this changeling kept one piece, Mistshine stood next to the changeling, paying its respects before it melted away, before going to the stairs to B3 he saw a room that was called “Post Mortem Engineering”, is the room that Vampire Pinkie mentioned where he can fix the spirit container!.

Mistshine opened up the door just to see all equipment starting to lit up, as well as a pedestal were the Spirit Container used to be, he put the container and used the machines to scan it, searching for Poisonhoof modifications, he found it inside the device, and opening it would cause the souls to flee, he took his changes and opened up the lid of the container, the 3 souls of his friends exited the container and started floating arround him as he incerted his hoof and removed Poisonhoof modification, a dark chip, it is a electronic motherchip that crashed the main programing on the device, however, removing that chip also fried the extra feature on the container, with a screwdriver and welding, he managed to replace the broken chip with a new one that the room has, this one he infused it with light magic instead of dark magic, making the spirit container recover its full potential and do not have the side effect of erasing a soul memory.

With the device fixed, his companions souls entered the device again, once fixed he reattached the container to the saddle and ran towards the B3 floor. It didn’t took him much time to reach B3, the lack of enemies on that floor let him know he was at the right side, specially once he found the room Rustyhooves was talking about, a huge iron door with a no entry sign surrounded by a dark barrier, next to it was a room dedicated to making the control collars. Without hesitation, he attacked the barrier that felt quickly against the power of the sacred whip, opening up the huge door in the process, inside the automatic lights lit the room, enough for the stallion to notice 3 fillies suspended inside individual capsules, they are blank flanks and each of them have the coat color of their respective element.

“I guess these are the Elemental Fillies’ project… strange, I though they were awake.” Mistshine said as he got closer to the capsules.

Coldshard talked looking at her sister body. “I can’t believe she is alive…please release them.”

“S-sis?... I can still hear you…” The Aqua filly replied

Coldshard surprised, pushed Mistshine further. “Please release her or I will freeze your stallionhood!”

“You know that menaces do not work with me…” Mistshine says as he activated the machine.

The 3 fillies’ capsules were opened, the stasis liquid in which they were suspended was drained and the ponies got released, once they opened up their eyes and saw each other, they reacted like normal fillies, hugging themselves, Coldshard was happy to see her sister alive, but Softheart noticed something odd.

“Sea Chord!, Arcing Spark!, I’m so glad to see you again!” said  Fiery Pyre the fire filly.

The electric colt replied “You too Fiery Pyre, I though we would never get out of the tanks.”

“You are telling me? I need a normal bath” Sea Chord the aqua filly replied, as she saw now the stallion in front of her. “And you are?”.

Mistshine presented himself. “I’m Mistshine Brave, a civilian and engineer of Equestria under orders by Princess Celestia at the Old Castle in the Everfree Forest.”

“C-Celestia?... are you here to kill us?, team formation!” Sea Chord called as the fire filly and electric colt got behind her.

Mistshine denied. “Heavens no, I’m aware of what Poisonhoof did to you 3 already, I’m with your sister and Arcing Spark brother is 2 floors above us.”

As soon as they heard their relatives were alive, 2 out of the 3 little ponies jumped in happiness, except the fire filly that, without any memory of her past, just let a single yet empty question. “How do we know you will not hurt us?”, as if these words were key words that made all 3 ponies look at the stallion in front of them and analyzed him, Sea Chord however, noticed her sister in the container, she was happy to see her, but in the little filly mind, she was crying for help, same thing happened with Arcing Spark as soon as he noticed his brother badge on the stallion saddle, the 3 ponies attacked and Mistshine dodged before the door closed itself shut behind him.

“He is lying!!, you are lying!!!, all grown-ups are the same!!!, just like that mare!, Elemental Fillies!, battle formation ASAP!!” Sea Chord commanded, the other 2 ponies replied with a yes.

Mistshine sighed as he got his whip ready for a spin. “I cannot promise anything Coldshard… but I will defend myself.”

“I understand… please don’t kill her.” Coldshard plead to her companion.

Sea Chord instructed the Fire Filly to attack first while she flooded the room and Arcing Spark electrocute it, Mistshine immediately used his steel wings to fly and get out of the incoming holy water wave, the combined attack failed, but Fiery Pyre launched a fire ball to the stallion, he dodged easy but it was a distraction to allow Arcing Spark to pull Mistshine from his tail towards the ground, allowing Sea Chord to burn him with the holy water, the little colt took his chance and electrocuted the water, hurting everypony with exception of Sea Chord or Fiery Pyre.

With that kind of attack, other vampire pony would have been killed in an instant; however Mistshine vampire disguise managed to withstand the blow and reduced its damage, a little dizzy the stallion returned the attack hurting the fire filly, Sea Chord launched another wave of holy water.

“Crap here she comes!, Coldshard freeze it!” Mistshine ordered as he jumped out of the water.

The frozen mare did as told and froze the water wave, much to the little aqua filly surprise, the fire filly attacked with a flame pillar to melt the ice and flood the room, Mistshine screamed as the holy water burned him, Alure Une however, used her flower to put Mistshine in a soft platform that would allow him to prevent being hurt, however, Alure was the one suffering the attack strength, the stallion pulled the mare towards him and decided to use Softheart abilities.

“My friend Softheart, you and Angel try to weaken the Lighting Colt, Alure and I will attack the Fire and Aqua fillies!”

Softheart smiled. “Gotcha, you better have a plan soon, that control collar is making the fillies attack faster.”

Angel nodded and jumped towards the colt face making him miss where he was shooting the bolts, Mistshine on the other hoof focused on Sea Chord while his succubus companion dropped a special pollen all over the stallion body, since Coldshard sister has a gold collar and is the leader of the trio, destroying the leader collar will stop the other 2. He launched his whip towards Sea Chord, jumping from flower to flower to prevent more damage and gave Coldshard an order, an order she didn’t wanted to execute…

“Coldshard!, freeze your sister again!” Mistshine ordered as he attacked the filly

Coldshard denied the order as soon as she heard it. “Forget it!, I will not freeze my sister again!”

“Then attack him sis! He is the enemy!” Sea Chord pleaded to her sister.

The Ice mare stopped. “Sister!, he is not the enemy! He is a friend!”

“I will kill you for brainwashing my sister!!, please sister!, I beg you!, free yourself!!, freeze him!”

The bond between sister would prove to be Mistshine headache, that or the fact that Sea Chord eyes grew red, instead of her usual purple ones, Softheart alerted Mistshine but it was late, Coldshard obeyed the order of her sister and betrayed Mistshine, freezing the stallion solid, Alure and everypony watched how the fillies attacked the frozen stallion a thing that made Alure cry, specially when she saw the stallion frozen body breaking into pieces, without any trace of him.

“Why?!?!, Coldshard why did you do it?!?” Angel exclaimed as she saw Alure trying to put Mistshine shards back together

Sea Chord smiled as she reduced the water level in the room, leaving it dry. “Mission completed everypony, now sis; I need to find a way to put you back together.”

“News flash you idiots bottles of water, Mistshine HAD the samples to get you back to your body!!, and now that he is gone, you are stuck as pure water!!, ok, kindness over! I will rip your eyes and sell them to Discord!!” Angel bunny said, enraged.

Something wasn’t right, if Mistshine was dead, how come Angel still talked?, the Gizmo clock should be destroyed, however, Angel did started to attack Arcing Spark eyes, he yelled as the 2 fillies tried to pull the bunny out, Fiery Pyre managed to burn the bunny and threw him into a puddle of water, Coldshard on the other hoof, felt horrible as a automated message played from her sister collar as the eyes of her sister lost the red glow.

“You really think you had an option Coldshard? You and your sister souls belongs to ME!”

It was the voice from Poisonhoof coming from her sister collar, Coldshard was manipulated again by that psycho mare Alure was quick to understand what happened, Poisonhoof gave a control spell on her eyes that anypony without a strong mind will felt prey for it, Coldshard started to cry, much to her sister surprise, but when her sister was going to pick up the container, Softheart noticed something on the roof, 3 tentacles that were charging a attack, Alure and Angel saw that and smiled, however, the tentacles aimed at the 3 little ponies.

“Surprise motherfuckers…you think I didn’t see this one coming?!, Legion Wrath!” Mistshine said as he launched the attack.

Mistshine had a backup plan in case Coldshard felt for Poisonhoof trap, he used Softheart pollen to prevent freezing, later he used his invisibility feature on his clock and a teleport spell to get out of the icy prison and charge the spell he got after beating Legion, it was a very potent laser cannon with the powers of the 3 basic elements, ice, fire and lighting, ideal to beat the 3 fillies at once, however, Coldshard felt the effects of the attack as well, it was not his intention, but besides Coldshard being close to her sister, his inner rage and corruption won this round, Coldshard container broke and her water body got splattered and absorbed by Alure flower, however, the 3 fillies suffered the full effects of the cannon, Fiery Pyre got frozen solid, Sea Chord got electrocuted and Arcing Spark got burned severely, the 3 fillies yelled as they saw Mistshine getting his whip ready and wrapped around their necks, starting to choke the 3 of them at the same time, the fillies screamed as the sparks started to flow from the collars until a cracking sound was heard and the message started to fade.

“You….w…ill…nev…er…win….you alre…ady…killed your friend!

Those words made Mistshine lose grip of the fillies necks and desperate started to search for a mirror, when Alure pointed him one, he saw how one of his steel wings is already bat type, he was just at mere minutes of fully turning into a vampire pony himself, his eyes didn’t had change though, so this relieved him a little, but there was not much he can do, Coldshard is already absorbed into Alure flower, and when she makes the flowers disappear, Coldshard will be inside Alure Une, seems his backup plan also backfired and played part in Poisonhoof game of chess, however seems the plant pony has a idea that she let via hoofsings to Softheart about saving Coldshard.

“Mistshine… Alure is saying she can get Coldshard out of her body once she absorbs her, since she is a plant pony she is able to separate the water using a special plant, but she needs to be left alone.” Softheart said a little blushed.

Mistshine nodded in agreement and took a container from his saddle. “Go ahead; I have to talk to these 3 ponies.”

“Whoa whoa whoa!, why are you bringing her back?!, let her be digested by Alure, she deserves it!” Angel said still angry at Coldshard actions.

Sea Chord recovered her breath, just to talk. “Please… forgive my sister…it was not her doing and neither was mine, we were controlled by the collars.”

“If you were being manipulated, why didn’t you let me know?!” Mistshine yelled at Sea Chord.

The aqua filly continued. “It was Poisonhoof order, the collar has a powerful toxin that gets injected to us automatically by that machine behind us.”

With extreme caution, Mistshine removed the golden collar just to find tiny needles, he took just a little drop in his tongue to taste it, it was incredible bitter but most importantly, he felt the effects right away, as if his hooves couldn’t be controlled he started to choke himself, Alure stopped him, until the effects passed away.

