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The new area where the fight was being carried away, was far more wide, this allowed Soul Shield full control over the air, Mistshine still have his perfect horn and wings, he put them on and flew upwards, chasing her, the creature spear disappeared and became a bow.

“Take this!, Light arrow!” Soul Shield said, as she fired a light arrow.

Mistshine dodged but he noticed the arrow came back. “Ahhh!!, come on work!” he concentrated and used his bubble shield spell

“Now is my turn!, hyaa!! “ Soul Shield attacked with her sword, piercing the bubble and hitting Mistshine

The Stallion lost concentration and he felt how the blade injured his shoulder, making him fall towards the floor, his wings resisted the impact, but he had a smile on his face. “Angel Bunny!, now!”

“Surprise!!!, your plot is mine!!!” Angel yelled as he attacked with his sword and into the mare face.

Soul Shield saw how her vision was cut shot, as the bunny didn’t cut her eyes, instead, he cut the forehead, her own blood made it difficult to see. “AAAH!!, get off me furball!!”

The pegasi captain, started to flew quickly, shaking off the bunny, Angel landed on his owner, but he started to emit groans… Mistshine saw how Angel was injured on one of his paws, when he looked at his foe, he could see sharp fangs, also Angel previous attack injured her ears, but the shape of the ears are bat type instead of a pony

“I guess I know how she lived for so long, she also has another variant of the vampirism curse, that’s why dark magic is lethal to them, they are the opposite to vampire ponies, light magic is used in order to nullify the side effects of the vampirism curse, making a new creature altogether.” Mistshine deducted, seeing the mare ears and fangs

Soul Shield smiled, as she, still hovering in the air, took out her helmet, revealing her face. She had red eyes. “So…you found out… is true, the Valkyries experiments used the vampirism curse to be able to last long, otherwise we would die naturally from old age

“Hold up, if you are in a way a vampire pony, then your bite will poison my master further!, I will rip those fangs of yours!” Angel said, getting his sword ready.

Soul Shield laughed, hysterically. “Oh fuzball, how mistaken you are, we the valkyries has none of the vampire ponies side effects, except for one thing…”

“What?” Mistshine asked

Soul shield fangs grew. “The thirst for blood”

Oh for Celestia sake! First Fluttershy wanted his blood, now her?, but this gave Mistshine his window of opportunity, as now he knows one of the components from the curse antidote, he dodged the attack from the pegasi and used Angel with a combination attack, making their sword grew huge, they swing it towards the mare, this made her felt to the ground, with her wings damaged, but she survived, her armor felt off, revealing her cutie mark and full coat colors, she was color orange, with dark brown mane, and a white and brown tail, her eyes were red, typical from a pony with vampirism curse on their veins, her cutie mark, was a pure white sword with a mare hoof holding it, behind the hoof, was 2 wings that seems to hug the blade and hoof, with no armor.

Mistshine attacked switching to his wrench, to inflict critical damage to his foe. “Have a taste of the dark magic!”

“Not today earth pony!” Soul Shield said, as she used her natural agility and removed Mistshine steel wings and horn

The Stallion noticed that her foe put her items on a chandelier with her remaining strength on her wings. “Impressive for a colt of your age… replicating these devices must have taken too much time, but sadly for you, no more tricks!”

Although Soul Shield do not longer fly, she could use her natural hooves, to jump and gain advantage, this made difficult for Alure or Mistshine to aim well, Mistshine instructed Coldshard to freeze the floor, the ice spirit did as told and froze the ground momentary, which made Soul Shield trip, Mistshine and Alure saw their chance and attacked with their whips, breaking her shield hoof, finally, after several minutes, the pegasi felt to the ground, unable to move or attack.

“To lose to a earth pony… I have been disgraced!” Soul Shield said as she hit the ground with her spear hoof

Mistshine tried to reason with the captain, as her pride was wounded. “Hey calm down, and open this door please, I know you can open it.”

“You don’t get it do you?, I was supposed to retire when I felt in battle!, but thanks to Poisonhoof,  I’m immortal!, I cannot die of old age!, but the worse part is, that I, captain of the pegasi division, a pony that had all 3 races at her service, was defeated by a earth pony civilian!, you are not even trained!” Soul Shield said, letting her memories flow back to her.

The stallion offered her hoof to stand up, much to Angel disapproval. “Come on… there are other things worth living, you can make new friends, I forgive you for killing my friend.”

“Get away from me!” Soul shield rejected Mistshine hoof and put her spear to her throat.” Only death can restore my honor.”

Angel grew alarmed, not because of Soul Shield reaction, but from his master, as he saw how he jumped towards Soul Shield and hold her, to stop her from committing suicide, Mistshine needed her alive in order to ask her some questions, but he also felt sympathy for her…

“What are you doing?!, she killed Harpy!” Angel said, while he was on Alure back.

Mistshine tried more and more to prevent Soul Shield from moving. “Don’t stand there, help me.”

“Get off me!, I failed!, let me go!, I must die!, I have to!, please!, let me die!, I want to rest in peace!, my time is this world is way too overdue!, I should have died 1000 years ago!” Soul Shield kept on saying, as she struggled.

Alure had to tie Soul Shield hooves in order for her to stop her suicide attempts, when she finally calmed herself down, Mistshine tried to convince her to speak, nothing seems to work, even Angel threaten her saying he was going to remove her eyes, to what she only replied.

“Go ahead… I deserve it for what I did to Harpy”

Mistshine saw the broken shield of the mare and her armor, and how she cant walk, or touch, as her weapons get in the way, he decided to do what he do best, fixing broken machines, he asked Alure and Angel a little room, and he took out his screwdriver, and carefully started to check the cursed creature hooves, Soul Shield pride shattered again, as she felt the rusted screws rotating, releasing some parts in her hooves, rust and blood.

“What are you doing?, h-hey, c-cut that out” Soul Shield said, as she felt the colt unscrewing her weapons

Mistshine smiled kindly, as he focused on his task. “One of the reasons you wanted to die, was to see your friends on the other side, but then what?, you will not be able to protect others as you intended, or get revenge on Poisonhoof for what she did to you, your soul is not a peace, and without peace, you cannot go anywhere...”

“I-idiot, is not like I want to see the world outside this barrier or anything!” Soul Shield said, turning her face away

Mistshine picked interest in this. “I take it you heard about Equestria, perhaps I can show you the place after I get Fluttershy out of here, but first, we need you to walk.”

“…” Soul Shield didn’t say anything; instead, she saw how the stallion worked.

Mistshine used broken pieces of the shield to replace the weapons, making some fragile, but yet, functional hooves, this allowed Soul Shield to be able to do her first steps in 1000 years, her face showed happiness, as well as shame, the stallion helped her walk, the pieces were holding up, but they cannot do heavy movements, as the poor stallion didn’t had sufficient time to make a proper replacement. The captain smiled more when she put a hoof on the ground finally, without her huge spear, she tried to pick up her sword, taking Mistshine kindness as her window of opportunity…but… her honor kicked in, she couldn’t do it, instead, she hugged him.

“Do not say a word…do not spoil it…” her mind kept telling her, as she could feel the fake hooves holding her weight.

Mistshine smiled, as he saw the giant double door. “Here on this empire I will not be able to replace your hooves with prosthesis, but if I enter Poisonhoof Lab, I might be able to learn what she did to you, Harpy and Black Tide, and even recreate the experiments with some alterations.”

. “Such as?” Angel asked, looking confused

Mistshine put his hoof on the ground and using his wrench with the dragon scale, he draw a blueprint in seconds about a prosthetic hoof.

“Per example, I was thinking in combining my hoof prosthesis with a laser device that would materialize weapons and stills works and feels like a normal hoof, that way Soul Shield can still fight if she wants, but will be able to walk, sit and ran.” He said as he studied the issue.

Soul shield looked surprised. “B-but why will you do that for me? I’m an enemy remember?”

“My dear friend… is more than obvious you didn’t pay attention, I said I forgave you, and I’m a earth pony of trust, right now my only concern is Fluttershy, and what Poisonhoof is doing with her, but also, during this travel, I found new friends here that I initially believed to be impossible, and yet, here they are, even Harpy and Black Tide, whose bodies are gone, are still with me, so you see, even if your friends dies, they will always remain with you, alive, in your heart and soul. Come on Soul Shield, you still got a mission to achieve, and that is to live.”

Soul Shield tried to protest “b-but… what?, hey, I’m not a fragile mare to be taken care off!, I should”

“Hey, cut it out already, if my master said he forgave you, he forgave you, if he can, so can I, besides, if he says he will do those things for you, he WILL do it, come on, the walking salad, the water mare and Harpy were enemies and look us now, we are a team, but also friends, friends look out for each other.” Angel said, smiling, jumping to his master back,

As the stallion picked up the guardian spear, Soul Shield noticed how the weapon fit inside the door, but her knowledge as guard knew there was a hidden trap on the door, she ran with her fragile hooves and pushed Mistshine and Alure to a side, just to her to receive the sharp edge of a scythe that was attached to the door, once the door fully opened, the scythe tried to cut Soul Shield unprotected body, Mistshine got his items back with Alure help, and with his tech horn, he levitated the captain close to him, saving her life.

“Holy Equestria that was close!” Soul shield said, relief

Mistshine looked at her a little annoyed. “When did you plan to tell me about the trap?”

“it wasn’t me that put it, besides, I usually open the door from the sides, because that was my order.”

Angel said, as he saw how the blade almost killed her. “Well… don’t take it personal, but, your master is a complete psycho.”

The troop entered the lab; it was dark, so much he couldn’t even see his own hoof, once Mistshine put a hoof inside, everything lit up automatically, it was a huge waiting room, white and completely clean, but also, gave Alure some creeps, it looked like a hospital of some sort, Mistshine also didn’t feel comfortable, as he, ever since he awoken from his coma, developed a phobia to hospitals, commonly called Nosocomephobia, as he was going in, deeper and deeper, his heartbeat started to speed up, he was taking more air than usual, Alure and Angel noticed this and tried to calm him down, he was feeling a little ok… but sadly…

“Bring him!, come on, move it, we are loosing him!” a doctor voice said

Mistshine coat turn pale. “t-that voice”

“What is this Mistshine?” Angel asked as he saw a little colt being carried on a stretcher

Mistshine didn’t reply, instead, the ghosts did it for him “Nurse, what is the patient name?”

“Mistshine Brave, he has 6 years old” the nurse said to the doctor

Mistshine started to hyperventilate, almost erratically, like a panic attack, the lights in the lab started to go in and out, Mistshine could almost feel the dark and cold hoof of Death coming for him, he was almost positive he saw a black shadow looking at him from one of the door windows, smiling evil, with no eyes…Angel, concerned, tried to bring him towards his senses, but nothing worked, he event felt his body temperature dropping fast, Alure and Soul Shield believed it was better to take him out of the Dark Sanctuary, Alure carried him over, as Soul Shield slapped him once he woke up outside.

“What happened to the courageous colt that beat me?!, what the hell was that?!” Soul Shield reclaimed

Angel tried to intervene, but Mistshine talked first. “I…I spend all my childhood in a bed on a hospital, thanks to a Poisonhoof descendant, the hospital inside there is like a dead ringer for what happened to me”

“Hold on… you were on coma and yet you still heard everything?” Angel, Softheart and Coldshard said at the same time, surprised.

Mistshine looked sad, but getting better as time went by. “Yes and no, my mind was shut down, but my body continued to work, as if I was asleep, sadly I couldn’t feel or hear anything, but when I do heard something, I heard it only like little whispers I couldn’t understand.“

“Well… are you going to give up?” Soul Shield asked the colt in front of her.

Mistshine smiled, getting himself up and taking a deep breath. “Hell no, Fluttershy needs me, I must conquer this trial, and get the cure!, you are welcome to join me my friends.”

“About time” Angel said, with a smirk on his face as he jumped to his owner back.

The stallion got himself up and went inside the Lab again, this time, a little bit more secure, still, he was sweating cold, as his nosocomephobia kicked in really fast, but he still walked inside, going further in, after passing some double doors, he found a little reception, with several chairs and a notepad that worked as a report, the hoof writing on the note, was very neat and tidy, it read;

“Ever since I started to study the pony anatomy, I was fascinated by the fact that we, the ponies, are a force to be recon with, as even suffering the worse of tortures, the body still recovers from said injuries, I started experimenting on several ponies after my last trip to the Crystal Empire, after I meet my king, who opened up my eyes to my real talent. I decided to keep a series of data pads, where all information for certain subjects will be stored, this will be placed along with my old notes.” The notepad said, as the signature read Poisonhoof.

Mistshine looked alarmed. “So… it is true then, Poisonhoof indeed knew King Sombra, I might need to find those datapads, they may have information about the monsters, or worse.”

“What can be worse than knowing how the monsters are made of?” Angel inquired to his owner

Mistshine replied, storing the data pad on his saddlebags. “Knowing what her plans are.”

The stallion opened some double doors in front of the reception, only to find several Fluttershys in a hallway, but when they looked at him, he got attacked, they were mechanical changelings, just that in a more fragile body, perhaps the prototypes of the Changeling Guard he already defeated?, he attacked the creatures, but he noticed they bleed green, when one of the “Fluttershys” flew towards him, he noticed that they were a mixture of real changeling with cybernetic parts.

“Hiss...c-ome on my darling… time to sleep now” The changeling Fluttershy said, as she jumped towards the stallion, trying to bite him and steal love energy

Mistshine dodged and attacked with his whip. “I’m not falling for that twice!”

The Fluttershy changeling got her neck snapped by Alure, when she died, her body quickly turned into ashes, leaving only her mechanicals parts, Mistshine reviewed said parts, and he found out the same wiring as the changeling guard from the East Tower, there is a high chance the Dark Sanctuary is filled with prototype versions of the monsters he already killed.

He decided to check the hallway where the monsters came from, each room seems to be a operating room, each one for different monster, he could tell this, because there was always a corpse in the table at the center of the room, that had some traits not natural of a pony, in one of the rooms however…

“Hold it Mistshine… this room is way too cold… I have a feeling that”. Alure wrote on the wall with her vines.

Mistshine opened up the door, his breathing became noticeable. “Yeah… I think that too… is the room where Poisonhoof created Coldshard.”

On the operating table, was dried light blue blood, Coldshard dried blood, also, on the operating table, was another data pad, just that this one looked exactly like a doctor clipnote, it had more information about his frozen companion… Mistshine started to read it, sitting on the operating chair.

