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:iconteaminthedarkness: : Ohhhh finally!!!, i finished Mistshine story!! ;D finally, everypony that read my story and comics sprites!, i want to thank you, nwn you are awesome!!!, this is the second story i completed to a full and even if didnt get much comments, i feel happy that i was able to create a story good enough to be faved by someponies on DA, thank you all guys ^^, thank youuuuuu * falls asleep due to tiredness *

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Ending 2 (Bad Ending) – Rebirth worthy of a King –

Conditions to Unlock:

+ Save Fluttershy without killing her
+ Befriend the mermaid ponies and the harpy’s species of monsters
+ Get bitten by All Vampire Knights
+ Finish up the game with or without the Perfect Replica Body scroll
+ Reach corruption to the maximum (But do not die by it)
+ Complete the map.


+ King Sombra Tech Horn (*)
+ Flutterbat Blood Jewel (*)
+ Deathscythe Scythe (*)


Mistshine felt a burning pain in his chest, like if he had drank a bottle of hot sauce in one of Pinkie Pie parties, once he could open his eyes, he saw himself on the Princess Bedroom, rebuild, he screamed in terror, to which Alure Une came to his aid, however, she looked weakened and withered, Mistshine grew concerned and asked what happened, Alure pointed at the mirror in the room.

“W-what happened?!?”

Mistshine yelled at the top of his lungs, despise his new Power of Purity, his eyes had the purple mist emanating from his corneas, his eyes were full red and his fangs are grown, indicating he unfortunately had turned into a vampire stallion himself, his steel wings were bat type and in his head, was the same tech horn he burned to crisp, King Sombra horn, he asked for Alure to slap him, thinking this was just a bad dream, he called for Fluttershy, but he didn’t received any reply, he ran outside as fast as possible, just to find himself with the horrible truth.

The Steel Empire was rebuild on its fullest, nothing was destroyed or broken; it looked like it was before Poisonhoof initial attack, he looked at his gizmo clock and activated it, calling all his friends, when they all came, they hugged Mistshine, crying, and explaining what happened.

“She… she nearly kill us!” Coldshard said crying on the stallion shoulder.

Mistshine inquired. “Who?”

“Princess Celestia!” Redhoof said, her face was badly damaged.

Mistshine fear grew as he felt the dark magic on his body increasing, making his heart ache. “B-but why?!, I was positive she would accept you guys.”

“She didn´t…I…I recorded a message… from her, here it is” Redhoof said as she displayed the massage stored on her memory.

Mistshine saw how the image of her and the mane 6 behind her appeared, talking. “ Mistshine Brave… if you are hearing this, I’m positive you know you are sealed inside the Steel Empire, and that the sky on the empire is always red… that is because you are inside a limbo, inside the 1000 years banishment spell.”

“She... She called us.... M-monsters...” Coldshard started to cry even more.

Soul Shield continued. “After you beat Poisonhoof, she looked at all of us and saw we still had dark magic present within us, so she gave us the option, of either die peacefully by her hoof or remain here with you.”

“T-Twilight tried to help us…but…” Black tide said, scared to speak further.

Mistshine wrath started to grew as she saw what she would do. “I know that this might come with a shock to you, but as ruler of Equestria, you understand I cannot put my ponies in danger with your monsters in Ponyville, despise their actions... they were still created with dark magic, and since half of them feeds with pony flesh I had to resort to drastic measures... I sealed off the empire with the most powerful spell I was capable of create, while I also erased the memory of your friends and family.”

“W-what?!?... So Fluttershy...” Mistshine said... nearly about to cry, Soul Shield replied positive. “Yes...she will never remember you.”

Celestia message continued. “I’m sorry Mistshine... but is for the well being of Equestria... the shield will not kill your friends fast... make the most out of it...” the message ends, with Redhoof looking at Mistshine very sadden

“So.... That means we'll fade away.... “Harpy sounded really depressed. “Not that it surprises me... I already knew I was gonna die somehow...”

However... something was wrong on Mistshine eyes... anger flashed instantly... as he gave an order to his friends. “No... You won’t my friends... gather any surviving monsters in the empire as fast as possible!, rebuild the cryostasis chambers and meet me on Poisonhoof laboratory!”

“W-what will you do Mistshine?” Redhoof said, very worried about where her friend was going.

Mistshine eyes grew full green now as the power of purity flashed on the horn. “If Celestia wants a war... she will have a war...Mark my word Princess of the Sun!, the Brave family was born to protect Equestria treasures!, but you betrayed us!, and you don’t make a enemy with somepony that knows ALL your secrets!, prepare yourself... as for today forward, Mistshine Brave is nothing more than a memory!, from today onwards!, I will be know as The Metal King! Hear my wrath and tremble!!”

And just like that... Mistshine last spark of kindness died within him, the laughter of Poisonhoof echoed on the empire, as his friends already faced their worst fear, their kind friend had fully fallen to the corruption, turning not only into the vampire pony he was so trying to prevent, but also the new owner of the empire, however, things were different in the empire for him and all the monsters in general, there was that spark of kindness in his heart for the monsters, but when they failed him in something, they saw genuine wrath in him, although Mistshine never hurt them, they felt both fear, and respect to him, perhaps due to the power of purity he had in his heart, that power seems it shielded the stallion soul, however… every power has its limits.

A few months passed, and Fluttershy outside of the empire felt uneasy, as if she was remembering something, Angel Bunny was not affected by Celestia memory spell, so when the spell time grew weak, the bunny spilled the beans for her, Angel learned so much with Mistshine, he was even able to replicate the animal translator, and since he still kept his weapons, he had the evidence to back it up, even Discord was surprised by the little bunny tale.

“So that’s all that happened!, please you have to believe me!, Fluttershy, Discord!, we need to go to the stone ark!, fix it and break the banishment spell!, is the only way we can still save Mistshine!” Angel plead to the chaos spirit and his owner.

The shy pegasi held her head, trying to recover “I'm so confused about this... I seem to recall things but... “ Fluttershy looked at his friend with certain worry. “Discord, did you know about this?”

“I.... Perhaps I did. “ Even he didn't feel proud of that. “I'm sorry, Fluttershy... But I didn't want to see you spend the rest of your life mourning him”

Angel pleaded one more time. “Please!, we need to at least try it, Mistshine risked his coat for Fluttershy, and I fear that if he was sealed in the Empire, even him will not be able to withstand all the corruption alone, neither will Alure and the others survive, they barely cheated death 1000 years ago with cryostasis chambers, and when Mistshine and I explored the place, the cryo chambers were destroyed.”

“Is all that true?! If this pony did all that for me...” Fluttershy said... starting to wet up.

Discord looked at her friend getting seriously sad over Mistshine, and realized there was no reason to keep it hidden from her. “Fluttershy, dear... This might hurt a little.”

“... I will get the towel... sorry for this my owner” Angel said as he used his ice sword to freeze Fluttershy hooves to prevent her from moving.

Fluttershy reacted terrified at their actions “AAAH!!! GUYS... WHAT IT'S GOING.ON?!”

Discord didn't lose a moment and instantly struck the yellow pegasus with a powerful blast; one that reverted the effects of Celestia's spell, Angel removed the ice sword blade from the pegasi hooves, unfreezing them. “F-Fluttershy?... do you now remember?...”

“... uuugh...” Fluttershy felt her head hurt for a moment, but after a while, an angry expression appeared on her “Celestia... Why did you do that?! “

The bunny looked at his owner “She said it was for the well being of everypony, the monsters could feed on pony flesh if their dark magic was not kept contained.” Angel said as he equipped his ice sword on his back.

“But did she know they had a heart and soul?!” she rapidly picked up the rabbit and put him on her back. “Discord, pass me his wrench. We need to save him now!”

What Fluttershy didn’t knew was that Discord didn’t had possession of the stallion wrench, in fact the wrench was not even in Celestia possession, however, the spirit of chaos teleport them to where the wrench was, the wrench was buried inside the pieces of the stone ark in the Everfreee forest, near the barrier was another one of Princess Celestia barriers, the sprit of chaos broke it without effort and between the 3 of them started to repair the stone ark... however, when it was completed... a presence alerted Discord and Angel, Angel got himself on guard using the learned with Mistshine. A royal voice let very clear who was the one that found them.

“Stop this at once Discord, and Fluttershy!” Celestia said in her royal manner.

Angel however jumped from Discord, using him as a plank. “Make me! This is for Mistshine”

“...” Celestia just used her wing to slap the bunny, breaking his animal translator, silencing him.

Angel couldn’t talk anymore; he just jumped, trying to alert Fluttershy and Discord. “bepsh!”


Celestia sadden looked at the draconequus “Discord... you of all ponies should know what would happen if I allow the monsters to appear suddenly on Equestria, there is no point on telling how far the dark magic corrupted them, they can be passive and then one moment, attack suddenly, specially the harpies and mermaids ponies.” Celestia said, having knowledge of the monsters themselves.

“But did you see them when Poisonhoof WASN'T controlling them?! Do you think you know them?!” Fluttershy faced the princess with all her rage “You knew Mistshine did his best for everyone! He couldn't let them die!”

Celestia replied sadden, knowing something that would break the pegasi heart. “Fluttershy... is too late for him already... when he was unconscious, the corruption absorbed by Poisonhoof returned to him and hit the maximum, his power of purity will not hold forever, and not even me can clean him, when the Power of Purity runs out, he will be doomed to repeat the same mistake as Poisonhoof, so before the monsters turn evil again, I decided to seal him with them.”

“B-But... That's not true....” Fluttershy refused to believe this. “THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

Celestia continued. “You know is the truth Fluttershy, you of all ponies should know how close you were to die by corruption, and he already crossed the line, so please, let me try the spell one more time.”

“OH HELL NO!” Hearing what she was about to do, Discord intervened before she could do anything. “THIS IS GOING TOO FAR FOR YOU, CELESTIA!!! You don't know if she'll withstand another spell!”

Celestia sigh as she talked “if I do not do it Discord, then YOU do it!, you know as well as me than when the memory spell wore off, all her emotions for him came back at full speed, and if the ark is already fixed, Mistshine can exit the empire, and he is most likely to be corrupted, if you care for your friend, erase the memory yourself! It is your duty!” Celestia demanded with authority on her voice making her horn glow. “Or I will make it for you”

“…” If Celestia was right in something, it was that Mistshine was no more the pony he used to be. But what Fluttershy has to live now... Was knowing the fate that the innocent habitants of the Empire have to endure now... He was not going to let that go unpunished. “I'm so sorry, my friend....” Discord said as he put his eagle claw over the pegasus head, and performed the mind clearing spell. Fluttershy's tear stopped to flow, as she banished into the floor unconscious. It was done.

Angel saw this and tried to jump with intentions of attacking the princess, but Celestia also cleaned the mind of the poor bunny wiped clean, Once Fluttershy woke up, she do not longer had any knowledge of who Mistshine was or what had transpired into the Empire, everything was just like a horrible dream... however, as the years passed, Fluttershy usual kind self was slowly disappearing, until a more assertive and direct Fluttershy was all that remained, as if she was discorded like that time during Discord revival, however, Celestia confirmed the element of kindness was still present within the mare, a nasty side effect of a second mind erasing spell, a side effect that Discord regretted, but repeated over and over again “It’s necessary”.

Years passed and the Legend of The Steel Empire was born, going officially in history as a empire of nightmares and fear, created to kidnap colts that misbehave, similar to Nightmare Moon tale adapted for Nightmare Night, in such tale, it tells the following; Mistshine was known as the “Metal King” a king capable of controlling anything metallic and know for having control over all kind of creatures, from Timberwolves to the most brutal pony-animals hybrids, any foal or filly that “misbehave” or “rebel” against their parents, will be kidnapped at night by a harpy and taken away to the empire for a slavery fate. As the years passed, Fluttershy didn’t even wanted Discord as friend anymore, to make matters worse; she stopped taking care of animals. Last time Twilight heard about her friend, was when she got married with a unicorn from Ponyville that was a high status pony, however, life was rough for her, as the husband she got, didn’t resisted her assertiveness, leaving her alone with a single child.

1000 years later, Celestia looked upon her fateful student, time already made possible for her student to forgive her for her actions against Mistshine and the Brave family, Luna on the other hoof, still had problems in forgiving her sister one little thing, since Stormy Brave, Mistshine big brother tried to search for him, Celestia used the same memory spell on him, but that also erased the memories he had of Luna, breaking up their relationship, the Harmony Ocarina that originally belonged to the stallion was now on the Princess of the Night possession...  as for Celestia, she couldn’t forgive herself... she looked at the wrench she kept from the stallion with pain in her heart... as she talked to her student and sister, it was the anniversary of the Legend of the Steel Empire fairytale creation, and just like nightmare night, foals and fillies dressed up as the monsters from the fairy tale.

“...” Celestia looked incredible sad as she reflected. “What other mistake will I do Luna?... even after 1000 years had passed, I still question myself if it was the right choice...”

Luna looked at her sister with a concerned look. “You have been like this for over a week already Tia... you should let it go... what is done is done...”

“I know it was hard when Discord left us, but we have always taken hard decisions...” Twilight tried to comfort the princess “We cannot change what we did, but hope it was for the best.”

“I hope you are right Twilight, my great relief is that you still are the Element of Magic and my closest friend in these times, what about the other element holders, were you able to find them?” Celestia let out a sigh and looked at her student.

Twilight smiled with glee “I have... And I'm sure you'll like to meet them”

“Please bring them Twilight, I need to see if there harmony energy present in then” Celestia said as she smiled.

Her pupil nodded and left the room, only to return shortly followed by five young mares, all resembling their old ancestors, the original Mane 6, there was a unicorn dragon hybrid that looked a lot like Rarity, indicating her obvious ancestry, next was a puffy mane mare with fondness for candy, a earth pony that shared her legacy with the apple family, and finally a pegasi that was not multi colored mane, but real fast on the air, Celestia was looking at the original mane 5 reincarnated in the new millennium.

“Their likeness is uncanny.” Luna said as she looked at each of the mares, but one of them was missing. “Wait… where is the last one?”

The mare representing generosity called the one missing. “Silver Blossom, dear, stop being so hidden, the princess wants to meet you.”

“I'm sorry... It's just....” the sound of her voice brought many memories to the princess, although if her voice ringed a bell to them, her presence was like a concert of bells “I am.... kinda nervous of meeting them”

A young earth pony entered the room, and only a glimpse of her was enough for Celestia to panic inside; she looked just like Mistshine, but at the same time just like Fluttershy. A small pair of goggles on her head was her own personal memento, although she was an earth pony, her hair was the same as the previous element of kindness, but with Mistshine hair colors, her cutie mark was a butterfly with a screwdriver, indicating her talent for machinery and animal caretaker.

Celestia tried to calm herself down, fearing the worst, hiding the wrench on her throne the best she could, even Twilight and Luna could tell that Celestia was having a panic attack as she tried to talk, perhaps her conscience finally hit it’s toll?. “C-child, your name is Silver Blossom right? And where do you live?”