“She used scopolamine, a drug that derivates from a tree that mixed properly in labs can create a control drug to control certain aspects of the pony body, the amount injected will determine if the victim will be fully controlled or controlled partially…Alure… please bring Coldshard back, she didn’t knew this” Mistshine ordered Alure with regret in his voice for his actions.

Alure Une nodded as she ran outside the room opening the door, taking a container with her; Mistshine on the other hoof got closer to the fillies and removed the other 2 collars, smashing them with his hooves, he protected the fillies with his steel wings as he attacked the machine with scopolamine liquid, making a powerful explosion that could have killed them, if Mistshine didn’t used his cape to absorb the flames, the 3 fillies confused, didn’t know what to do, until Mistshine ordered them to follow him, Sea Chord was against the idea, but Arcing Spark and Fiery Pyre came along, making the water filly to follow them as well, during the travel, they fought a few changeling robots that were in the way, until they reach B1 where Rustyhooves was making preparations to revive Mistshine friends, his surprise was huge when Arcing Spark recognized him instantly as well as Fiery Pyre.

“Oh Mistshine?, the machines are ready to… wait…little brother?” Rustyhooves froze; his robotic chip mimicked as possible his joy

Arcing Spark saw the skeleton worker and cried. “Goldengear!!” said the little colt as he jumped towards the worker and throwing him to the ground. “I though you died permanently!”

“I did. But my soul is trapped on this robotic skeleton body, you are alive and that is why I’m happy!, thank you Mistshine!” Said Rustyhooves, crying tears of oil.

Fiery Pyre remembered him just by his name after his death. "Goldengear? But... I remember him by the name Rustyhooves. He was... He was there when I... Was born."

“Rustyhooves is his name after he died, he was previously known as Goldengear, Princess Platina bodyguard... hey buddy I have a favor to ask”. Mistshine corrected the little fire filly before asking a favor to the worker

The worked replied with a yes, asking for information of what Mistshine favor would he, the stallion spoke. “After Harpy, Coldshard, Soul Shield and Black Tide are revived, can you take the fillies to Redhoof?, i know she can take care of them”

“Ok...I will” Rustyhooves said, before being interrupted by the fire filly, asking. “Redhoof?, who is she?”

Mistshine kindly replied to the filly. “She is a friend of mine”

The fire filly looked at him confused, it was not surprising since her memory was wiped out clean, the only recognition of memory she has is the actual moments she is spending right now, not the better type of memories all things considered, when the fire filly asked “What is a friend?”, Mistshine put the best example possible, while showing kindness and compassion to the young filly, trying his best to do not say anything that might broker her fragile heart.

“A friend is somepony that takes care of you, like Sea Chord and Arcing Spark, a friend help other friends in a need and also share a special bond that makes you feel safe and protected, while at the same time helping you move forward.” Mistshine explained the best he could.

Fiery Pyre looked at her filly friends. “You mean... They're my friends? Is Rustyhooves my friend too?”

“Yes he is, and if you need more good friends, we can also be your friends, ok little filly?” Mistshine said, smiling towards the filly.

Fiery Pyre smiled, as if Mistshine smile was filled with such kindness and compassion that it made her smile as well, she hugged the stallion, which broke a little his heart, a filly without memory or past was hugging him, in his mind he could only think how could Poisonhoof do something so awful to a little pony, but in the mind of this filly, she found somepony to call upon if anything ever came across her, she and the other fillies let listen to what Mistshine was going to say.

“Ok fillies and colt, listen to me, you will stay with a friend of mine called Redhoof, she will take care of you while I need you for battle, I will design a new collar that would allow you and the others to teleport to my location when it glows green.” Mistshine said as he explained the fillies.

Fiery Pyre replied with a question. “But… brother, how we will get to you if you cannot activate it?”

“B-brother?, oh boy… my brother will have issues with this, but anyway… if you need to get to me, press the red button, the yellow button will teleport you to Redhoof location in this empire.” Mistshine said, a little shy to be called brother by this filly.

Sea Chord however, stood up next to Fiery. “We will obey you in one condition, take us outside of this empire, nothing is holding us here or any of your friends here.

“What? But... Sea Chord, where could we go? This is our home and... We don't know anywhere beyond here” Fiery Pyre objected.

Mistshine reassured them, giving comfort to the 3 little ponies hugging them. “There is a better place, called Ponyville; I can talk to Celestia to allow you to live there with Rusty and Coldshard, your friends can also live with you.”

The three little ponies look at each others and nodded in agreement just as Alure Une came back with Coldshard on the container, when Mistshine asked how did she managed to separate her, Coldshard replied with “you are better now knowing forgive me for…attacking you, I grew desperate and I.. I was weak, I felt for that trap…I’m so sorry!”. Mistshine smiled and forgave her, just in time for Rustyhooves to start the revival of Mistshine teammates after he handed him the samples he had and the scroll that Vampire Twilight had for the worker to carry on the process, as the revival went on however, Mistshine returned to B3 in order to make the teleport collars while leaving his friends to Rustyhooves care, not before leaving at least some light magic of his own to help the experiment to work. Mistshine made each collar reflect the owner personality as well as a little self defense mechanism, like a force field, also, he made special hooves for Soul Shield, as her hooves were previously glued to her weapons, he lose a lot of time making them while his friend revived each of his teammates.

Time passed and an automatic call from Rustyhooves let him know of the success of the experiment, however Rustyhooves requested the stallion to meet him at the Castle Market where Redhoof new store is located, a little confused he teleported to the Castle market as soon as the last collar was finished. He appeared in front of the store, just to be received by his friend and the empire worker, next to them were now the bodies of their friends, restored, completely functional, the only thing missing, is their souls, and next to them, was Coldshard, now in her solid form and finally hugging her little sister.

Mistshine opened the Spirit Container and let the souls find their appropriate bodies, each soul entered their respective body, Mistshine was praying to Celestia this worked, after all he made a promise, and using his own light magic should make the bodies capable of withstand dark magic creatures, once he saw the bodies moving, he knew he had successfully kept his promise, his friends started to get themselves up, opening their eyes slowly.

“Uuugh… my head, anypony is still in once piece?.” Said Black Tide, massaging her head.

Harpy put her soft wind hooves on her stomach; her hole was no longer there. “Finally… we are back, oh Mistshine, Rustyhooves, thank you so much!”

“I’m back from the dead… and reporting for duty Mistshine… that is if you can do something about these.” Said Soul shield as her hoofs are gone and they have been replaced by a plate to attach fake hooves.

The Stallion revealed 2 hooves he developed himself, as he came closer to Soul Shield and attach them to her body, the hooves themselves felt like real hooves and allowed the warrior pony to teleport weapons from the armory to her hooves as needed depending of what her mind tell her she needs, after the 3 happy mares jumped on him and gave him a big hug, he instructed everypony to wear the teleport collars he made to teleport his allies close to him if needed, sadly… his reunion was cut short, as not only the floor, but the whole place itself started to turn red and in the distance, the bells from the clock tower started to tow.

“Oh…no…” Mistshine afraid to look back saw a reflection on the windows; he turned around just to find the Moon, high in the sky, almost blood red. “The Lunar Eclipse!”

Redhoof analyzed the moon in detail. “There is still time!, 6 hours at the most!, do not waste more time!, head to the Clock Tower, defeat Vampire Rainbow and make the cure!, here this will help.”

The mare took from her bag a scroll and threw it to Mistshine hoof, it was labeled magical circles. The scroll detailed how to create the famous teleport circles he has been using so far and how to make them work faster than a teleport spell, he asked Rustyhooves for the room where he can synthesize the cure.

“The room is on the lab B3 area!, is a huge lab with bat designs on the door!, hurry!, make one circle there!, and another one when you have the cure to connect the places!” Rustyhooves ordered.

Alure and Coldshard decided to stay with Redhoof to recover the lost energy, since Mistshine did new collars for them as well they will be called to his side when needed, Mistshine didn’t lose more time and teleported to the room where he made the collars and ran searching for the door, the bells were so big and powerful that each time they rang was as if he could feel Fluttershy own heartbeat dying, crying he ran within the B3 Floor of the lab, searching for the door, while Angel and Softheart tried to calm him.

“Where is that damn door!, Angel!, help me search!!” Mistshine yelled, hyper ventilating.

Suddenly, a faint, almost unhearable voice mourned in the wind, reached the stallion ears, the sound of a familiar voice. "Mist....shine...... Mist.....shin....."

"T-that voice...I know that voice anywhere!, Fluttershy!, please hold on! I just need more time!!" Mistshine yelled to the air, desperate, without him knowing that he was scaring Angel and Softheart.

The words began to get lost in the wind, each time becoming weaker and fainter to hear. "I......Can't......longer......hurry........."

“No!!, stay with me Fluttershy!, please stay with me!, you cannot let her win!, I just need 6 more hours! I can finally enter the tower!, please! Stay focused! Do not let her win!” Mistshine pleaded to the wind, as he knew that somehow, the mare he loves can hear him.

Angel yelled at Mistshine trying to get him back to reality. “Hey!, Mistshine!! Yo!, wake up!”

“ Save.....meeee....” that Last word echoed in the wind as it slowly became silenced, replaced by the more terrifying sound of a demented laughter, coming from the top of the tower.

Mistshine held his hooves over his head, it hurt so much like if he was the one hitting the tower bells with his head, the laughter became louder and louder and he could felt his corruption growing, Angel managed to slap him along with Softheart to wake him up, pointing at the door they were searching, a door with several bat ponies, more specifically mares, he opened up the door just to find several blood samples and body parts of mares being stuffed in capsules and jars, this must be where the cursed mare made her Vampire Pony blood curse!, and this is where Mistshine will revert the curse to save Fluttershy.

He used all his heart to make a powerful teleport circle on the floor, the teleport circle formed in the floor and glowed, indicating it became active, once he cast the spell again in another location, he can link the 2 places, with the spell done, he teleported himself, Angel and Softheart to the central tower, Mistshine picked up Vampire Pinkie fire axe and ran towards the clock tower teleportation circle, disappearing along with Angel and the breezie succubus to the last battle, the Clock Tower.

Sadly... once mare was looking at the moon from her throne room... laughing as hard as her new lungs where capable of...Poisonhoof or now rather called, Flutterbat, was dressing herself as appropriate for her “imminent revival” and invasion to Equestria.

“I wonder what should I use when meeting your friends... should the old vampire cape and tunic be more than enough?, or a crown made out of your lover bones will be simply divine?” Said Poisonhoof, taunting at a very weak Fluttershy in her reflection.

Fluttershy wanted to speak louder, but her strength was almost gone. “He....he's not going.... To be your crown.”

"You should try too hard dear, you already used the last of your harmony power to try to speak with him, meaning that your soul is already weaken enough for my curse to devour you." Poisonhoof smiled as she put a doll of Mistshine next to her.

Fluttershy got a second air and continued talking. “B-But.... You won' know why?” she said defiantly. “Because..... He's still alive...... He'll.... come to save me......”