“Let’s see…Name…Coldshard… Occupation, Musician, Relatives… a little earth pony?!, Coldshard!, you have a sister?!” Mistshine questioned, surprised at this information

Coldshard, replied, surprised as well. “I do?! Wait…t-that’s right” her voice started to sound broke, as if she feared something, perhaps a painful memory. “Her name is Sea Chord, and just like me, she plays any kind of cord instruments, she was learning the harp, it was cute to see her trying to play the instrument, even when our friend Rustyhooves modified it to be ideal for her size… but…” the ice pony voice broke up

“But what?“ Mistshine inquired, not liking where this was heading

Coldshard replied, although she couldn’t cry, her voice did sound shaken. “When I came home that night… I… I hugged her, I couldn’t control my power at the time, so I ended up freezing her, she became a ice statue because of me!, I ended up killing her!, the harp I play is actually hers… and thanks to me, she is dead!” the ice mare voice sounded distressed and ashamed of herself.

“That’s not what it says according to this…” Mistshine smiled, putting the data pad next to his companion container.

Coldshard confused, read the data pad. “Relative Sea Chord… Alive?!, part of the Elemental Fillies project!?, what the hell did that maniac did to my sister?!”

“Beats me, it doesn’t mention the Elemental Fillies protects, but it does mention you, here.“ Mistshine said, as he pointed out Poisonhoof notes. “It says; Subject tends to react negatively to the Spirit Container, and to the mind erase spell, however, there are ways I can keep her under control, the disadvantages of having alive relatives, anyway, on to the experiment, she suffers from low blood pressure, this allows me to make more easier the fusion between the liquid nitrogen and her blood, however, I still have problems with her organs, as they seems to stop working when frozen, and even if they change to the icy specter form, they cannot change back to solid, so I end up with a puddle of blood and water, the only way I have to keep her body and organs solid in all temperatures, as well as active while in icy specter form, is to turn her natural earth pony strength and magic center into a condenser of some sort with my dark magic, this will be something easy to do, if this works, subject will be able to evaporate when she became a shade, enough to pass any solid object and then be able to condense again to be solid, when she wants to fight on ground, I took a page out of the pegasi work in the Cloudsdale Weather Factory.”

Mistshine look seriously confused at the notes. “Ok…hold up, so in order for your organs to work while you are in icy specter form and in solid, and still allowing you to use your ice magic, she turned your natural earth pony magic into a temperature regulator?”

“Basically… yes…it was awful seeing my own body with that amount of scars” Coldshard recalled, a little scared.

Well… Mistshine definitely knows how to recreate the experiment, he just need to infuse dark magic into liquid nitrogen, then use as much dark magic as possible to make her body solid, but there is something that doesn’t add up, the report doesn’t mention the collar she had to control her powers, it mentioned that she could control them by herself, which means something must have gone wrong during the experiment. Near the table was a device that seems to inject liquid nitrogen into a pony blood stream, Mistshine tried to hack the device to be able to get liquid nitrogen as a weapon and get the machine ready to revive his friend, however, he got a electric shock, the device scanned him, and noticed he was not its maker.

“DNA Analysis complete, Unknown Pony registered, activating all locks within device mainframe, please input master DNA to unlock”

Angel looked at the machine keyboard. “There is a hoof scanner Mistshine… who DNA will be used here?”

“With all these experiments lying around, how do you think it is?” Mistshine replied, hitting the wall in frustration

Angel realized where his owner was going with this. “Is Poisonhoof, right?”

Mistshine nodded, as the answer was more than obvious, but her original body was burned 1000 years ago, is nothing more that mere ashes now, frustrated he cannot keep his promise to Coldshard, he exited the room, just to find a alarm ringing, seems the device from last room was connected to the lab mainframe… a automated voice rang loud.

“Security breach, security breach, releasing all experiments, anti-theft protocol activated, locking main entrance.” The voice sounded, as the double doors taking back to the Dark Sanctuary locked themselves.

Mistshine was left with a tired expression, as he saw in the distance, on the windows placed on the doors, a swarm of changelings robots coming at him, as well as some floating rubber balls that emit fire and ice attacks, he started attacking but he was quickly overwhelmed by the swarm

“Gahh!!, get off me!!” Mistshine yelled, as he saw how one Fluttershy changeling took angel

Angel yelled. “Mistshine!!, get up!!, use it, the grand cross!”

“Ahhh!!, Mistshine, they are taking your weapons!” Coldshard said, as she saw how the changelings took out his saddlebag, with the ice pony still attached to it.

Soul Shield on the other hoof, used hoof to hoof combat to keep the enemies away. “What is the grand cross?”. She inquired.

“I cannot use it!, if I use it I could die!” Mistshine said, as he felt the entire changeling swarm on him, the balls of ice was starting to freeze him

One of the changelings, mimicking Fluttershy body and voice, whisper to him “Shhh, hush now… is alright… you will make a fine lunch my dear. “

The changelings started to bite him, still disguised as the pony he loves, although their fangs didn’t had any dark magic, they had a powerful toxin that paralyzed the stallion body, even if he had the rainbow jewel equipped, he started to scream, as he saw how his companions were quickly defeated by these copies, the fact that his love for Fluttershy is strong, gave a advantage to the changeling robots, even if they are mechanic, they work just like a regular changeling. But just as any changeling… they also has a limit…

“No!... I cannot lose here!, she needs me!, I… I must be with her!, with the real Fluttershy!, I passed all my fillyhood attached to a bed!, when all I ever wanted was to became a doctor that can help others with my machines!.” Mistshine said as his body started to charge a magical electrical aura, ignoring the pain.

Angel smiled, as he now fought back. “Oh you metallic copies better kiss your flanks good bye”

“But most importantly, I made a promise to Fluttershy the first day I met her!, once that I’m intending to keep, I promised I will be there for her when she needs me!, and I will not fail her!, you soulless copies do not know what love really is capable off!, Allow me to demonstrate!!” Mistshine yelled as his eyes turned pure white

Coldshard said to her teammates. “Girls!, cover your eyes!!”

“GRAND CROSS!!!” Mistshine yelled with all his strength.

From within his body, the pure light cross rose from his chest, destroying the changelings prototypes and all enemies within range, the power was so devastating it even ripped the doors out of their places, the stallion deducted that, since he concentrated his love for Fluttershy, he manage to give his ancestor technique a extra boost of power, he remembered that true love was what defeated Chrysalis back in the Canterlot invasion, as explained by his brother. However, he quickly felt the recoil of using such technique, his body was not only paralyzed, but also numb, there was a huge difference, of doing that technique in a memory zone, and doing it real life.

He got up with difficulty, and recovered his saddlebags, later, he tried to find a way to get the device hacked; an idea came to his head.

“Angel… the note we read earlier, didn’t Poisonhoof wrote that the datapads are next to her old notes?”

Angel nodded positive. “Yes…why?”

“If I’m thinking what I’m thinking, all her madness started when she went to the Crystal Empire and met Sombra, so, the notes she wrote before her corruption might have DNA samples, we just need to find Poisonhoof office.”

Coldshard reacted a little afraid. “Wait wait wait, hold your horses, the doors are now locked, we cannot exit or open any doors, we are stuck, and if I recall, we cannot use Alure flower either, since all this floor is 100% metallic, there is no way her vines can pierce metal”

“maybe not right now, but if we manage to get the liquid nitrogen machine unlocked, so does all the doors, besides, that way I can get your body remade again” Mistshine replied.

Alure nodded, as they search on the hallways doors any stairs or something that looks like a office, what they found instead, was a operating room filled with all kinds of substances… from green blood like liquid, to feathers, bones, and even DNA Samples, the operating room he was in seems it was not the main operating room, but it was closed to be one, as it had several tables, computers, chairs and giant capsules, that are filled with bodies still halfway done… there are also several medical instruments, from bone saws to scalpels and needles. Mistshine didn’t took much time to deduce this was where Poisonhoof worked on several experiments at once, however, he found something more useful… the map of the area, seems it has 3 floors below the surface, according to it he must be on B1, so either B2 or B3 must have the office, he got closer to a capsule that had scales on them… when he touched a sample, it felt cold as hell, he put more sample in a petril dish and examined it, using the microscope, he could notice it was similar to the snowflakes, but it had several RBC and antibodies, he asked his icy friend for a sample of her water.

“Coldshard, give me a little of your blood” Mistshine said

Coldshard laughed, as she let her hoof out, it was 100% liquid, so it ended up filling up a new petril dish “I’m water now remember?”

“So… what are you seeing this?” Angel inquired, next to the microscope”

Mistshine replied to his bunny pet friend. “This DNA Sample…is identical to Coldshard blood, but is more solid and is composed almost entirely of water”

“In English please” Softheart said, not understanding what the colt meant

Mistshine activated his clock and scanned the samples with the scanner, the results confirmed his suspicion. “DNA Samples share similarities, there is a 99% chance the DNA samples are related or could be the same pony”

“W-wait, you mean that the huge capsule with that entire DNA is…” Coldshard replied, scared of her master answer

Mistshine, with a sadden look on his face, replied “Yes…is your sister blood…”

“A-are you sure is not my blood?!?!, no, it can be her, she cannot be a monster now!” Coldshard said in denial, worrying about her sister fate

Mistshine replied, more serious as he walked near each DNA Capsule. “There is no point on denying it Coldshard, Poisonhoof turned your sister into a water based creature, your blood although liquid, is far more colder than your sister, besides, the fact that the water molecules are more present in this DNA Capsule, only led me to believe this is her backup plan in case you betray her, there is a high chance she took your sister frozen body, modified it and stored it in this lab.”

“W-will she remember me?” Coldshard inquired, until he felt Alure hoof on the container

Alure Une smiled kindly, her expression revealed complete trust in the future, Mistshine spoke. “I believe she says that she will remember you… let’s see the other capsules…”

Mistshine put Harpy feather and Blacktide scale on the table and scanned it, he then scanned all the DNA Capsules, his results brought a smile on his face.

“Excellent!, I knew it!” he replied

Softheart got closer to the hoof of his master. “What happened?”

“Scan shows that the DNA capsules match the samples provided” the automatic voice gave the answer instead of his creator

Soul Shield, spoke, surprised at his companion findings. “Let me guess… since these capsules have their DNA samples… you are planning to bring your friends back right?”

“You are correct, since their original bodies got either eaten or burned to crisp, I have no means to replicate their blood, but these room seems that is big enough for that, still I needed this feather and scale to be able to replicate their skin and feathers… I will not leave them as souls” Mistshine said as he stored his friends’ feather and scale back on his saddlebags.

Mistshine looked at the map and saw that there are indeed a Elevator that takes him to B2 and B3, it seems it was a cargo elevator, he found a computer on the DNA room, he hacked it and found something, looks like blueprints, whole coding on ponies DNA and organs, as he was searching for more details, with the hope to find detailed explanation to replicate his friends bodies, he found another thing that made him freeze… a letter, signed by Poisonhoof herself, the latest data entry date reads today, the date when Fluttershy disappeared, it looks like a blog entry but it was, addressed to him.

“To the little, meddling colt:

Did you honestly believed for a second that I wasn’t going to find out your route or what are you after?, let me tell you this, I’m not planning on leaving the body of this pegasi, not yet, is just a matter of time really, no matter what you do or what power does Celestia believe she has when she to send you here, the fate of your friend was sealed, you might want to know that your friend know as Fluttershy, is no longer with us, she is already under my control, and the only way to save her…is killing her, and if she dies, there goes your Elements of Harmony”

Mistshine reacted surprised. “Wait, she knows about the elements?!”

“She is inside your friend body, is possible that she have access to her memories” Softheart said.

A alert of a incoming message, send shivers to the stallion back, he held his whip ready, as the door closed with thick iron doors, and the walls started to emit a green gas… the message was different, it was a voice message, the voice was undoubtedly, Fluttershy voice, a little distorted due to her bat transformation.

“Oh yes… I know about the elements, I know the fears and insecurities of this pony, I even know how the new rainbow power awaken within her… and I’m seeing all of you…Alure, Coldshard, Angel Bunny, Softheart, Black Tide, Soul Shield, Harpy, and specialty you Mistshine…all of you are mere pest, a pest that I’m about to eliminate… you see… coming to my lab, was you last and worse mistake, better take a deep breath, is the last one you will ever take, and don’t worry about your little pegasi… I’m really enjoying this body… and I really mean it” Flutterbat said, as her message ended.

Mistshine covered his mouth. “Celestia damn it!, Neurotoxins!, cover your mouth and nose everypony!”

Coldshard noticed the gas was nothing other that a powerful neurotoxin that can kill anypony within minutes, even Alure, that is plant based, cannot do much against it, Mistshine instructed to find a way out, while the camera recorded everything, trying to hold in their lungs the fresh air they had inhaled before, he looked at the camera… angry at Poisonhoof for manipulating Fluttershy body, he promised to himself, he will save his friend.

“Master!, is useless!, there is no way out!” Softheart said, as she saw no other exit.

Soul Shield looked at the lab and on the floor. “There must be a way out!, this is her lab!, if her experiments are damaged, there must be a secondary door or something she use to escape!”

“Think think think!, what would I do If I was a sadistic pony that killed hundreds of ponies for experiments that may end up in…” Mistshine said as he noticed the operating tables, they are clean. “Failures… that’s it!, Girls!, search for the corpse disposal!, if several ponies didn’t lasted long during the experiments, there must be a huge garbage disposal where she threw the bodies in, find it!”.

They searched for it, until they found it behind some desk, everypony jumped inside, not knowing where it will take them, perhaps a incinerator?, but they couldn’t stay on the DNA room and die by neurotoxins right?, as they felt down the slide, they could smell the scent of thousand of decayed bodies, the rotten flesh of several corpses soften their landing, Mistshine saw in horror all the corpses piled up, some of them half eaten, others with their limbs missing, other are just bones, and so on, it was so disgusting Mistshine almost puked… they tried to see in the room for something that can get them out… without them knowing… the ceiling opening, from where they came from, closed itself, locking them inside.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 11 -
The semi last place to explore, the Dark Sanctuary and Poisonhoof Laboratory, Mistshine will have several problems here...

Achivements time yay! :D

Achivement Unlocked: Honorary Valkyrie (Beat and Save Soul Shield)
Achivement Unlocked: Canterlot Hospital? (Enter Poisonhoof Lab)
Achivement Unlocked: That Fluttershy is a Changeling! (Beat 25 Fluttershy Changelings)
Achivement Unlocked: Neurotoxins Bath (Survive the DNA Room trap)

Next: ???

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(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Roseblood, the champion of the Steel Empire was attacking him with no mercy, she didn’t even bothered to explain her reasons, she just attacked, Mistshine could barely dodge the holy whip, the tip of the ball emitted a little shockwave, not very long, but powerful enough to damage him, he took out his whip and attacked the mare, his whip collided with Roseblood´s, each swing they made was very similar, but the previous whip owner had her experience as backup, and she used her whip in a spinning fashion that made Mistshine drop his weapon, she took advantage of this and attacked, the tip of the whip not only pierced Mistshine chest, but also burned him as if it was made of fire, probably due to the dark magic present in him.