“Well.... I... I live in a cottage near the Everfree “ She began to say. “It's been... A refuge for my family since...” In that moment, she managed to catch a glimpse from the wrench behind the throne, and she got a little bit excited. “E-excuse me.... Is that a...”

Celestia without nothing else to back her up, revealed the wrench she had hidden. “Y-yes... is a wrench... but it was used by an evil and nasty king...”

“... Let her see it Tia....” Luna said, not approving what Celestia said about the owner of the wrench.

Celestia handed over the wrench to the young filly. “Is the same wrench featured on the Steel Empire fairy tale”

“Y-you mean... The Metal King's wrench?!” looking at the artifact filled her with both fear and awe “Can I.... See it closer?”

Celestia nodded. “Sure...”

The Princess fears were confirmed when the shy pony instantly became familiar with the wrench, able to tell the components it was made of, when the little earth pony put her goggles on, it seems as she was totally focused by it, like if she was a different mare all together. The wrench reacted to the shy mare, activating it’s hidden power, a fragment of the power of purity... a power once the Metal King had to protect others, to Silver, it felt warm, and cozy, filled with love and compassion, sending a wave of questions to the shy mare.

“So it's true.... It was made with a blending of dragon scales and steel, it seems to be magic repellant” She said as she inspected the object, with a great smile of fascination “The legendary Draco Wrench... It feels... So amazing to hold.”

Celestia smiled... lost in a different era... before wrapping the wrench up and put it on the mare back, perhaps recovering some of her sanity and try to make things right from her mistakes in the past. “Keep it... the fairy tale mentions the Draco Wrench was used to construct the empire... but this is something the fairy tail do not mention... it also chooses it’s owner.”

“Your majesty!!!” A royal guard came in running, bleeding, scaring everypony in the room

Luna replied. “I command you, what happened?!”

“The.... the Everfree... the Everfree castle... is attacking!, creatures are crawling from there... they are no... They are not normal ponies!” the guard said before fainting.

A loud crash in the throne room put Celestia into alert, she saw to her horror a harpy monster dodging successfully the guards spears and picking up one of the new elements holders, and Silver Blossom best friend... Sapphire Circlet, the one that looked like Rarity but with dragon features, Celestia shoot instantly without questioning her most powerful spell, making the harpy cry in agony as she crash landed near Twilight and Silver, Celestia prepared another shot but Silver stopped her, even Luna stopped her sister, Silver found something on the creature claw... while Twilight fascinated, tried to keep the creature alive, studying her body.

“This is unbelievable!” Twilight said as she analyzed the creature “Half pony, half eagle... The level of genetic enginery is incredibly advanced! But... Who could have created them?”

The young engineer pony looked at them with a terrified expression “Y-you should read this....” In a hurry, she gave the note that was on the creature claw to Princess Celestia, who proceeded to read it out loud.

“Guess...who’s back...” Celestia face turned pale. “We need to get to the Everfree castle, NOW!, Twilight, leave the creature... we...”

Before Celestia could react the harpy used her wings to try to fly but felt to the ground, when she looked up however, she saw Silver right in front of her... the creature recognized the wrench on the mare hoof and crawled towards her more eager, leaving a blood trial, once she was closer to her, she rose herself as she could and bowed to the shy pony, to the surprise of everypony on the room before dying on the hooves of the new element of kindness, as she died, her body quickly turned into blue flames, that didn’t burned Silver at all, but left her with a little key, confused, everypony exited the castle, just for Celestia horror to see not only a bunch of harpies attacking the city, but also several pony heads that flew to their targets and freeze them into stone statues, filling Canterlot streets with garden ornaments, the mane 6 and the princesses took the first train to Ponyville in order to get to the Everfree forest, in said forest several things made Celestia panic, the vines growing incredible fast, harpy presence, and even the wrench activation, when they reached the castle, Celestia, Luna, Twilight and the new mane 5 saw the door that protected the elements opened already, from said door a light grey pony with vampire clothes appeared, holding a box with the 5 elements of harmony, only magic was left untouched, Celestia quickly jumped and attacked followed by the other 2 princess, however the dark colt was shielded by a barrier made out of cotton candy, Celestia knew perfectly well who magic was this one, as she asked for freedom.

“Release us and tell Discord that if he is helping you, I will…” Celestia demanded, angry.

The stallion laughed as he pulled the magic element for a moment out of the tree of harmony. “In due time... besides… I believe you are NOT in position to demand anything, remember me now Celestia?... “

“The Metal King... Or should I say Mistshine Brave?” Twilight looked defiantly to the stallion. Silver reacted surprised to what was happening.

The shy mare reacted. “Mistshine Brave? Who is that? You... You met the Metal King?!” Silver Blossom questioned.

“That name... it was a name I haven’t heard... a long time ago... much more that I would like to admit, how much was it?, 10, 100 years?, or was 1000 years?...” Mistshine smiled as if the voice of the mare remembered him about a time looong forgotten.

The stallion turn around facing the new element holders, the 5 mares could easy see their foe, Mistshine cream colors had been lost and replaced with a light grey coat color, his eyes were blood red with a iris similar to bats, the purple mist signal of the dark magic of the forgotten King Sombra was present on him, his fangs were exposed revealing he is a vampire pony, and his mane has totally lost its color, the white mane had replaced the black one, but his red part of his hair was still there, however, he had new steel wings on his back that are bat type wings, and finally a bright red tech horn to allow him to cast magic. Silver looked at her hair, scared, as she have the same red color in her own hair, the stallion instantly looked at the wrench on the mare back, and smiled.

“ look at lot like her... take care of that wrench… and it will take care of you” Mistshine said before receiving blast from the princess with 0 effects on him.

Celestia yelled. “Leave her out of this metal king!”

“You know... I was hoping to have a nice and little chat...BUT IF YOU WANT TO SPEED YOUR DEATH THEN SO BE IT!!” the stallion yelled as he levitated the 6 elements, the elements started to surround him

Celestia eyes grew wide. “But... You can't use the Elements!” Twilight said terrified “What kind of dark sorcery is this?!”

The vampire stallion didn't answer, but instead prepared to attack the group of ponies. But then, out of fear, Silver Blossom intervened on time “STOP! WHY DO YOU WANT TO HURT US???”

“Hehehehe” Mistshine smiled as he laughed. “My dear sweet child... who said you and your friends were the target?, let me guess Celestia… THIS is what you were going to do with Discord!, right!?”

Much to the horror of everypony present, Mistshine changed target and aimed at Celestia, he used his tech horn magic to steal the Element of Magic power, thus, activating Equestria most powerful weapon, The Harmony Blast as hard as possible, the rainbow power stored on the elements exited the corrupted horn, changing their colors dramatically to a negative colored rainbow blast, this blast hit Celestia hard, not only freeing her from the cotton candy prison, but making her a pure stone statue, just like when she turned Discord into a garden decorative item, finally the stallion attack turned to Luna as well, making her suffer the same fate, the laughter of the stallion was heard from far away as he ordered the harpies flying in the sky to take the 2 princesses away, the harpy pack obeyed as they carried the princesses statues away, terrified Silver Blossom attacked hitting the stallion back with the Draco Wrench, releasing Twilight sparkle out of her prison, Twilight however, was broken...her mentors are gone, however Mistshine words for the new mane 6 gave them a little hope.

“You know... they are not dead right?...if you really want to save them, come to my empire... but seriously Twilight... you of all ponies should know what she did to me... so this is all her fault...” Mistshine said as he rose up, he levitated the Element of Magic out of the cave and put it in front of Twilight, defying her. “If you think your precious elements of Friendship will help you this time, let me give you a news flash…” The stallion lifted the mare face with his hoof. “Your friends are all dead… and these new fillies need time to earn their elements, and until that happen, you are as weak and  pathetic as Celestia.”  Mistshine turned around slapping the mare a little soft with his tail, teleporting again and taking away 5 of the elements with him and throwing away the Element of Magic jewel, its bright glow was gone.

Twilight was still in shock “The princesses.... No, this is terrible... WE HAVE TO TAKE THEM BACK!!!”

“But... But how?!” Silver Blossom looked very terrified of what just happened “He took the Elements and somehow got the power to use them. You know him better than I, The Metal King is a wicked stallion of darkness!”

One of the monsters however... landed and picked up the devastated Twilight and her element, and put her next to the mane 5, she replied landing in front of everypony, she was a beautiful harpy, of the same age as Silver Blossom, her feathers were black as the night sky, but with white tips, giving her a star design, her beak was orange and her eyes green, her coat was light blue her cutie mark was a white feather with a musical note behind it. “He was not always like that... trust me... I know...”

“Oh my... your wings are simply divine... but... why are you helping us?” Sapphire Circlet, Silver Blossom friend inquired.

The creature replied. “T-thank you for the complement” The monster hid her face in embarrassment. “B-but this is not the time, my master before coming said he wanted to put the new elements to a test, follow me, I know the way to the empire.”

“A test? But... How can we trust you?” the alicorn looked at the creature with an angry look, still shocked by the kidnapping of Princess Celestia and Luna.

The shy pegasi helped Twilight get up. “I'm sure we can trust her.... “Silver Blossom said instantly “I don't know why, but I feel it.”

“Excellent!, let me guide you... but... just one warning... Even if they are statues, your princesses can still control the sun and the moon only!, so, if it gets dark or is night time... hide... as best as you can and do not lower your guard until day time.” The harpy warned as she flew.

Having no other options the mane 6 followed the harpy between the wooden area of the forest, reaching to the abandoned train rail tracks that took to the stone ark, the harpy passed first, Twilight jumped inside the stone ark, disappearing from everypony sight, then Silver Blossom friends, until she was the last one, a blinding light made her close her eyes as she walked, once she woke up she found herself in the desert area of Equestria, surely Circlet would had already complained, if she was there with her, Silver Blossom scared ran, trying to find her friends, but she couldn’t find them, despise how well she can orient herself...she walked for a few minutes until she reached a huge bridge with a Iron gate

Silver didn’t knew what to do, all of this was happening so fast that she was wondering why she had this feeling she should continue, she saw the lock on the door, just to find a little keyhole, she pulled out the key she received from the dying harpy back in Canterlot, and her intuition proved that it worked, the key opened the gate allowing her access to the place behind the gate... her eyes shrank as she was received by a robotic mare, dressed up as a maid.

“W-w-w-w-welcome traveler... t-t-to the Steel Empire.” said the maid, her voice chip was very worn out.

Silver Blossom couldn't believe her eyes “W-welcome? W-who are you?”

“I’m a servant robot, named Persephone Nº153, I’m one of the many maid robots that cleans and maintain the empire in optimal conditions.” The robot replied, bowing to Silver Blossom with kindness.

“So... You are an inhabitant of the Empire... “ she said impressed “D-Did you see... other five ponies around here?”

“Oh yeah, they all separated inside the empire, I hope they didn’t get lost, the empire went some renovations during this last 1000 years, feel free to explore, I recommend the Forest of Enchantments, it had grew a lot.” the maid replied.

The door opened automatically allowing the shy mare to fully enter the empire, she took courage from Celestia knows where and entered galloping, without her knowing that the door closed itself shut behind her, a force field appeared on said door, preventing any pony from getting out, the robotic mare even went as far as to close the iron gate and locking it back up with a spare key she had in her dress... when nopony was near her, her kind expression quickly changed to a red eyed and smiley face, as the torches on the empire door turned off, allowing the darkness to take hold, her dress changed with the shadows, it revealed to have lot of holes and her expression changed to a twisted sadistic face, she just repeated one last line... before breaking up into pieces...

“Oh yes...Welcome...Welcome indeed to the Steel Empire...”
Bad Ending - Rebirth Worthy of a King -
Celestia... do you even learn about your past mistakes?!?!? O_o, This is the bad ending of my story (And fun fact, this bad ending will spark a new fanfic on my mind XD, but since this a NON cannon ending, the Story will be a "What if" Scenario XD, like a alternative universe if you will ).

So what would Silver Blossom (Fluttershy reincarnation) will face on the new and upgraded empire?, wait until i write the story to find out XDDD.

=Rewards! (Replay the game with the same safe file to use them EQG Fluttershy Smile Plz )=

- King Sombra Tech Horn: A tech horn that uses King Sombra actual broken horn instead of concentrated unicorn magic, capable of creating powerful Dark Magic attacks! Poisonhoof owned this horn before...
Effect: Increase the damage made by dark magic attacks in 75%
Downside: Corruption gauge fills 20% faster than normal and deals double damage to owner from Light based attacks.

- Flutterbat Blood Jewel: a blood jewel that contains pure vampire pony blood, allowing its owner to transform into a vampire pony with incredible powers... weird... Fluttershy had this jewel.
Effect: Makes easier to deal with Bosses (Including Fluttershy/Flutterbat) as it increase damage dealt by all attacks up to 75%
Downside: Instantly increase Corruption gauge to 50% and owner is unable to lower the gauge while item is equiped.

- Deathscythe Scythe: The soul ripping scythe of Deathscythe, the blade can rip a pony soul without destroying the body.
Effect: 1 Hit KO to any monster (except bosses)
Downside: Extremely slow weapon, nulifies any status protection (such as brooches, the vampire tunic resistance, ETC)

Ending Guide

Good Ending:
Bad Ending: You are Here
Extra Chapter: ???
What the Heck Ending: ???

MLP and all it’s related characters belong to Hasbro
Mistshine and Oc´s featured on this fic belongs to me
Ending 1 (Canon/Good Ending) – Promise Kept –

Conditions to Unlock:

+ Save Fluttershy without killing her
+ Befriend the mermaid ponies and the harpy’s species of monsters
+ Do NOT get bitten by All Vampire Knights
+ Finish up the game with the Perfect Replica Body scroll
+ Keep the corruption at bay (Do not allow it to reach 100%)
+ Complete the map.


+ Redhoof Quadruple Guns (*)
+ Fluttershy Chainsaw (*)
+ Harmony Ocarina (*)


Mistshine woke up to the sounds of the morning bells of Canterlot Castle; he didn’t have his items or his vampire killer with him, which scared him a little, once he woke up however, he noticed that he was no longer on the Steel Empire, in fact he was in one of the guest rooms of the Canterlot Castle, confused he saw in the mirror next to the bed and saw that his wounds were patched up, and the bite mark that Fluttershy gave him while possessed was no longer there…  but there was someone asleep next to him, he recognized the yellow feather and pink mane anywhere.

“Aaaahhh!!! F-Fluttershy!” Mistshine said, falling out of the bed surprised to see the pegasi there.

The mare immediately woke up, noticing the loud crash and checked beside the bed, she noticed her beloved stallion on the floor “MEEP!!! Mistshine! Are you ok, my dear? “. She said worried about the young colt.

“Well... I felt down the bed when I suddenly noticed you there Fluttershy, did you stay up all night?... what happened after I lost consciousness?” Mistshine asked, a little blushed that Fluttershy called him dear.

Fluttershy kindly replied “Well, after that you remained asleep for like three days.... You lost so much energy, Mistshine.... And you did it all just for me.” Almost like if it was taken from his dreams, Fluttershy kissed Mistshine in his lips.