“Alive for now yes... but not for long... and you know what?, Flutterbat has a better ring to it as name than Fluttershy, I can’t wait to see the faces of your friends when I kill them, as for Mistshine...” Poisonhoof said as she put a tech horn and levitated her doll and rub it against her plot, something that annoyed Fluttershy.

The kind pegasi yelled. “S-Stop that!” Her face turned deep red as she saw the wicked mare mock her. “ won't have him..... We'll both rather die.... Than be your puppets....”

“After the Lunar Eclipse is complete, neither you nor he will have an option, and better yet dear... I will be the one that will enjoy his hooves on MY new body; you are just only going to be a mere observer.” Poisonhoof said as she removed the doll out of her hindlegs and put it on the bed.

Fluttershy finally grew energy enough to stand to the psycho mare. “You Monster..... He won't let you..... I won't let you.... You'll see.... He'll be the end of you..... He'll.... Get to me....” Although she tried to remain strong, the mare in the reflection began to fall weakened and tired on the floor, unable to move.

“No no no, do not die yet darling... I need you awake so you can see your prophecy fail, nothing will stop the Steel Empire Revenge!, specially with a little... magic, don’t play dumb with me, I know you will recognize it once you see what will happen to your colt.” Poisonhoof laughed as she wrapped herself with her cape

Poisonhoof walked towards the throne room and pulled up one of the throne ornaments that looked like a unicorn horn, from the throne room a secret chamber opened where she pulled out a new type of artificial horn, just that this one… had a red and purple glow and just by putting it on, Fluttershy could felt in her mind a incredible lust of power and wrath that filled her soul with fear and hatred, the feeling grew worse as Poisonhoof used a spell with that special artificial horn, a spell that was guaranteed to make anypony no matter how brave they are, cry in fear and sadness, the spell was casted on the room before the throne room.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 16 -
Time is running out! you think he wll make it out on time?, we are already at the last part of the story :3

Achivement Unlocked: Former Life (Hear Rustyhooves Story)
Achivement Progress - Promise - (Collect the 6 Cure components 5/6)
Achivement Unlocked: Elemental Childplay (Neutralize the Elemental Fillies)
Achivement Unlocked: Reunion (Revive your allies)
Achivement Progress: A New Start (Complete the Perfect Replica body scroll 1/3)
Achivement Unlocked: Last Hours... (Access the Clock Tower)

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There is an old saying that states; “Anger makes you stupid”. And Redhoof was proving how true that old saying was with her fight against Vampire Twilight, while Mistshine was getting his corruption removed by Soul Shield, Black Tide and Harpy souls, Angel and Redhoof were giving the stallion all the time he needed to recover, Vampire Twilight had lost most of her focus trying to shot down the mare.

“Hold still and let me kill you!” Vampire Twilight kept firing her magic blast.

Redhoof dodged with an athletic jump, taunting along the wait. “Too late!, can’t touch me!, Miss me darling!”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT UPPP!!!” Vampire Twilight yelled as she finally exploded.

The Vampire mare let a powerful time stopping spell that froze Redhoof in place, even her bracelet couldn’t counterattack that, Mistshine magical hourglass activated within the mare saddlebags, canceling Vampire Twilight spell, when she looked back, Mistshine horn was lit up, he activated the hourglass via telekinesis and he was already up and with the corruption placed by Vampire Twilight removed, the 3 spirits laughed as they returned to the container.

“Clever bastards…” Vampire Twilight said, stopping, meditating. “You made me lose focus in order for him to recover his strength, clever, but sadly your time is running out, as we speak, my friend might have already destroyed half of the lab.”

Mistshine received an automatic message from Rustyhooves. “ Mistshine!, whatever you are doing hurry up!, GAASSH!! Teleport down!, I cannot bring more workers!”

“Crap, Mistshine can you help me kill her?” Redhoof asked his friend, getting ready with her guns.

Mistshine nodded. “Of course, but you owe me a long explanation after we are done.”

“Shut the hell up you two!, you can talk all you like in the afterlife!!” Vampire Twilight said, enraged.

With the Spirit Container back on Mistshine hooves and the bomb spell removed from his tech horn and steel wings, finally the stallion could fight back, although Vampire Twilight didn’t felt prey of Redhoof taunting anymore, she left her back opened for any attack coming from Mistshine, the stallion used his whip and pulled out the butcher knife still stuck on the creature back, ripping a piece of her flesh, this allowed Redhoof to do a wall jump using the wall on her right and attack Vampire Twilight with hooves and kicks, all followed by 4 shots of her guns, and since Mistshine can pick who does he protect with the effects of the Magical hourglass, he decided to activated it each time Redhoof successfully dodge one of the vampire attacks, allowing her to hit the creature several times, Vampire Twilight was losing at a alarming rate… however, she had a ace up her sleeve.

“ENOUGH!!!” Vampire Twilight yelled, as she made an earthquake.

Redhoof tried to hold into something but the library was collapsing, Mistshine saw the roof breaking. “Crap!, she is destroying the whole library, it won’t be much before the study hall fall on us!!!”

“I WILL CRUSH YOU BOTH!!!!” Vampire Twilight yelled, as her overconfidence blinded her.

Mistshine tried to stop her. “You will die as well!”

“I don’t give a flying feather if that happens!!, I will achieve my master orders, by any means necessary, I’m the most powerful alicorn vampire there is!!” Vampire Twilight continued.

This is it, her overconfidence finally hit its tool and clouded her judgment, now it was a perfect time to kill her, but with the library in such state they had to kill her, recover the stolen items and flee before the second floor of the library felt on top of them, Redhoof seems to have a idea, she pulled from her bag a huge hourglass.

“What is that?” Angel asked.

Redhoof smiled as she put it in front of Mistshine. “Is the big version of the Magical Hourglass, this one unfortunately do not stop time, but slows it down, as long as a unicorn keeps using magic in it.”

“So I will be immobile while keeping the place slowed down, will that affect Vampire Twilight?” Mistshine asked, ready to activate it.

Redhoof smiled. “Let’s hope so, I told you I will kick her ass… don’t worry about me, just keep the hourglass going!”

Mistshine activated the hourglass, slowing down time, everyone on the room felt the effects of the huge hourglass, moving at slow pace but Vampire Twilight had another idea, she took Mistshine Magical hourglass and activated it, counteracting the negative effects of the huge one on herself for 5 seconds, smiling evil, she went straight to the slowed down Redhoof and started to beat the living daylights out of her, making her body show dents of the damage she was causing, but she encounter a nasty surprise when the mare bracelet grew red.

“Gotcha!, you been naughty.”

Redhoof said as she unleashed all damage taken by her foe in a blast from that bracelet, making the mare drop Mistshine magical hourglass, she picked up and handed it over to Angel, the bunny held it close to Redhoof in order for the effects of the huge hourglass to be nullified, however, the hourglass was already reaching its maximum with the 5 seconds stop rule, Vampire Twilight smiled as her horn glowed again and she surrounded herself on a magical bubble that protected her from the effects of time, but all Redhoof needed was 5 seconds, she might not be a unicorn, but knew that her foe shield had a nasty side effect.

“You know… that shield will not protect you from physical damage.”

Redhoof activated the hourglass and nullified the huge hourglass effect on herself and jumped inside the vampire bubble, punching her in the stomach with enough force to leave her gasping for air, the last 12 bullets on all the 4 guns where depleted on her foe, with her guns empty, now she cannot add extra damage to the creature as they reload magically, Vampire Twilight felt to the floor, her wings had a bunch of holes in them, she couldn’t fly anymore, Redhoof 5 seconds were up so she froze again in mid air, Mistshine saw this was not going anywhere, so he canceled the spell of the hourglass returning time to normal, but immediately after, he reactivated it again, just that he froze only the area itself, not Vampire, Redhoof or any other living creature.

“Why did you do it?!” Redhoof replied, now unaffected by the flow of time.

Mistshine, closing an eye while keeping the hourglass active, replied, as he threw her his weapon. “If I slowdown everypony, we will be stuck forever here!, finish her!”

“Please!, only a holy weapon can….” Vampire Twilight covered her mouth as a whip attack hit her.

Redhoof had picked up Mistshine Vampire Killer he threw to her and since she is a fillyhood friend, the whip didn’t damaged her and instead, obeyed her, Redhoof smiled lustful, as she taunted a little, sensually licking the whip; “Come here darling, I promise you will love it.”, once she finished talking, she ran to her foe and started attacking her with the Vampire Killer, she spin her hoof in order for the whip to smack her several times, finally she put her athletics to work and she used one of the rumble that had already fallen down as a table, she then pull the mare towards it, she surrounded the holy whip between all her sensitive areas, specially her lady parts, she even pressed her against the hard concrete in a sexual torture fashion, putting all her weight into the mare, until Vampire Twilight plot and hind legs broke the concrete along with her leg bones.

Finally the vampire got herself up, just to see Redhoof sensually licking her blood out of the holy whip, she made a little comment that enraged her;”Mmm, you know, is hard to taste your sweet juicy taste with all this blood in the middle.”. Vampire Twilight stood up and tried to shoot her, but ultimately, she was already exhausted, Redhoof decided she was going to pay the mare for what he did to his friend, using illusions to mess with his mind was one thing, but using his friends against him is something she will never forget, she pulled from the store a strange bottle filled with a weird yellow dust, she threw it against the mare, splattering the contents on her wounded body, Vampire Twilight was now prey of a illusion herself; All Vampire Twilight could see was herself in front of Redhoof, the mare grew gigantic and teased her, sitting on top of her, however, her body was not metallic, it was bone and flesh, she could even smell her scent, however the teasing didn’t last as she grew back to her size.

“Now is time to finish you off… when you meet your maker, tell her that a descendant of her sends you to Tartarus, and that she hopes she enjoys her permanent stay!” Redhoof said as she started to chant a spell.

Vampire Twilight tried to get up, but she was held back. “What is happening?!” when she looked back, she saw a undead Vampire Pinkie Pie, with her eyes missing, crying blood and the scar on her belly from when she was ripped, holding her, smiling evil in anticipation for the mare punishment. “Let me go!!, get off me!”

“No can do silly filly…now is your turn to feel what I felt!, hit the dance floor sister!” Vampire Pinkie replied.

Redhoof recited a spell as she did a little dance just to please the pink mare: “Oh !, immortalis amator venire ad latus tuis, et affligunt, et dilectus meus in gladio inimicorum suorum, ut luceat Harmonia justiciario intra ostendat aristis! “ (Oh immortal lover!, come to the side of your loved one and crush my enemies with your sword, may the Justice of Harmony shine within your blade!).

Behind Redhoof, a spell circle appeared defying the logic of a earth pony incapable of using magic, from the circle a giant white unicorn appeared, it was the stallion she always loved, Stormy Brave, Mistshine older brother, he draw his sword and attacked the vampire replica so fast that only a bunch of stars could be seen after his blade ended up passing, all the cuts manage to split the vampire pony like butter and cut her down, when the stallion put the sword back to his scabbard, Vampire Twilight... was no more, her body split into hundreds of little pieces, splattering the floor and walls with her flesh.