“Ahhh!!!, Holy Celestia… that is the power of the full vampire whip?” Mistshine said as he hold his chest.

Roseblood hugged her whip before taunting at the colt.” A copy can never beat the original, when you meet Poisonhoof on the other side, tell her to build better creatures next time.”

“No!, I will not die here!, Fluttershy needs me!” Mistshine said as he teleported out of the way.

If he cannot win using light magic, he might have to force the dark one, as the CPU fragments revealed, Roseblood was corrupted as well with dark magic, so he might have to take that to float in order for his whip to be able to damage her, he concentrated, using the smile of the kind pegasus as a fuel source, he charged his vampire cape with dark magic, releasing his hellfire technique, Roseblood spin her whip to make the flames go away, but…

“Gotcha” Mistshine said, as he appeared behind Roseblood

Roseblood reacted with a surprise. “What in the hay?”

Mistshine successfully hit her on the back with a fully charged dark wrench swing; the dark magic plus his earth pony strength manage to make the empire champion emit a painful yell, as her own dark magic became present, so evident that her own vampire whip burned her each time she picked it up.

“Now is my turn!, I have a very important date with a loved one, one I’m not planning of missing it!” Mistshine said, as he picked up his whip handle with his hoof.

The colt started to attack, switching between his wrench and whip, making him unpredictable for the mare, when she attacked with the holy whip, Mistshine counterattacked with his wrench, the mare body started to show visible wounds from the attacks, feels like Mistshine was winning, however, the mare smiled, she had an ace up her sleeve.

“You are the first creature to force me to do this…fell honored…” Roseblood said, as she started to charge her horn, her lime green aura surrounded her horn

Mistshine knew what she meant and started running towards a light post. “Please don’t tell me…”

The mare body started to charge electricity, as a white aura surrounded her body, aiming at the colt, the power she was charging made Mistshine slowly approaching her, even if he was running the opposite direction, she let a giant scream as she fired her most powerful spell.

“GRAND CROSS!!!” Roseblood said as she fired a giant cross made of pure light magic from her horn

Mistshine dodged towards the sky using his tech wings “ AAAAH!!! “

Sadly for Mistshine, it didn’t matter to where he dodge, the cross itself covered pretty much the entire area, even if he flew upwards, the mare aimed her horn towards the stallion, making the cross itself rise, as the holy magic successfully hit him, his wings and horn started to malfunction, emitting sparks and no longer responding to his orders, he was send crashing towards the earth, loosing for a second time his priced wings and horn made him enraged, as the dark magic started to flow within him, Roseblood took her chance and used a alcohol bottle she had, but this one was filled with holy water, that burned the stallion coat, making him crash to the ground, his strength finally left him, his dark magic disappeared, as well as the effects of the grand cross, his body was severely injured, his cape had holes in it, and his wrench got almost broken, he started crawling, towards his own whip.

“ahhhh… i… I cannot lose…” Mistshine said as he held the whip handle

Roseblood teleported to the stallion and stepped on the stallion hoof holding the whip. “That’s enough, die with dignity creature, you fought well, but you cannot beat me with dark magic.”

“Ahhh… I can’t die… if I die…who will save Fluttershy?” Mistshine said, as his eyes could only see red from the blood escaping his forehead and the hoof of Roseblood on his own

Roseblood confused, looked at the whip “Mmmmm… why do you mention that mare so often?, is a friend of yours?, perhaps I shall kill her later”, she raised her whip, just to notice her initials on the stallion whip handle “ What?!” she said in shock as she felt a electrical charge on her hoof

“No…you won’t…” he said, he took strength from Celestia knows where, his hoof was emitting electricity “you will never… touch my pegasus!”

Roseblood noticed the stallion getting up, she jumped backwards to avoid damage and asked. “Why do you care so much for her when you are a dark creature?”

“Enough with the dark creature speech already!, not everything is black and white!, and I have a name!, my name is Mistshine Brave!, younger brother of Stormy Brave, and I’m the current owner of the Vampire Killer!

Roseblood reacted in confusion, when the last name was heard. “B-Brave?”

“I made a promise to myself and to Fluttershy!, I will save her and get her out of this empire!, and I will not fail a promise I made to the mare I love!” Mistshine said, as his orange magic aura changed to white.

Mistshine whip started to glow in the same white aura, as Roseblood whip, as if was responding finally to its owner commands. The stallion broken tech horn, was still capable of one last thing, as it started to break into more and more little pieces, the stallion body got surrounded in the same white aura as Roseblood, she knew perfectly well this technique, she just stood on the ground, waiting to see what would happen, the stallion horn finally broke and felt on the floor, his orange aura fully changed to white, however, the spell was still going.

“A unicorn magical aura is the same as in their eyes, however, your eyes are blue and your magic aura is orange, why?” Roseblood asked, holding her ground.

Mistshine smiled. “My horn is artificial, so color doesn’t really matter, what should matter is…” he said as he used his whip as a lasso, pulling the mare towards him. “Is time for you to have a taste of your own medicine!”

“Let me go! a earth pony cannot--” Roseblood was interrupted, she felt the grip on her waist, the stallion was recovering strength

“Grand Cross!!!” Mistshine yelled to the top of his lungs, as the white aura formed the holy cross

This cross was different from Roseblood, as it was small compared to the empire champion, but it was also because, it wasn’t fired from a horn, it worked as a physical barrier, both for offensive and defense, since Roseblood was close to him, she received the full damage from the cross, sending her flying towards a wall, as if Mistshine got a second air, he started to attack with the sub weapons, learning from Roseblood herself, although he couldn’t transfer light properties to his sub weapons, thanks to his tech horn and steel wings being destroyed, he could launch 2 weapons at the time, so he combined the axe with the daggers, Roseblood eyes quickly changed to red a moment, as she teleported near the stallion and surrounded her hooves on dark magic, dodging the sub weapons and punching him, this made him scream, as he could feel dark magic trying to enter his body, he got the mare off by using a alcohol bottle on the floor, burning her, both fighters were exhausted already.

“ahhh… I will not lose you hear me?!” Mistshine said as he attacked with his holy whip

Roseblood counterattacked with her own “Wanna bet?!”

In their standing place, both ponies traded blows with their holy weapons, each swing made sparks fly across the market, burning the tends and fabrics, both of them used their magic hourglass, but they ended up freezing in time simultaneously, Mistshine opened up his cape and revealed another hellfire, but when he picked up his whip with his hoof, it burned him, the whip was awakening to its fullest, it was time to finish the fight, as he could feel the time was running short, he continued to attack and advance towards the empire champion, Roseblood did the same as well, Mistshine whip tip started to have spikes, turning the flat iron ball into a morning star, and the whip itself had the same white aura on each swing, shockwave included, he did it!, he awoken the true power of the whip!, he decided to finish the fight with the whip itself, he slide under Roseblood body, and using his natural earth pony strength, he launched her over the air, she prepared to teleport, but Mistshine used his whip to catch her from the air, and slam her to the ground, while she was dizzy, he attacked several times, each with more strength as before, as he used the whip in his hoof instead of Roseblood, that she used it via magic.

“This is the end!” Mistshine said, as he launched a powerful whip strike towards the mare

Roseblood yelled as she was send backwards, defeated “ahhhh!!! No… this cannot be!, AAAAAAAAH!!!”

Roseblood was send flying towards the stairs of the central tower, Mistshine had beaten the previous owner of the whip, and now the vampire killer recognize Mistshine as its owner, Roseblood got herself up, visible wounded and unable to move, Mistshine tried to use his super potion, but at that moment, he saw a white light on the central tower entrance… his way out, the time was almost up, he had to run, he stopped before entering the portal, and looked at Roseblood, he still had the potion on his hoof, so he decided to leave it for Roseblood, he administer to her some of the potion, enough for her to recover movement, so she can use the remaining on her.

“W-why didn’t you finish me off?” Roseblood said

Mistshine smiled. “I never wanted to kill you, if you saw what I have seen, you will know that even in darkness, there is a light that shines within, like a beacon of hope, waiting for a chance to do the right thing.“

“…” Roseblood didn’t say anything, her pride was wounded.

Mistshine exited through the portal, as he exit the film trial, he could hear a faint voice, the voice or Roseblood, it didn’t sound mad or prideful, instead, it felt happy, as it was rejoiced… he manage to clearly understand something…

“So… this is the power of my bloodline and that knucklehead Starlight bloodline, excellent, I knew I made the right choice marrying him.” Roseblood said, as her voice faded.

Mistshine eyes grew wide; he understood everything now, even the champion attitude. “Hold up!, not only she was the previous owner of the whip, she was my ancestor as well?!”

Mistshine woke up abruptly, he was back on the first row seats of the theater, his tech horn and steel wings were intact and resting on his saddlebags, but most importantly, he saw his teammates happy to see him awaken, they explained he was almost at the 5 minutes limit.

“We thought for a moment that you wouldn’t make it, even Angel cried, saying don’t leave me alone, hehe, was really cute.” Softheart said, smiling evil at the bunny.

Angel blushed. “Y-you say you will not going to say it to nopony!”

“That was for all the times you called me sex vacuum my little bunny. “Softheart said, making a smile.

Angel blushed, hiding in his owner saddlebags. “Ok, Ok, I’m sorry!”

“We though we wont see you again master. “ Alure wrote with her vines.

Coldshard voice sounded shaken “You promised me that you will give me my body back, I felt that promise dying and me being stuck to a lifeless corpse.”

Alure herself jumped and hugged the stallion, crying, happy to see him awake, if Mistshine didn’t kept her in check, and she would practically be kissing him already, however, when Alure hoof touched Mistshine waist, she got burned, Mistshine noticed this and checked his whip, the whip now had the same appearance as Roseblood whip, and as a matter of fact, he felt it was more powerful than before, and the little shockwave was present on the tip with each swing, after Mistshine got used to the whip, Angel noticed some things on the white screen, 2 pieces of paper, that were part of the grand cross technique, and finally, a jewel, similar to what Fluttershy had on her neck, resembling a tear of pure blood, Mistshine got to the white screen and picked up the scroll, learning his ancestor most powerful spell, and took the fake tear of blood jewel, he turned to Alure, that was crying on how bad she got burned, Mistshine kindly took her hoof and licked it, to make her forget the pain.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten my owner that quickly” Angel said, from the saddle bags

Mistshine blushed, yelling at the bunny. “And what about you Angel?, if somepony was wounded because of something you did, don’t you wanted to make them feel ok?”

“G-guys… don’t fight, Harpy is waiting remember?” Alure wrote down with her vines, hiding her blushing.

Coldshard recalled what her friend meant. “Right!, that’s why the master is so relaxed, behind the wall is the Dark Sanctuary, and inside, is Fluttershy cure, then he only need to find the Vampire tunic to withstand the effects of the dark mist in the clock tower.”

“Then lets get going girls, we have still a pony to rescue” Mistshine said, as he rushed out of the theater

Mistshine used Alure flower again, and while they were inside, the whip didn’t burned her, seems the whip only burn if it detects danger for it’s owner, as Alure sudden reaction was taken by the whip in the wrong way. Once the flower reopened on the catacombs they found Harpy waiting on the barrier, Mistshine took out his whip and attacked the barrier, the tip of the whip entered easily and the little shockwave emitted by the tip, was enough to not only freeze, but also shattered completely the barrier, as if it was made out of glass.

“Wow!, s-s-so…you are not going to kill me right?” Harpy said, a little nervous after that display

Mistshine smiled and walked towards the interior of the catacombs. “ I do not need to repeat the same answer, so, will you come?”

“Yes, no need to rush me.” Harpy said, as she flew near him.

All the ponies moved forward, from within the wall, they descended upon a few stairs, that lead them to a empty hallway, no bones, reanimating corpses or graves, just a flat area, this smelled trap from a mile away, but he still has to press on, Harpy, being capable of flight, went ahead first, the stallion noticed that the area started to look more like a anti-chapel than anything else, the stained glass pictured several monsters, while the ceiling had beautiful chandeliers, they could hear laughs… and sounds of metallic hoofsteps, not liking this in one bit, he noticed how the door leading to a deeper part of the area closed itself, the stained window picturing all the monsters Poisonhoof had created, started to emit a voice.

“Harpy…you of all monsters should know how we take the strangers…dead are better than alive” a mare voice said with authority

Coldshard said, afraid “oh by Tartarus… not them!”

“Them?” Mistshine inquired, curious about his teammate reaction.

Alure Une got her whip ready, expecting a challenge. “…”

“Hold up…that voice…” the mare sounded confused. “Coldshard?, a Alure Une and I’m sensing Black Tide Soul as well.”

Mistshine got his whip in his hoof, ready for a attack. “You got a problem with that?, what else was I supposed to do, let them alone?”

“Why do you care?, you are a invader, enough talk, Steel Troops, move out!” The mare ordered the sound of a pulled lever could be heard.

The Floor opened below their hooves, Alure tried to use her whip to grab to the chandelier, but the chandelier was fake, before they hit the floor, Harpy flew in and picked Mistshine and Alure with her talons, holding them as hard as she could.

“Grrrrr, how are you so heavy?!” Harpy said, starting to fly upwards

Angel held to his master saddle “gahhhh!, more faster featherbag!!”

“Girls!, the walls, are closing in!” Mistshine noticed as the light started to fade

Harpy started to fly more faster, as Mistshine started to take advantage that they are being helped by the creature, to attack the walls with his whip, he was thinking that the walls could be delayed if attacked, due to their 1000 years of non usage, the first hit made the wall back away a little, he instructed Alure to attack the opposite wall, she obeyed and used her rose whip efficiently, allowing the Harpy to get them out of the crusher floor, once outside the floor closed and a sound of busted mechanism could be heard, later, the sound of a breaking stained glass alerted the stallion.

“So… were are your so called Steel Troops?” Mistshine said, losing his temper

A voice rang from behind him “ here…”

A big spear came from behind and almost pierced Mistshine back, he turned around just to see several Pegasus mares flying and hovering in the air, they had shields, spears and swords, their armors were blue and their bodies shows several scars, products of many, but many battles over the centuries, Mistshine analytical mind noticed they are flesh and bone mares, until a certain extend, when he dodged the spear, he could noticed the mares are practically “glued” to their weapons, their hooves are replaced by a gear that make them turn and swing the massive lances without much effort, but thanks to this, they cannot walk on run in the ground, as their hooves shows sings of infection, rusted metal with rotten flesh noticed on the devices gears, they can only fly, or use their backhooves to jump, giving them extra distance in their flights. The creatures attacked the group

“Do not let them alive, Steel Troops, move out!” The voice said as she disappeared,

Mistshine attacked with his holy whip. “Come on girls, we can beat them, Angel!, try to disarm their hooves!”

