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Alone Once More: Before and Again by furriKira

I will be hones... im having a hard time on the First one ( the one before the redraw ) , but after a while of admiring the art, i foun...

Tink by furriKira

Is really sad to see that she closed the account... but this is a nice way to remember her is not a good bye... is a see you later, som...

Kira's Maid Outfit by furriKira

Bows.... cute little bows EVERYWHERE, trust me Kira, this is way to over the cuteness meter, i could had mistaken you for a catgirl o//...


Soulmate Fusion Page 14 by TeamInTheDarkness
Soulmate Fusion Page 14
What?, where you thinking for a moment i forgot about this story right? XD

In this part of the comic we find the Goddess of the Devil World intentions... that and a little grudge she helds againts someone... the ones that play or are fans of Touhou, should know where this is going

Komachi, Shinki and Reimu belong to ZUN

Next: [ ??? ]
Previous: [ ]
S.B Sunken Scroll 3 - Red Engineer Part 2 - by TeamInTheDarkness
S.B Sunken Scroll 3 - Red Engineer Part 2 -
"Usually the Primitives on Earth were very weak and didn´t survived the floods well, however, the splatoon brigade, specially Stan, found out that apperance can be deceiving, as the Red Engineer picked all 3 and took them towards another primitive with knowledge in medicine, how did this primitive put a squid and a octorian on his shoulder?"

Fun Fact: There is a chance Engineer is physically stronger than any of the TF2 Mercs, search on You Tube a video called "We need a sentry here" were Neca builds a LV1 Sentry replica and deliver it to Valve, it took 5 people to actually lift the Lv1 Sentry, and Engineer can do it Alone, with the Dispenser, Teleport or Sentry, regardless of their Level, if that doesnt spell he has strengh i do not know what it will take to convice you xD.

Inkings belong to Nintendo
TF2 Mercs To Valve
S.B Sunken Scroll 3 - Red Engineer - by TeamInTheDarkness
S.B Sunken Scroll 3 - Red Engineer -
"Sometimes the Splatoon Brigate decided to use security video tapes from the places they lived, thanks to some unknown methods (perhaps magic) the tapes survived the flood and the Cap.Cuddlefish found them, this specific tape tells about the Red Engineer, another primitive creature that came to aid when the squids need them."

Inklings and Octolings Belong to Nintendo
TF2 Soldier and Engi belong to Valve.
S.B Sunken Scroll 2 - The Man of Blue - by TeamInTheDarkness
S.B Sunken Scroll 2 - The Man of Blue -
Alice: Did you remove her Goggles Stan?
Stan: yes i did... seems the Octorians Goggles makes them more agresive, she is still KO though...
Alice: ok... if we are on Earth back in time... i should be able to get us out of here if we avoid primitives...
Stan: Please do... this Octorian is heavy...
BLU Soldier: ... this is not a kindergarden! yo Guys!, i found target dummies! * shoots *

"This Sunken Scroll was taken mere seconds before a primitive explosive rocket attacked Agent 3 and 4 on their way out of the military base they landed in, the creature behind them is one of the many primitives that inhabit the world, with such tiny brain and lack of touch to even talk to others without yelling, is no wonder why they got extinct."

Splatoon Characters belongs to Nintendo
Soldier belongs to Valve.
S.B Sunken Scroll 1 - Rough Landing - by TeamInTheDarkness
S.B Sunken Scroll 1 - Rough Landing -
"This Picture of the S.B Sunken Scrolls (S.B Stands for Splatoon Brigade) is from the moment Agent 3 and 4 crash landed into the primitive world 13000 years in the past, the landing was rather rough, specially for the poor leader, who unfortunately, felt down to the floor first... what they didn´t expèct, is the Octoling they were facing in battle felt down along with them"

Alice: OW!, my back! you two!, get off!
Stan: Im trying, but i have a Octoling on me!
Jessica: ... * KO, almost unintentional kiss *
Alice: if you kissed that Octoling, Great Zapfish help me i will beat you so hard you wont respawn straight
Stan: HEY!, she landed on top of me! besides she is out cold.

Splatoon Belogs to Nintendo


Costa Rica
About miself?, ummm... letīs see, im a very happy person who likes a lot video games ^.^, thatīs why my artwork is about mostly, games sprites ^.^, also, if you havent notices, im a brony ^^, and im happy to be one, i may work super slow in writting or have little time to practice my ocarina, but i will never give up

On Brony comunity, i go by the name of Stardust Breeze ^^, while most of my friends know me for Blaze ( my Sprites Character ), im glad to meet you all :3

Favorite Ponies:

1) Fluttershy
2) Luna
3) Pinkie
4) Rarity & Spike

Favorite Shipping: Sparity x3, they are so cute
:iconteaminthedarkness: : Ohhhh finally!!!, i finished Mistshine story!! ;D finally, everypony that read my story and comics sprites!, i want to thank you, nwn you are awesome!!!, this is the second story i completed to a full and even if didnt get much comments, i feel happy that i was able to create a story good enough to be faved by someponies on DA, thank you all guys ^^, thank youuuuuu * falls asleep due to tiredness *

:iconfluttershyplz: : Oh my... come here my dear * drag :iconteaminthedarkness: to the bedroom * sorry for this guys * close the door *
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  • Listening to: Fluttershy Lullaby
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  • Eating: Chocolates
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