Back in reality however, the Vampire body was pretty much whole, however, her mind was no longer there, it was shattered, as if the previous yellow dust was some sort of dream drug, Redhoof was just standing there staring at her defeated foe, no spell, no giant Stormy, nothing, she loaded one special single bullet on her right hoof gun and pulled the trigger, blowing Vampire Twilight a new hole in her brain, the creature body started to discompose and disappear away into a bunch of stardust, leaving behind a bottle with pure white liquid, it was Light Magic in a bottle, as well as the other 3 cure components, the Teddy bear with the base agent, the lollypop with the antibodies and the ruby with the dragon scales in powder, as well as Mistshine saddlebags, as a extra bonus, there was a scroll with a life spell and a map of the lab with the locations of the chambers that Poisonhoof used to make Mistshine friends experiments. But before they could celebrate, the huge hourglass had absorbed all of Mistshine magic he didn’t had anymore left, they needed to escape, Redhoof asked Mistshine for help to opening her store door, and get her bag out, Mistshine did as told and broke the door with his wrench, allowing the mare to pick her huge bag, Mistshine recovered his saddle and all the dropped items with the Spirit container and Coldshard and used the teleport circle next to the store to escape safely.

Back on the market, Mistshine was impressed of what Redhoof has done, but before he could ask her where did she learned those moves, a quick message reminded him of another issue at hoof. “Dispenser down!, Mistshine I cannot heal my workers!! HELP!!”

“Crap!, Rustyhooves is in problems!” Mistshine picked up his transmission. “I’m on my way to the lab!, hold on!”

Redhoof smiled and returned the whip to Mistshine; Angel jumped back to his owner back, and looked at the market, Redhoof seems to have an idea. “Seems there is no more monsters here, I will set up my shop here Mistshine, if you need something, come to see me.”

Before he went away, Redhoof gave Mistshine a little red potion, she says it was called “Mana Prism” is another potion but this one recovered lost magic, however it worked differently than the super or ultra potions, this one was able to be drank, with his magic restored, he ran to the lab to help Rustyhooves, he still was however, very surprised of what Redhoof just did, I mean, he remembered her from being a actress on the school plays and for being seductive, but he didn’t knew for a mere second she could face a Twilight replica, specially being a robot, but it seems that all those years in Tartarus did managed to teach her a lesson, if you want something, fight for it, a lesson that Mistshine will follow, he will fight for Fluttershy and to get her back to Equestria, no matter what he have to do.

He was running as fast he could, Angel was holding to his master saddle as tightly as his paws allowed him to, once he was inside the Central Tower, the remaining 2 Vampire Pinkie weapons were there waiting for him, the fire axe and the mini flamethrower gun, he didn’t knew which will be the next enemy skills, so he took the mini flamethrower and ran towards the Dark Sanctuary, a final message from Rustyhooves alerted him that time was almost out. “My last sentry is down!!, Assistance!!! NOW!!”, he had already reached the Dark Sanctuary door when he found it opened already, he jumped just to find Vampire Applejack holding the little empire engineer from his robotic neck, ready to snap him in two, his workers are already destroyed and his constructions were already scrap metal, Mistshine fired the mini flamethrower at close range, burning Vampire Applejack back.

“Let him go!, your sick game is over!, if you do not want to end like Vampire Twilight, give me the cure component and leave my friend alone!” Mistshine ordered.

Vampire Applejack did drop Rustyhooves, just to give him a powerful buck and send him crashing towards a bunch of metal and pieces of concrete. “And who do you think you are dealing with sugarcube?, did you thought we were something like Tirek that do negotiations?, let me put it like this partner...” said the vampire mare, opening her wings.

“Oh fuck me...” Mistshine said as he saw the mare just inches away from his face, she attacked with a powerful buck, to which Mistshine dodged just in time.

Vampire Applejack looked at the stallion, angry. “You are just a pest, and you know what farmers do to pest right?”

“Crap!, Mistshine get ready, here she comes!” Coldshard replied, alerting her master.

Being a copy of Applejack, The Element of Honesty, is a safe bet to say that a buck from this mare could result in a guaranteed kill, and a direct hit from her hooves could result on a bone fracture, he must prevent any damage at all coming from this foe, otherwise he could result badly injured, however, this was going to be a issue, since his foe was as agile as Pinkie Pie, the issue was that her foe didn’t use her wings much, so the lack of that usage could be a potential wild card in this fight.

“Stay still you worm!” Vampire Applejack said, as she jumped and launched a powerful buck kick.

Mistshine dodged. “This will take forever, Blacktide!, flood the room!, Coldshard!, freeze it!”

The idea was to stuck the mare on the ground, enough to do a long extended combo to damage her with the holy whip and the vampire mini flamethrower, the mermaid pony soul created a powerful water wave that flooded the area, Mistshine jumped in order for Coldshard to freeze it, the stallion ended up unaffected since he jumped just in time, contrary to the vampire replica that was stuck from the chest to the hooves, leaving her wings and chest exposed.

Mistshine attacked with all he knew from whip swings to finishing with the daggers and Soul Shield soul sword attack, he pulled the mini flamethrower for a close range hit, but besides damaging the mare, this made the ice melt releasing the creature, she made a powerful buck that a cracking sound was heard on Mistshine ribs, the vampire not only broke his ribs, it also broke the iron vest he was wearing, the vest is pretty much useless now, discarding the broken armor the stallion attacked again, just to find the mare releasing herself from the icy floor and flying, however, her attacks hurt way less in the air, sadly that didn’t work when she send herself and Mistshine down to earth, Angel saw this as a treat and jumped on the mare face, using his sword in her eyes, splattering himself with her blood.

“That was for earlier!!, never touch my owner again!!!” Angel yelled as he jumped back to his owner.

Although painful, the bunny managed to blind his foe, but this gave Mistshine the idea of how to attack and finish the vampire, blindness… a manifestation of what pride and stubbornness do to somepony, he took in flight and talked to Angel, to confirm his suspicion.

“Angel… by any chance Fluttershy was affected by Applejack pride and stubbornness?” he asked.

Angel bunny remembered one occasion. “I thing she did, you see, I do not know if Pinkie Pie or Applejack herself had told you about the vampire fruit bats sanctuary?”

“Pinkie pie did… a few days after I woke up from my coma, Pinkie Pie and my brother introduced me to everypony remember?, you jumped in my face” Mistshine replied, looking angry at the bunny.

Angel put his paw behind his head. “Sorry about that, but anyway, after you met us, she told you our adventures, including the bats incident.”

“Yeah… Pinkie told me Fluttershy transformed into a vampire bat pony…” Mistshine stopped for a second, frozen. “W-wait a second so that means…”

Angel looked at his owner with a sad face. “Yeah, this is not the first time she has transformed, but this time is actually worse than the last one, in the last occasion, you see… Sweet Apple Acres was attacked by vampire fruit bats, Applejack and almost everyone including Twilight decided they wanted to get rid of the bats ASAP, specially Rainbow.”

“And let me guess, the only one that was didn’t agreed, was Fluttershy”. Mistshine guessed, knowing how Fluttershy would put an animal first as the animal caretaker she is.

Angel continued, alerting his owner to dodge the vampire pony incoming attack. “Correct, but after a day of convincing she actually had to agree, and use her Stare on the bats, when Twilight used her spell, the bats redirected the magic to Fluttershy, transforming her into Flutterbat, however, I believed that Twilight turned her back to normal”

“Is possible that Twilight backfired spell did a weaker version of the vampire ponies that Poisonhoof had here, I mean, these ponies works by blood and not via apple juice… wait, that’s it!” Mistshine yelled, as an idea came to his mind, staying in the air with his steel wings.

Angel inquired “What is it?”

“Apple juice!, that’s why Legion said that part of the cure to vampirism is sugar and apple juice!, Vampire Fruit Bats feeds on the juice of apples and apples have fructose, glucose and saccharose, the basic components of the sugar we know, and what Legion said about sugar?” He explained, asking his companions.

Coldshard replied. “They are the fuel to antibodies… wait”

“Correct!, if we combine all of the cure components, we will basically be recreating Twilight spell for when Fluttershy became Flutterbat the first time, just that this time is in liquid form and 10 times more powerful, any trace of the vampirism will be removed from her body as well as any trace of dark magic with it, since the antibodies will kick into overdrive with the amount of sugar we will inject her. Ironic… this vampire replica we are facing is basically Fluttershy dislike and fear of her Flutterbat incident, but is the key I needed to save her, you hear me you copy?!, I will destroy you if that means saving my pegasus!” Mistshine finished, getting a second air and desire to save his loved one.

Vampire Applejack smiled, despise her state, she left a huge blood trail due to the lack of her eyes. “I was hearing everything… so the master had already taken that form once… makes sense, but I still won’t allow you to kill me that easy, you think I need my eyes to see you?, I can smell you!, the scent of my blood is on that bunny”

“Oh crap” Mistshine moved to a side.

Having Angel in his saddlebags made him a instant target, even if his foe was blind she knew where the stallion was, and even if he send Angel to another location the bunny was bloodstained so she could easily track down both smells and having his ribs broken, flying didn’t make things easy either, if he can have a chance of wining the fight is by putting Vampire AJ in the air.

“There you are!!” Said the vampire pony, launching herself to Mistshine location in the air.

Mistshine dodged just barely, but since the vampire was already in the air he had to put his moves to work, he used the magical hourglass to slow time and speed up the damage he was about to perform, taking out his vampire killer he launched himself and started to attack with all the whip combos he knew, ending his combo with Soul Shield holy sword, cutting one of the replicas wings clear off, as soon as the replica landed the 5 seconds effect was over and she launched herself towards Mistshine location with a powerful hoof uppercut, the stallion flew backwards and pulled with his whip the replica again to the air and decided to finish her there, after another whip combo, he used the mini flamethrower at close range with her, burning her flesh, the replica yelled as hard as her lungs still worked before falling to the ground as a burning pile of flesh, however, her body quickly turned into burned wood and leaves, dying in a pile of ashes, from the ashes, a big apple jewel was left, inside was pure apple juice, he had finally the fifth cure component, he landed and pick it up, he looked at it for a moment before storing it with the other cure components and going towards Rustyhooves, he was badly damaged, and Mistshine couldn’t move much, he used some of the broken skeletons metal bones as a splint and wrapping it up using the workers saddlebags belts, he started repairing his friend with the tools he acquired at the Magical Laboratory.

“Don’t move ok?, I know what I’m doing” he said as he started to fix his friend.

Rustyhooves although damaged, smiled. “You have grown…”

“What?” He said in confusion.

Rustyhooves continued. “When we first met you, our scanners detected a little brain damage that is usually found on comatose patients, as if your mind didn’t match your body age…but now that I scanned you again... is gone.”

“…” Mistshine stopped.

Is true… he just awoke from a coma a few months ago and during the first weeks, even after meeting Fluttershy, he still reacted as a little kid, but the recent events made him awake more than a psychiatrist session would have, his mind had finally catch up with his body age and now he was “Complete” in a sense, he was halfway done with his friend when Angel alerted him, but too late, he already had a sharp wing wrapped up in his neck.