“On it!” the little bunny said

Mistshine threw Angel towards some of the pegasi on the air, Angel attacked, but the creatures are not easily fooled, as the target dodged and her teammate next to her hit the bunny hard, with her shield, rendering the bunny unconscious, Mistshine picked up Angel bunny and attacked the mares, they were really hard to attack, as they dodged the whip attacks, Harpy attacked the creatures with her talons, but they shield themselves, this opened the chance for Mistshine and Alure to use a double technique on the ground, they pulled up the creatures towards the ground and on the ground, he instructed Coldshard to freeze them, as he suspected, their flesh do not handle the weather effects as what would happen with a normal pegasi, their wings froze, and since they were unable to walk, they jumped in a effort to stab Mistshine with their swords, he blocked and killed one of the creatures with his holy whip.

“Ahhhh!!” One of the pegasi screamed, as her body turned into dust

All the troops became enraged “One mare down, one mare down!, kill him!”

“Get ready girls!” Mistshine advised.

By themselves they could be easily beaten, but in group they are a high menace, Mistshine was getting quickly overrun until he got a idea, if they want to take this into the air, then so be it, he put on his tech wing and horn and flew up, although the room was small, he could have perfect shots on the air with his magical arrow spell, he started to shoot enchanted arrows towards the creatures, the mares seems to dodge them ok, nd the creatures responded the attack with the spears, Mistshine noticed holy energy emanating from them, this gave Mistshine the idea of using the enchanted arrow spell in combination with the dark magic, the result, a black arrow that pierced the pegasi shield easily.

“Alure, I will take them down to the floor, you and harpy finish them up” Mistshine ordered

Alure nodded and Harpy smiled “Oh yeah… I will do it!”

Mistshine shot several dark magic arrows, these arrows made the creatures felt to the ground, just to be finished by Alure or Harpy attacks, it took them a while, but all the enemies were defeated, the corpses of the pegasi started to discompose on accelerated rate, leaving nothing more than dust and rusted armors, Mistshine took this in consideration and quickly scanned one of the corpses before it disappeared, the scanner rang in its robotic voice.

“Diagnosis from the corpse indicates that all blood, fluids and organs were long gone 1000 years ago, only dust remains, bodies were originally brought back to life by light magic, extreme exposure to dark magic will cease their functions.”

Angel noticed how the dust and rust caught up with the pegasi bodies as they died and turned into nothing more than dust. “ So what, they are walking corpses made out of dust?”

“Seems like it, Poisonhoof experiments for this troop might have been work of necromancy, she fused the souls of the proud warriors that defended the empire to this special division” Mistshine said as he got himself up.

A mare scream of agony could be heard, it was from the same voice of before. “Nooo!!! My, my comrades!, my friends!, those corpses were the only reminder I had of them!”

“Your only reminder?” Mistshine asked confused.

The voice continued to speak, louder, getting close.” Ever since that fateful day, I was tasked by our master to guard the entrance to the Dark Sanctuary, to die in battle, is the greatest honor a Valkyrie experiment could obtain, as is the only way to at least, die with dignity, and not living as a monster, ever since the graves of my teammates were dug up, they were mere husk of the pony they were, and now that you killed them, I’m alone!, get it now?!, I’m the last Valkyrie!” The sound of a metallic hoof was coming closer to the entrance on the other side of the room, the door that closed before, emitted a sound of unlocking.

“hold up….Valkyrie?, Mistshine, what is that?” Angel asked.

Mistshine seems to know little about the topic, but replied to his bunny question. “I recall it was a special group of pegasi warriors that goes all the way back to Commander Hurricane Era, but they are all extinct.”

“Correct, we are not the same as those brave warriors, but we live under their tradition, I’m the commander of the Valkyries Experiments of the Steel Empire” the voice said as she opened the door with her shield.

Coldshard instantly recognized their enemy voice and body. “Aw… ponyfeathers…is Captain Soul Shield…the Captain of the Empire Royal Guard”

“Coldshard… the musician from the grant hall, member of the Diamond Orchestra and Alure Soilseed, the head maid… and gardener of the empire, is so sad that our paths cross in the battlefield” Soul Shield replied, as she looked at the stallion in front of her. “Yes, as the captain of the royal guard of the empire, and the original Valkyrie experiment, it is my duty and honor, to avenge my fallen friends.” Soul Shield said, as she drew her sword.

Mistshine stopped the mare from advancing, with his boomerang cross. “Hold it right there!, I want answers and now!, What do you mean with avenge your friends?!, and what do you mean with Valkyrie experiment?!”

“Poisonhoof  beat me in battle, but , she didn’t gave me death, she gave me slavery instead, and forced me to be the guardian of the Dark Sanctuary, never aging, never hungry, never able to walk, and never being able to touch a pony again, you can call me the guardian of this cursed place.” Soul Shield said, as she put her shield on the wall, just like the other pegasi, her hooves are attached to her weapons. “I’m an experiment designed for one thing, and one thing only.”  

Mistshine noticed how his foe weapon disappeared and became a sword. A little nervous, he asked. “W-what purpose?.”

“Fighting, we are the perfect killing machine, we were created under the data recollected from the ancient books that described the real Valkyries, and we are the troops from our King, soon when our master power is absolute, Equestria will fall, as for you my little intruder” Soul Shield said, as she got in her stance and put up a fence on the entrance. “It is time for you, to die…”

Mistshine mind rang when he heard the word king “King?... as in…King Sombra!?”

What the heck is happening on this empire!?!. Mistshine mind asked to the wind, as he was trying to understand what is going on, first he though Poisonhoof was the one that wanted revenge on Celestia for her killing, as part of King Sombra engineer, but, now this captain mentions the dark king again, there is no doubt all of this madness is connected to Sombra somehow, but until he can establish a connection between King Sombra, Fluttershy Curse and of course Poisonhoof herself, he decided to let the truth reveal itself, Mistshine attacked with his whip, but the fence blocked the attack, the captain just lowered a lever and the walls revealed spikes, another trap!, Mistshine send in Angel to deactivate the lever, the bunny went to the lever and tried to move it upwards, as for the walls, they started to close in towards our friends.

“Aahhh!!, this is heavy!” Angel said, putting all his strength into the lever.

Mistshine attacked the spikes. “Angel please hurry!.”

“ahhh!!, DO SOMETHING YOU USELESS FEATHERGBAG!!” Angel yelled at Harpy, pushing the lever

Harpy reacted, she was scared, but she reacted at the bunny insult. “eh?, don’t say that to me!, I’m trying!”

“Don’t stay there like a stupid feather brain!, find a way out!” Angel yelled again desperate.

Soul Shield picked up the bunny, annoyed “You little brat!, enough of your interference!”

Soul Shield picked Angel and using her blunt part of the sword, she hit Angel so hard, she ended up throwing him into the window, towards the abyss, Softheart went flying towards the bunny to save him, as for Mistshine and Alure, the spikes were coming closer to them, Alure couldn’t launch her roses towards the outside, because Soul Shield blocked them up with her spear, and Mistshine was already tired, as for Harpy, she noticed that there was a hole upwards, enough to escape, she saw how the stallion tried to break the cage, Harpy flew and escaped the cage, she saw Soul Shield with her shield on the lever, that prevented it to go up, she attacked Soul Shield, her foe rose her hoofshield and manage to withstand the attack, Harpy sharp talons proved to be a match to the captain shield, Mistshine was running out of time, as the spikes were more and more closer to him and Alure, both ponies gave up attacking the spikes, although they manage to break them, the walls didn’t flinch.

“Give up winged pony!, you are no match for me!” Soul Shield said, as she jumped and used her lance

Harpy dodged and stepped on the edge of the window were her foe threw Angel. “You should know by now, I do want to live!”

Harpy jumped and Angel was send flying towards her foe, Softheart manage to catch the bunny, and returned to assist the feathered pony, Soul Shield defended, but when she turned around, she ended up under the talons of Harpy, as she pressed her foe face, she used her wings to lower the level, Angel attacked and started to disarm the joints in her hooves, one side of the gate opened, allowing Mistshine and Alure to exit the cage.

“Excellent job team, now lets move” Mistshine said as he walked passing Soul Shield

Harpy smiled. “Yea my f--- ahhh!!”

“hehehe, never leave your back turned to a enemy!” Soul Shield said, as her spear was no longer a spear, but a short sword, that was inside Harpy stomach

Angel was still on the creature hoof, trying to break the lance, but his surprise was, that inside the rotten flesh and rusted metal, was a protective spell, that not only send Angel towards the spikes, it also knocked him out, Mistshine tried to go for Angel, but Soul Shield stopped him, reactivating the trap.
Harpy, deeply wounded, bleeding from the hole in her belly, saw how the bunny was about to be crushed… Harpy flew again, but weakly, and got inside the cage by the same hole she used, she picked up the bunny and threw him outside, Alure manage to catch him, and the bunny woke up from the impact.

“Whusha!, what?!”. Angel said, as he found himself on the plant pony arms

Mistshine yelled at Harpy, he was getting issues with the captain “ Harpy!, flew!, get out of there!, there is still time!”

“…. No…it there is not…” Harpy said… as she turned around, showing her strength almost gone due to blood lost

Soul Shield smiled as she broke the stallion defense and ran away. “I’m sorry…but it was an order! “. Her eyes showed a little remorse as she fled, however, Softheart and Alure could hear a faint echo, which reads. “I’m sorry… I’m so so sorry”.

“… Mistshine!, get her out!, please!”. Angel cried more deeply now, trying to get himself away from the plant pony hooves.

Mistshine lifted the lever, but the trap cage was not opening, it was busted, he ran towards the cage and got his hoof inside, reaching Harpy soft wing hoof, pulling her up closer to him, Harpy hugged the stallion back with her only hoofwing outside the cage, Alure tried to stop the trap by using her vines to clog the gears, Mistshine desperate, started to beat the living daylights out of the cage, managing to break some of the bars.

“Almost… got it!” Mistshine said, getting Harpy wing hoof and head outside the cage

Sadly, a loud crack, let him know it was too late… the broken spikes manage to pierce the harpy body, her only good wing hoof, neck, a part of her torso and head, was outside the cage, but she was already impaled on the walls, when the vines finally stopped the gears, Harpy body was almost in its totality inside the trap, ripped, pierced. Her bones on her legs, chest and back were broken; her blood left her body via the holes and wounds she had.

Harpy smiled, her eyes were starting to lose its colors “…you know… I always believed I couldn’t… feel kindness from others…”

“Don’t talk please!, look…i… I’m sorry!!, I’m sorry I said those things to you!, don’t die please!” Angel said, regretful from what he said earlier, feeling remorse, crying for real this time, leaving his pride behind.

Harpy smile didn’t disappeared, in fact her wing hoof, softly touched Angel cheek, to wipe out his tears. “Don’t cry for me bunny… you still have your master … M-Mistshine… can… can I ask you a favor… before I die?”

“….S-sure” Mistshine said, holding his tears

Harpy looked towards the window… it was a beautiful afternoon.” I… I want you to please… take my soul with you, but do not wipe out my memory…”

“You can still talk to me within the spirit container” Mistshine said, as he got the container ready.

Harpy looked sad, as she saw the container. “No… I can’t… for I am, what most ponies calls, a monster, when I sleep I do not see anything, when I look at the mirror, I only see… an unknown griffon pony hybrid staring at me…”

“M-master… I believe what she is trying to say is, that contrary to Coldshard or Alure, both Black Tide and Harpy were direct experiments that lost their memory in the process, as such, they don’t remember almost anything.” Softheart said, as she was sat on his master head, trying to explain the situation, but also sadden by Harpy situation

Coldshard spoke. “She is right you know, even Black Tide hasn’t said anything in a while, and she is on the container.”

“P-please…Mistshine…harness my soul…at least… I want to remember this moment… it might be painful yes… but I want to remember it… because I… to” Harpy said, holding Mistshine hoof with her wing, coughing up blood

Mistshine hold her, as he saw how the little orb that is her soul started to leave her body “…. I promise.”

Harpy body finally went cold, her body started to burn like any other harpy monster, some feathers still remained intact on Mistshine hoof, even the tears of harpy got quickly evaporated, as for her soul, it was absorbed instantly by the container, one faint voice could be heard, one last words from his friend. “I’m glad… that I was able met you.”

Unable to hold his tears anymore, Mistshine cried, cursing his inability to save one pony life, he already failed to save Black Tide, and now Harpy as well, he started to question if he could save his loved one, or if he will end up being witness of her ultimate demise, as he cried more, he could feel Angel, Alure and Softheart trying to comfort him. The stallion saw the sprit container glowing, he could still remember the smiles of the two mare creatures he had encountered, creatures that he once believed to be mindless monsters, but a quick act of kindness and friendship manage to get that pony part of themselves shinning again, he saw at the remains of the dust that were the steel troops from Souls Shield before, as if he could feel her pain, he was experiencing what she suffered 1000 years ago, as if Mistshine pain and lost activated some sort of flashback on his mind, he, without knowing, entered Soul Shield memory zone.

He saw that his memory zone, was different from the others, he saw himself on the outskirts of the empire, more precisely, the forest were he entered the first place, on the ground he saw bloodstains, he looked behind and noticed he had nothing on him, no companions, no weapons, nothing, he started to walk, and after a while, he stepped into something soft, a mare corpse, her armor matched the one of the Valkyrie experiments, just that this one was still a pony, her hooves were normal, it was a unicorn mare.

“Stick in together girls!, keep fighting!” a familiar voice sounded

Mistshine ears recognized the voice “Soul Shield…”

He walked further into the grassy field of the forest, and he saw what he feared, Poisonhoof herself attacking Soul Shield troop, her weapon was nothing more than a spear with dark crystals on the tip, Soul Shield defended well, her teammates, they were from all 3 pony races, pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies, all of them attacking the dark mare with all they got, Poisonhoof quickly terminated her enemies, with sadism, a pure lust of blood could be seen on her eyes.

“Disappear useless pieces of flesh!” she said as she stomped the ground so hard a dark crystal emerged from the ground

The earth ponies were pierced in their stomach, impaled, the pegasi lost their wings in the attack, the unicorns defended well, but they were finished by the mare spear, leaving the captain only alive…

“Nooo!!.... Clerise!, Sweet Scent!, Featherspots!, my friends…” Soul Shield said… her voice was cracked, but her face was serious… enraged….

Poisonhoof smiled at her attempt to appear strong. “They are dead, if this is our empire militia, is a wonder why we haven’t felt to my king yet.”