“Mmpsh!!” Although shocked at first, he kissed Fluttershy back, he knew this was not a dream or he would have felt his energy being taken away, later the stallion asked. “Fluttershy... but what happened to the others? Alure, Coldshard, everypony?”

Fluttershy replied with excitement that was reflected on her eyes. “It was actually very surprising. After watching all you did for them, and how in essence they were still ponies at soul, Celestia decided to let them live in Ponyville!”

“So…they will be able to live normal lives… I’m happy for them” Mistshine said smiling.

Fluttershy remembered something as she got out of bed. “Oh yeah…that reminds me, Princess Celestia wants to see you once you wake up.”

What would Princess Celestia want to talk to him? Either way he got up and walked towards Canterlot Castle Throne Room, during his way there he could see curious looks from the city citizens, someponies called him the Master of Dark Creatures, while others call him the Steel Engineer, perhaps what he did on the Steel Empire became well know thanks to the creatures he saved?, when he entered Canterlot Castle Training grounds, he found Soul Shield training with the Royal Guards… well… not precisely training, more like she is kicking everyone plot, specially in the air, her shield sparkled with the sparks of battle and her sword broke the stallions weapons in one swipe one quick glimpse of the stallion trained eye for metal recognized Soul Shield is using a Royal Guard armor with sword and shield. Mistshine came along in the middle of the practice, dodging Soul Shield initial sword attack.

“M-master Mistshine?!, is dangerous to come behind me in the middle of a practice!” Soul Shield said, stopping her attack.

Mistshine smiled. “Seems you found your place to live.”

“Nah… I will live in Ponyville, I came here to see the strength of Canterlot current guards and… well… until now nopony has managed to lay a hit on me, I told them to be serious and try to injure me, but they seems to hold back” Soul Shield said as she disappeared her hoof sword and shield, walking in 4 hooves like a normal pony.

Fluttershy saw the vampire pegasi hooves. “How are those holding up?”

“To be made out of scrapped metal, I would say ok, I was waiting for the Master to wake up so he can make me new ones…” Soul Shield said, looking at her master with happiness.

One of the guards however, got up. “Hey you, vampire pony, don’t think we are done, in ready for Round 2.”

“Mmmm, I love it when they do not quit, talk to you later master, I have more training to do.” Soul Shield said as she flew again and prepared her weapons.

Fluttershy smiled wishing luck to the mare. “Good Luck Soul Shield.”

“Step aside Soldier… I will take care of this…” Said Shinning Armor, getting ready his sword.

Mistshine saw how Shinning Armor was able to go hoof to hoof with Soul Shield, so much even his troops were impressed. Soul Shield smiled as she called the training to end after seeing there was somepony capable of giving her fight, Shinning even went as far as to allow Soul Shield to train his soldiers so they can be ready for any challenge.

Meanwhile inside the castle, Celestia called Mistshine alone, perhaps for a secret meeting, leaving Fluttershy outside the room, although she couldn’t enter, she could hear well what Celestia said to the stallion, her voice seems royal and powerful, to make matters worse, Princess Luna was next to her as well making the stallion awfully nervous, specially with the princess of the night giving him a icy glare.

“Welcome Mistshine… I wanted to talk to you about a few things.” Celestia said as royal as ever.

Princess Luna asked first. “I would go first dear sister, you see…” Luna said but suddenly her voice change to her usual Royal Canterlot Voice. “HOW DID YOU BRING STORMY EX-MAREFRIEND BACK FROM THE DEAD?!?!”

“I’m sensing there is dating issues with my brother and you…” Mistshine said, clearing up his ears from the yell the princess emitted.

Luna replied. “You think?, on the last 3 nights I have been getting that mare with calls to either me or Stormy, and is with him that things escalate quickly.”

“How so?” Mistshine asked.

Luna replied with a blush. “Ummm you see… she…” Luna moves towards the stallion and whisper him all the naughty things Redhoof said to her, with emphasis on details.

“I see…” Mistshine said, blushed as heck. “But that’s how she always is, or at least when she had her body… and you can’t blame her either, she took the fall for her brother and ended up in Tartarus, Softheart managed to keep her alive by… keeping her soul…in her…uterus…” Mistshine finished up explaining with a hard blush on what the succubus he knows did that.

Celestia smiled but questioned serious, as she pulled out Mistshine saddlebags, filled with his items from the Steel Empire. “You know Mistshine, almost everything in this bag with exceptions of the bits, are forbidden relics, items that should have never left the empire, and we can have you imprisoned for a long time… anything you want to say Mistshine?”

“Nothing… except I would do it again if something bad happens to my mare.” Mistshine replied with honesty in his heart.

Celestia inquired further. “Pray tell… because it seems to me that you loved Fluttershy greatly, even to go as far as to almost die to get her back.”

“To be honest Celestia… I did it without thinking, without bringing backup, I just wanted to see her safe and sound, even if she didn’t chose me as coltfriend. When I heard that she disappeared to a barrier you created and not even Discord could take it down, it was enough to send my heart into alarm.” Mistshine said as he recalls his experience. “Even if I had turned around and called for help, by the time the help came, Fluttershy would be dead or worse, taken over by that… that parasite of Poisonhoof, my worries was Fluttershy all along, trying to find her, make sure she was safe, and when I find her…”

Celestia continued the stallion story. “You found her already corrupted.”

“Yes… I couldn’t bear the idea of her being slowly eaten away by that mare soul, I would never see her kind smile again, or share a afternoon tea party or even try to outplay Discord, so even if I died I promised I will bring her back, I love Fluttershy with all my heart, and ever since I awoke from that coma I wanted to meet her and have a chance to be more than friends, ever since my brother told me about her when we are all little….” Mistshine concluded.

Celestia interrogated the stallion further, with a different topic, while Fluttershy listened from outside, hearing the stallion retell his story and how much he loved her made her heart fill with joy and happiness, Celestia nodded with the stallion regarding the age, as a matter of fact, the brave family was born almost at the same time that the mane 6, making a incredible coincidence of age, Mistshine is at least 4 years younger than Fluttershy, while Stormy is at the same age as Pinkie Pie, the princess question finally reached his friends, specially Poisonhoof and the monsters.

“You met quite a team… a succubus, plant pony, ice specter, water, fire and electric ponies, robots, etc. But I’m worried, as you might know already thanks to Fluttershy; I allowed them to live in Ponyville… but…” Celestia stopped as knowing something the stallion didn’t.

Mistshine continued. “But?”

“Your Harpy and Black Tide friends… you know they are carnivores thanks to their animal parts… unfortunate they will never be able to integrate fully, Twilight was fascinated by them but the issue still remains, they will not be able to fit in properly, specially if they are all time carnivores for pony meat. It pays me to say this but…” Celestia said as more serious as she levitated a map

Mistshine did not like where this was going. “What...what is this?”

“Is the Everfree Forest map, I want you to please build a house for them on the forest, is the perfect place for them, besides they can act as protectors for the Everfree Castle.” Celestia said as she levitated the map to the saddlebags and returned it to Mistshine.

Fluttershy entered the room, a little inpatient and saw Mistshine with his items back, when she asked the princess, the princess let a kind smile and said that it was for the good of everypony, but she let Fluttershy know to use her best judgment for the creatures to be able to live and have the pony life they got stolen from, Luna stopped Mistshine for a moment to ask him about Redhoof revival with the perfect replica body, the Princess was hiding a evident blush that Fluttershy caught in a instant.

“M-Mistshine, is imperative that if you are going to make the replica body for Redhoof, you use a secluded location, there is a ancient lab that you can use on the Everfree Castle.” Princess Luna said.

Fluttershy caught a glimpse of their conversation, and approached the lunar alicorn. “So you're gonna revive her completely?”

“Y-yes... between me and Celestia, we will be done adjusting her documents by the afternoon... is not that I like her to meet her in full since she want to steal my coltfriend and...” Luna continued a little nervious.

Mistshine interrupted laughing. “The Princess of the Night, intimidated by a lustful earth pony, now seriously Luna, give her a chance, who knows, you two might end up liking each other as friends.”

“After all, didn't you met her back when she lacked a body?” Fluttershy said to the princess.

Luna denied with her head. “No...not exactly but I already knew her thanks to Stormy and his family album, however, during the last 3 days I got phone calls from that mare, she explained everything to me and I’m a little afraid to met her, after all, is the ex-marefriend of my current personal guard we are talking about, he already have issues with the guards for his current position”

“But I don't know why.” Fluttershy remarked genuinely confused. “You love him, don't you? And you of all ponies should know about how he saved you and how you saved him” Fluttershy continued her advise to the princess.

Luna analyzed Fluttershy words, smiling a little, remembering all the experience that she have shared with the stallion and vice versa. “You know dear Fluttershy, now I know why your colt did everything for you, Stormy did everything in his power to protect Redhoof and failed because his power was not enough, however, he did the same for me and succeeded... I believe I can find time on my schedule to share my colt to her... don’t say this to Tia, she takes the reputation more seriously than me.”

“Don’t worry, I'll keep your secret safe” she reassured Luna.

With his new orders, the stallion left the Canterlot castle, but before leaving Canterlot entirely, he decided to pay a visit to his brother in his apartment, he wanted to make others smile and if possible, give himself a well deserve rest, maybe live the life he wanted with Fluttershy, outside in the residential area, Canterlot high elite saw the stallion with curious look, they even catch a glimpse of the legendary Vampire Killer Whip, as if in 3 mere days, the Legend of the Steel Empire became known, when Mistshine and Fluttershy entered the apartment the stallion had, Stormy received them, he was making a cake much to Mistshine surprise.

“Y-you are cooking?” Mistshine said with a surprised look in his eyes.

Stormy replied happy. “Well... your cooking sucks bro, so I should make something special today...Oh!, Fluttershy!” Said the stallion, noticing the yellow pegasi. “I heard everything!, I’m glad to hear you came unharmed”

“Thanks Stormy, although you should thank your brother for that” she said in a grateful voice. “I even can't believe he became so... strong and caring”

Stormy replied to the pegasi with the same surprise. “Yeah he evolved...or grown at least a he is no longer little.”

“S-stormy shut up!” Mistshine said blushed as he felt a little ashamed.

Stormy continued. “All jokes aside brother... Luna said to me you keep talking in dreams that you faced our ancestor... how did that happened?”

“I honesty do not have a clue... but I found our legacy... the reason for the Brave clan to exist, we were born to serve royalty but we also were born to protect the forgotten relics of the old Equestria, you inherited the Ancient Book of Harmony and the Harmony Ocarina... I got the vampire killer and Grand Cross spell... Starlight Brave was the original owner of the ocarina from what I can understand. Roseblood was the owner of the whip”

Stormy took out his blue and green ocarina, finding a signature labeled SB on the button. “Guess that explains this little SB here...”

“So it was the first Brave's ocarina... That explains why it has the power it possess.” Fluttershy said as she saw the ocarina.

Mistshine continued what her marefriend discovered. “And why it has the ability to channel the power of the songs of harmony that only Celestia old court could perform... but anyway brother, I came to ask you something.”

“And that is bro?” Stormy said putting the cake in the oven.

Mistshine replied with firmness. “I want to live with Fluttershy so is it possible you can send my stuff to Ponyville?”

Even Fluttershy was surprised by this announcement. “What? Mistshine... You want to live with me?”

“Of Course, I cannot protect you from anything if I do not live with you right?, I know this is not the best place to say this but...” Mistshine a little ashamed

Stormy blushed as he charged his horn preparing to teleport. “Don’t mind me, I’m just going to the store down the street!”

“... typical” Mistshine said as he saw his brother teleport. “What I wanted to say that I really love you... with all my heart and I want to spend my days with you...if you accept me” the stallion face was burning red as a apple.

It was more than clear, even before, that he loved her but that didn't stop her from blushing. “M-Mistshine.... O-Of course I accept!!!” she then flew over him and gave him a warm and loving hug.

The stallion hugged Fluttershy as kindly as possible, feeling her soft wings on his back, Fluttershy could feel the touch of the stallion on her back as well, their hearts beat with the same rhythm at this point, they look each other at their eyes, they felt they could lose themselves on each others eyes... but before they could give their long awaited kiss as a couple, they got interrupted again, this time by Stormy, annoyed Mistshine whispered to his mare that they might have to wait a little longer for that kiss, after talking to his brother, Mistshine and Fluttershy returned to Ponyville in order to break the news to Fluttershy friends, Fluttershy heart feels like it was racing a falcon, she couldn’t believe that somepony loved her so much to make that kind of decision or risk his life for her, for a shy pony, like her.

Once the couple reached Ponyville, Fluttershy and Mistshine separated for a moment, Fluttershy said she was going to break the news to her friends, Mistshine told Fluttershy he will take this opportunity to help Harpy and Black Tide with their homes, as well as to revive Redhoof as per Luna request, Fluttershy nodded and flew happy towards Twilight new home. On his way towards the Everfree Castle, Mistshine was being followed by a very familiar presence; the living spirit of Chaos was chasing him, already aware of the stallion intentions.

“Woahohoah!!! Looks like somepony just scored himself a cute mare!” Discord said floating next to Mistshine, smiling proudly.

Mistshine was surprised that Discord knew about that. “You heard everything?!”

“Hear?! I'm not blind, you know.” he said mockingly. “I think the inhabitants of the moon saw it pretty clearly too.”

Mistshine smiled at the comment. “This is incredible, I was unpredictable for a psychotic mare that wanted to kill Fluttershy, and yet, I’m an open book for my friends, guess is only fair right?”

“Why of course! That mare was still more screwed up than me.” He said as screws fell from his body, which proceeded to fall apart in a comical fashion. “And speaking of screwing up, DON'T YOU DARE TO DO SOMETHING CRAZY ON HER FIRST DAY!”

Mistshine blushed heavily as he talked, catching what the draconequus said. “WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? REDHOOF?....wait...” Mistshine stopped and pulled out the perfect replica body scroll. “Oh right... I forgot I need to bring Redhoof back to a normal life...hey Discord, want to help a mare recover her body?”

“Hahahaha!” Discord immediately appeared with a Frankenstallion suit, with a kind of creepy smile on his face. “Glad you ask... Care if we practice some... Medicine?”

Mistshine smiled at the draconequus offer. “As of matter of fact I do care... you see, I have a friend I found on the empire, more precisely a robot librarian, that has the soul of one of my deceased friends from Manehattan, and she want a second chance at life, but I have no materials to mimic the organs based on this scroll, does the name Princess Platina rings a bell to you?” the stallion replied as he gave the scroll to Discord.

“Oh yes, I remember her. She was... pretty soft and easy to manipulate....” Discord looked at the scroll, and recognized the signature of the princess.

Mistshine said to his draconequus friend as he reached the Everfree castle “Well... she is the one that made the whole empire, but she is the one that made that scroll and details how to recreate a pony body from scratch, using stainless metal for the skeleton and synthetic skin, you know Frankenstallion Version 2.0, with the difference this one will works just like the real deal, I need your help to be able to make this and help my friend, you are the spirit of chaos, with your power should be easy to help me make this right?”