“You… You killed them all” the voice of the mare was filled with daring.

Mistshine dropped his screwdriver and put his hoof on his wrench. “Vampire Rainbow Dash” he tried to break free but the mare didn’t let him. “Let me go!”

“I should kill you right here and now, but they all found their deaths, I saw everything, they let themselves be wrapped up in your words and felt prey for it, I would have helped them… it they weren’t cheating.” Vampire Rainbow said, as she turned the stallion around and pushed him to the ground, with herself on top of him.

Mistshine looked at the vampire mare, confused. “Cheating?, explain yourself”

“Each of them with the exception of Vampire Pinkie, cheated during your battles with them, Vampire Rarity modified the anti-magic symbol on the vault to allow her the use of magic while denying yours, since the anti-magic symbol would have stopped any magic, including hers, Vampire Twilight cheated by using her hypnosis, it was the easy way out, and finally, Vampire Applejack cheated with her cure component. “ Vampire Rainbow said as she inserted her hoof on Mistshine saddlebag, taking out the apple jewel and opening it, splattering the contents on the floor.

Mistshine surprised, saw how the floor started to have a little hole. “Acid…sulfuric acid… if I had used this in the cure mix…”

“The cure would have melted… I have the real jewel.” The vampire said.

Although confused, he saw how the vampire replica of Rainbow Dash, pulled out from her mane the real jewel, she even put a drop of the juice on Mistshine nose to confirm it was the real juice, but not just any normal apple juice, is was zap apple juice, she gave it to Mistshine who, was still on the floor, with the vampire body on top of him which caused him to blush, she even noticed this and taunted him, moving her plot a little while storing the real cure component on the stallion saddle.

“Hey, what are you doing down there?, you are supposed to arouse to only the master, not me!” Vampire Rainbow said with a smirk, as she put a hoof on the Mistshine stallionhood.

Mistshine blushed now harder as he felt the vampire mare hoofs touching him slowly, moving up and down. “H-hey!, is not easy with you on top of me!”

“Good point…” said the replica as she stepped up, touching Mistshine with her tail. “Look, is not that I like you or anything, if I’m going to die; I rather die with an honorable death after a fair fight. I will wait for you in the highest room on the clock tower.” Vampire Rainbow said as she pulled out a tunic.

Mistshine blush disappeared as he now questioned the mare.”Why are you helping me?, and how in the name of Equestria I’m supposed to fight you if the place is filled with dark magic?

“With this…” Vampire Rainbow replied.

The replica gave Mistshine a vampire tunic, similar to what Flutterbat has, with that tunic, his vampire disguise was complete, he could now enter and leave the clock tower without getting polluted, but he was concerned by something, if Vampire Rainbow had these items, why didn’t she kept them? If she kept them, Poisonhoof might have won, he interrogated further, and the response of the vampire replica did surprise him.

“I want a fair fight, I do not want any type of advantage, you better bring your friends revived however… there are 4 more creatures the master created that are waiting for you, a giant vampire fruit bat, a mummy, a medusa pony and Deathscythe.” Vampire Rainbow replied before leaving as fast as she could.

Confused, Mistshine turned around and looked at the vampire tunic, he already had the vampire cape and the fake jewel in his possession, so he dressed up and put the vampire tunic on, he used the ice on the floor to look himself, the clothes looked really nice on him, in fact they made him look more powerful, but that is because the tunic had a special effect as well as the cape, the tunic was made of a special fabric that it can withstand curses and other effects that the rainbow jewel couldn’t, he returned to his friend Rustyhooves and fixed him.

“Rustyhooves, can you move?” Mistshine asked.

The skeleton replied positive. “Yes…I can”

“Please, I need your help, can you give me full access to the lab?, you heard Vampire Rainbow, I need Coldshard, Black Tide, Harpy and Soul Shield back with their bodies if I’m going to the central tower.” Mistshine asked for the help of his friend.

Rustyhooves rose and walked inside the Lab, Mistshine followed him, Rustyhooves was just outside the room where Coldshard was originally created, however, Mistshine went to Alure room first, he saw how the flower opened slowly, releasing both Softheart and Alure Une, both of them healed to their maximum, and Alure hoof was already regenerated, relieved to have his friends he then turned to Rustyhooves in Coldshard room, he was already almost done with the hacking.

“Listen Mistshine I’m not going to lie, probably Poisonhoof already know you are going to the central tower and she will have her best creatures waiting for you, the best course of action here is to build specialized collars that allow Alure and your friends to teleport to your location.” Rustyhooves said as he stepped away from the machine.

Mistshine nodded. “I agree, but can I revive Coldshard with that?” he said, referring to the liquid nitrogen machine.

“Yes and no… there are several computers I need to hack, so I have to ask you a favor. “ Rustyhooves continued, as he imputed a code on the machine. “Master override 7636”

Mistshine sat down and asked, looking at Rustyhooves a little uneasy. “What is it?”

“Inside this lab there is a room where you can learn how to integrate the teleport spell to a collar, as well as the room where 3 little fillies trapped, one of them being Coldshard sister” Rustyhooves continued.

Coldshard voice reflected hope in her words. “M-my sister is alive? How did you know about the 3 fillies?”

“Look that is not important right now, what is important is that I found them on B3 when I was putting up defenses, but the room is locked with a dark barrier and I cannot open it, I want to ask you for a favor, save my younger brother soul and I will personally help you out in recreate your friends experiments to the maximum.” Rustyhooves placed his offer, and he sounded really serious

Mistshine however, found something odd. “Wait a minute… how did you know about that extra room, and that extra override command you use?, that is something only the head engineer of a project would know!, Rustyhooves, there is something you are not telling me and I need your full honesty regarding this, I need to know, did you worked on this laboratory?”

“N-no… I.. I didn’t” Rustyhooves sounded nervous, trying to hide something.

Mistshine smile disappeared. “You are really a terrible liar…Angel bunny.”

The little bunny jumped from his master and ran inside Rustyhooves body, inside his skull he found the reason for the little nervousness of the worker, a badge, he returned to his owner with said object, Rustyhooves however didn’t moved a inch, in fact he just sat down, as if he was going to tell a long story.

“Let’s see…” Mistshine said as he reviewed the badge. “Head Engineer of the Steel Empire… Captain Goldengear”

Coldshard reacted surprise. “Wait!, so the skeleton I knew after my death was the Captain of the Empire?!?”

“I was not only the captain… I was Princess Platina bodyguard, and I was sentenced to serve as Poisonhoof lab assistant after my death.” Rustyhooves said, although his voice was robotic, regret could still be heard on his voice.

Mistshine was both shocked and relieved, relieved because with the lab assistant of Poisonhoof, he can bring all his friends back from the container in a new body, but shocked because of a certain something, if he was Princess Platina bodyguard, why is he serving Poisonhoof?, could he trust what this engineer robot is telling him?, or should he use him and terminate him after he is done what he have to do?, and what is it about this brother?, one thing is for sure, Rustyhooves have a lot to explain.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 15 -
Surprise Surprise ;3, seems Redhoof do know what she was doing, now is up to Mistshine to decide what to do with his friend Rustyhooves, let see what will happen for the next chapter

Achivement Unlocked: Witch Time (Freeze a oponent and land a combo while time is stopped for them )
Achivement Progress - Promise - (Collect the 6 Cure components 5/6)
Achivement Unlocked: Let´s Hit the Climax!  (use a climax finisher on a boss )
Achivement Unlocked: Joy Ride (Use a torture attack againts a enemy)
Achivement Unlocked: Just in Time (Beat Vampire Twilight)
Achivement Unlocked: Apple Bucking (Beat Vampire Applejack)
Achivement Unlocked: Children of the Night (Complete the Vampire Disguise 3/3)


MLP and all it’s related characters belong to Hasbro
Mistshine and Oc´s featured on this fic belongs to me
Nintendo Direct 01-14-15 Reaction by TeamInTheDarkness
Nintendo Direct 01-14-15 Reaction
Title says it all, Dang it... my poor poor wallet ;_; it was so nice and big, now is going to be sacrificed, all in the name of Zelda Majora Mask, i found several things interesting in the Direct, if you missed it, here is the link ;3…

- Regarding the first game on the first frame, my opinion is that seems like a good puzzle game, but i felt it a little bit like Candy Crush, but i like dragons ^^, and the anime theme is excelent, however... really nintendo?, was nessesary to put Mario in it?, i found it hilarious, this game will be available in may, so i have loooong time to recover for this one

- I put a (*) next to Splatoon for a reason, if you saw the direct and you had a Nintendo Land, you might notice there is a several things that seems like Nintendo Plaza from Nintendo Land, just that in this game, you will see your friends/enemies in the plaza you meet in online and Miiverse, also, i love the idea that the cosmetic items are not only cosmetics! ;D, they also help you in battle, of course, you can select to be cosmetics that do not offer any advantage, but you can actually pick per example, a shoe that allow you to run faster, or a helmet that prevent headshots or at least that reduce damage by attacks in the head (Try to headshot that Mr Mundy!), another thing is that it will not require actual money, but in game money that you can gain in Multiplayer (both online and local as far as i know), sorry TF2, seems you got competition o_O, gotta save money for May

- Dear Hylia... DEAR HYLIA!! that new 3dS looks so epic *w* and glad that nintendo will allow us to transfer all the data from the olders 3DS to the new one ;D, so i will not lose my save games! yay! ;D, however, the charger for the New 3DS will not come with the console (wut?) but this can be fixed by ANY of the chargers for the previous 3DS

- DAT ZELDA MAJORA SPECIAL EDITION!!!!! Im sold!, take my money Nintendo D;!, I must have that new 3DS!! ( yes, i was waiting that kind of bundle XDDD ) not only young Link will be available in the Zelda Majora Pack for Hyrule Warriors, but also the game ( or so they say, i have to pray that the special edition works the same here in Costa Rica ) will come already installed in the console, i do not know about you guys, but im one of those gamers that likes to have the actual physical copy of the game.

Feel free to leave comments on your opinion ^^
Banjo-Kazooie Rumors by TeamInTheDarkness
Banjo-Kazooie Rumors
Ok, for those who didn´t know, i found under a gaming website (is in spanish if you want to check the articles yourself guys:… ). Seems that Microsoft had decided to finally reuse Rare Ips, such as Banjo, Perfect Dark, Blast Corps or Battletoads, or for what i could understand, they are currently reviewing the idea of using them in the near future, not this year, but the near future.

For one side, is a excelent idea, and my inner gamer boy that still remembers the golden era of Gaming, still belives in a Ray of Hope to revive Conker, Banjo and Kazooie. But for the other side, im a little afraid.

For starters, Perfect Dark is a old school shooter, and after Perfect Dark Zero, there is a high chance that some (pardon my lenguage) idiot, propose the idea of using modern shooting game mechanics to please the current audience (Cof! CoD style, cof!), this could leave Perfect Dark on the same boat as Duke Nukem Forever, and we all know what happened.