“SHUT UP!!, I will avenge my friends!, even if it cost me my life!, Prepare to die!” Soul Shield, with anger and hatred in her eyes, launched herself to battle

It was no wonder why Soul Shield was the empire captain, she could go hoof to hoof against Poisonhoof and her dark magic, despise the fact she is a pegasi, and pegasi are physically fragile in some parts of their bodies, such as their wings. Soul Shield even took one direct hit from the dark crystals, Poisonhoof tried to terminate her foe, but she got a nasty surprise when a sword clearly cut not only her face, but part of her mane as well, Poisonhoof raged, as she saw how the pegasi broke the dark crystals and whack her with them, sending her to the ground.

“You…” Poisonhoof said, as she hold her face, getting up

Soul Shield smiled. “Told ya… now, in the name of the empire, die you traitor!!

“YOU HARMED MY BEATIFUL FACE!, I will make you suffer a fate worse than death itself!!!” Poisonhoof said, enraged

The two mares collide, but sadly, Poisonhoof had control over the dark crystals, similar to Sombra abilities and all of this was possible due to a dark crystal fragment in her necklace, Mistshine eye for detail could notice the crystal itself had a peculiar trace of dark magic, one that Mistshine wish he never experience it, as Poisonhoof eyes, quickly turned green, with purple aura exiting from them, you can call it, the dark magic signature of when somepony is already corrupted by it, or has complete control over it.

With this as her ace up her sleeve, she overcome her foe, Soul Shield felt near the corpses of her friends… she, didn’t gave up, instead, even in defeat, she tried to pick up her hoof sword.

“D-damn it…” Soul Shield said as she couldn’t get herself up anymore.

Poisonhoof stepped into the mare wounds, making her feel more pain.” Given up?, I guess you are indeed gold beneath all this junk.” She said as she pressed her wounds further, even going as far as to slowly insert her spear into some parts of her body, making more wounds.

“….” Soul shield tried her best not to scream, tears were escaping her closed eyes though

Poisonhoof looked at her reaction. “Enough with the brave act, you know it hurts, come on… scream, let yourself go.”

“…, ggrrr…..hhhhggg…” Soul Shield… couldn’t hold it anymore “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!, AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed, until her lungs got filled with her own blood, that exited her mouth, crying, her pride was demolished, her skill as a fighter, was beaten.

Poisonhoof, satisfied, stopped stepping into the mare wounds, licking the blade of the spear, tasting the captain blood. “Finally… you may still be of use for me… I will assure you… I will make you wish your death, but it won’t come, as you will become my little guardian pet… from now own…you are part of my new project… the Valkyrie experiment…”

“w-what?” Soul Shield said, scared.

Mistshine saw how some robotic skeletons carried over all the corpses towards a magic circle, Soul Shield, despise being mortally wounded, tried to get closer to her friends, but she was carried away by Poisonhoof, he could see her face of desperation, her tears, her sadden expression, it was the same that Mistshine had when he lost Black Tide and Harpy. Soul Shield tried to free herself, screaming to her captor to let her go, as Poisonhoof said just a few lines before knocking her up with hit on her neck with the spear. “Forget them, you will have new friends, I will make sure about it.”

The memory zone ended, and he returned to the area he was, once he awoke, he saw how the wind made the dust go away, disappearing, Mistshine carefully got closer to Harpy was body before burning and carefully took one of her feathers with his mouth, when he was going to store it in his saddle, but when he opened it, he noticed something on his winter coat, it was a little cyan scale, probably it got attached to the winter coat when he tried to save Black Tide, he smiled, in essence, his friends haven’t left him,

“You think… you think she can forgive me Mistshine?” Angel said, sadden, still looking at the feather from Harpy, as Mistshine stored it along with Black tide scale and Fluttershy feathers.

Mistshine smiled, hiding a little his eyes with his mane. “I’m positive about that angel, once I get her body back; you can talk to her yourself.”

He walked deeper into the empire catacombs, until he entered a wide circular area, there was a huge door with a spear shape as keyhole, he knew exactly where he was, he felt a cold shiver down his spine, but he finally reached his destination.

“This is the door to the Dark Sanctuary.” Mistshine said as he tried to open the door.

Soul Shield voice could be heard from behind him. “Wrong… that is the door to the laboratory, the whole room where Harpy died, and the rooms near here, are the Dark Sanctuary, I’m sorry for your friend, but you killed my friends too, eye for eye…” Soul Shield said, as she got her lance ready, appearing from above the group.

“Cut the brave commander act, I already know you are scared already, I saw your memory of how you lost to Poisonhoof, how you lost your unit and friends, I know what you experienced, so drop your weapons, I know deep inside you are scared and want to escape your duty as Poisonhoof guard, in fact, you don’t even want to be a guard for this place.” Mistshine said, recalling what he saw on the memory zone, much to Alure and Angel surprise.

Soul Shield had a confusion look “H-how did you…” she then remembered her friends and prepared her guard. “no matter… you still are going to die, is my duty to protect this door, as a former captain of the empire, I must succeed in my mission!”

The former captain launched herself to attack, and although Mistshine feel compassion for her and for what happened to her, and forgave her for causing Harpy death, he is willing to defend himself, even if that means killing her…
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 10 -
The results of the trial film are revealed, besides a fight with the previous whip owner, will Mistshine have the strenght to carry on?, lets read and see ;3


Achiement Unlocked: The Brave Clan (Encounter and Beat Roseblood)
Achivement Unlocked: The Holy Whip Reborn (Unlock the True Vampire Killer)
Achivement Progress: Children of the Night (Complete the Vampire Disguise 2/3)
Achivement Unlocked: Legacy of Blood (Complete all 4 parts of the Grand Cross Spell 4/4)
Achivement Unlocked: Alicorn Prince in Training (Use the Tech Horn and Steel Wings at the same time and shoot at least 10 dark or light arrows)
Achivement Unlocked: Soft as Silk (Reunite with Harpy)
Achivement Unlocked: Ten-Hut! (Beat the Steel Troops)


MLP and all it’s related characters belong to Hasbro
Mistshine and Oc´s featured on this fic belongs to me
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
The Central Tower, the last place left to explore, where royalty usually meets with Princess Platina, this is the tower where he could find Fluttershy, but the place was extremely dark, he could not see much, he used a fire spell, but nothing happened, he walked inside the lobby and the chandeliers turned themselves on, the door closed and inside the lobby, he could see several ghostly maids and guards, holding their spears while the maids welcomed the stallion, something was odd though, there are no colors, confused, Mistshine followed one of the ghostly maids to the kitchen, where, despise of  being well equipped, it had very few supplies, however, one of the maids, caught Alure attention, this maid was in color…

“Welcome traveler, we had prepared something for you” Said one mare that was light green color, but with blue hair

Alure seems to react to this ghost, trying to touch her “…”

“uummmm Mistshine, I believe we are seeing the walking salad past self” Angel said, looking at Alure reaction

Mistshine interrupted the ghost “Excuse me… but who are you?”

“oh me?, im the maid in charge of the other maids of this empire, Alure Soilseed”

Coldshard sounded surprised from her container, as she saw how their environment was grey colored. “Wait. If she is Alure past self… then…, Mistshine look out, is a memory zone!”

The maid quickly smiled evil and spawned a rose whip, Alure herself countered it with her own whip, sending all of the presents to the lobby area, the guards pointed their lances against Mistshine and company, the maid attacked again, Alure countered with her flower shield, the guards ghost attacked, annoyed, Alure Une used her vines and stabbed the guards, with that interference out, Mistshine decided to help Alure with this ghostly creature, both of them attacked with their whips, but the maid dodged each blow Alure launched, counterattacking with rose spears, however, Mistshine whip formed a circle that blocked the projectiles, Angel Bunny was tossed by Mistshine towards the maid, he attacked with his ice sword, managing to hurt the creature badly, this gave Mistshine a idea to quickly dispatch this enemy, Mistshine called to Alure and launched a alcohol bottle on the air, Alure jumped with the help of the stallion, to break the bottle with her whip, making it catch on fire, the inflamed whip, not only burned the maid, it made her jump backwards, the real Alure seems to remember something, as the fight went on, she started to react more openly at some attacks of the maid

“…” Alure used a flower shield that just a few minutes later, the maid replicated

Mistshine noticed this and decided to attack Alure maid from behind “If this is what I’m thinking, this might help Alure remember everything from her past life!”

“And with that maybe some hints of the tower right?” Softheart said

The maid Alure protected herself from the incoming attack of the colt, using her rose shield, however, the real Alure Une went to the kitchen and pulled up a vacuum, she started to suck the petals from the shield, allowing Mistshine to attack her, the maid Alure started to attack hoof based, using hoof to hoof combat, Mistshine dodged successfully, Alure Une ran into her past image and attacked with the same hoof based combat, Mistshine noticed this was more personal to Alure and he shouldn’t intervene, however, the maid manage to break Alure guard and launched herself using silver knives to stab her, Mistshine launched his own in order to distract the maid, she immediately counter it with her own, but this gave Alure her chance, she teleported out of the harms way with her flower, and reappeared attached to the ceiling.

“…” Alure made some rose darts, these ones actually had knifes shape, attached to her flower on the roof

Mistshine seems to know that Alure had an idea. “ I get it, he goes nothing”.

He used his whip as lasso again, capturing his foe, he spin it around, and send the maid towards Alure Une on the ceiling, Alure detached herself from the flower, letting gravity do her work, she then threw the knives at her, this easily pierce the maid flesh, she later made a rose spear, that she used to stab her own maid past, this marked the ghost death, and as well, the end of the memory zone… Alure didn’t want to watch Mistshine after the zone disappeared and the lobby recovered its colors and details from the current millennia, Coldshard reasoned with her, since Alure cannot speak, she used her vines to form complete sentences, communicating something Mistshine was almost certain that was going to happen…

“Mistshine…. i…. I remember everything now…im Alure Soilseed, im not only was the maid of the lobby in the central tower…I was the chief maid of the entire empire, my special ability as a steel empire citizen, was to manipulate flora with the help of a special bracelet” Alure said, as she wrote down with her vines.

Mistshine looked at Alure hoof, it indeed had traces of a bracelet being used “And what happened to it?”

“Ever since the experiment, I couldn’t use it anymore, as my body now controls flora naturally, in fact, the Enchanted Forest where my hut is… was actually the empire residential area, but a massive earthquake when Celestia set up the barrier destroyed it” Alure wrote with her vines

Angel looked at Alure and how she did perform against the memory. “Please tell me that those moves are not the only thing you recovered, otherwise I would really make you a walking salad”

“Actually bunny… you are right… since I was the headmaid of the castle, I had the master key that can unlock all the doors in the empire, with exception of the Dark Sanctuary “. The plant pony wrote

Mistshine and Angel looked at each other before asking. “What is the Dark Sanctuary?”

“Is Poisonhoof Laboratory, that’s how she named it”. Coldshard replied.

Alure wrote as she made a map with her vines. “And is located underground, passing the Catacombs, formerly known as the Royal Graveyard, so you might expect a lot of deadly traps down there”

“Thank you girls, now I know where to go” Mistshine said, as he hugged his companions

Alure Une walked between the lobby and the stairs taking to the entrance of the guard’s rooms on the second floor, once she opened the door, Mistshine found a large hallway filled with guards and engineers rooms doors, several of them were busted, but there was a sigh with 3 arrows, one pointing towards some stairs to go up, the other to the bathroom, and the last one to the maids room, seems that section of the castle was actually a mini tower, where the guards, maids, engineers and high priestess used to live, and it was separated from floor 2 and 3 of the castle, Alure ran, searching for her old room, Mistshine followed her, until they found a busted door on the left side of the tower, that room was actually busted by brute force, it was Alure room, once she entered however… she lifted her own bed, and uncovered a little opening, one that only Angel and Softheart could use, Mistshine didn’t need any words to understand.

“I get it Alure… when you were going to the Dark Sanctuary; you hid the master key here, along with some items” He said

Alure nodded, Angel replied “You planned ahead… I withdraw what I said about you, so, how do we take them out?”

“Easy, Angel, you and Softheart are the only ones that can go in, find the master key and the other item Alure stored there” The stallion suggested the bunny

Angel smiled “For a moment I expected a bigger challenge, I will do it”

The plant pony searched for something in her drawer, it was a miniature LED flashlight, able to be used by the bunny, without thinking twice, both Angel and Softheart jumped down the hole. Inside, besides being pure metallic, so much it reflects the light; Angel could no longer talk, due to him being away from Mistshine clock reach, he and Softheart searched the walls insides, trying to find the golden key that allows them access to every area of the castle, he manage to found out the key, and what it seems to be a double hoof sword, that can shrink and extend by its user commands, the bunny touched the key, but a mechanical leg stopped the bunny, from the floor, a mechanical spider with a camera was seeing the bunny, it emitted a alarm, and started to shoot the little pet, he dodged to a side, making sure he do not fall within one of the many holes in the floor, he started to attack with his swords, but the mini bullets it shoot makes it difficult to get near him, Angel picked up the little sword, and if it reacted to Angel wish to attack the creature from far away, it retracted and then, it extended towards the robot, destroying it, the robot burst into a little explosion, as the breezie bot took the key to carry it over, Angel kept guard while the succubus moved around with the key, Angel took a look at the hilt of the sword, it had a name graved on it, it reads ” Starmist Brave”.

The duo managed to exit, and now that Angel was within the animal translator range, he could speak again, he inquired about the sword, at it seems it reacts just like the Vampire Killer whip when near the stallion.

“This sword…has the name Starmist Brave on it…a relative of yours Mistshine?” Angel asked

Mistshine looked at the little sword, which changed shape to fit the stallion hoof “Yes. In fact, he was called Sir Brave as well”

“Wait wait… isn’t he the one that fought with Roseblood, so that means” Softheart said, remembering the CPU fragments from Redhoof

Mistshine smiled “I believe I do… in this empire is where my ancestors met, and after the incident, my guess is that they lived in Canterlot together”

“M-master… I would like to suggest to use the master key to gain access to the Royal Graveyard, on the courtyard; there is a secret entrance that will take you to the hidden door, also… as for the teleport circle from the lobby to the throne room, is located on the center of the lobby, just in the end of the stairs, in front of the giant painting of Princess Platina, also, if you are really going to floor 2 and 3 of this tower, you might need to access from this section of the tower” Coldshard said, as she interpreted Alure hoofsigns

Mistshine looked confused as he took the map and saw the floors “ummm… why?”

“According to Alure” Coldshard said, as Alure pointed at the 2 floors. “those 2 floors are the Royal Treasury, filled with all sorts of bits, diamonds, rubies, ETC, the floors were specifically designed to be only accessible from a single door and is magic proof, so spells won’t work there, only high priestess and the princess herself can access from the door located here, but with the Master Key we can enter, I believe there we can gather some bits if you ever ran short” the ice mare finished

Angel jumped, picking up Starlight Sword, the sword shrink to the bunny size “I believe we have a cure to make, let’s focus on the Dark Sanctuary first ok?”