“Well, this sounds like going against the natural scheme of things, so basically... My cup of tea.” Discord said as she shakes his hands in anticipation.

Mistshine smiled at discord enthusiasm. “I take that as a yes then..., thank you my friend, Fluttershy would be proud of you.”

Inside the castle as he opened the door, Mistshine was tackled by Redhoof, the pony he promised to give her body back, Discord being curious saw the robot and the soul orb inside her, smiling at the fact that Mistshine already had the most important ingredient for a new life, the soul of the pony, according to Luna, there was a secret lab on the bottom of the castle, the draconequus, Mistshine and Redhoof searched until this place was found, it had the smell that it wasn’t used in ages, as Mistshine worked, Redhoof saw a little scared at the spirit of Chaos, while the draconequus appeared the materials and helped to make the body.

“Let’s see... I need 30 tons of stainless metal, enchanted to do not be rusted by blood and organs... the metallic alloy from what my tech horn and steel wings are created... and some actual DNA of the pony that I’m trying to revive.” Mistshine said as he pulled out the alloy, asking discord. “Can you multiply this?”

Redhoof saw the draconequus with fear and awe. “Y-you are the one... and only Discord... h-how come you are...”

“Funny? Gorgeous? Undescriptively desirable? “he said as he put on a jested suit, a matador suit, and finally a open-chested skirt with sparks surrounding him.

Redhoof continued as her eyes flashed for a moment. “I was going to say awesome...although I might be a robot right now, I can see your power... I’m.. I’m speechless, you are far more powerful than the succubus on Tartarus said” Redhoof said as she scanned Discord, something that ring the mind of the chaos sprit.

“WOAH, hold a moment... What are you doing with that thing exactly?” he said pointing to her scanner.

The robotic mare smiled. “Oh this?... this is the scanner I used to scan things, is harmless, I was just comparing your current power with the one I had in record from the Steel Empire... seems he is more powerful now than before” Redhoof said, finishing her analysis.

“Seems my friend, that finally accepting friendship gave ya a power boost” Mistshine smiled at this as he put the metallic materials on the table.

Discord didn't know how to take that, it almost appeared he was gonna blush. “Well... Perhaps I guess...”

“Hehehe, ok... I have everything ready... I have only one thing missing, Redhoof actual DNA... but her body was burned to ashes and there is not any...” Mistshine said as he was interrupted by Redhoof.

Redhoof smiled as she pulled out her bloodstained ribbon. “This robotic body was know it had a invisibility feature?, Stormy had this in a safe and I’m actually flattered that he kept it all this time, this should be enough right?”

“For the DNA Yes, I need Discord help to shape your organs again, ready my chaotic friend?” Mistshine said as he put his lab coat on starting to work on the skeleton alloy with the materials Discord bring him.

Discord laughed with glee “Woohohoho... I'm more than ready!” Suddenly, he was dressed in a scientist robe with his special scientific glasses

Although is true, it was defying the laws of the nature, Redhoof soul already crossed to the world of the living and making her body again was not going to make further harm to Mistshine, her or anypony, Discord was more than helpful, teleporting anything the stallion needs, while shaping the organs using the alloy and the plans of the Princess Platina to make them as they are supposed to work, Mistshine took Redhoof DNA from her bloodstained ribbon and replicated her blood with it, however he took the robotic body brain and transplanted it to the new body, as for the scanner and her other robotic functions, they would remain on the robot body until Mistshine finds a way to make them usable for the mare again.

The final step necessary to make the skin and mane, was to infuse the body with harmony magic, this is were Mistshine power of purity was put to the test as he started to infuse the body with light magic, as the magic flowed within the new body of Redhoof, her soul was removed from the robot body and started to go inside the new body, once the process was complete, a little explosion of harmony magic let them know the process was complete. Once Redhoof opened her eyes... she saw herself in the operating table, while the robotic body, having no longer a soul to operate it, crumbled away in the chair it was resting.

“I’m...I’m alive?.... I’m alive!!!, oh thank you thank you guys!!” Redhoof said, hugging the stallion and the draconequus as hard as possible.

The draconequus reacted surprised. “Thanks... I guess.” Discord felt something warm in his heart.

“You might want to lay low for a while Redhoof, without your robot body you are now vulnerable to attacks and even if your body is now more resistant, you can still die, you might face problems walking... Discord, can you do me a little favor?, take Redhoof with Celestia and Luna, they are the ones working with her revival papers.” Mistshine said as he put away the perfect body scroll.

Redhoof smiled a little lustfully. “Ohhh I can’t wait for my Stormy to recognize me...”

“Me neither. I just can feel already the ensure chaos with Luna” Discord said as he bursted into laughter.

Redhoof smiled as she looked Discord. “Did you by any chance hear my phone calls?”

“What, me? Why would I do something like that?!” even he couldn't take himself seriously saying that. “Hey, you two are a lot of fun. I don't even need to get involved!”

Mistshine laughed as he waved goodbye to his friends, smiling as he put the hidden lab now to rest, as he walked upstairs exiting the castle, he could feel all his experiences and all he learned on the empire, he remembered the monsters he faced,  the ones that chose to live in Equestria and even he remembered with sadness about Poisonhoof, how much hatred he was actually facing?, and how powerful was the dark king exactly?, if Poisonhoof went that mad of power just with the dark unicorn horn, what would have happened if that mare actually succeeded in reviving King Sombra?. He was thankful he didn’t had to answer that question, as he exited the castle doors, he feel like a new pony, leaving all those memories stored in his mind, treasuring the moments he lived.

Several hours later, after he made the house for Blacktide and Harpy, the stallion went by Fluttershy house, he found all his personal belongings already on the living room, Discord and Angel was helping unpack, finding the little Fluttershy doll, Discord made a little comment as usual, but Mistshine replied that the doll was actually from Canterlot souvenir shop when Stormy was little, he said that a pony with a camera cutie mark use to make dolls of ponies he took pictures, and one of them resulted to be Fluttershy when she was a filly, Discord nodded in agreement, as he said that the bedroom where he will sleep was upstairs, there was a chance they will have to make the house a little bit more bigger with his magic in order to give the stallion space to work on future projects.

Mistshine tired went upstairs and got inside the bed to rest, a soft creek from the door opening sounded in his room, the stallion felt how somepony got in the bed with him, he opened his eyes just to meet again face to face with the mare he loves, Fluttershy, she was hugging him tightly, blushed to no end.

“You know Fluttershy; stealth is not your cup of tea...” Mistshine said as he hugged Fluttershy.

Fluttershy continued. “I don't think I wanted be stealthy...” she answered with a small smile. “I just wanted to thank you... For all you did for me”

“You are welcome my dear...” Mistshine said but look to all sides of the bedroom. “Ok... let’s hope we do not get interrupted this time...”

The shy pegasi replied. “I think I locked the room... And there is no pony that could come in... So...” her cheeks blushed even further, knowing what was about to happen. “M-Mistshine...”

“Fluttershy... I love you... and I will always remain by your side, in the good, or the bad" Mistshine said, holding the mare hoof.

Fluttershy held the hoof of the stallion tightly. “And so do I, Mistshine... I love you... And I will never leave your side, no matter how bad things are...." their faces moved closer to each other, as their hearts began beating as a single one. "I love you.... And... I want to be your marefriend”

“And I will be your coltfriend my love” Mistshine said as he closed his eyes

At long last, that long awaited kiss came, a kiss both Mistshine and Fluttershy wanted to share with each other, their lips touched as their tongues played with each other during the duration of the kiss, Fluttershy wings to surprise of the stallion, opened and hugged him with said wings, as a sign of commitment, to be next to each other until death comes for them, today as couple, tomorrow if possible... as something more.

The full moon quickly bathed both ponies as they ended up their kiss, resting on each other hooves as they sleep together, the legacy of the brave family was known in the past for always achieving the impossible, in this modern era, a long legacy of blood awoke with the stallion, allowing him to perform also the impossible, saving the mare he loves and allowing the souls of the Steel Empire to rest, a smiling Princess Platina looked at the newfound couple up in the sky, before disappearing, going to the afterlife she desired. As both ponies sleep, the vampire killer whip rested at a side of the table, next to a crimson butterfly brooch, a brooch that sparkled with the moonlight.
Good Ending - Promise Kept -
Also known as Cannon Ending, finally, Mistshine story came to a conclusio, a positive one! ;D, now with Fluttershy as marefriend?, what would happen? , that my friend i cannot say :3

Thank you everypony for reading, you are the best! Fluttershy Clap

=Rewards! (Replay the game with the same safe file to use them x3)=

Redhoof Quadruple Guns (*): 4 Guns made out of a strange metal that never breaks or dents, capable of constant light magic attacks, these guns are property of Redhoof Goldenscroll, how she aquired this? is beyond me.
Effect: Can add extra damage to hoof to hoof combat, also extends magical hourglass duration from 5 seconds to 10.

Fluttershy Chainsaw (*)
A chainsaw Fluttershy had in her shed hidden away almost near the chicken coop, by some reason it can be feed with dark magic for powerful critical attacks.
Effect: Insta-kill basic monsters, consumes a lot of MP to charge it up.

Harmony Ocarina (*): The legendary ocarina capable of playing the Ancient Songs of Harmony from 1000 years ago, originally belonging to one of Mistshine ancestors (Starlight Brave) and currently in possesion of Stormy Brave (Mistshine big brother), the holder of this item can even reverse time!
Effect: Rewind time and slow down the flow of time, allowing to slow down the corruption rate.

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Mistshine couldn’t believe it, it worked, Fluttershy was ok and alive, he managed to save her in mere 1 hour before the time was up, and she didn’t show any side effects of the cure, in fact he could feel the kindness element shinning inside her more powerful than ever, Fluttershy hugged Mistshine as strong as she could, feeling safe with the stallion at her side.

“I…I knew you would…come for me” Flutteshy said, very tired of the whole ordeal

Mistshine returned the hug. “I told you didn’t I? That I was going to protect you”

“Yeah… you did…” Fluttershy said as she put her hoof on the stallion face.

Mistshine blushed as he felt the pegasi hoof on his coat. “Fluttershy… there was something I wanted to tell you ever since I met you… I…”

“Yes?” Fluttershy inquired.

Mistshine removed his tech horn and put his forehead with Fluttershy own, words were not needed their eyes already said everything for them, Fluttershy blushed hard as he saw how the stallion came more closer to her, she closed her eyes, preparing for a more than awaited kiss, from the real Fluttershy this time, both of their heartbeats accelerated as a train. However, Angel busted the door open as soon as he heard his master voice.

“FLUTTERSHY!!” yelled the little bunny jumping towards the pegasi, interrupting the kiss.

Fluttershy was surprised to see Angel. “A-Angel bunny?!, what?!, M-Mistshine you didn’t put Angel in danger right?”

“I believe the monsters were more in danger than him…” Mistshine said looking at the bunny a little annoyed.

Fluttershy inquired further. “B-but how is he talking?”

“By this Fluttershy” Angel pointed at the stallion clock. “Your coltfriend had it activated the whole time so I could talk…I’m so glad to see you!” The bunny continued to cry on his owner chest.

Fluttershy blushed hard at the word. “C-coltfriend?..b-but…I’m not ready to...” she said but she stopped a moment, looking at Mistshine blush, she smiled. “Or…maybe I’m ready…”

“Don’t push yourself too hard Fluttershy, you are still recovering.” Mistshine blushed as she felt the mare holding his hoof.

Mistshine other friends came, specially the Elemental Fillies, they scared Fluttershy at first because of their appearances but Mistshine advised her with her head they are friends, Fluttershy looked surprised, this was the first time ever since she became possessed that was able to meet the monsters without getting attacked, they all gathered around the bed, looking rather curious at the pegasi.

“Fluttershy… these are the friends that helped me out to reach here, I would have never made it alone without them, the green one is Alure Une, a plant pony, the one with the harp is Coldshard an ice pony, next to her is the water pony Sea Chord and Coldshard sister. The feathered one is Harpy, of the Harpies species, the one next to her is a vampire pegasi Soul Shield, the colt is a lighting colt called Arcing Spark and the red filly is a fire pegasus called Fiery Pyre and finally the little breezie robot is actually a succubus called Softheart” Mistshine said introducing every one of his friends.

Fluttershy fear went away quickly and smiled at them. “N-nice to meet you all, forgive me for my…umm…jumpscare there…”

“Is understandable, you were possessed by the same mare that created us via experiments so is no surprise you got scared.” Coldshard said as she held her harp closer to her.

Softheart rested on Angel back. “So you are the mare our master was so determined to rescue, gotta say he have a good taste.”

“M-master?, Mistshine explain please, I do not understand.” Fluttershy asked the stallion to clear her confusion.

Mistshine was going to talk, but Soul Shield the valkyrie experiment talked instead of him. “You see Miss Fluttershy, our previous master was the one who created us, Poisonhoof, however we decided to become servants of your friend here after he fought us, he took time out of his mission to spare us and show us other ways, that’s why we call him Master.”

“I…I see…Mistshine…” Fluttershy said smiling and looking at the friends he made along the way. “You think we can bring them with us?”

Mistshine nod in agreement. “As long as Celestia do not burn this place up, she was here 1000 years ago, she have a little explaining to do…”

Before they could continue the presentations a powerful earthquake started to be felt in all parts of the castle, the earthquake was so powerful it started to destroy the empire, Mistshine moved Fluttershy out of the bed before a boulder crushed her, everypony had the same idea, Mistshine picked up all his items and ran outside the bedroom with his friends, returning to the central area, just to see the bedroom tower falling apart, as well as a part the road to the throne room, Mistshine received a automatic call from Rustyhooves.

“Yo Mistshine!, are you feeling this?” Rustyhooves inquired.

Mistshine replied positive. “Yeah, this is not a normal quake either…”

“You got that part right!, I picked up several dark magic traces coming out of the central tower!, all the monsters are desperate trying to flee!, we need to get out, now!

Angel reminded Mistshine of something. “B-but the east entrance is closed remember? It closed automatically when Mistshine and I entered the empire; the bridge got raised and is protected by a force field.”

“The master override must be in the throne room!, find it now!, then teleport to the east fountain!, we are all waiting there!, oh shit look out!” Rustyhooves call got disconnected, only static was heard.

Mistshine looked at Fluttershy and his friends. “Everypony ran, I will turn the master override on!”

“You will not do it alone!, I’m coming too!” Fluttershy said, determined to go.

Mistshine denied. “No Fluttershy is way to risky, please, ran, I will be right behind you.”

“… I…said no! I’m going!” Fluttershy insisted.

Softheart reminded his master about something. “Master you need the previous master of the empire to be present, and I’m willing to bet Poisonhoof used Fluttershy blood to lock the place before the transformation began.

“…” Mistshine sigh, as he pulled his whip up.”Ok Fluttershy, everypony, teleport to Redhoof store!, help evacuate any monster willing to flee. I fear some of them might want to stay.”

