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Costa Rica
About miself?, ummm... letīs see, im a very happy person who likes a lot video games ^.^, thatīs why my artwork is about mostly, games sprites ^.^, also, if you havent notices, im a brony ^^, and im happy to be one, i may work super slow in writting or have little time to practice my ocarina, but i will never give up

On Brony comunity, i go by the name of Stardust Breeze ^^, while most of my friends know me for Blaze ( my Sprites Character ), im glad to meet you all :3

Favorite Ponies:

1) Fluttershy
2) Luna
3) Pinkie
4) Rarity & Spike

Favorite Shipping: Sparity x3, they are so cute
:iconteaminthedarkness: : My Mistshine story received a Fav!, yay!!! :D you rock guys, and since you like my stories so much, i felt i should make a few explanatios so everypony can enjoy my stories without anyproblems, so let´s start :D, you can call them as facts XDD ( + = Stormy story, - = Mistshine Story )

+ Stormy´s Story ( Silent Ponyville - Homesins - or SPH for short ) was inspired by :iconjake-heritagu: incredible fanfics of the same name, i asked permision from him to do my own version, and he says it was ok, but it will be considered non canon to his main story, so you can read his story without any problems ( i erased the PM note where he said it was ok, im a idiot ;_;, so Jake, if you read this, i know you are busy, but i wanted to thank you for the oportunity of doing my story with some elements of yours )
+ Stormy´s Story have as primary focus the Ancient Songs of Harmony, the songs are based on the Zelda Franchise Songs, such as the Winds of Frienship, which it was based on Saria Song
+ Just like Jake story, every monster represent a trauma of Stormy or Luna past
+ Stormy story would have been imposible to finish without the support of another brony writter and friend of mine :iconlightnazoyagami: and the ideas of :iconeramthgin-1027501: , Thank you guys ^^
+ When creating my story, i wanted to combine Zelda with Silent Hill, as those two are part of my favorite games that i played on my childhood, i decided to place a "Magic bar" on Stormy, so that, even with the power of the songs, he would still feel trapped on Silent Ponyville scenario
+ The Fluttershy doll was actually a joke idea that quickly turned into a thing in my fic, as Mistshine never met the yellow pegasus, but Stormy did when she was a filly, the doll apperance in SPH scenario can vary between Normal Fluttershy or filly. due to Stormy mind trying to recover its lost memories.
+ Fluttershy doll is found in the same trap as Robbie Doll in Silent Hill Homecoming
+ Just Like Robbie Doll, Fluttershy doll appears on unusual places, even if it is inside Stormy saddlebags, it will still appear and move on its own, however, Fluttershy Doll actually assist Stormy in order to find the truth
+ Although Stormy didnt perform the dangerous songs, is implied he know them and can execute them, but they will consume more magic than usual
+ Stormy moondust magic is like Gaara Sand from Naruto, but is not sentient or act on its own
+ When i designed Redhoof, i wanted to create a character that was a little lustful, but good hearted, however, i wanted to have a backup explanation for her lustful nature, hence the Deep Ambition Bracelet.
+ The idea of Redhoof monster, the plastic mare, slowly stopping attacking Stormy, and instead, trying to help him, was a clear show on how close their relationship was before her ultimate demise, as their passed childhood, school, college and university together, and they where lovers before she died
+ The skeletal mare as Sunnybreeze with wings, was actually Stormy guilt for his big sister lost, since his sister use to dress up as death on the university plays when she was student, this only made stormy guilt to take death personification as her sister seeking revenge, however, in the end, family ties saved the day and Skeletal Mare suffered the same "reversion" that Plastic Mare
+ Since Manehatten was the cosmopolitan city of Equestria and most murders made by Blackhorn happens at night, this would actually made Luna the responsable of not paying attention to what her subjects do at night, however, during the time Blackhorn tormented Stormy, Luna was still on the Moon as Nightmare Moon, and Celestia was the pony in charge at the time, but even with her responsability of the Sun and Moon, she couldnt stay awake at night for long periods of time
+ Stormy Story is centered between Season 3 and Season 4 ( Just before Twilight Coronation )
+ The everfree forest castle has a tons of secret passages, that it was the perfect hidding place for the book

- Mistshine Story is completely centered after season 4
- Mistshine Familiars will not going to be all metallic, as Angel Bunny is already filling up for the Sword Specialist Familiar Type.
- Ironically, Angel Bunny plays with Alucard attack style ( Swords primary ) and Mistshine with a Belmont Style ( Holy whip, Sub weapons )
- Mistshine Story is a Castlevania themed fanfic ( as if it was not hard to guess it already xDDD )
- I know mosf of you would be confused about why a earth pony can use magic and fly, if you remember season 4 last chapters, we learned that everypony has magic ( pegasus can fly and control the weather due to this, Unicorns perfom magic and earth ponies have brutal strengh, and alicorns have all 3 types of magic ), but since Mistshine cannot perform magic or fly on his own, he develop the Tech Horn and Steel Wings to perfom those actions, however, his magic is weaker that a regular unicorn, and his Flight is just as gentle as Fluttershy.
- When Discord gave the first Tech horn and steel wings a drop of his magic, that magic actually went to Mistshine so when he uses those devices, he wont have the side effects, so in a word, the draconequus actually healed Mistshine Magic Center without him knowing, perhaps because, if he knew, he could turn reckless.
- a friend of mine asked me why didnt i bring Redhoof back?, and i couldnt since she was dead, but remembering that in Castlevania, sometimes the souls of the deceased can come back, as replica bodies ( Inspiration from the Battle against Castlevania 3 Fake heroes on Castlevania SOTN ), and specially on our dear Dracula case, i decided to bring Redhoof soul back. and make her body recovery a quest.
- Some of Mistshine abilities and enemies are a tribute to SOTN, Aria of Sorrow, Lord of Shados Mirror of Fate and Super Castlevania 4.
- As mentioned on the previous fact, Some monsters keep the same name as they had in Castlevania, others will have their name changed.

there ^^, once again, thank you guys for all your support and reading my stories :D
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Castlevania - Dance of Ilusions -
  • Reading: The Legend of Zelda Manga
  • Watching: Nothing XP
  • Playing: Zombi U - Survival Mode -
  • Eating: Chocolates
  • Drinking: Coca Cola Light

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