As all of them prepared to venture into the Catacombs, and then the Dark Sanctuary, the tower began to be attacked by harpies, seems they suffered the lost of the harpy that was frozen by Coldshard, as they destroyed the container, splattering her on the air,

“Ahhhh!!! Mistshine!!, help!!” She screamed

Mistshine used his magic and took another container, levitating the water that is his friend and storing her in the new one. “Phew! That was so close!”

“Indeed... For a moment I thought I was done for.” Coldshard was actually afraid, as she felt close her death.

Angel just laughed and got ready to attack the creatures. “Hah! Not while you have us covering your liquid back... Or whatever you have for a back.”

The harpies could not attack inside the tower in large numbers, Mistshine attacked with his axes and whip, but when he felt overwhelmed he used his magical hourglass to stop time and escape, he returned to the lobby, but he noticed the place was already filled with medusas heads and harpies, those 2 seems to be always together, he started to eliminate as many monsters as he could, going towards the kitchen, and finally to the castle courtyard, as expected, there was some monsters, but they had fire based attacks, they were a fire armor, a fire skeleton and a cockatrice, this made Alure hide in her flower, the flower burned, but she was left unharmed, Mistshine attacked with Black Tide soul from the container, and turned off the flames on the enemies, allowing Alure and Angel to attack the Fire Pony and Skeleton armor, Mistshine on the other hoof attacked the cockatrice.

“Told you there would be fire!” Angel recalled

Mistshine annoyed attacked the cockatrice “ Not now Angel!, daddy is a little busy!”

Coldshard froze the skeleton that was going to attack the stallion from behind, after the monsters were killed, the harpy pack flew across the sky, towards Mistshine, but he noticed they had one single harpy that was not attacking, afraid of doing it, it had different colors than the rest of the harpies, she was a light blue coat with dark red mane,  the feathers tips had orange colors on them, she seems to be able to talk, as the leader only let out a few words.

“Retreat!, we cant beat him, we will get killed” The Blue Harpy said

The pack leader said as she actually forced her to go first. “Then do something useful and Attack! “

Mistshine dodged the harpy, and used his whip to catch the leader and smashed her towards the ground, this made the different colored harpy flew away to a wall, Alure noticed this, but she was way too busy dealing with other harpies to advise her companion, as for Mistshine, he fought the Harpy Commander, she let a powerful yell, that made every pony cover their ears, the creature took this as a advantage and picked up the stallion and made him flew up the sky, making him get away from his companions, however, Mistshine still had 2 companions left, Black Tide and Coldshard, he instructed Black Tide soul to wet the captain wings, the soul did as instructed, and got himself free from the creature talons, as he felt towards the ground, he instructed Coldshard to freeze the wings of the creature, this combination made the harpy to actually crash on the floor, the pack felt confused without their leader and flew towards the clock tower, while the leader was beat on the floor, she got up and tried to attack, but Angel jumped and blinded the creature, Mistshine, from the air, using his wings, finished her with a whip attack, its body started to burn with red flames, as it disappeared.

Alure went to where the previous harpy escaped, she ended up discovering a hidden door, Mistshine used the key obtained from Alure and opened up the door, finding a wide spiral staircase that goes deep down the ground, connecting to where they need to go, the catacombs, the smell of decay and decomposition was getting strong, the more they descended into the crypt. They found that the graves were dug; however, they were dug a long time ago.

"Looks like these guys couldn't rest in peace" said Mistshine in a sarcastical way.

The little breezie succubus rested on her master shoulder. "Makes sense." Softheart explained. "Probably Poisonhoof used to dig corpses in order to do her experiments."

"So that's why her lab is close to this area, next to a never ending supply of empty bodies to work..." suddenly, Mistshine was interrupted when he felt his hoof stuck on a root on the ground.

Alure sensed something on the floor, she had stopped Mistshine with a root, but Angel, rushed to find the lab, he ignored the plant pony warning and jumped, this made the floor open itself and make Angel fall to a pit, filled with spikes, as the bunny prepared himself to his imminent death, Mistshine jumped inside the pit and picked up his bunny, while Alure used her whip and manage to catch Mistshine from his hooves with her rose whip, saving both of them from a painful death, once she brought them back on ground level, she instructed via her vines, of a part of her memory

“I can detect the traps, go behind me and step where I step” Alure said, as she moved.

Angel said, relieved. “Got it”

“Do not run alone again Angel, what mommy would think?” Mistshine said, laughing

Angel blushed now harder “Stop it!! I still getting used to the idea you like my master!, no need to call me like she use to do!”

“Alure… you can teleport us with one of your giant flowers right?” Mistshine proposed as he followed.

Alure nodded in a positive manner “…”

“Then… once we get over with the traps, can you make a flower so we can use to teleport back to the market?, in case we find something?” The colt suggested.

The plant pony nodded in agreement, once they manage to get over the trap floors, Mistshine notice a hole on the end of the area, a giant hole big enough for everypony to enter, he got inside and descended, once he reached to a lower ground, he noticed another section of the crypt, where mummified pony bodies lay on the walls, there we new monsters now, as Mistshine noticed a blue unicorn skeleton that fired a powerful blast of pure light magic, the hit manage to send Mistshine against some of the corpses on the wall.

“Ahhh!, now they use magic too?” he said as he got his wrench ready

Mistshine felt his hoof stuck, he noticed that the mummy on the wall had hold him, Alure used her rose knives to make the creature release the colt, as Mistshine was now having a issue, besides the light blue skeleton and the mummy, he could notice in the distance zombie ponies coming for him, as well as 2 earth pony skeletons, carrying over their shoulders another skeleton that was visible a unicorn mare due to all the accessories she had, she was sit on a expensive fabric chair, she had diamonds on her hooves, she made a incantation that made the mummies on the wall move and from the ground, raise the undead.

“We need to take out that mare first!” Mistshine said, as the place started to roam with undead ponies

Angel jumped from his owner, with sword at paw.” Take care of her, you are better with mares anyway, I will go for the walking lamp!”

The stallion used his gravity spell to get to the ceiling, and attacked the mare skeleton from the roof, while Angel attacked the light blue skeleton, destroying its wires that allowed it to move. Alure provided to be a useful ally, as she used her rose whip to kill as many enemies as she could, between the zombie ponies and the mummies

“… grhah!” only her moaning could be heard as she wrapped her victims in her vines and ripped them apart

A zombie head, very way from his body due to this, talked. “Good thing I’m already dead, otherwise this would have hurt as hell”

“Shut up!” Angel said kicking the head out of the way

Mistshine on the other hoof, was getting issues, as the Prized Mare protected herself very well, making shields of diamonds to protect herself, but that didn’t protect the 2 earth ponies that carried her. He saw his area of opportunity as he forced herself to raise her barrier one more time.

“You know… you should protect others besides yourself!, Coldshard, a little help?” he asked to his companion, as he canceled his gravity spell

Coldshard emerged from the container, ready to attack. “On it”

The icy pony threw several ice spears to the earth pony skeletons, destroying them, as their bodies burst into a piece of scrap metal, the mare felt the harsh floor piercing her expensive fabric, she grew enraged and used a powerful dark energy ball that made the sub weapons being absorbed and returned to him as dark blast, he jumped backwards and closed his cape.

“Give me back my weapons!, there are not yours!” He said, as he absorbed the dark magic, protecting himself.

The mare looked angry, but talked very sophisticate yet charming matter. “This simply won’t do dear, you are ruining my day and my fashion, oh my dear little pet!, mommy needs you!”

“Pet? not liking this” Mistshine said, as his cape glowed.

He absorbed the dark energy from his infected sub weapons and launched his hellfire technique, only to be stopped by a robotic hand, he noticed the hand had draconic features, however, the colors on the paint in its scales, resembles Twilight pet dragon, Mistshine was confused, why this creature resemble one of Fluttershy friends, but he remembered Iron Will and Gilda replicas, he though there was a chance the empire itself was recreating the fears and insecurities of the shy pegasi. The dragon attacked with a fiery blast, Mistshine recovered his sub weapons and used the magical hourglass to stop time for another 5 seconds

“5 Seconds…is all I need”

The stallion used his whip as a lasso and pulled the Prized Mare towards his place, where the fire was going to burn him, he resumed time back to normal and the Prized Mare suffered the effects of the blast, her jewels overheated, burning her wrist and melting the gold into her robotic skeleton, the robotic dragon stopped as soon as he heard his master in danger, Mistshine took advantage of this and analyzed the creature with his scanner.

“Components of the beast are magic proof, magic attacks and techniques as well as elements will be useless, only weakness is its own metal” the scanner robotic voice said

Mistshine looked at the robotic dragon “of course... real dragons are magic and fire proof, but this one was modified to be resistant to anything…unless he hit himself”

“Whatever you have in mind do it now!, Alure and I are getting tired!” Angel said, as he and the plant mare quickly used all they got to keep the zombies at bay.

Mistshine decided to put away the vampire killer and use his wrench, as hitting the dragon robot with it would prove useless, he attacked the distracted dragon and used the wrench to rip one of its metallic scales, the creature emitted a yell as he attacked the stallion, while the prized mare ordered to attack, her voice was getting distorted by the damage she received.

“Darling kill him!” the robot ordered, her voice cracked several times.

Mistshine looked at the scale and attached it to his wrench “Please, for the love of Celestia, make this work”

The stallion attacked with all his strength, achieving the impossible, the scale he removed earlier pierced easily the metal from the dragon, hurting him, the dragon yelled as he used his flame blast again, Mistshine used his magical hourglass again, stopping time, and putting the Prized mare again in his place with his whip, when he resumed time, the Prized mare got burned more heavy this time, until she yelled a final death scream, this made the dragon realized he killed off his master, and rushed at Mistshine, he jumped and used his wings to increase his decent speed, breaking the dragon skull with the scale, making the robot cease function, with the Prized Mare gone, the summoned zombies died instantly, while the mummies stopped moving.

“Thanks, we were starting to think we were going to puke from the stench” Angel said, as he noticed the dragon corpse

Mistshine noticed the Prized Mare had a scroll, he picked it up. “Coldshard… these monsters looked like 2 of Fluttershy friends, do you know something about this?”

“No… our master, the one you call “Fluttershy” never mentioned us anything about anypony outside the empire besides you, but from what I can gather, is possible she is sending more creatures based on ponies you know” Coldshard replied.

Mistshine could tell if his companion was lying, and in fact, she was telling the truth, she honestly does not have an idea of Equestria or anything outside the empire, however, there is a chance that Poisonhoof could be generating the creatures on the central tower, based on Fluttershy fears and emotions, but if he already encountered a robotic Rarity and Spike, will he encounter his other friends?, he didn’t wanted to think about it and read the scroll, it was a spell that allowed the user to manipulate jewels on the ground to create spears and platforms to reach secluded areas, Mistshine continued to explore with his companions, until they saw a little yellow feather, the scent corresponded to Fluttershy, the stallion scanned the feather, in order to reveal a little hint, a memory of the pony he is searching, in order to get her back to her former self.

“This area…is scary…but…there is something I cannot see… something that prevents me to go further…I wish somepony was with me now”. Fluttershy voice rang within the scanner as it played the message

Angel looked at the feather and then to a wall “why the feathers records some thoughts of Fluttershy?, and what does she mean with something she cant see?”

“I bet is her Rainbow Power, if what I’m thinking is correct, before Poisonhoof took control of her, she used her Rainbow Power on her feathers, to leave hints, but why?” Mistshine still inquired.

Angel reflected upon this, but Softheart spoke, smiling “Perhaps she knew somepony would come for her, either her friends…our you, Master”

Mistshine blushed; Fluttershy wouldn’t go as far as to use her Rainbow Power to guide him to her, right?, he examined the wall, and as soon as he touched it, he felt a sticky black substance stuck in his hoof, when he took his hoof out, he noticed that it started crawling towards him, Angel manage to get it off his owner hoof, the substance returned to the wall as it revealed to be a wall made of sticky black magic, like goo, even with his current equipment, passing through there would be suicidal, but he manage to notice something, the harpy monster from before was on the other side.

“hahaha!, you cannot kill me now, this wall was made by Poisonhoof herself, it wont go down easy”

Mistshine took out his whip. “I never wanted to kill you in specific, but this wall is not going to stop me!”

Mistshine attacked, and the holy properties of the whip made the wall froze for a second, but then, it continued to move, he attacked repeatedly, but the wall didn’t broke, he even instructed Alure to take them to the other side, but even if she manage to go between the wall, the harpy made her go back, tired, Mistshine tried with his whip one last time, until the harpy spoke again.

“Silly colt, you cannot go through here with that whip, is not yours?” the harpy said, smiling.

Mistshine confused, asked. “Why?, I found it, I restored it, it should dispel dark magic!”

“mmmm” Harpy looked at both sides to see if any other enemy came, nopony besides her and Mistshine companions were present. “y-you really do not want to kill me?” She paused a moment, as if she was afraid of saying something

Mistshine nodded in agreement, and asked. “After what your leader did to you?, of course not, please, tell me why I cannot go through this wall?.”

“You seem nicer than my leader, your eyes shows compassion instead of anger…ok I will help you” Harpy voice started to sound calm, as she decided to help the colt. “you see, call me crazy with a K, but I believed that whip has more than 1000 years old, can I have it?” Harpy said as she, a little afraid from her request, took her wing outside of the dark energy barrier, her hoof could not be seen, as it was fused with her wing

Mistshine trusted the judgment of this monster and he gave it the handle, however, the creature wing was not burned “I though that dark creatures couldn’t touch this whip. “

“And you are right, see?, is not burning me, until this whip has the power to burn me with mere touch, you cannot break this barrier, I recall there was a special film on the theater called Trial Film that---”

Coldshard seems to know what the Harpy meant, as she protested and interrupted the bird pony. “You can’t suggest that!, if he dies in the trial, he dies here too!”

“Maybe you two can start explaining.” Mistshine demanded in a serious tone, he felt that they were keeping something hidden from him.

Harpy, was the first to talk, exiting completely from the barrier that protected her, making her body completely visible, her soft wing hooves with orange color on her tips, her yellow talons that she uses to walk and her light blue coat made her less intimidating than the other harpies, besides, her eyes were yellow colored instead of the usual red, her beak on her mouth was of a griffon as well and her mane was dark red, even her tail was of the same color, she started explaining what she meant.

“Besides playing movies on a general basis, the theater during the after hours when it was closed, worked as a training session for either physical and mental faculties, it was used on most of the empire soldiers, they used a special tape called Trial Film, a film that makes the target instantly asleep, in their sleep, they have the most brutal battle they ever faced, they faced a specific part of their past, if they lose the battle, they will never wake up, If they survive however, their skills get increased” Harpy explained, returning the whip to Mistshine

Coldshard continued the bird pony explanation with a warning. “But that tape was hidden in the theater to never be used again, as its failure rate was almost guaranteed 100% “

“Failure rate?” Angel and Mistshine questioned.