Everypony nod to Mistshine order and teleported away, Fluttershy stayed at the side of Mistshine with Angel bunny on her back, both ponies returned to the throne room just to find it almost entirely destroyed but the gold throne was intact, both ponies searched for a master control, Fluttershy found it first hidden on the throne sides, It had a little needle to take a sample of blood, the mare let her hoof being pinched so the throne made appear the console, it was locked with a special key, having no time for this, Mistshine hit the control console with his wrench making it explode, a message from Redhoof came to his gizmo clock.

“The force field disappeared!, quickly get out!”

Mistshine and Fluttershy nodded in agreement, the stallion put on his tech horn and teleported him, Angel and Fluttershy to the central market area before the tower felt on them. Once they reappeared, they saw the tower starting to fall, Mistshine and Fluttershy ran, with Angel holding for dear life on his owner wings, Mistshine opened the door leading towards the East Entrance just to find bodies of several harpies and mermaids not fortunate enough that died from the falling rocks of the upper towers, feeling sad he ran inside the East Entrance lobby, where more and more unfortunate monsters corpses lay there, some of them were undead, others simple mechanicals skeletons or harpies, while others were the armors he has been facing. Both ponies could clearly see the ghost of the previous empire residents trying to flee as well but something couldn’t allow them to open the door.

“Mistshine… are those?” Fluttershy inquired.

Mistshine replied positive. “Yeah, those are the empire citizens that died on this empire!, their souls cannot rest, but I believed all of them were on the chapel, how did they get here?”

“No time for investigate that!, look out!” Angel yelled, pointing at a bolder falling on the doorway.

With the doorway blocked they will have to find a alternative route, Mistshine called his timberwolf robot and ride it along with Fluttershy, he used a gravity spell to attach themselves to the ceiling, the timberwolf robot ran towards a window, when they broke it, the gravity spell glued them to the side of the east hall, Mistshine used this to reach the East Entrance, in fact the bridge was already down, everypony ran and left the crumbling empire away, the sand of the desert was hitting them hard as they tried to find the stone ark that would take them towards the Everfree Forest, a voice guide them.

“Mistshine!, here!, here we are!” Redhoof yelled as she was waving near the stone ark

Fluttershy pointed, having spotted the robot mare. “There Mistshine”

“Ok dear, come on my friend!” Mistshine ordered the timberwolf rider

Although they were away from the empire, the quake could destroy the stone ark and with it the exit, Mistshine lowered himself out of the timberwolf and ordered everypony to cross, Celestia spell was weakening when the presence of Poisonhoof disappeared so it should allow everypony to exit the empire, Black Tide and 5 of her surviving mermaids went first, followed by Harpy and 3 more harpies, then Soul Shield, later the elemental fillies, Coldshard and Alure, Softheart also passed, followed by Redhoof and Rustyhooves with the Timberwolf robot, Fluttershy and Angel were last…

“Come on Mistshine!” Angel said as he crossed.

Fluttershy also looked behind. “Mistshine?”

“…” Mistshine looked at the empire as paying his respects. “Don’t worry Fluttershy… its all over, if you see Celestia, tell her to do not attack the monsters.”

Fluttershy nodded before giving a quick kiss to Mistshine on his cheek. “Ok… come now please.”

Fluttershy exited the empire successfully, Mistshine looked at his vampire whip and removed it from his saddle… he was questioning himself whatever he should leave it on the empire, or carry it, but when he was going to turn around, a huge black crystal came under him and destroyed the Stone ark.

“W-what?!?! NO!!, No No No No!!!” Mistshine said in denial, as he tried to put the ark back together

A very familiar laugh was heard as the empire finished falling apart, sending a sandstorm towards the stallion, burring him under the sand, the sandstorm started to cover the stone ark as well as the dark crystal, but not the empire ruins for some reason, as if the sandstorm had a grudge against the stallion, Mistshine hoof exited the sand and started to crawl but a bigger sandstorm buried him, silencing his screams, Mistshine put his tech horn and started to prepare a spell, the sand covered the horn and silenced the magic.

On the other side of the Stone Ark, Fluttershy opened her eyes just to find her friends, Discord and even Celestia herself happy to see her, they all shared a hug and gave comfort to the mare, even the monsters that exited first hugged them all, Discord smiled as he saw the scene.

“Told ya the creatures weren’t evil, you owe me 1000 bits.” Discord said with a smirk.

Celestia just sigh. “Oh shut up…”

“We would fear we will never see you again darling!, you had us all scared when Discord came with the news.” Rarity mentioned, not letting go her friend.

Pinkie Pie also talked. “We didn’t mention anything to Stormy or Luna because they went on Royal Business to Manehattan, otherwise they would be here.”

“How convenient.” Said Coldshard looking at Celestia. “You must be the Princess Celestia right?”

Celestia nodded. “Yes I am little one.”

“You know what we are right?... I suppose you owe Fluttershy an explanation after our master risked his life to save her.” Coldshard said while looking at everypony.

Discord mind rang when the creature said master. “Hang on…Fluttershy where is your little friend?”

“He is behind me…” Fluttershy turned around smiling.

But the mare smile was quickly wiped off her face, as she saw the stone ark portal closing and a dark crystal heading towards her, Fluttershy screamed but Twilight and Applejack managed to break the crystal before it even touched the mare, the stone ark felt down, this made Fluttershy cry… as she knew perfectly well what this meant.

“No!! Mistshine!!” Fluttershy said, crying.

Rainbow Dash asked. “What did he do?, I know he made something when I saw him that night with your feather.”

“Is not like that dashie!, he stayed behind!, at the Steel Empire!” Fluttershy cried more as she started to worry everypony.

Twilight mind rang at this and asked the Princess. “Princess…what is the Steel Empire?”

“…” Celestia saw how the monsters were looking at her as expecting to confess, seeing Fluttershy pain left her with little choice but to speak. “This is actually… my fault…”

Discord replied. “After I identified that the spell on the ark was yours, you said you will explain to us what is, and I believe you better start talking Celly, and fast.”

“Alright…” Celestia complied but was interrupted.

“Please… this… this is no time for backstories…” Fluttershy said, still crying.

Applejack seems to know what Fluttershy meant. “Ya are worried about him right sugarcube?”

“Yes, he is in danger, he saved my life, please, we need to go to San Palomino Desert, that is where the empire is” Fluttershy said, more worried but calmed.

Discord immediately became worried when he saw the black crystal remains. “I know Sombra magic, but this one is like a mixture of him and another pony.”

“Ok you heard Master Fluttershy, Harpy!, fly as high as possible and try to find the dessert!, Alure prepare your flowers, Blacktide gather your troops!” Soul Shield ordered, being the one with the military rank.

Harpy flew up high searching for the desert area, Rainbow Dash followed her intrigued of how far she can see, Harpy managed to locate the desert and pointed southeast, Alure on ground made a huge flower appear, Twilight fascinated by this came closer to the plant pony and saw her from every angle as possible, she even saw the flower itself, but before anypony could move Celestia raised her voice.

“Enough!” Celestia said, as she levitated the harpy down to earth and burned Alure Flower. “Neither of you will go to that area.”

Twilight questioned her princess methods. “Princess?!, what are you doing?!”

“I knew she was going to attack us!, like she did 1000 years ago!, everypony defense formation!” Soul Shield ordered as she attacked Celestia to make her let go the spell that kept her friends tied.

Celestia was going to attack but Fluttershy yelled. “WAIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!, Stop Please!, no more!”

“M-master Fluttershy… but she…” Softheart exclaimed.

Fluttershy cried more and yelled. “This is NOT the time for this!, explanations will come later!, please Discord, teleport us to San Palomino Desert!, I need to know he is alright!, please!, I beg you…”

“…” Celestia breathed as she calmed herself down. “You are right…Discord, take us all to San Palomino desert, we need to find Mistshine fast.”

Rarity exclaimed. “The desert?, Oh no no!, my hair will be absolutely ruined!, somepony bring water!”

“…” Blacktide smiled as she used her water pistol attack on Rarity, wetting her mane

Rainbow Dash laughed as she hid the rain cloud she was going to kick. “Well you asked for it, besides is night time Rarity, the desert is cold as this hour.”

Discord couldn’t bear see his closest friend crying, so he complied and teleported everyone to the desert in a flash, Fluttershy desperately began searching, as well as the creatures, since they spend more time with Mistshine, they could trace him more easy, Rainbow followed the Harpies, Fiery Pyre and Soul Shield very closely, as Twilight fond fascinating the features of the other ponies, specially the mermaid ponies that used their own water attack to cool themselves.

Meanwhile on the empire ruins, Mistshine rose from the sand, coughing, hearing the psycho mare voice still in his head, he put away his own tech horn, relieved he used the bubble spell in time to save himself from being drowned by the sand, he tried to repair the Stone ark but the voice sounded now behind him, Mistshine turned around just to find a tech horn with a red horn on it surrounded by sand.

“You know that is not going to work right? You are trapped here with me.” Poisonhoof voice said from the tech horn.

Mistshine tired, exclaimed. “Are you serious?, how many times do I have to kill you?, you lost already!, let me get out!, you have no ways to revive yourself!”

“Oh you are wrong… I still have you…” Poisonhoof said as the tech horn got attached to Mistshine forehead

The stallion yelled as the horn started to cloud his mind, made him reach the maximum of his corruption, he tried to remove it but the horn was not going away, Mistshine desperately walked away from the stone ark and into the road to the empire, but his hooves stopped, as he felt that the horn actually started to suck away his corruption, it still hurt, but he felt relieved, in fact he stopped resisting so the horn could take as much dark magic as possible.

“Heh… you are doing me a favor you know?” Mistshine smiled.

Poisonhoof voice suddenly sounded distorted. “Oh really you think?”

The horn actually pierced Mistshine forehead before removing itself, Mistshine could feel how it took something out of him, he applied some potion on the hole to close the wound and saw how from the dip of his own blood, the mare body started to form. A spell that came from the horn as it glowed with a red aura, from the sand a robotic skeleton intact came closer to the tech horn, it was a mare skeleton with the horn broken, once it put the skeleton on, Mistshine blood started to form the remaining organs and skin, Mistshine disgusted saw how the mare took form until her coat became blue color, her hooves and muzzle brown with her mane growing, her cutie mark was a engineer wrench with a soul orb floating around it, with a base of black crystals, the mane of the mare was  light orange with a light black color once the mare opened her eyes, her eyes were red with the purple mist characteristic of King Sombra.

“I see now… that tech horn… is King Sombra Horn, right?” Mistshine said, putting himself on guard

Poisonhoof smiled looking at her body. “Incredible that your blood allow me to revive this fully… yes… it is.”

“That’s explains the black crystals and the fear spell… but why?, I though Sombra was…” Mistshine questioned.

Poisonhoof replied. “Dead?, he is… by some reason this horn felt here a few months ago…” Poisonhoof explained walking in circles around Mistshine. “I was inside the stupid of Goldengear at that moment and found the horn on the edges of this barrier, when I picked it up, I felt my king energy in it, so I decided to use it… don´t get me wrong I tried to revive my king, but each experiment ended up in failure.”

“The dark magic fog…” Mistshine said, remembering the issues he had with the fog on the empire.

Poisonhoof smiled. “Bingo… so instead of reviving my king I decided to carry on his wish, the same wish I have, Destroy Equestria and its pathetic princess ruling it!, it is my revenge for killing my king.”

“Your king?...Sombra never had a Queen, not that we know of.” Mistshine said, keeping track of the mare.

Poisonhoof confirmed. “Is true, he never got one, because he had me… I was his lover.” Poisonhoof said as she appeared a black crystal spear, the same one Mistshine saw on the fear door and on Soul Shield memory zone.

“Lover?... you actually believed that jackass was capable of feeling love?!” Mistshine laughed, only to receive a black crystal attack that he narrowly dodged.

Poisonhoof said with anger. “Do not insult the all mighty king in my presence you insolent buffoon!” the mare said with anger which made her purple aura more evident and her corneas to become green colored. “We were so close of our goal 1000 years ago, if it wasn’t for your princess, everything would have been perfect!”

“You are talking about the Crystal Empire slavery and the Steel Empire massacre.” Mistshine continued.

Poisonhoof continued to talk. “Yes… our kingdom defied King Sombra, providing armor and equipment for the fight against him to the Canterlot troops, so in response we took the Crystal Empire subjects to teach out citizens a lesson, on know to respect their king or suffer a fate worse than death, the princess of this empire was so soft to her subjects, even to the criminals that it was disgusting to me, when I went to the crystal empire, I met a real ruler, a real king, he opened my eyes to the world and what real strength was, nothing beats pure raw power, and the Steel Princess demise was the proof, she died so quickly that I didn’t enjoy it as I wanted to, but you…”

“Uh oh…here we go…” Mistshine said, getting ready.

Poisonhoof smiled as she licked her lips, sharp fangs could be seen. “You have been a constant thorn on my side, I guess is time for me to finally take your life, is the time to put aside your weak ideals of friendship and love and suffer at the hands of the Queen of The Steel Empire! The perfect punishment for a meddling stallion like yourself.”

Outside of the empire ruins, Celestia felt a dark presence nearby, Discord felt it as well and decided to go to that direction, the presence was behind some mountains to the east, Rainbow, Harpies and Soul Shield managed to see the empire destroyed ruins and flew towards it, but as soon as Harpy and Soul Shield touched it, they got electrocuted and sent away, Rainbow Dash managed to catch them both before returning to the ground, Discord magic didn’t even worked.

“Oh come on!, this is the second impenetrable barrier I faced this week!” Discord said in annoyance.

Celestia saw the barrier a moment. “This is no second barrier Discord, is the barrier I put on the empire…but I do not get it, it was supposed to fade when there is no more dark magic present.”

“When Mistshine and I escaped it got weaken, enough for Mistshine friends to get out” Fluttershy said with a little concern on her voice.

Celestia continued. “Something must have triggered the spell to the maximum, we will be able to see what is inside but anything inside will not be able to see us, keep the creatures out, if they get close they could get killed.”

“Oh come on!, I want to help!” Harpy said with her voice translated.

Rainbow Dash questioned. “Wait, you talk?!”

“We must be close to the master translator, which is what allowed the harpies and mermaid ponies to talk pony language.” Soul Shield said next to Alure.

Pinkie Pie said, looking with a telescope she pulled out of her mane. “Wait girls, I see two ponies”

“T-two?” Fluttershy said as she came closer to Pinkie, Pinkie gave her a telescope to see better.

Fluttershy could easily see Mistshine alive, which made her smile, but she also saw a mare in there with him, the tech horn she was using filled Fluttershy with fear as she walked away, Celestia picked up the telescope and saw the 2 ponies in the distance inside the shield, she instantly recognized Poisonhoof and gave the telescope to Twilight, Celestia looked angry.

“Princess…who is she?” Twilight asked.

Celestia replied. “She is Poisonhoof Goldenscroll; the responsible of making me do this barrier… and the responsible of creating the creatures you see next to you girls.”

“And she is the one that possessed me.” Fluttershy said, a little afraid of seeing the place.

