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Alone Once More: Before and Again by furriKira

I will be hones... im having a hard time on the First one ( the one before the redraw ) , but after a while of admiring the art, i foun...

Tink by furriKira

Is really sad to see that she closed the account... but this is a nice way to remember her is not a good bye... is a see you later, som...

Kira's Maid Outfit by furriKira

Bows.... cute little bows EVERYWHERE, trust me Kira, this is way to over the cuteness meter, i could had mistaken you for a catgirl o//...


Sunken Scroll 6 - Confession - by TeamInTheDarkness
Sunken Scroll 6 - Confession -
" Despite being a Elite Octorian in training, Jessica was capable of showing Mercy... until some extent, odly enough, her Octorian Googles are gone..."

In the last comics, Engineer disabled the inklings and octolings weapons, why do i have the feeling that will backfire?

Octolings and Inklings belong to Nintendo
S.B Sunken Scroll 5 - Dreams - by TeamInTheDarkness
S.B Sunken Scroll 5 - Dreams -
"The Inklings lost the war in the beginning thanks to their inability to wake up early, seems in the primitives time line, things are not different, as Jessica was the one that woke up first before the brigade, being a born Octoling, she wakes up faster, however, her initial reaction was a mixture of confusion, and unfreshness..."

Yep, it not difficult to figure out that Jessica likes a certain inkling.

Inklings and Octolings Belong to Nintendo
Dizzy Vector by TeamInTheDarkness
Dizzy Vector
This is my friend :iconlightnazoyagami: pony vector, he do pony vectors and is learning, he learned fast, but due to work he has 0 time to make more ;_;, and what we have on our minds require gmod ponies for our brony reviews. So :iconlightnazoyagami: if you see this, you are awesome!, never give up!
Saving a Friend by TeamInTheDarkness
Saving a Friend
Goodra: So you 5 are from another Hoenn?!
Gardi: pretty much yeah
Azumarill: trust me on this you precious cinnamon roll. You havent seen half of what we are capable off.
Mawile: the talk is nice and all, but should´t we heal Latias first?.

I received Gummy via wonder trade, and then i trained her until she became Goodra, she is so cute and precious as a cinnamon roll >w<! (if i could change her name, i would name her Cinnamon). Anyway, this is the continuation of the previous picture, healing latias after capture.
Encountering a friend... by TeamInTheDarkness
Encountering a friend...
Story Time! ;D

There is a reason why i use the "weak" pokemons in battle (not perfect Ivs), and is because they came from a bootleg Emerald game, i raised them on that game, got my favorite team to lv 80, but suddenly D;, the most awful message of all appeared one night

"Save file corrupted... the save has been erased"

To tell you the truth, i was devastated, my dear Gardevoir and Latias suffered the data erase, i lost them all, lost my team, lost the legendaries i caught after hours of training... i was almost ready to quit pokemon entirely, but then i found a Original emerald game. So i made a promise... that i would save the pokemons i grew up with, since the data gets auto erase if i complete the league.

After much effort and a emergency GBA SP, i managed to save my team on that game, i was so happy that i recovered my Gardevoir, but i was still sad because i lost Latias.

Here is where i started to get a 180 and the game turned into a creepypasta for a moment. You see, i never liked Mt Pyre, i do not like graveyards, so a pokemon graveyard is a nope for me, but i have to pass there because story, when i was recovering the items in the last floor of the Mt Pyre, i suddenly heard a familiar cry (for those that are unfamiliar, in Emerald sometimes if you stay still in the tall grass or caves, the cries of the pokemon can be heard to give you a hint of what kind of pokemon is in the area).

If you saw the picture above you can already guess the rest, the cry was from Latias, but i encountered a Dusclops making that noice, i was oficially scared, after i beat him and completed the league, Latias was available for capture... what was my surprise that she was always found on the Mt Pyre water route?, that cannot be a coincidence anymore.

So yeah, this picture is meant to represent that, i swear, it was (for me) as if Dusclops stole Latias soul from the bootleg game and got it into the current one, but if it thinked that will be enought to stop be from beating the living daylights out of him, he was sooooo wrong.

Pokemon belong to Nintendo and Game Freak.



Costa Rica
About miself?, ummm... letīs see, im a very happy person who likes a lot video games ^.^, thatīs why my artwork is about mostly, games sprites ^.^, also, if you havent notices, im a brony ^^, and im happy to be one, i may work super slow in writting or have little time to practice my ocarina, but i will never give up

On Brony comunity, i go by the name of Stardust Breeze ^^, while most of my friends know me for Blaze ( my Sprites Character ), im glad to meet you all :3

Favorite Ponies:

1) Fluttershy
2) Luna
3) Pinkie
4) Rarity & Spike

Favorite Shipping: Sparity x3, they are so cute
:iconteaminthedarkness: : Ohhhh finally!!!, i finished Mistshine story!! ;D finally, everypony that read my story and comics sprites!, i want to thank you, nwn you are awesome!!!, this is the second story i completed to a full and even if didnt get much comments, i feel happy that i was able to create a story good enough to be faved by someponies on DA, thank you all guys ^^, thank youuuuuu * falls asleep due to tiredness *

:iconfluttershyplz: : Oh my... come here my dear * drag :iconteaminthedarkness: to the bedroom * sorry for this guys * close the door *
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