Softheart the succubus looked at her master. “The film fails after a time, which means is almost impossible to complete the trial, trust me, I’m a succubus remember?, I can enter the dream world, my sister and I tried our best to keep them there for all the time we could, my sister took more stallions than me, mostly because I tried to warn them about the film time limit of 5 minutes.”

“If you take this path, you can awaken the true power of the whip, but you must do it before your time expires, otherwise, you will be stuck on the dream world forever.” Harpy said, covering her face with her wings.

So, if he wants to save Fluttershy, he must awaken the power of the holy whip, he had no other choice, he thanked Harpy and instructed Alure Une to make a flower they can use to return to this barrier, Alure acknowledged the order and made a giant flower, Mistshine and company stepped inside, as the flower closed, tight them in, Alure blushed, as she was the only one with a pony body, her chest touched Mistshine, and being this close to him made her felt a rush of emotions, Angel and Softheart on the other hoof, were sat on Mistshine and Alure heads, when the flower opened, they found themselves back to the West Tower hallway, where the door to the theater is, Mistshine took out the Master Key and walked to opened the door, as the door opened, he took out the other key he received from the Mermaid Ponies,  as it belongs to where the camera is, inside the theater, there was no enemies, just destroyed armors on the seats, and some skeletons, indicating the fate of the previous watchers, he got to the camera room and opened it up with the key he received earlier.

“Wow, pretty camera, are we going to watch Story of the Blanks? I heard Applebloom was the main character there” Angel said

Mistshine replied, as he searched for the film. “No Angel, we are searching for the trial films remember?.

“Oh yeah… forgot there for a sec” Angel said, patting his paw behind his head

Softheart exclaimed with Alure reaching for an old film, the film itself had a magical aura, indicating it was enchanted. “Found it!, here it is.”

“Excellent work Alure and Softheart, now, let’s fire this movie up” Mistshine said, as he got the camera ready.

The camera was working ok; Mistshine got to the first row seats and sat down, as his companions got the movie on the go, it started normally but quickly enough, Mistshine started to yawn, until he found himself asleep, Softheart tried to enter his dreams using her natural talent as a succubus, but something strange happened when she sat on her master head.

“AAAH!!!” Softheart screamed as she was rejected by Mistshine body, sending her flying towards the screen.

Angel managed to catch her before she hit the wall. “What happened?”

“I couldn’t enter, something is blocking me” Softheart said, as she got up with Angel help

Coldshard, still on the container, noticed something “Perhaps that could be the reason”

The Vampire Killer whip, was glowing, inside the dream, Mistshine was all alone, he opened his eyes, just to find himself in the middle of the empire castle market area, this time though, he saw the corpses of the solar and lunar knights of Princess Celestia on the ground, as well as several steel empire engineers fighting the creatures, Mistshine had all his current items on his belt, with the exception of the Spirit Container and Coldshard container, seems the film took him to the exact moment of the empire demise, but why?.

He got attack by grey colored harpies and what it clearly looked like vampire ponies, ponies with bat wings, ears and fangs, but still recognizable as ponies, however, Mistshine noticed they looked similar to Princess Luna night guards, as he attacked with his whip, he quickly found they were obliterated by a holy cross boomerang, when he saw who launched it, his face turned pale

“What other sick creatures did she create?, it disgust me”

A unicorn mare said, holding the boomerang on her hoof, her mouth had a reddish color, her coat was grey, her mane was light cyan with blue and her eyes were very soft green, she had a visible jacket, her saddlebags are grey colored with a metallic cross in them, as for her cutie mark, it was a whip with a giant cross of light behind it, and some rose petals falling from the sky. In her neck was a cross, acting as a lucky charm, that protected her from dark magic influence, she was the previous owner of the vampire killer, Roseblood. Meanwhile, next to her was a visible blue unicorn, with yellow and orange mane, capable of moondust magic, his armor indicated he is a night guard from 1000 years ago, his cutie mark was hidden, but when the armor was removed by a harpy, he could clearly see a silver sword with a full moon behind it, the blade of the sword had sparkles in it, it was Mistshine long long ancestor, Starlight Brave himself.

Roseblood attacked the harpy with a whip she had on her belt, but this picked up Mistshine attention almost immediately, the whip itself was the Vampire Killer, but the tip had a morning star instead of a flat iron ball, also, each swing she made let like a “white aura” that not only burned the creatures, it obliterated them, Mistshine saw how one of the harpies fled from the battlefield, it was the same harpy he encountered on the Catacombs, Roseblood was going to launch a knife to her, but Mistshine launched his own knife and stopped the mare, this made her get her full attention to the stallion.

“Are you sure of what you just did?” She asked, a little mad, getting ready to fight

Mistshine talked to her at first. “If you talked to her, you will know she is not evil.”

“Mmmmm are you---.“ Roseblood was going to say something, but Starlight Brave stepped a side of her

Starlight grew his sword from his belt “Let me take care of this dear, Celestia need us on the throne room!.”

“I told you! Stop calling me dear, honey, love or whatever!” Roseblood said, furious but hiding her blushing with her mane. “You are the Lunar Guard!, go first!, this wont take me more than 5 minutes.”

Starlight nodded and left the area, Roseblood horn and eyes shinned in yellow for a moment, she looked at the stallion, she noticed his equipment, and of course, his Tech Horn and Steel Wings, this made her instantly raise her whip, as she could feel something within the stallion.

“So is true then… Vampirism Curse, and with a replica of my whip, and here I though Poisonhoof was going to stop after what she did with me” She said as she got near the central area of the market

Mistshine had his hoof on his wrench. “yeah… but I’m not what you think!, I just came to---” the stallion was interrupted by a quick attack from the mare whip

“It doesn’t matter what a dark creature such as yourself say, nothing will to stop me to beat that maniac and clean this empire, prepare to die!”. The mare said as she attacked the colt.

Mistshine reacted in time and dodged to a side, this will indeed be his hardest battle to date.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 9 -
Finally, time to explore the central tower, but it seems that it wasn´t a walk on the park either, we got a good look at some bosses, with the hardes one up to date, will the stallion succeed?, let´s read and find out ;3


Achivement Unlocked: Past Harvest ( Beat Alure´s Past Ghost )
Achivement Unlocked: Not the Spiders! ( Beat the mechanical spider as Angel Bunny )
Achivement Unlocked: White Rabbit ( Do not suffer damage as Angel Bunny )
Achivement Unlocked: Cold Shower ( Combine Black Tide Soul with Coldshard attacks at least 5 times )
Achivement Unlocked: The Art of Necromancy & Greed ( Beat Prized Mare and Pet Dragon Guardian )
Achivement Unlocked: Vintage Wrench ( Add the Dragon Scale to your wrench and make it the Dragon Wrench )
Achivement Unlocked: Fluttershy´s Messages ( Scan at least 5 or more feathers )


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(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
“Just do it!, just kill me like you did to all the monsters in this castle!, how you surely will do to Alure!, just kill me, you already took everything dear to me!, I caused her a terrible pain, why don’t you take my life too?!?”

Although Mistshine was still enraged by Alure near fatal wound done by her friend, he reflected upon this, Frozen Shade honestly believe that he manipulated Alure to become part of his team instead of living with her, his wrench went down, next to Frozen Shade head, he felt the dark energy starting to corrupt his mind, as if time itself had froze, he hold his head, holding Frozen Shade body as well to prevent her from moving, she could see how his eyes were going to burst into tears, suddenly, he no longer felt the cold air of the cave, neither he could fell the burning of his dark magic or hear Softheart, Angel or even Frozen Shade voices…with the exception of one lonely voice… his own, everything was black and white, and from behind him, a darker version of himself appeared, but this version was not only noticeable darker, but also had the fangs grown, his eyes red, and his steel wings were altered to bat type wings…

“You know what you have to do, kill her, bring her the end, and make her suffering end” Dark Mistshine said, almost as if he was expecting the brutal end of the ice mare

Mistshine shook his head in negative response “No!, you are not me!, you are just the dark magic messing with my mind!”

“Oh really now?.. and what is this I wonder?” Dark Mistshine said, as he grew closer and touched Mistshine mouth, revealing his fangs

Mistshine grew alarmed, removing his doppelganger hoof, touching his mouth “W-what’s happening to me?!” he said, holding his mouth with his hooves, touching his own fangs with his tongue

“You made the first step already, into a never ending spiral of power and desire, ever since you got bitten, your fate was sealed, come on, attack her!” the darker Mistshine ordered, smiling. “once you tasted the dark magic, there is no way back, now, kill her!”.

Mistshine took out his holy whip, hesitating, aiming to the icy mare, but his target was not her, he turned around, facing his dark replica. “NO!, I WILL NOT!!”

Mistshine attacked his darker replica, the whip started to burn his hoof, due to the dark magic poisoning, the darker stallion just set flight and attacked from the air, using the Dark Wrench, the stallion dodged as he felt any hit could finally break his mind and allow the dark magic take control of his mind, he used his whip to the maximum it could give, but it wasn’t enough, the dark stallion resisted every holy attack, until he made a mistake.

“You are not the owner of the whip!, you will never use it to its maximum!” Dark Mistshine said, as he threw a alcohol bottle upwards

Mistshine used his bubble shield spell and protected himself from harm “Maybe I’m not its original owner, but I’m me!, you are just a parasite I will eliminate now!!”

The shield resisted the fire of the alcohol bottle, this allowed Mistshine to use the whip as a lasso, sending the creature in crash course towards the floor, Mistshine proceeded to hit the creature several times on the floor, using his earth pony strength to toss him around the place, until he let the cross boomerang a spin, allowing him to attack the torso of his enemy with steel daggers, one last attack from the holy whip, was enough to make him disappear, a bright light surrounded the area, blinding Mistshine.

When the light faded, he was in the same position as he was before, with Frozen Shade scared, covering her face with her front hooves, her lower body was pure water, Alure was being healed up by a concerned Softheart and a freezing Angel Bunny helping her from inside the coat, closing and applying the potion on Alure wound.

“Yo!, Mistshine, she is getting better!, but if she stays here, she will die” Angel said from inside the coat

Frozen Shade saw how the stallion turned around, this allowed her to make a ice dagger and hold his neck, ready to cut it “sorry… my master orders”

“Is this something you decided for yourself?” Mistshine said, not paying much attention to the dagger

Frozen Shade looked upon him, confused “Huh?”

“Did you decided to wound Alure or even try to kill me?, those were your own decisions?, or Poisonhoof decision?” Mistshine inquired, putting his hoof on the Frozen Shade one

Frozen Shade couldn’t reply “I…I…”

“Does a pony no longer have a choice when they lost their previous body?, please, I know the real Coldshard is still there, buried deep inside your icy body, screaming to play her harp again to a crowd” Mistshine said, recalling her past

Frozen Shade shake her head in confusion “H-how…how did you knew that?” but she felt a electric shock from her collar and yelled at the stallion “don’t try to manipulate me with kind words!, they are all lie!, I lowered my guard down to somepony that kind once, and look what happened to me!!, I’m nothing more than a monster!, a Ice Specter!, doomed for all eternity to kill with my icy touch, not able to feel the warm of anypony!, I cannot be friends with anypony!!” Frozen shade started to cry, her hoof started to froze Mistshine hoof, just as she described it.

“You are Alure friend… I guess that’s something” Mistshine said, a little sadden for Frozen shade situation.

Frozen shade, with tears in her eyes, replied “B-but…my master orders…I cannot disobey”

“Make your own decision for once! Do not let her do things you do not want to!” Mistshine said, breaking free of the icy pony grasp

Frozen Shade lowered her blade… but she felt another shock from her collar, Mistshine noticed this, and since he cannot ran towards her, he manage to be in front of her, holding the icy pony… a voice came from the collar

“Another betrayal…no matter… you can die as the empty shell you are” It was a message from Poisonhoof herself, her voice was not Fluttershy´s, but rather her own, when alive

Mistshine held the creature closer, trying to keep her conscious “Angel! Angel I need your help!, bring your blade!

“AAAH!!!! B-but master!, give me another chance!!, please… I beg you…”Frozen Shade said, as her body started now to melt faster, her eyes showed total regret, her tears started to flow from her eyes again.

The message displayed automatically “What’s with you?, don’t you are going to implore mercy more from me?, like you did when I changed you?, don’t you say please master, hurt me more, make me your slave, I will do anything to you, my body yarns for your care?, what happened to the perfect slave I created?”

“She has awoken!, and I will make sure you are the one that suffers Poisonhoof!” Mistshine yelled as he raised his wrench

Despise being frozen, he levitated his wrench with his tech horn, as his hooves and body were already encased in ice, the wrench manage to break Frozen Shade collar, Angel saw this and attacked the collar as well, their combined effort not only broke the message from the maniacal pony, but also stopped electrocuting the poor ice pony, as Frozen Shade herself felt some sort of relief, only her head was solid, the rest of her body were now pure water… the fact that she still alive gave Poisonhoof some credit, as she build a really resistant monster.

“Can you…freeze the water and recover your body to the way it was?” Mistshine asked

Frozen Shade said “Yes…I can, but…”

“But what?” Angel said, using his paws to bring the water corresponding to Frozen Shade back to where the rest was

Frozen Shade looked to her collar “That collar… was not just for controlling me, it was also to keep my body under control, you see, that…” she contained herself from cursing and continue explaining “pony, she did my body pure water at first, but as I was unstable, she developed that collar to prevent me from becoming pure water, by condensing my body into ice, when my ice body was solid, she used dark magic, electricity and actual ice from this cave to give life to it, becoming what I’m now, while in solid form I can eat, live, and do pretty much what a alive pony does, but when I decide to attack, I became the freezing ghost you fought”

“So…in other words, we screwed it up, without her collar she cannot become ice on her own” Angel said, gathering the pieces of the collar”

Mistshine seems to have a idea “if dark magic was her prime component to keep her body stable, we need to recreate the experiment to save her, shit…seems I have to use a page of Poisonhoof book, but before that, I have to fix my mistake, Angel Bunny, start breaking the ice on my hooves, I need to repair that collar.”

His bunny companion did as told, and broke the ice that kept Mistshine imprisoned, he used his engineer tools, to repair the collar, while, at the same time, he was using his tech horn, to keep the water that previously was Frozen Shade body, near him, Angel noticed that his stallion master left some components out, that he destroyed on purpose, but also his breathing was becoming heavier, perhaps due to the cold atmosphere of the cave. Once he finally finished repairing the device, he floated it near Frozen Shade face, with her nose, she turned it on, and her body, started to condense, returning to normal, repairing her body, she jumped happy, as she could move, turn into her shade form and pony form again, and even play her harp.