Celestia´s barrier covered a very wide area of the empire, so wide that the ponies have to see the fight using telescopes or binoculars brought by Discord, inside the barrier however, the extension of the barrier was the least of Mistshine worries, as the attacks of the dark mare were coming fast towards the stallion, but the magical hourglass didn’t affect the mare at all, but she could revert the hourglass magic to froze the stallion and allow her to attack with a huge dark crystal hit.

“Ahhhh!!!! Dang it!” Mistshine said as he got himself up.

Poisonhoof looked to a side a smiled. “Oh… we have visitors…”

“V-visitors?” Mistshine said and looked to a side and saw his friends at the distance. “Oh crap… I feel Fluttershy energy… Fluttershy ran!”

Poisonhoof smiled. “They cannot hear us you meddling colt, but they will hear you scream.”

Poisonhoof noticed this and tried to teleport, however Mistshine prevented it by attacking the mare face with his vampire killer, the power of the whip burned the mare face, this enraged her as Mistshine remembered the memory of Soul Shield and how the mare reacted when her face was injured.

“You…you hurt my beautiful face!” Poisonhoof yelled as she prepared a spell.

Mistshine laughed. “Beautiful you?, please!, I seen more beauty in one of the corpses of your monsters, and that’s saying a lot…”

“W-what did you say to me you worthless worm?!” Poisonhoof raged more.

Mistshine just replied as he put on his vampire disguise again. “If you want real beauty, just look at Fluttershy over there, or Rarity or any of the other ponies outside the barrier, they are far more beautiful than you, Even Redhoof your long descendant is far more gorgeous than you!”

“Please, a real descendant of mine would never be a kind pony who loves others, they should be killers, which is the legacy of the Goldenscroll name!” Poisonhoof yelled as she proudly defended her ideas.

Mistshine taunted the mare hugging his whip before opening his cape, just like his ancestor Roseblood used to do. “Well the Brave legacy is protecting others and Equestria with all our heart! And until today that never had failed!”

“Then let’s see what legacy is better then… after I kill you I will go for those ponies outside the barrier” Poisonhoof yelled as she rose her spear with magic.

Fluttershy and her friends could only watch from the distance and how the stallion fought against that dark mare so determined into bringing pain to others, even Redhoof, the descendant of Poisonhoof, watched disgusted how she was related to a mare like that, Mistshine on the other hoof, believed it was time already to stop the mare as soon as possible, he must do everything in his power to prevent her to focus on his friends on the edge of the barrier, this is the last foe he will face, after this he can finally rest, but before that he must put this mare on the grave and make sure she will never came back to life again, breaking the circle of hate she brought to herself.

Mistshine attacked with all he had while the mare seems to block with excellent defense, but one detail was bothering Mistshine during the fight, the mare formed herself from his blood and dark energy, the stallion opened his cape to unleash hellfire , but the spell didn’t worked, at that moment it became clear to him why Poisonhoof took all his dark magic, since hellfire and other spells it required dark energy to work, by removing the dark magic out of his body, Poisonhoof cancelled all his more powerful spells!, and even if he has light magic, It will take him a while to recover, after all the time he had the corruption inside of him.

“Know your place pathetic worm!” Poisonhoof said as she made a powerful spell that raised several dark crystals from the floor.

Mistshine covered with his cape but some of the crystals managed to hurt him. “Aaahh!!! Dang it!, this is getting me nowhere!”

“After I kill you, that mare will follow!, I will enjoy it when I strangle her very slowly with your own wrench!” Poisonhoof said as she moved during the battle to evade the whip attacks.

Mistshine recovered and teleported away from Poisonhoof attack and grabbed her from her hooves with his whip, he began to spin around several times smashing her with the fragments of the stone ark, sending her towards the empire ruins, Mistshine followed the mare to the forest near the ruins to pursue her but the mare hid underground, when she felt Mistshine hooves, she made him a powerful uppercut with her spear and crashed him towards the trees, Mistshine could see the skeleton of the mare but she didn’t suffered damaged, as her blood regenerated the skin.

“Oh… crap!” Mistshine said as he got himself up.

Poisonhoof smiled as she held her spear. “You see now?, you can’t kill me”

“Or maybe I have to think on some other idea…Piadah!” Mistshine said as he performed a spell and teleported a yellow bottle.

The bottle was not other that Redhoof potions she left on her market, Mistshine was able to use the ruins of the empire to his advantages, he used the drug and threw it to Poisonhoof, she suffered the hallucination instantly and saw how a giant Mistshine crushed her with his hooves, but the illusion didn’t worked full strength with that mare, as she managed to push the giant stallion away ending the illusion

“Really is that all you…” Poisonhoof noticed that Mistshine was gone “Have?”

Mistshine appeared from behind holding one of the clock tower cogs. “Surprise!”

Mistshine attacked and stabbed Poisonhoof with the cog piece, the mare didn’t react in time before the stallion kicked it with his full earth pony strength, making the mare spin and crash on the ruins of the empire, the fight was getting very close with each opponent not allowing the other a way to get ahead of the other, but Poisonhoof launched a spell towards the highest point of the bubble spell, the spell made Mistshine cry in pain as he felt his soul being tied up to the empire itself. Celestia and the other ponies noticed how Mistshine reacted in pain, and the Princess understood what happened, Poisonhoof put the balance in her favor and used the same banishment spell than King Sombra; When the evil king felt defeated he made a banishment spell to banish the Crystal Empire and all the crystal ponies with it, Poisonhoof was going to make the same to Mistshine, the barrier grew red not allowing the ponies to came closer, and inside the barrier things weren’t going easy on Mistshine either.

Poisonhoof had the clear advantage when it comes to power and spells being a born unicorn, however, after using the banishment spell, Poisonhoof defense shield felt down as she is using all her power to speed up the banishment spell.

“Are you out of your mind?!” Mistshine said as he attacked the mare. “If you banish the empire you will be banished too!”

Poisonhoof smiled “I know, and once you are dead, when the banishment spell is broken, my army will resurface, more powerful than ever!, there might be new element holders, but with your blood I will be able to eradicate them!

“Not if I can help it! Heaven Light!” Mistshine yelled as he prepared a comeback technique.

Mistshine combined the alcohol bottle with the holy whip power, turning it into a holy water bottle; the contents burned Poisonhoof skin while she received direct attacks of the stallion, injuring her bones. Poisonhoof noticed her auto heal didn’t worked anymore so she pulled out a corpse of one of the unfortunate mermaid ponies and bite it, drinking all the fresh blood she could, repairing her body, she returned the attack and attacked with a powerful dark magic pillar, hurting the stallion badly.

Poisonhoof finally found a opening on the stallion defense and unleashed her most powerful spell when he was coming down of the dark pillar attack, she trapped Mistshine on dark crystals from the hooves to the chest, and started to stab him multiple times with the spear, making sure to leave as many dark shards as possible inside the stallion body, Fluttershy screamed and cried when she saw Mistshine getting impaled by the spear.

“Aaahhhh!!! N-nooo!!!” Mistshine tried to held to the spear handle

Poisonhoof laughed maniacally. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! See you fool?!, this is what happens to those that defy me!!!, everypony that defies the power of the Steel Empire Queen will be exterminated now!!, Disappear!”

Poisonhoof picked up Mistshine body and threw it towards the ruins of the empire; Mistshine body quickly entered the ruins via a window, broking it he felt unconscious on the hard concrete floor in a puddle of his own blood, as the dark magic crystals started to insert themselves more and more into the stallion flesh… his spirit container was send flying from the saddle.

“N-no…I… I cannot fail… I cannot…F-Fluttershy” Mistshine said trying to get up… but his wounds send them to the ground again.

Mistshine cried, he couldn’t get up, his hooves are broken, his back was broken as well and he cannot even move, he could hear in his minds the screams of Fluttershy as the mare draw closer to the shield, although she couldn’t break it, Poisonhoof taunted the princess, insulting her for not permanently killing her before sealing the empire, on the other hoof, Discord was waiting for the dark mare to exit the barrier, only so that he can kill her himself.

Mistshine crawled towards the broken entrance of the east hall… trying to exit and return to the fight despise of his state, leaving a blood trail on his way… until he felt something soft… the corpse of the same mermaid that mentioned him about the enchanted room, she couldn’t get out…he finally couldn’t resist anymore and collapsed… but he didn’t collapsed on the hard concrete floor… he collapsed under the hooves of the same dead mermaid.


His eyes saw several little orbs floating around him, the orb that was holding him had the form of the mermaid that talked to him, the others were monsters he had killed, or the souls of the civilians that died 1000 years ago, his mind was telling him to prepare for he afterlife, that these souls came for him…but he found a incredible surprise when they started removing the dark crystals from his body wounds, the monsters souls specially started to try to heal him as fast as possible, the corpseweeds tried to wrap their vines on the wounds, the medusas head sang a lullaby to ease the stallion mind, while the armors mounted guard, for one of the orbs in specific, the bigger one in the room that passed between the armors souls, it materialized itself, it was the soul of a beautiful grey alicorn with dark grey spots, her hair and eyes were as red as the purest of metals boiling hot and her cutie mark was a huge metallic heart with a whip, a sword and a shield at its base, indicating her natural talent for making weapons and armor, she spoke kindly to the stallion with the proper matters of a princess.

“So… you are the little colt the spirits of this empire kept talking about… allow me to introduce myself, I’m Princess Platina… the Steel Princess.”

Mistshine replied a little tired. “M-my name is Mistshine Brave…I…”

“Shhh…I know why you came here… you came here to save your friend, I have never saw somepony with such passion for somepony they like, and trust me, I seen a lot, your love energy could rival my old friend the love princess I think…” Princess Platina said as she put her hoof on the stallion mouth.

Mistshine inquired the ghost of the deceased princess. “You are referring about the princess before Cadance right?.”

“Yeah…, she and I used to be good friends 1000 years ago…” Platina replied remembering the previous love princess

Mistshine eyes displayed concerned as he looked at his wounds. “But… I failed… I failed my final battle, I cannot longer move. Look at me... I cannot even use the swap spell.”

“Shhhh, don´t talk master please.” said the mermaid pony soul

Princess Platina smiled as kindly as possible. “Is true… you are in a terrible state, at the moment…once we took out all those dark crystals you should be ok…”

“But…what about this?, what about Poisonhoof?, she is almost done breaking the barrier. How can I beat her without my dark magic spells?” Mistshine put his hoof on his chest wound, trying to reply to the princess despise his state.

Princess Platina got her horn charged up and healed Mistshine chest wound, even going as far as to gave him the Spirit container back. “Oh, compassionate young one! There is no need for you to use dark magic, with your current abilities you are fine, but as a token of my gratitude for saving my citizens from a horrible eternity as monsters… I shall grand you one power… please receive it…and use it to save your loved ones.”

The Princess and all the other spirits levitated Mistshine and started to enter and exit his body, giving him spiritual energy, the more spirits he received inside his body the more stronger he felt, recovering from all his serious wounds, until each and every one of the spirits entered the Spirit Container, Mistshine felt a new power inside of his heart, the Power of Purity, to command over the spirits of the dead as long as they are pure and cleanse anything he touch from dark magic, is like his eyes were opened to the unknown and he could see the spirit realm, but this power in fact allowed him to not only contact the spirits but also use his dark magic items without the need to have dark magic.

Mistshine smiled as he could feel the power of the Steel Princess in his body, he put his tech horn back and unleashed his Grand Cross Spell without needing to charge it up, this alerted Poisonhoof almost instantly that Mistshine was still alive, something that made Fluttershy smile of happiness, specially when she saw the stallion flying in the sky with his Steel Wings.

“Grrrrr…. Annoying stallion! Just die already!” Poisonhoof said as she took in flight with her own version of the steel wings

Mistshine looked at Poisonhoof and unleashed his hellfire spell, something that took Poisonhoof off guard. “Now is my turn to get revenge on you!”

The fight quickly took place in the air as the stallion attacked with all he have, with the power of the Steel Princess flowing inside him, the Power of Purity, the dark crystals that Poisonhoof launched had little effect on the stallion, making the fight one sided, the mare quickly landed on the floor as well as the stallion, the dark mare used her powers to summon several skeletons to attack Mistshine, since they are robots they were not affected by the power of the steel princess, Mistshine attacked them until they became nothing more than scrap metal, Poisonhoof reformed her strategy and changed the shape of the dark crystal in her spear to a scythe and attacked the stallion.

“Why?... why don´t you just give up?!, you cannot win!” Poisonhoof said as the bubble started to flash on and off. “See that?, this empire is almost ready to disappear!”

Mistshine yelled as he held off the scythe with his wrench. “Not if I nullify your spell!”

“You cannot!, only I know…” Poisonhoof was interrupted by the stallion attack on her face.

Mistshine flew up high and channeled his new power on his whip “Power of Purity!, banish the shadows and chains of this night!”

The whip managed to hit the top of the shield, the red markings on the shield quickly stopped and as if it was shattering glass, it broke falling all on Poisonhoof body, the Mane 6 could now clearly see Mistshine and Poisonhoof fighting without being injured, Mistshine will lose time if he only attacks the chest of the mare, he must aim at her head where the tech horn and Sombra real horn are, he channeled his new power and continued to assault the dark mare with several whips attacks injuring her face and breaking the tech horn, the mare replied with a powerful scythe cut managing to cut Mistshine belly, the stallion held his wound before being hit multiple times with the scythe blade and dark crystals that forms from the mare weapon, once enough damage was done, Poisonhoof changed her weapon to a spear again, ready for the final stab.

“Any last words worm?” Poisonhoof asked.

Mistshine smiled. “Yeah… citizens!, monsters!, souls of the deceased! get her and get your revenge!”

Mistshine activated the Sprit Container extra feature that brought the soul of the deceased outside the container to attack, Poisonhoof knew perfectly well what this means since she was the one that created the device and flew upwards, the souls of the pegasi she killed gave chase commanded by one of Soul Shield deceased friends Featherspots, the pegasus attacked violently breaking the mare fake wings making her fall to the ground, Poisonhoof attacked with a powerful lighting spell that dispersed the souls for a moment, Mistshine was being treated by the maids souls that were healing his wounds.

“Oh no you don’t!” Poisonhoof said as she used a powerful dark crystal spell, while landing in front of the stallion.

Mistshine healing was interrupted as he had to move out of the harm way, but some spirits got dispersed by the attack. “I have more souls where those came from!” Said the stallion, as he closed his eyes allowing Princess Platina to take possession of him for a moment.

“Wait I know that energy… The princess soul?!” Poisonhoof said in disbelief

Mistshine voice sounded different, as if there were 2 ponies in one body. “Oh yeah… and I wasn’t kidding when I said I had more souls!” Mistshine started to sing a powerful spell only the Steel Princess knew.

“This… this cannot be happening!” Poisonhoof said as she shot a powerful ice blast spell.

The souls of the guards protected Mistshine from impact as he made the spell. “Audi animae mortuorum! Surge et vindictam contra illos qui vitam nostram! Fac nobis eorum clamoribus et algores lullabies facere hac nocte, et omnia ossa eorum pars sit nobis via ad caelos!” (Hear me souls of the dead! Rise and seek revenge against those who ended our lives! Make their screams of agony be our lullabies this night and make their bones form part of our pathway to the heavens!)