For Banjo and Kazooie, im a little bit more relieved, since Microsoft can easily ignore Nuts and Bolts and label it as its deserves to be, Non-Cannon, i mean, if i recall there is a excelent comic here on DA that is 100000 times better that what Nuts and Bolts in my opinion, it could have been a decent story, as JohnTron said (and i agree with him) there could be the posibility that Nuts and Bolts was Banjo 3, but due to Microsoft infinite greed, they changed it to a cars game at the very last second, without changing the whole overworld, which is something you NEVER DO when we are waiting a PLATAFORMER game for YEARS!!, if the rumors turn to be true, this new banjo better be a plataformer or i swear to Palutena, Amaterasu, Celestia and Hylia, the fans are going to tear Microsoft.

Now on to the comic XD, if you are wondering, Link is able to travel outside Nintendo Land ( yeah, each "Company" has their own game world in my comics, Link is one of the few from Nintendo that is able to travel to Sony Kingdom and Microsoft World, since he was a exclusive character on Soul Calibur 2, that gaved him a little advantage to learn a teleport song to those 2 worlds), and he usually visits the characters that were from Nintendo before (Banjo, Megaman, Capcom destroyed IPs, ETC ), also, why didn´t i used any Banjo-Kazooie sprites?, i will use them once i find a good artist that can make a good sidescrolling Banjo-Kazooie sprites, the only ones available are for the GB, and those ones are not very good ewe... and are top view, i need sidecrollers type of sprites.

Link belongs to Nintendo
Blaze belongs to me ;D
Banjo-Kazooie belongs to Rare
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Although Mistshine was excellent at close range combat, the Vampire Pinkie Pie was proving to be a hard catch, as she moved so fast he couldn’t even see where she was going, until he felt each hit from the lollypop on his body, if he keeps this up, he could die in seconds.

“Master, this is going to take forever, use the magical hourglass!” Softheart said, dodging the vampire mare attacks.

Mistshine pulled his magical hourglass and stopped time for 5 seconds, getting close to Pinkie so he can attack with his wrench, however, the mare suddenly moved and threw the stallion to the floor, placing herself on top of him, with all her weight, her plot sat on his legs, as she started to sniff him.

“Oooh, you smell delicious… I want a taste little one, besides, if I kill you I might not taste you anymore” Vampire Pinkie said, as her fangs grew, ready for a bite.

Mistshine blocked her bite with his vampire killer whip. “Gah…not today…if you are immune to sub-weapons then I will beat you the old fashioned way!”

“First I will decorate you, a nice frosting would do.” Vampire Pinkie said, smiling.

However, when the vampire pulled from her mane another weapon immediately Mistshine knew that something was wrong with the mind of his foe, from Vampire Pinkie eyes, she was holding a little trumpet shaped gun, and when she pressed, cake frosting came out of the tip, however, in reality, she was holding a miniature flame thrower, more light than the standard one she used earlier, and is able to be held with one hoof, when she pressed the trigger, a powerful flame came from the tip, Alure manage to teleport Mistshine away with her flower before he got burned at close range, finally he understood the creature in front of him, she is the representation of Pinkie Ignorance, specially when her pranks and parties go over the limit that a normal pony can handle, if he can show this copy what she is really doing she might stop, or could enrage her, but he cannot stay with his foe getting the upper hoof.

“Alure, go to the kitchen, give me any kind of cupcakes you find, Angel aid her.” Mistshine asked.

Alure, although jumpy thanks to the sugar on the vampire blood, she moved towards the kitchen, Angel tried to gain time. “Over here!, look at the bunny!”

“Oooh, Carrot top” Vampire Pinkie said, as she aimed at Angel with her mini flamethrower.

While Vampire Pinkie Pie chased the bunny, Mistshine received several cupcakes from Alure, he launched a cupcake at his foe, to which she ate almost instantly, but when she looked at the other cupcake on Mistshine hoof, she looked at it as a blood stained and fleshy cupcake, not as tender and sweet as they were in reality, this scared her, in fact, she ran towards the kitchen looking to a mirror, and found out the cupcakes remains she previously ate, were pieces of flesh stuck in her teeth, however, Mistshine saw his window of opportunity when she started to attack irrationally, the stallion threw another cupcake which Vampire Pinkie avoided.

“They are just cupcakes, stop avoiding them!” Mistshine said, as he was getting one ready.

Vampire Pinkie used her lollypop to return the cupcake. “No they aren’t! They were living ponies!, I know I kill ponies, but I would never bake them into cupcakes, what kind of pony would do that?!”

“You for starters, your weapons are not what they seem!” Mistshine said, as he threw another cupcake to the vampire face.

The “blood” on the cupcake splattered the vampire face, even her eyes, Mistshine took the chance to shoot all the cupcakes he had on the Vampire Pinkie… splattering her whole body and wings, she yelled in terror as she saw pieces of flesh glued to her skin… until she disappeared and attacked from behind, enraged, managing to cut Mistshine saddlebags from his back, and restricting Mistshine to only whip attacks.

“You heard the narrator, only whip hehehe” Vampire Pinkie said, taunting and returning to her attack.

Mistshine looked at his saddlebags and instructed Alure to follow his moves, while the two of them attacked, Alure made a few hints with her hooves to Angel, to which the bunny quickly understood, he hopped from Mistshine back and ran towards the container were his frozen teammate was, telling her Alure idea, Coldshard asked Angel for a little help lifting the lid of her container as she concentrated, letting a cold breeze out… that breeze was starting to form a column.

“Don’t you think for a second blood and guts will stop me!, I’m a vampire!, I drink blood!!” Vampire Pinkie said, as she launched a powerful flame blast from her flamethrower.

Mistshine smiled as he and Alure dodged and attacked with their whips. “Who said that what you have on your coat and eyes are blood?”

The Vampire stopped for a moment, enough for Coldshard to make a ice wall that reflected the pony body, seems these vampires have one critical flaw, their reflections is always visible, something that usually do not happen with pure blood vampires, since the Vampire Replicas are precisely that, replicas of the real ponies, they do have a body with enough amount of the vampire curse on her veins to make her powerful, but since they are not 100% vampires ponies, just replicas, they do have a reflection, a reflection they all must avoid at all cost, as these reflections…

“No no no no, what is this?!”

Shows their own fears, these replicas were created by insecurities, fears and disharmony, seeing their own reflection remind them those flaws and what they are, they are not living ponies, they are just mere puppets, hollow, without a soul that can define their personalities, everything is copied from the originals using memories that may or may not be true at all, memories that could all be a misunderstanding from Fluttershy part, as well as concentrated dark magic, courtesy of Poisonhoof herself, Vampire Pinkie suffered a mental crash… her hair, just like the real Pinkie Pie, deflated itself… this was Mistshine cue to attack her… but when he got closer to her, a powerful air wave send him back he noticed something on his foe…


She was laughing maniacally, linking the “blood” from her face, clearing her vision, seems the cupcakes frosting revealed her what her weapons are, as she started to lick the “lollypop” sides, Mistshine saw how she was licking the axe blade… instead of finding his window of opportunity, he created a real monster…

“Thank you for letting me see the real me…now…it is time for you to die. Such a shame really, if I wasn’t a copy I might would love to be your friend.”

Now the vampire replica moved twice as fast as before, hitting Mistshine in his belly with an almost instant kill move, emphasis in almost, as his vampire killer whip blocked the axe blade before it could cut Mistshine chest in half, Mistshine and Alure attacked, but Vampire Pinkie used her Flamethrower more efficiently making a flame circle around her that made Mistshine and Alure back away, she then changed target, her target was no longer Mistshine, it was Angel Bunny, the only one without fire protection. Angel scared jumped removing by accident the Spirit container from the saddlebags meanwhile Alure ran to assist him.

This give Mistshine his last idea, he already knew the magic hourglass was going to be useless against Vampire Pinkie Pie, so he decided to use the Spirit Container to the maximum, if Poisonhoof indeed created this device before her imminent downfall into madness, it must have a positive feature besides keeping the souls of ponies inside, he found it up, it was not fully operational, but in theory it should allow Mistshine to call all the trapped souls at the same time for assistance, but using it on this early stage could damage the trapped souls of his friends.

“No.. I can’t do it, not if Harpy, Black Tide or Soul Shield can die for this!” Mistshine said to himself, turning his face away.

Alure yelled, as well as Angel, snapping Mistshine out of his dilemma. The bunny was terrified at their foe moves. “For Celestia Sake!!! Mistshine help!!!”

Mistshine picked up the Spirit Container, but as soon as he picked it up, Vampire Pinkie had already neutralized Alure Une by cutting her right hoof clean off, Alure cried holding her wound to prevent too much of her blood escaping her body, as for Angel, he was already cornered and about to become roasted rabbit, against his wishes he activated the Spirit Container extra feature, the 3 souls of his friends exited the container, taking the forms of their bodies before dying, Black Tide appeared as a half eaten mermaid pony, with her eye missing, her hoof and part of her torso are just mere bones with flesh still half eaten, Soul Shield appeared in her valkyrie form, but with all the scars of all her battles still flesh, her wings are featherless and her chest still shows the stab wound that ended her life, Harpy on the other hoof, had her belly exposed with her stomach and rib case broken, her talons as sharp as ever, and her wing hooves with small holes… a really horrific display, they smiled kindly to Mistshine, but not to her foe, they started to walk, slowly towards the vampire replica, she turned around only to saw a really horrific scenario, the 3 mares jumped towards her and started to eat her alive, like real zombie ponies, ripping her flesh, Vampire Pinkie weapons could not do any harm to them, but they can hurt her, victim of absolute terror and fear, Vampire Pinkie cried.

“Stop!!!, Please!!!, I give up!!, you win!!, please stop them!!!, pleaaaaaaase!!!” she plead.

Mistshine pulled up the spirit container. “Girls, stop now.”

But nothing happened… they continued her brutal attack, Harpy pulled her hooves, starting to rip them.

“HELP!!!! SOMEPONY HELP!!!” the replica plead again, more terrified, blood was exiting her mouth.

Mistshine yelled, now terrified himself of what he had done. “Girls!! Stop!, that is a order!! Stop!!”

The 3 mares did stop, but now looked at Mistshine angry, as if they wanted to end the mare life right there, they left the vampire pony on the floor, bleeding, while they turned their attention to their friend Mistshine… all of them were about to attack him, Mistshine defended with his whip, but one of the mares managed to remove the whip from him, the stallion was now trapped by his 3 friends, Angel snapped and ran towards the Spirit container, picking up Mistshine wrench from his saddlebags and hit it with all his strength, sparks flew from the device, snapping his friends from their madness attack, the 3 mares lost their strength and felt to the floor only a few words could be heard…

“Im sorry Mistshine… the container…” Black tide said before disappearing into the device.

Harpy covered her belly before disappearing and entering the container. “Please… release us soon… we are losing our minds…”

“Is your turn now… do it quickly, we might not be able to stop next time.” Soul shield said, turning into dust and returning to the spirit container.