Another earthquake happened in the empire, one that even Celestia felt outside the barrier, thousands of corpses that originally belonged to the monsters and citizens of the empire started to rise from the floor, of the empire, walking slowly towards the so called “Queen” of the Steel Empire. Poisonhoof knew she had to kill Mistshine now of she will be the one dying again, she casted her most powerful spell, Lavaport, a spell that made the victim suffer a geyser of lava at their hooves, usually this would mean instant death to the target, but not Mistshine, the spell was casted, but Poisonhoof ended up burning several corpses and souls, making her attack having 0 effect on her intended target, as he let his cape absorb the power of the lava itself, once the attack faded, Mistshine appeared from behind the mare unleashing his hellfire spell hurting her successfully.

“This... will be the end of your legacy!, don’t worry, Redhoof will give your name a better future than the one you had in mind!” Mistshine said as he charged his whip with his maximum power.

The whip ended up removing the horn out of Poisonhoof forehead, but also destroyed it since it was charged with the Power of Purity, the citizens of the Steel empire finally reached Poisonhoof location and started to practically eat her alive, her screams became notorious as her flesh was being ripped out of her metallic skeleton. The souls of the deceased attacked the mare without mercy, even going as far as to destroying her soul so she wouldn’t have strength left to be absorbed by Tartarus, once the revenge of the thousand souls of the empire was completed, the corpses returned to the ground, revealing their soul orbs.

“You know... you are not really so ugly when you are screaming...” Platina voice sounded from the stallion mouth

Poisonhoof voice sounded from the metallic skeleton, some of her organs still remained. “Ahh... you... you will never... defeat me... as long as the horn... is with me... i will just keep coming back...”

“Yeah...” Mistshine said now in his usual voice “ But i will make sure that never happens again!”

Mistshine ran towards the broken skeleton and stabbed the mare heart with his whip, wrapping it up on its ribs he send it upwards towards the sky, Mistshine removed his tech horn and steel wings, putting them inside the saddle, he charged his magic and love energy for a finishing move, he found Sombra´s Horn on the ground glowing, Mistshine picked up and threw it upwards towards the mare, stabbing it successfully on its chest, when the mare remains and the horn came down, he channeled his new power with his already charged up magic and energy, unleashing the most powerful spell in his ancestor library, he yelled  “Maximum Grand Cross!”.

The power of his ancestor technique not only burned the horn and turned it into ashes, but also ripped the metallic skeleton of Poisonhoof, with a final yell of pain she broke, leaving nothing more that destroyed and useless pieces of metal and burned flesh that was carried away by the wind.

“Is over... is finally over...” Princess Platina soul said as it exited the stallion body.

Mistshine nodded, tired of all the fighting. “Yeah... it is... now you can rest in peace now... if you see my sister and my mom on the other side...”

“I’m sure they are both proud of you and your brother...words cannot express how much gratitude I feel within me now... i hope my Power of Purity will always shine within you and your bloodline.” Princess Platina said as she began to disappear.

Mistshine smiled. “You can....count....on me.... ahhhh...”

Mistshine collapsed, falling towards the cold sand, finally all his energy left him, Princess Celestia barrier dropped as soon as the danger was adverted, when she lowered the barrier, all the souls trapped on the empire were finally set free, it was like watching a star gaze or a bunch of wishing stars, just that instead of falling, they were going up, to the afterlife they had 1000 years long overdue. Fluttershy and Rainbow flew as fast as possible towards the stallion, Fluttershy tried to made him respond, but he was out cold, not even a water attack from Black Tide woke him up, the souls of the deceased could been seen very far away saying goodbye to the Princess Celestia and her friends, Celestia look up just to catch a glimpse of Princess Platina waving her back as she departed to her eternal rest. Celestia smiled, as she asked Discord to return them to the castle, the spirit of chaos happily obeyed, making everypony disappear from the ancient place, as the sands of the desert carried out the will of the Princess of Steel, erasing any trace of the empire presence, never to be disturbed again, never to be looked upon again...finally, giving the so long deserved rest it needed.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 20 -
I lied! xD, there was one more chapter, the final battle! ;D, I hope guys you had enjoyed this story as much as i did writing it :3, thank you so much for reading it :3

Achivement Unlocked: Failed Resurrection (Kill Poisonhoof)

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Mistshine was reluctant of attacking the mare he loves, but he have to in order to speed up the cure and return the harmony energy to Fluttershy as fast as possible, his attacks however, didn’t had any effect on Flutterbat, as Poisonhoof made sure each attack failed, by turning Fluttershy body into several little yellow bats.

“I can’t get a clear shot!” Mistshine said as he attacked.

Flutterbat laughed as she teleported back behind Mistshine. “Here is true power!”

Mistshine felt a burning pain is his back and plot, he got hit by a dark energy sphere that increased his corruption, fortunately he can return this attack with his vampire cape, when he returned the blast, Poisonhoof made Fluttershy put on a tech horn of her own and made a shield spell, even if Mistshine activated the magical hourglass the effects were nullified, the stallion was running out of options and fast, he took out Vampire Pinkie Pie fire axe and attacked, Poisonhoof dropped her shield on purpose, putting her belly right in the middle of the attack

“No!!” Mistshine stopped cold before the blade touched the mare coat

Flutterbat smiled, Poisonhoof voice exited her lips. “Now you see?, weak just like Celestia, you don’t have the guts to kill your lover!”

Poisonhoof made Flutterbat take the vampire axe and land a blow against Mistshine, the blade pierced his coat badly and sends him towards the other side of the room, Softheart quickly administer him the ultra potion to save him for an almost guaranteed death, each weapon he has was designed to kill dark creatures and Fluttershy was almost on her entirely a vampire mare if he do not do something, he activated his magical hourglass but the vampire mare was immune to it, as the shield reappeared automatically.

“Oh for Pete sake, this is getting nowhere.” Mistshine said.

Flutterbat laughed more maniacally. “Just surrender!, and be my personal pet for the rest of your life!”

“No! I won’t!, come my friends!” Mistshine yelled as he called his cavalry.

All of Mistshine friends appeared in front of him, ready to contain the psychotic mare and exorcise Fluttershy, Mistshine used a combined tornado whip attack with Alure, to which Flutterbat shielded herself with her spell, Coldshard and Black tide made a freezing wave that covered the whole bubble, but their efforts were in vain, as a Inferno spell melted the ice and hurt everypony on the room

“Ahahahahahahaha!!!, you will never defeat me! I was more than a match for your princess!, and you cannot even touch me now in this body! As long as you have that spark of friendship in you, you will never kill me!” Flutterbat laughed madly.

Mistshine smiled, having an idea. “Then we will need you to give you a bath… Black Tide!, Sea Chord, combine your powers!

“On it!” both mares said.

Black Tide being a mermaid pony managed to shoot a powerful water pistol, Sea Chord applied her magic on Black tide, making the mermaid pony shoot a holy water pistol for brief seconds, enough for them to weaken the shield, Mistshine jumped and attacked until the shield broke like shattered glass, allowing Mistshine to finally attack the mare, Mistshine used his whip to pull up Flutterbat close to him and took his dagger to stab the jewel, but he couldn’t, Flutterbat was looking at him with kind eyes, making him miss, Flutterbat smiled as she gave a kiss to the stallion before knocking him to the floor. Fiery Pyre lost her patience.

“Don´t play with my bro like that!!” Said the filly as she used a fire pillar and hurt Flutterbat

Flutterbat screamed as some of her bat skin and cape burned. “AAAAAAAAaaahahahahaa!!!, thanks you stupid!”

“W-what did I do?” Fiery Pyre says in confusion.

Flutterbat although burned attacked the team with a whole array of dark spheres, hurting everypony in the room with a single attack, it was obvious what happen, physical damage to Fluttershy body increase the strength of Poisonhoof, the cure was not going to make effect unless Mistshine attacks directly Poisonhoof soul, but what weapon does he have that can do that?, his vampire killer is mostly physical and attacks dark magic, his Grand Cross spell might work as it is incredible powerful but requires light energy to perform, wait… that is!, he remembered the swap spell he had, if he can concentrate and combine it with the Grand Cross he can swap Fluttershy soul with Poisonhoof, allowing all the harmony energy to kick in one shot!

“Girls!, cover me up!, I’m going to do something risky, Fluttershy if you can hear me, I know you are in there!, do not let her win!” Mistshine said as he charged his Grand cross spell

Flutterbat laughed as she launched herself towards the stallion. “She can’t hear you!, she is too busy being dead!”

“You will not touch him!” Said Sea Chord as she raised a wave of holy water with Black Tide assistance, stopping the mare

Flutterbat annoyed looked upon the previous experiments. “You are all a disappointment, switching sides with the enemy and defying me, ME, the mare that gives you a purpose!”

“Oh come on, don’t give us that speech, you destroyed our previous lives and used our friends to do harm to others!, time for you to leave that body” Coldshard said enraged as she prepared to rise a cold wall.

Flutterbat continued as she raised her hoof and Alure hoof rose, as well as the 3 fillies. “Seems some of you still have dark magic that belongs to me… I will enjoy making you scream!”

Using her dark magic control, she forced Alure to turn against her new friends and attach Mistshine, Harpy blocked it successfully and Soul Shield used Harpy as a trampoline to jump towards the psycho mare, Poisonhoof used the 3 fillies as a shield, unable to control their actions, Soul Shield stopped just like Mistshine previously, this allowed the dark mare to attach with the 3 fillies combined forces, hurting Soul Shield, however…

“I got it!, Girls!, MOVE! “ he said as she aimed his horn towards Flutterbat

Flutterbat laughed as she launched herself towards Mistshine and removed his tech horn. “Nice try stallion.

“No…” Mistshine said as he smiled and wrapped up the vampire killer on Flutterbat waist. “You felt for it!, GRAND CROSS!!”

The Grand Cross spell manifested itself into a big white cross that heavily damaged Flutterbat body but also her energy, Alure recovered the control of her limbs and threw Mistshine tech horn to him, he immediately put it on and made the swap spell, this swapped Poisonhoof dark magic to light magic, allowing the magic on the Grand Cross spell to enhance the healing effect of the cure, Flutterbat screamed as if she was being electrocuted, as the sound of cracking could be heard, the jewel was breaking up, however, Poisonhoof managed to teleport just in time.

“ahhhh….haaaa…. ahhh.haaa…” was the paintings of the mare, trying to recover, her bat wings were damaged and her cape and tunic were already ripped by the grand cross spell

Mistshine got closer to the mare, hoping for the best. “Fluttershy?”

“P-please…” Fluttershy real voice rang, as she hugged Mistshine. “Please… kill me…”

Mistshine was shocked at Fluttershy request. “What?!?”

“I… I cannot hold her longer Mistshine… the cure… is working, but… It will not reach in… ahhh… time…please…” Fluttershy said as she put the stallion whip around her neck.

Mistshine denied with his head. “No!, I won’t, Fluttershy I need you!, please concentrate!, you can beat her, use your harmony power, the cure is giving you back the element you gave Vampire Rainbow!, please fight”

“Y…you found out…I-I knew I made a good choice…” Fluttershy said as she uncovered her left eye, it was her usual normal cyan color, the right eye was pure red. “See?... the cure… is ahhh working very slowly” Fluttershy said, holding into Mistshine hooves.

Mistshine noticed Fluttershy was falling asleep. “No!, Fluttershy, stay awake!”

“What is happening?!” Angel inquired.

Mistshine checked Fluttershy heart beat; he then noticed how she closed her eyes and started to breathe like as she was asleep. “The swap spell drained all her energy, the harmony energy kicked in full speed, but Poisonhoof soul is so mixed up with Fluttershy that it will kill them both, Poisonhoof is attempting to take Fluttershy with her!.”

“You are the genius!, do something!” Angel said, desperate of seeing his owner unconscious.

Mistshine felt regret, Fluttershy body was recovering fast, but her mind and soul are still damaged due to Poisonhoof interference, Mistshine took the blood jewel on Fluttershy neck and destroyed it, Making Fluttershy scream, Poisonhoof laughed was heard as she now took full control over Fluttershy body and launched herself towards the stallion.

“Thank you asshole!, your lover soul was on that jewel!, you killed her!, hahahaha!!!!!” Poisonhoof yelled, as she bite Mistshine

Mistshine grunted in pain but smiled. “It seems you are… forgetting something…”

“What is it you useless stallion?” Poisonhoof inquired.

Mistshine uncovered his cape, in the left side of his saddle, was the Spirit Container!, glowing yellow, Mistshine successfully saved Fluttershy soul on the container to prevent her being killed by Poisonhoof, managing to separate the 2 mares from the body, now all was just a matter of time for the cure to exorcise Poisonhoof, as she yelled, she removed herself from the stallion hooves, but Fluttershy actions didn’t let her get far away, Mistshine pulled the vampire whip and slammed Fluttershy body with the vampire killer, weakening the spirit more, until, a cracking sound was heard, the bones on Fluttershy wings started to re-adjust to pegasi type wings, her fangs started to fade in and her ears returned to normal, also her mane got fixed, but her injuries from the battle became evident, Poisonhoof, with the little control she still had on Fluttershy body, put a special tech horn with a red horn and tried to cast a spell.

“No… no no no!!!, I cannot lose!, not to this… this civilian!” Poisonhoof voice was still heard within Fluttershy

Mistshine put the Spirit Container on the floor. “Well, a civilian with friends… time for you to take a taste of your own medicine, let’s see if you like having somepony kicking you out of your body!, Fluttershy now!”

The Yellow orb that was Fluttershy soul bounded itself with Mistshine Vampire Killer whip, he attacked successfully stabbing Fluttershy body, enough for the soul of the kind mare to re-enter her body again, Poisonhoof voice was silenced suddenly as if she had finally been exorcised, the tech horn she was using felt down from Fluttershy head and bounced away falling down the stairs, losing its glow, finally, Fluttershy is safe… for a while, her body, despise Mistshine being careful, was wounded, he held his mare close to him and with the help of Alure, he put her on his back.

“You did it!!, I still going to hit you for injuring my owner, but you did it!, Thank you Mistshine!” Angel bounced happy, holding a flag with the stallion cutie mark.

Mistshine smiled. “I just hope she can forgive me…but is not over yet, she needs to rest, everypony, let’s get out of here and go to the Princess Bedroom tower, this little pegasi deserves a rest.”

Everypony nodded in agreement and didn’t teleport, instead they walked alongside Mistshine, making sure Fluttershy would remain alive, Mistshine found on the throne room the last fragment of the Perfect Replica body, with this scroll, Redhoof can return to the life she had previously.

Feeling incredible tired, Mistshine walked down the stairs very carefully and returned to the central area with Fluttershy on his back, she was breathing very slowly and calmly, but still something was off on the stallion mind, to him, Poisonhoof gave in easy… too easy in fact, he believed that a powerful mare like her would put a bit more of a fight, not before long he felt the blood of Fluttershy on his back indicating she still is injured, he opened the Princess Bedroom tower with the key Vampire Rainbow gave him, the lock felt and the barrier disappeared, allowing access to Princess Platina bedroom.

Inside the bedroom was everything for the care of a princess, spare armor, mirrors, and even some brooches and crowns, Mistshine looked at the mirror and saw his reflection, but Fluttershy reflection still displayed a vampire feature on his lover, her fangs, Mistshine put Fluttershy on the big bed and started to heal, he took his last ultra potion and used it to close Fluttershy wound, she growled a little but her body quickly accepted the medication, Alure and Softheart helped him out to fix the damage on her body.

“Alure, bring some bandages from Redhoof door stat, Everypony else, please wait outside the room, Mistshine and I will stay.” Said the succubus pony.

Fiery Pyre questioned. “Hey… are you 3 going to make little ponies?”

“WHAT?!?!” Said Mistshine and Softheart with a huge blush on their faces.

Fiery Pyre looked curious and continued. “I asked were the babies come from to Redhoof, and she said they come from a couple and involves a bed.”

“Ok…LAST time I’m asking Redhoof to take care of them” Mistshine said as Sea Chord interrupted.

Sea Chord looked them upon his friend. “It wasn’t her fault neither Redhoof, we asked my sister when we saw we are the only fillies alive on the empire.”

“Oh… well… when you 3 are back to Equestria, you can learn Sex ed from Cheerliee, um… Coldshard, Harpy, Soul Shield, can you?

Soul Shield and Coldshard nodded; as they took the fillies out, Black Tide used her water pistol to wet some bed sheets and put it on Fluttershy forehead. “Whatever she is experience her forehead is burning. Good luck.”

“She is right Mistshine…” Softheart said once she saw that everypony left the room. “I can feel that she is having a terrible nightmare now… one that I cannot enter and assist her.” The succubus continued as she applied potion to the mare hooves and chest. “Seems she is still struggling to recover her body, there is a chance Poisonhoof didn’t left at all.”

Mistshine annoyed yelled. “How many times does we have to kill that psycho?!”

The stallion was worried, the cure for what he saw on Fluttershy body, worked perfectly and her soul is back on her body, then why is she not waking up?, why the high fever?, and why is still Poisonhoof inside of her if they destroyed the blood jewel?, Mistshine opened Fluttershy mouth, and saw the little sharp fangs, indicating still a little trace of the curse in her. He looked around the room, trying to find an answer, when he saw something shinny on the brooches for the Princess… sticking out, he picked up with his hooves and looked at it.

“This is…this is the brooch I gave her”

The brooch was intact, and just by seeing it made Mistshine smile, but also remembered him the promise he made to Fluttershy, he came closer to the mare body and put the brooch in her hair as before, as a hair pin, Fluttershy seems to smile at this, Alure returned with the bandages and started to wrap Fluttershy wounds with them to heal her, Mistshine on the other hoof, started to remove his saddlebags, his steel wings and even went as far as removing his whole vampire disguise, Fluttershy started to grunt in pain, her body temperature was dropping, Mistshine asked for his teammates for one last favor.

“Girls…please leave us…” Mistshine said as he got in the bed with Fluttershy

Softheart objected. “Whatever you are going to do, forget it, you are far too tired to perform more spells!”

“…” Mistshine put the vampire killer whip on Fluttershy body; it didn’t burn in any place of the mare body with exception of her forehead. “I will not allow that mare to corrupt her again, I will channel whatever remaining energy I have into the whip to try to remove that last bit of corruption.”

Softheart objected again. “B-but, if you use too much energy you…” Softheart was interrupted by Alure; her expression let her know this was something she cannot object.

“I’m sorry my friends, I have to” Mistshine said as he wrapped up the whip on Fluttershy body, tying them up together, the tip of the whip was in the forehead of the mare.

Softheart understood and flew to the door, alongside Alure. “You better do not die by that mare last resort.”

Mistshine nodded as he knew what her teammate was talking about, Poisonhoof didn’t get completely exorcised, she in fact took refuge on Fluttershy mind, even if Fluttershy body and soul were back to their former self, that part of Poisonhoof is still sealed, he must find a way to break that barrier and expel the dark energy, however he knew not how to do this, but seems his sacred whip does, Mistshine hugged the mare he loves and started to channel his magical center magic towards Fluttershy, to raise her body temperature and transmit light energy to the mare mind with only his tech horn equipped, until he felt asleep next to her.

Inside Fluttershy mind however, a very shy pegasi was walking in a valley of shadows, she couldn’t see well, she was being guided by a little ball of light that barely let her see her front hooves.

“Oh dear… where… where did I…?” Fluttershy said as the orb orbited near her. “How did I get here?... last thing I remember…” Fluttershy said, holding her head. “Was Mistshine sending me back to my body”.

The orb took the form of her element of harmony necklace and attached to her neck, feeling a little safe she started walking, as if the element was guiding her to someplace in specific, the place itself look scary enough, like a ruined version of the castle, until she felt down a hole, despise her best attempts to fly, she ended being swallowed by the darkness.

A few minutes passed and once she regained her senses, she was in a ruined version of the Princess bedroom, next to her bed were she woke up, was Mistshine Vampire Killer, and when she looked herself upon in the mirror, she saw she had her element on her neck and Mistshine brooch as hair pin, she touched it and smiled, before looking at the mirror again and let a scream of terror, another bat her was behind her, as soon as she noticed it the mirror broke, she looked behind but no vampire her.

“W-what was that?, Mistshine?, anypony?, anypony can hear me?”

No answer came to the shy pegasus plea, without other options, she picked up Mistshine whip and exited the bedroom, she went down the stairs until the central area, once outside she saw a white fog, it was almost impossible to see well with the fog there, however her element seems to shine towards one door, the ruins of the throne room, a little afraid she walked holding Mistshine vampire killer as close as possible to her heart, going up the stairs until she reached the throne room, on it, a vampire Fluttershy waited for her, as if she was reflecting something.

“You finally came…” Flutterbat said as she got down the throne

Fluttershy took Mistshine vampire killer. “S-stay back! P-please”

“That won’t help you much.” Flutterbat voice was the same as Poisonhoof voice.

Fluttershy replied now angry. “Y-you!, you told me that he wouldn’t came, and he did!, your plan failed!”

“Maybe I cannot take your body, but I can take his…” Flutterbat smiled, licking her lips.

Fluttershy inquired. “H-how?”

“The energy you are feeling, is his energy, he is trying to get you regain your consciousness and reclaim your Rainbow Power as Element of Kindness, but as he do it, he grows weaker, allowing my corruption to eat him, I just have to keep you here until his energy disappears” Flutterbat said, opening her bat wings.

Fluttershy a little scared, moved her whip managing to connect a attack on Flutterbat. “S-stay back! I-I will not…” Fluttershy voice now sounded bravest “I will not allow you to hurt him anymore!”

“This is funny, in the last 3 days you did nothing but plea, and now you want to fight me, to recover your body?” Flutterbat/Poisonhoof asked.

Fluttershy nodded. “Yes… and If you leave me no other choice… then… I’m sorry."

Flutterbat jumped and attacked Fluttershy, Fluttershy used her element of kindness and shielded herself from harm, while attacking with the whip, each successful hit was like a part of herself was being restored and a part of the castle started to fall apart, but with each hit Flutterbat did, a part of the castle rebuild and her mind clouded with dark clouds, the shy pegasi attacked her vampiric counterpart with her decision very clear.

“Mistshine was right… I should not allow you to win, this is my body!, mine!, not yours you big abusive psycho mare” Fluttershy raised her voice as she attacked.

Flutterbat panted as her dark energy was disappearing. “Even if you do kill me… I will always be present; I’m that dark part of you that will always be there.”

“Even if that is the case…you…you will not be able to control me or manipulate me anymore!, now…I will… say it one more time…” Fluttershy stare activated, making Flutterbat suffer its effects

Flutterbat yelled as the last bit of her energy disappeared. “Ahhhh!!”

“You…get…out…of…my…BODY!!” Fluttershy yelled as she launched a final attack.

The final attack of Fluttershy dispersed the dark energy in her mind, but something went wrong, Poisonhoof hatred was so powerful she trapped Fluttershy in a nightmare, in the nightmare she was like inside a stomach or something, because the floor was fleshy and dips of acid dropped from the walls, the poor shy pegasi had a mental breakdown and started to attack the walls with the vampire killer until she ripped them, allowing her to exit her prison, When she looked back she saw the prison she was in was a round blood sphere, just like the blood jewel Mistshine destroyed.

“W-what is this now?” Fluttershy inquired.

A voice rang in the darkness, like calling her. “Fluttershy…please…wake up”

“M-Mistshine?...” Fluttershy said as she started to walk following the voice

However a now distorted voice said in the wind as well, more closely to Fluttershy. “Hush now…..quiet now…. Is time to lay your sleepy head….hush now… quiet now… is time for you to die…”

Fearing the worst Fluttershy turned around, and from behind her a very damaged and bloody Flutterbat jumped on her, in her face was cuts everywhere but her eyes were missing, inside the nothingness of her eyes, a single red dot was seen, her wings didn’t had any flesh like to allowing her flight and she had her cutie mark cut and replaced by a metal crown, Fluttershy yelled as the creature bite her neck trying to rip her throat, but the Element of Harmony necklace prevented it, Fluttershy attacked but the vampire killer didn’t do a single thing in her foe, with no other options she began to ran.

“Leave me alone!” Fluttershy yelled as she ran faster

The voice just continued. “Hush now…is alright…” as the eyeless Flutterbat continue her chase.

The more faster she ran, the more red the road turned to be, it was like having to go thought a maze with a crazy pony following you, however as the road became more red, it also became more foggy with a dark fog, similar to the dark fog Mistshine faced on the clock tower, but Fluttershy was protected by her element, she looked behind just to see the same darkness behind the distorted Flutterbat, and from it, more and more copies of her appeared, all of them more disturbing that the rest, Fluttershy started to cry, tripping over her own hooves, as all the other Fluttershy catch her and dragged her towards the darkness.

“NO!!, PLEASE NO!, LEAVE ME ALONE!!” Fluttershy cry of help was swallowed by the nothingness

The poor pegasi attacked with all she had but none of her attacks actually did damage, she was losing her head and the fear was taking control now, Fluttershy tried to fly, but the clones quickly launched over her to prevent her flying away, her body started to be surrendered by the darkness she was running away, her element of kindness was losing power because she was in such a scare state, she cannot focus on it enough.

“Somepony!, anypony!, Help me!, Mistshine!, please help me!! HELP!” Fluttershy yelled, more terrified than ever.

But nothing seems to reply, the mares managed to successfully swallow Fluttershy body into the wall of darkness, only her hoof with the vampire killer was out, Fluttershy could feel how the darkness tried to enter her soul again and eat away her life, she tried one more thing before she lose consciousness, she tried to attack and launched the whip forward, but she felt nothing, silly filly… suddenly, when she closed her eyes, waiting for her doom, she felt as if something tightened the other end of the whip and started to pull.

“W-who is there?, Help me!, please!” she plead.

Whatever it was that was helping her, continued to pull, the Flutterbat distorted clones launched from the shadows to kill, Fluttershy didn’t wanted that kind pony to die, so she focused on her element, wishing for protection, the element heard her plea and launched a powerful rainbow power that held the mares like they did previously with her and dragged them back towards the void, Fluttershy felt a hoof on her own hoof, pulling her out, she closed her eyes, scared of what would happen, until a splashy sound let her know she was finally out, scared to look she felt she was being carried away in somepony back, when she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw, was a wrench cutie mark.

“M-Mistshine?!” Fluttershy said as she tried to look at the colt but the colt didn’t looked her back

Mistshine stopped and said something. “Find her… kill her before they returned.”

“What?...aahh” Fluttershy felt down to the red floor, as she noticed that Mistshine disappeared. “Was that… my memory…of him?.”

Memory or not, he was right, Fluttershy was now in a different labyrinth where it still had the red floor and walls with red fog, but when she looked behind her, she found a huge wall, like a sealed off room, she wont have to worry about the darkness following her, she went towards the first room she found and noticed Mistshine standing in a side of the room, he didn’t seems to reply, in fact his eyes were covered with his hair, as if fearing something, however the room looked like her bedroom in Ponyville,

“This is not the room, turn away now.” He said

Fluttershy asked. “Mistshine…please say something to me.”

“…” Mistshine didn’t replied and instead give the mare a potion to heal her wounds.

Fluttershy took the potion and returned to the room she previously was, she followed a different path, she knew it was the correct one because she could see Mistshine in the distance running a specific path she needed to follow, once she finally catch up with him, she found a huge blood jewel suspended in the middle of the room, Mistshine got closer to Fluttershy… letting her see his eyes, they were green with red, indicating something really bad.

“Kill her now… before I…” Mistshine tried to say something but began to fade

Fluttershy put a hoof on his mouth. “I understand… thank you…”

Mistshine faded and turned into the same orb that guided Fluttershy at the beginning of the dream, it spin around her for a moment before going inside her, giving Fluttershy the courage she needs to continue, she only replied. “Even as a memory…he always has been here at my side…” Fluttershy attacked the big blood jewel, each attack made a mare voice scream, and Fluttershy knew what voice it was, it was Poisonhoof, the mare continued to attack but the blood drops that were on the floor, formed into clones of Flutterbat that attacked Fluttershy, she flew in order to give herself a chance and continued to attack until she noticed that the jewel broke, making the blood flow like a river, with her target on sight, she prepared her element, which reacted immediately to her owner command.

“Is true I’m kind, but you, you do not deserve any kindness!” Fluttershy said angrier at the mare on her head.

The Element of Kindness quickly supercharged the vampire killer whip allowing Fluttershy to use the same attack that Mistshine used to return her to her body, just that this time it pierced Poisonhoof entirely, making her scream and disappear, the whole room started to surround itself in light as if the nightmare was shattering, in fact, it was shattering, with Poisonhoof dead the nightmare didn’t had more strength to feed and began to fall apart, Fluttershy saw a light at the end of the room, which she used to escape, the blinding light filled her with joy, as she felt in her heart that everything… was finally over.

Fluttershy now felt something different, a heart beat on her ear, she slowly opened her eyes just to find she was back on the Princess Bedroom, but when she looked down, she found the vampire killer whip wrapped around her and Mistshine next to her, hugging her, giving her warm to her cold body, Fluttershy body temperature quickly returned to normal, as she hugged the stallion back, which made him stop his energy transmission instantly…

“Good evening…Mistshine…” Fluttershy said, a little asleep

Mistshine smiled, crying a little, as he replied. “Good evening…Fluttershy.”
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 19 -
Finally! the evil mare is dead! finally! ;D, next up is the ending(?), or is it?


Achivement Unlocked: A New Start (Complete the Perfect Replica body scroll 3/3)
Achivement Unlocked: Assertiveness Lesson (Beat Poisonhoof)
Achivement Unlocked: Pest Control (As Fluttershy, use the Element of Kindness to trap at least 5 Flutterbat clones in a roll)


MLP and all it’s related characters belong to Hasbro
Mistshine and Oc´s featured on this fic belongs to me


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