Angel jumped in front on Mistshine, trying to get him back to reality. “Not that I’m complaining, but what the hell happened?!?, aren’t those 3 our friends?!”

“That mare is really a psycho…” Mistshine said, his mind returned to his body and looked at the device, even Angel attack didn’t made a dent on the sturdy steel which it was made off. “She put a extra feature on the Spirit Container after her sanity finally died, one that allow the spirits of the deceased to materialize and attack the first creature they see on sight, they will not hurt the owner of the device… but those souls also lose their mind and cannot reason, that is why she kept the souls of the failed experiments there!, the longer they remain inside the more the souls forget!, until they became nothing more that mere souls without any memory that can be manipulated by anypony!”

Angel looked scared at the cylindrical device. “ Are you saying that our friends are losing their memories and mind inside that thing?!?!, for Luna sake!, if you use that thing again!, they might attack you!!”

“Seems so Angel, I cannot waste anymore time, I need to bring them back to life ASAP before they forget who they are!”

Vampire Pinkie, who was almost dead, looked at the stallion, smiling. “There is a way… that you can fix that silly pile of rust…”

“What?” Mistshine and Angel said to the unison.

Vampire Pinkie continued, noticing that the stallion now was close to her and the wounded Alure. “if you can find the alteration done by Poisonhoof, you can revert it.”

“Why are you saying this to me?” Mistshine inquired, as he took out an ultra potion to heal Alure, to which the plant pony stopped.

Vampire Pinkie let out a giggle. “hehehe…I saw it on our Master memories, she modified that device on her lab, go to her lab, B2, a room labeled “Post Mortem Engineering” that is where she created the container in the first place, there is where you can repair it.”

Mistshine being the kind pony he is, used a super potion on Vampire Pinkie and another on Alure to heal them, Alure mentioned via hoofsigns she can regenerate her lost hoof, but she need to rest and drink a lot of blood, however, she cannot take Mistshine blood due to his dark magic corruption, Vampire Pinkie Pie offered herself to be the one to have her blood sucked away in order to Alure to regenerate, much to the surprise of everypony, but since the vampire blood is so full of sugar, Alure regeneration can be speed up if she concentrated. Mistshine nooded in agreement and recovered his saddlesbags, once he put his tech horn, he teleported everypony to the Lab lobby.

Once everypony was back to the lab, Vampire Pinkie Pie eliminated in a flash the enemies present and knocked down a door that was locked, the whole room was covered in flora and flowers, it was a no brainer to know what experiment took place there.

“Let her rest here, nopony will ever come to this place anyway” Vampire Pinkie Pie said, still with her hair flat.

Alure smiled kindly as she rested on the operating bed, covered in soft grass. “How will she regenerate?” Mistshine asked.

“I can remain with her to make sure she is ok” Softheart said sitting on a flower.

The stallion nodded in agreement, he soon had his question aswered, as the vampire came close to Alure, she bite her neck to take as much blood as she needed, once that was done, a huge flower appeared from the floor, covering the operating bed, and closing itself, the plant pony heartbeat could be heard even outside the beatiful flower, everypony exited the room and Vampire Pinkie put the door back to it´s place, once they were back on the lobby, they found Rustyhooves, he was shocked to see the vampire replica next to Mistshine without attacking him.

“You haven´t turned into one already are you?” Rustyhooves asked.

Mistshine denied. “No, of course not!, listen, this lab has been lock down so i cannot access any door, can you nulify the lock in this lab?”

“On it, come on boys!, let´s get to work!” Rustyhooves said as he brought several skeletons workers.

Coldshard asked. “Do you think Alure will sleep with all the noise?”

“I belive she will, now... Vampire Pinkie, give me the cure components back” Mistshine asked to the vampire pony.

Vampire Pinkie Pie let another giggle. “They are in the Central Tower lobby, when your friends souls attacked me, I dropped them.”

“Then let´s go back to the lobby and get them, by the way, why are you so friendly now?” Angel inquired.

The vampire mare replied. “what is the point to continue fighting when i already lost?, if you can´t beat them, join them.”

The trio teleported thanks to Mistshine back to the lobby, once on the central tower lobby, Vampire Pinkie found the cure components intact, she picked them up and got close to her flamethrower, Mistshine got himself on guard thinking she will attack him, but she disarm her weapon to reveal a lollypop that inside had the hypercharged antibodies, the lollypop had a sturdy metal alloy and just like the teddy bear, a chriogenic device that kept the antibodies alive, but when she was about to give the components to the stallion...

“TRAITOR!!!!” a mare voice rang.

Vampire Pinkie eyes shrink “N-no!”

The vampire mare belly was stabbed, by a powerful vampire tail, Mistshine attacked the tail, but his hoof was stopped by a orange mare, the replica of Applejack, Angel tried to attack as well, but he was kicked by Rainbow Replica, Vampire Pinkie on the other hoof, started to be levitated.

“We do not need a traitor in our ranks... die and farewell” the purple mare said.

Vampire Pinkie plead. “No!, wait plea—“ her voice was cut short as the spell started to soffocate her.

The attackers were not other that the remaining 3 vampire replicas, Vampire Twilight, Vampire Applejack and Vampire Rainbow, Vampire Twilight started to rip Vampire Pinkie eyes and wings, Vampire Rainbow and Applejack let Mistshine go, and flew towards their former teammate and pulled her hooves, ripping her by half, her corpse hit the lobby hard...splattering Mistshine with her blood, as the pieces of her flesh burned and turned into a puddle of cake frosting. Mistshine attacked the 3 mares, but he was in a extreme disadvantage, he activated the Magic Hourglass to stop time, but Vampire Twilight inmediatly used a counter spell, making the effects of the Magic Hourglass affect Mistshine only, Vampire Rainbow and Applejack took their chance and removed him from his saddlebags, throwing them to their vampire leader, leaving him only with his whip, Angel Bunny and his gizmo clock, when time resumed itself, Coldshard tried to conter attack but...

“Nice try water mare.” Vampire Rainbow said, as she opened the lid of the container and let the mare drop into the floor.

Mistshine yelled, running. “Coldshard noooooooo!!!!”

“Now girls” Vampire Twilight ordered.

Vampire Applejack bucked Mistshine so hard he was send flying towards the wall, a splash sound let Mistshine know the terrible fate his icy friend experienced... she crashed on the floor, and without cold, she will evaporate, he tried to recover his tech horn, but it was already too late... his friend soul rose from the water puddle and was trapped inside the spirit container, but his foes didn´t stopped, they continusly attacked until Mistshine lost grip of the vampire killer whip, unarmed he tried to counterattack, but all he got was a powerfull blast from Vampire Twilight that sended him over the roof of the lobby, unable to move, Vampire Applejack was going to finish him, however...

“That´s enought girls, i guess is time for our game... Vampire Rainbow, you can retire now, we will take care of this.” Vampire Twilight said as she stepped closer to the water puddle that was Coldshard body.

Vampire Rainbow acknowledge and flew away, Vampire Twilight used a freezing spell to freeze the water, and took out Coldshard soul from the container and put it inside the icy puddle,  as if she was enjoying the torture she was about to perform, one that Mistshine could see perfectly well, Vampire Twilight was so skilled on magic just like the real one, she perfectly could shape the body of Coldshard even if she was solid ice, then she melted and freeze her again, making her soul weaken considerably for the constants “revivals”, once the soul was about to lose its last bit of esscense, she took all the water and put it on a new container that Mistshine had in his saddlebags, Coldshard could no longer talk due to her lost of soul energy.

“Learned the lesson yet?” Vampire Twilight taunted the knocked ice pony

Mistshine, wounded and confused, looked at Vampire Twilight. “W-what happened?...I thought she died, her soul even went inside the container.”

“I just wanted to mere ilustrate what will happen to her if she interferes again, with my magic i can revive your friends really easy... but why would i do that to a intruder and a pest to my master?” Vampire Twilight laughted as she reviewed Mistshine saddlebags contents.

Vampire Applejack said, as she stepped in on Mistshine hooves, breaking them. “And besides sugarcube, we have to make you pay for killing our Rarity.”

“Aaahhhh!!!, Damn it!” Mistshine yelled, as he, by miracle, kicked the last of his strenght into his hooves and managed to kick the replica of the farm pony.

Vampire Applejack angered tried to kill him, but Vampire Twilight stopped her, holding one of Mistshine ultra potions on her hoof. “Don´t, remember our master orders... she want him to suffer, here is the deal, if you beat us both, i will give you the location of the chambers where you can revive your friends, as well as the spell nesserary to do it, but if you lose...”

“hehehe, not only you will die...that traidor worker and bitchy librarian as well.” Vampire Applejack said as she ran ahead first.

Vampire Twilight let the potion in front of Mistshine. “Oh by the way... no magic and no flying” Vampire Twilight said, as she enchanted Mistshine tech horn and steel wings, putting them on to the stallion and taking the remaining items away with her, disappearing from the lobby, it took him a few minutes to be able to reach the potion and apply it directly on all his open wounds, the ultra potion was indeed so powerful it restored him back to normal.

Once he regained his strenght, he tried to remove his tech horn and steel wings, but they were glued to him, he couldn´t take them out and it takes little amount of logic to know that Vampire Twilight might have done something to the devices to alert her if he tries to fly or use magic, once Angel woke up, Mistshine tried to figure out where he needed to go first or which vampire find first, a call from his gizmo clock alerted him...

“Mistshine!, Help!!” It was Redhoof voice.

Mistshine replied alarmed. “What happened?!”

“There is a vampire purple mare here in the library!, she is trying to enter the store!, your turret and a few other turrets Rustyhooves left are holding her back!, but i do not know how to repair them!, help!” Redhoof sounded desperate as a explosion alerted her of something. “Oh Luna!!, one sentry down!!, 3 left!!, HELP!!!!!” she plead, desperated, as bangs in the door could be heard.

Mistshine grabbed his whip. “Hold on!, im comming!, block the entrance with anything!”

He had to press on!, however another call came in, this time it was from Rustyhooves, when Mistshine answered, sounds of bullets could be heard, magical bullets, trying to hold off something, he sounded calmed, but his workers... not.

“Yo! Mistshine!, we have a vampire here!, and is not friendly!, she is trying to destroy the lab!, we have her cornered on the lobby entrance but we cannot fall back or she will kill your plant friend and the whole database here!, we need you here!, teleport! Rustyhooves asked.

Mistshine saddened, replied. “I can´t... I can´t teleport, the vampire did something to my tech horn and steel wings. They are glowing red.”

“Sounds like a bomb spell...if you activate any spell or try to fly, the devices will explode, but is a huge blast radius, you won´t survive.” Rustyhooves explained, as he turned arround. “Keep firing those magic bullets from the turrets!”

Mistshine now understanding what had happened, asked. “Rusty, Redhoof is in danger by the purple mare that cursed my devices... if i kill her, the curse will cancel?”

“Yes, if you are going to the library, hurry up!, we are going to hold off the lab as long as nessesary!, i have been waiting to fight for a really loooooong time, talk to ya later!” Rustyhooves ended his transmission.

Angel heard everything, he jumped to his master back.”So... what now?”

“You need to ask?, Hold on tight Angel!, we are going back to the library!” Mistshine replied as he ran towards the library...

Mistshine stopped next to where Vampire Pinkie Pie died, her weapons were still there, intact, but without his saddlebags, he can only carry one, he could take the miniature flamethrower, the big flamethrower or the fire axe, he reasembled Vampire Pinkie Pie flamethrower, it might come in handy if he do not have any other weapon, it seems the fuel for the weapon is ironically, cake frosting, he looked back at the vampire mare remains, they had become cake frosting, so he loaded up the weapon with its ex-owner remains, Angel picked up a butcher knife that was covered by cake frosting.

Of course, using the teleport circles will activate the bomb spell in a instant, so Mistshine had to ran, there was no time for stopping in any place, there were new monsters waiting on the market to slow him down, a werepony, a stone pony and a huge salamander, Mistshine decided to put Vampire Pinkie flamethrower to the test and ran while firing, burning the werepony to a crisp, but the stone pony and salamander were not affected, Mistshine managed to use the flamethrower as a shield and counterattacked with his whip, killing the creatures as fast as possible to reach the library, he used the courtyard shortcut to reach the East Tower, when a message sounded on his clock.

“One turret down!, 2 left!, hurry please!!” Redhoof plead.

Time was really running out, he ran as fast as possible, avoiding as much fight as possible, he could do it more faster if he could fly or teleport, but doing that was asking for a horrible death, once he finally exited the Magic lab and entered the elevator, one final warning made him speed up.

“Second turret down!!!, 1 left!!, aahhh!!, the door!! Help!!” Redhoof now sounded desperate, as a crashing sound and sounds of choking could be heard.

Crap!!, he is already late!, Vampire Twilight must have break the defenses!, the library door had a spell on it to prevent it to be open, however, there was a spell scroll next to the door, is like Vampire Twilight is forcing Mistshine to read it and use it, however, instead of reading it, he just used his natural earth pony strength and bust the door open, so the spell was actually a illusion, no point of questioning what it was, he ran towards his friend store, just to reach in time he saw Vampire Twilight pulling the mare out, screaming, Mistshine jumped and used his new toy to its maximum, the flames made the vampire drop Redhoof, the vampire tried to attack but Mistshine returned another wave of fire to her, making her fly ran towards the teleport circle, returning to the market in the central area, but she immediately returned to the Library, Redhoof was hiding behind a bookshelf.

“Now I got your attention… is time for you to give me my items and friends back!”

Vampire Twilight smiled, “your friends?... oh sorry, they don’t seems to know you, Soul Sword!”

Mistshine felt how the flamethrower was cut in half, by Soul Shield holy sword!!! The cursed vampire was using his own friends against him!, and she knew he couldn’t attack them of he could risk of killing them for a second time, before he could get up he picked up the flamethrower fuel chamber just to feel Black Tide hydro pump and Harpy tornado attacks combined against him and Angel, the 3 souls looked regretful before returning to the container, Mistshine launched Angel to the mare, but she instantly put a barrier around her, rejecting the bunny attack, the stallion launched himself using a chandelier and attack, while Redhoof watched hidden, a fragment of her own past returned to her mind…

“I…I remember that moment…that move… is when…” Redhoof said…her eyes were filling with oil tears

For that mere second, the whole world for her seems slow motioned, but in grey, she was no longer at the Steel Empire, she was back to her home, to Manehattan town hall, the whole place was burning and although she didn’t burn, her memory did, she saw herself burning behind the desk that used to be for her father work, Stormy, her ex-coltfriend, trying the best to protect her, even if she was already dead at that time, in the same position as Mistshine, each blow that he received was like a loud chest pain on her robotic heart, the fire, her lover and her own screams, all because of his brother, a descendant of that cursed mare that is making Mistshine life a living hell, and the worse thing is, she is a descendant of the Goldenscroll family herself… a cry of pain took her out of the memory of her past, as she saw how Mistshine felt against Vampire Twilight, the mare knew perfectly well he will not hurt a loved one, and she used Coldshard container as a shield each time he tried to attack, Angel tried to snap him, but Vampire Twilight send over Harpy soul to eat the rabbit whole, seems the vampire already dominated the spirit container, Harpy soul launched towards Angel, still in her post dead body, crying, trying to find the strength to eat the bunny, but she couldn’t it the end Harpy stopped much to Vampire Twilight annoyance, she send Black Tide and Soul Shield souls after the stallion, using the Spirit container extra feature, the 3 mares screamed and cried, as they launched towards Mistshine, he defended but ultimately, he gave up… dropping his whip, much to Vampire Twilight and Angel surprise.

“I…I cant… I cant do it!, I cannot hurt my friends or Fluttershy, I should have listened to Lusttail!, I cannot avoid the fighting againts her!, and I fear I might end up killing her, please, somepony wake me up!”

Vampire Twilight smiled, enjoying her victory. “At the end of the night, you are just one colt right?, you couldn’t do anything by yourself, it was your last mistake, coming here alone…, girls finish your friend and you may see each other on the other side before my master put you in good use!”

“Mistshine!, is a trick!, don’t give up!!, please!!” Angel plead, noticing something wrong with his owner words.

The bunny quickly saw the effects that Vampire Twilight illusion had taken on Mistshine, his eyes were no longer blue, they were purple, indicating he felt completely under the vampire control, she licked her lips in anticipation of what is going to happen next, she took Angel and threw him away behind her, turning Mistshine face to a side, exposing the already obvious bite mark that Flutterbat made on him, she grew her fangs and bite Mistshine neck, enough to make him scream like a filly, the dark energy was quickly spreading across his mind, his steel wings now started to alter themselves into bat type wings…

“No need to cry… soon you will be our master precious little pet, mmm and I can see why, your blood is really sweet and delicious.” Vampire Twilight taunted…

However, a voice from behind came closer to the stallion. “Not tonight!!, leave my friend alone!!!”

Vampire Twilight felt the blade of the butcher knife stab her on her back so badly, that all her spells got cancelled, including the bomb spell on Mistshine equipment and the control spell on the spirit container, the 3 mare souls, released from their spell, helped Mistshine get back up, and decided to absorb the dark energy to save him, by order of none other that Redhoof herself, when Vampire Twilight threw the bunny, he managed to take the spirit container with him using Starlight sword, but he was caught by Redhoof, she put the container on and called on Mistshine friends souls, which created the previous interference, angered Vampire Twilight tried her mental control but…

“Nice try…my brain is positronic! And…I’m a mare!, that only works on stallions, trust me, I know that from first hoof experience” Redhoof said, as she nullified the mare hypnosis with a gun mounted on her front hooves” I will not fail my friends again!, I failed my lover when he needed me the most!, I will not fail him again by letting his brother die!.”

Vampire Twilight taunted. “Oh please!, you are nothing more that metal and screws, you were terrified a few minutes ago, why do you think you can beat me?!.

“Because I’m not alone, mares like you are the very reason I cursed my last name, mares like your master are just a stain on my life!, I’m sick of always being the one that always needs rescue, not doing anything while my loved ones risk their lives for me!, this time I will fight, for me, for Stormy, and for my friend Mistshine as well!, I will kick your flank so much that I will exhibit your broken remains on Manehatten town hall lobby you rotten bitch!!!” Redhoof said, as she ordered the souls to continue remove Mistshine recent corruption and protect him.

The 3 souls agreed, as they started to bite Mistshine and take as much dark energy as possible, Black tide bite Mistshine neck on the left side, Harpy bite Mistshine left shoulder and Soul Shield bite Mistshine right shoulder, he couldn’t move though, he would be a perfect target but Vampire Twilight changed priorities, instead of attacking Mistshine she attacked Redhoof, since she is a robot, her body is extremely fragile but the soul inside the robot is just as powerful as when she was alive, she asked Angel to search on her bag of items 4 items, the bunny did as told and entered the store where the bag was, as Redhoof dodged every single attack much to the vampire surprise, her moves were pure gymnastics, but her flexibility despise the fact the is metallic made her far more dangerous if she use a direct kick, she dodged enough attacks for the bunny to return with 3 more hooves guns that were used by Manehatten police, just that Redhoof modified them to have a never ending supply of bullets, and what it seems a powerful bracelet.

Redhoof managed to attach all the guns to her hooves and started to attack Vampire Twilight in hoof to hoof combat, much to Mistshine surprise, each punch she made was followed by several shots of her guns, and with her gymnastics skills she managed to dodge every single of the mare attacks with grace and enough teasing that she could practically milk any stallion by mere touch.

“Bad mare deserves a little spanking!” Redhoof said as she put the bracelet effects into effect

Vampire Twilight found an opening and threw her hoof straight to Redhoof face. “Gotcha bitch!”

“Not quite!” The bracelet magic activated, allowing Redhoof a counterattack the mere second the hoof of her foe touched her, spanking Vampire Twilight plot with her hoof gun, until she send her over a bookcase.

Mistshine could not believe his eyes. “W-wow… why she didn’t use that skills when she was killed?”

“I learned a few things from the succubus down there my friend, especially Softheart” Redhoof replied kindly.

Mistshine smiled, as one of his steel wings returned to feathers instead of bat-type. “Remember me to ask her about that.”

“Aaahhh!! Enough!!!, you are already dead!!!, I will make sure you are nothing more than spare parts to repair a train after in done with you!, and don’t count on your soul being saved either! I will enjoy making it disappear!!” Vampire twilight lost her nerves and got herself ready for the fight.

Redhoof just aimed at her guns and smiled, taunting her. “Bring it baby!”

The 2 mares launched themselves into battle, Redhoof seems to have the advantage despise being a robot, seems that Mistshine encounters and several readings had managed to sharp her up, but actually her plan was to piss Vampire Twilight enough for her to do not cast any spells, this is crucial for any unicorn, they need concentration to attack, and she was taking precisely that out from her foe, the fight was going to prove to be interesting.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 14 -
Im back, dang it... next time when i include a 4th wall breaking character i will bring Link shield with me, anyway, Redhoof had enought on this chapter of being scared, will she be able to kill Vampire Twilight?, lets see ;3

Achivement Unlocked: Cupcakes Treatment (Beat Vampire Pinkie Pie)
Achivement Progress - Promise - (Collect the 6 Cure components 3/6)
Achivement Unlocked - M+1 Pyro (Kill a enemy while running with Vampire Pinkie weapon without taking damage)
Achivement Unlocked: You Want to Touch me? (As Redhoof, dodge successfully 5 times in a row without getting hit)
Achivemnt Unlocked: Come here little filly (As Redhoof, successfully apply a counter attack while your opponent is enraged)

First: Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 1 -
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Previous: Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 13 -

MLP and all it’s related characters belong to Hasbro
Mistshine and Oc´s featured on this fic belongs to me


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