“I’m….I’m alive?....I’m Alive!” Frozen Shade said, as she hugged the stallion

Mistshine smiled, as the remaining of the ice disappeared, thanks to his bunny companion “You are welcome, however, I have some bad news”

“Like what?” She inquired.

Mistshine smile turned serious “I have to admit it, I honestly do, but without Poisonhoof notes and equipment, I cannot replicate your experiment in full, you see, the components I took out, are the ones that electrocute you when you disobey, now that I took them out, you will no longer suffer from them, but…”

“But?” Frozen Shade said, as she felt a cold shiver in her spine

Mistshine continued explaining “Those components were also important to keep your body solid when you are in normal or even if high temperatures, without them, your body will always be condensed water, and will not be able to leave this cave, and if I ever place them again on your collar, they will instantly reactivate, electrocuting you without end”

“Oh for the love of, Mistshine, please do something!, I do not want to stay here!” Frozen Shade said, as her eyes showed total desperation and fear

Mistshine looked at Alure body “First things first, we need to get Alure to the forest, she will not survive the cold areas”

“We have little time Mistshine” Said Softheart from inside the coat. “I manage to heal her wounds with the potion, but her temperature hasn’t gone up, she needs to get out of here, now”

Frozen Shade searched for the cave, and she saw a magical circle inside an ice wall, being covered by the ice make it impossible to be used, that is, until Frozen Shade used her power to get inside the wall, and absorbed the ice, allowing her to heal some wounds and revealing the circle at the same time, the glow on it became green

“Well… seems you did add something else to my collar, I didn’t had this skill” Frozen Shade said, surprised of what she can do now

Mistshine smiled “Yeah, I modified a few things on the chip inside the collar, but despise the ice you absorb you will have the same problem, I need to find a container to hold your liquid form so you can travel with me and Alure”

“I recall there is a special type of container in charge of the store librarian” Frozen Shade said.

Mistshine picked up Alure, covering themselves with the coat, carrying his 3 companions with him “Understood, as soon as I got that container, I will comeback for you, ok Frozen Shade?”

“Coldshard… call me by my name please” She said, blushing a little “M-master”

Mistshine nodded and he used the teleport circle to exit the Ice Cave, and returned to the Castle Market, once he exited the Frozen Delicacy tend, he ran towards Alure´s Hut, removing the winter coat, and placing his companion now on her soft bed, her body temperature started to go up.

“This… will be problematic” Angel said, hoping on the bed next to the plant pony

Softheart and Mistshine questioned “Why?”

“Well, I have travel with you long enough to understand what is happening here, Alure is extremely vulnerable to fire AND ice, while the walking fridge is vulnerable to fire and electricity, if you are planning of carrying them with us, you might want to think that we probably will face several elemental based creatures on the central tower, and I’m willing to bet my carrots that they will constantly slow us down if they are always vulnerable” Angel bunny said

Mistshine mind kicked into overdrive, and came up with a idea “I know how they can be protected… there is a magical amulet, that I saw on Redhoof store that can grant immunity to any elemental damage, it was meant to use on one pony only, but if I recall I saw a workshop on the Magical Laboratory I can use to create 3 special brooches that can protect from elemental damage, they will still get hurt, but the effects like burning, shock and freezing would no longer work”

“Thanks Celestia you are smart, remember me to call you to Fluttershy Cottage when we lose our electricity” Angel said, obviously joking

After leaving Alure on her home, Mistshine searched on the castle market, for the teleport circle to Redhoof Store, once he returned to his friend store, he opened it up, finding her ready to sell him items, being naughty as always

“Welcome Mistshine… what can I sell you?, potions?, a little massage?”

Mistshine blushed, thinking “How my brother could withstand her?”, and he searched for the item he need. He did manage to find it, it was a perfectly round rainbow jewel, but it had a enormous price…

“wow my little friend, I know you want to propose to Fluttershy, but that jewel is way to expensive to be made into a hoof ring, this is the Elemental Jewel, a jewel originally found on the Crystal Empire, it can make the bearer, invulnerable to the effects of the elements, such as burn, freezing, paralysis, but they wont protect against curses or poisoning, it cost 10000 bits”. Redhoof said, as she put the jewel on the table

Mistshine eyes grew wide “What?, I do not have that money Redhoof!, I know you are the Ex-Mayor daughter, but that is excessive!”.

“Hey, I didn’t set in the prices; I just manage this store, nevertheless”. She said, as she smiled. “There are other ways… you can pay”. Redhoof stepped into the table, and walked seductively towards Mistshine, putting his hooves on her plot.

Softheart said blushing “Hey! Redhoof, I’m supposed to be the succubus here, I do not know what is worse, you being more seductive than my sister, or trying to seduce my master”

“Relax, I’m joking”. Redhoof said as she sat down “but I can only sell it, I need the money to buy back my home”

Mistshine shook his head to wipe out the blushing of his face “How did you know that your home was actually bought in Manehatten?”

“See the TV over there?” Redhoof said, as she pointed out a TV next to her table. “I figure it out I can use it to learn what have happened ever since my death, I’m still not happy that Princess Luna has my colt all for herself, once I get out of here, she will face some real competition”, the TV screen showed Redhoof old home, where Suri Polomare now lives

Angel giggled at this “oh boy… your brother will not sleep in several weeks Mistshine”

“Anyway…I can sell you the jewel, if you manage to get the money, as a tip, I heard the magicians on the Magical Laboratory and on this Library use to hide several bags of bits via magic, destroy the chandeliers and candles, and the bag should appear”. She said as she rested on her chair

So… the engineers hid the money via magic?, could be that, during the empire demise, they wanted to hid everything mattering to them, or they used it as a way to hide their salary to when they will need it?, either way, with his time running out, he started to destroy every chandelier and candle he could find, he event went as far as using his teleport spell to warp to areas he already visited where a chandelier was, after a while of travel, he manage to gather all the bits necessary for purchasing the jewel from Redhoof, he then returned to the Magical Laboratory, since the east tower do not have a magical circle to go to the lab directly from the market, he had to travel all the way from the Gallery.

Once he was back on the Lab, he searched for the worktable he saw earlier, taking advantage of this situation, he decided it was time to not only make the brooches he need, but also, improve his Tech Horn and Steel Wings to the maximum, he started to work on them with all the tools available on the worktable, from screwdrivers, to feathers replicas, to even saws and electrical shocks, once he was finished, the tech horn was just perfect, it even felt and looks now like a perfect unicorn horn, and it had the same texture as well, same thing happened with the steel wings, they look and feel like pegasi wings, even the feathers felt smooth, but they were quite heavy and powerful to carry him over the skies, also, they became waterproof, finally, he started to create 3 brooches, Mistshine decided to make them, based on his friends cutie mark, just like he did for Fluttershy brooch, and just like it, they will be able to be used as hair pins or brooches, but their effect will protect the user, Alure one was a red rose shape with the metal, and the jewel itself to make it a rainbow rose with metal ornaments that mimics vines with thorns, then, Coldshard brooch looked like a harp with a ice pillar behind it, with some sparks of the jewel, recreating the snowflakes of her cutie mark, finally, for himself, he created the brooch, exactly like his cutie mark, 2 gears with a wrench and a lightbub in the background, the lightbub was actually made of the jewel, after a few minutes, like around 30-45 minutes, he had finished creating the brooches that he can give to his friends, he still had enough metal and jewel shards left for crafting one more thing,

“What are you waiting?, I know you want to do it, build the hoof ring, you might never get another chance” Angel said, knowing what his owner had in mind

Mistshine blushed “A-angel, what are you saying? W-w-we met for a few months now…and…ooh”

“You are just like my owner in some things, but do something funny with her on the first date and you will regret giving me swords” The little bunny said, pushing the teasing further.

Mistshine replied, red as apple.“ f-f-f-funny things?”

“Oh come on, I know you wish to shrink yourself and get inside her bed sheets and get closer to---” Angel said, laughing.

Mistshine, red as an apple, covered the bunny mouth “That’s enough Angel Bunny!”

Mistshine stored the leftovers plus the tools he found from the workbench in a little box, and take it with him in his saddlebags, he returned to the store and purchased the special containers for liquids, he purchased several, in case they got broken, Mistshine returned to the lab workshop and incorporated a intercom on the containers, this would allow Coldshard to talk to him while inside, he then used the store magical circle, to return to the Ice Cave with his winter coat on, and Coldshard was actually there, waiting for him, sit on top of the chest she was protecting, expecting the colt, he gave the brooch first, Coldshard reacted surprised.

“Dear Princesses, this is beautiful, and my cutie mark looks so radiant on those rainbow colors, thanks… although, I have to ask you, why are you giving me this?, I made you nothing else but pain and problems, also, why did you let me live?”

Mistshine smiled, as he was placing one of the containers in his saddle belts “Because, you are my friend, and I cannot kill anypony with a soul capable of understanding friendship, kindness and compassion, you and Alure are far more superior than the other monsters from here, you are still ponies, despise what happened to you “

“Thank you… Alure was right after all, you are indeed a different pony from everypony else, ok, I will travel with you, once you find a way to keep my body solid like before, let me know ok?” Coldshard said as she became water and entered herself on the container, the lid closed from the inside.

Mistshine saw how the ice pony was adjusting herself inside “How are you doing?, and does Alure remember her name before becoming plant monster?”

“I’m ok…and no, Alure seems she doesn’t remember it, but she likes her monster name” Coldshard replied from within the container.

The stallion smiled, Angel now looked at his new companion “so, from walking fridge she became bottle water, upgrade much?”

“Shut up bunny!, or I will freeze your carrots once we are out of here!” Coldshard said.

Mistshine got closer to the chest, ready to open it “Well… lets see what Poisonhoof was trying to protect”

The Stallion lifted the chest opening, and removed the soft silk that kept the contents protected, he took out 2 things, a colt size vampire cape, red on one side, black on the other, and a cylindrical container with multiple glowing cyan orbs that mimics ponies skulls, able to be attached to a saddle, Mistshine inquired about this items to Coldshard, as she was the ones protecting them.

“What are these?” he said

Coldshard voice explained.“ the cylindrical container is the Spirit Container, a device created by Poisonhoof herself before going to the Crystal Empire, it was designed to catch souls and use their powers as your own, it also worked as a way of transportation, to carry the souls of the deceased soldiers meanwhile the princess made the Full Replica Body to allow them a second life, sadly, after she came back from the empire, she used it to store the souls of the experiments that died on the lab, in order to transfer the souls to another experiment body, and you get the idea”

“So… the monsters I have been fighting do have souls of tormented ponies inside them?” Mistshine said, afraid of his actions

Coldshard continued. “Yes, but sadly for those souls, once they became trapped into the other creatures bodies, their memories and past were totally erased, they don’t reason, remember or know anything of their past lives, mostly because, during the time they were trapped on the Spirit Container, Poisonhoof used dark magic to erase their memories, I still do not know why me and Alure were spared of that fate”

“So… you two ended up in this device when dead?” Softheart inquired

Coldshard replied. “Yes… I believe that, you can use it to catch either, Alure or my soul in case we die, to be revived later”

Mistshine thought about it for a second, he could also catch the souls of the monsters he kills to use their powers later, however, that would be mean to them, if they are indeed tormented souls, the last thing they would want, is being imprisoned and used by somepony, is better to give them peace, so, he decided to use the Spirit Container, in case that either, Softheart, Alure or Coldshard end up dying, so he can save their souls and remake their bodies again, once he find Poisonhoof Laboratory that is, that pony might be a psycho, but she have the original notes and designs from the monsters he is facing, and without that, he cannot cure or revive his allies if they die, he equipped the Spirit Container on his left side, opposite to Coldshard container that was on the right side, he took the Vampire Cape, and he put it on, not only was comfortable, but it also protects his saddles, Coldshard let know her companion what it does, the answer, made Mistshine a little uneasy, but at the same time, gave him several ideas.

“That is the Vampires Cape, a cape once used by the vampire ponies that Poisonhoof made, if you wear it, you will be able to withstand and absorb dark magic areas or attacks due to its special fabric, allowing you to release a powerful fire spell called “Hellfire”, a giant fireball that explodes on contact with something” Coldshard explained.

Mistshine looking concerned, asked about the cape “Is only a cape right? next target is the central tower, I already searched the East and West Towers and none of them has the secret lab, so it must be on the Central tower, will this cape be able to absorb the dark magic present there so I can pass?”

“Not by itself, but if you find the tunic and a special jewel, you might be able to, I believe in the theater is where Poisonhoof before her attack, hid the jewel, the tunic, I have no idea where is it” Coldshard recalled.

Seems the empire itself, is trying to force Mistshine to become corrupted with the dark magic, however, he can use that towards his advantage, if the clock tower is filled with dark magic in its entirely, there is no way the priest clothes will be able to hold that amount of energy, his safer bet is to find the remaining pieces of the vampire disguise to be able to enter, he can also use it to get close to Fluttershy, if what he is thinking is right, Poisonhoof sprit is just waiting for either, the Lunar Eclipse, or Mistshine becoming her servant once the dark magic corruption has consumed him, by using the disguise he might be able to get closer to Fluttershy, and inject her with the cure before the time expires and avoid fighting her, he smiled, as he found ironic, that the bite ended up becoming the key to his plan to save Fluttershy. Not loosing more time, he quickly ran towards the circle, but from the same lake he fought before, several mermaid ponies ended up running towards him, scared, as they ran towards the ice walls, several huge eels tentacles trapped them and brought them to the water, a puddle of blood quickly reflected on the water surface, Mistshine manage to use his whip to catch one of the Mermaid Ponies, and with his strength, he manage to keep it at shore, the tentacle was pulling the creature the more it could, the mermaid pony showed a total desperation, holding into the whip end, perhaps near their deaths is when they show some degree of personality?, as if they were remembering how did they die initially?, the mermaid pony yelled; “She awoken!, she awoken!!.

However, the more the stallion pulled her body of out the water, the more he could see her features clearly, she was a different colored mermaid pony, on contrary to her orange species, this mermaid pony was a blue colored mare with green and purple scales as her mane, purple eyes, and instead of a hairy tail, she had a fish tail with more scales, he could clearly see that her hooves had some sort of membrane that extend itself while in water, and retract when in contact to the ground or the air, probably in order to be useful in both land and water, her body was something you could expect if you cross a pony and a fish, she yelled of pain as the stallion tried to save her.

Mistshine started to pull “H-hold on!, I will get you out!”

“Wait, I know that mermaid, she is Black Tide, call her a captain of the mermaids pony, she have high intelligence, can understand pony language, and she does have honor, and she never attacks a prey when their back is turned” Coldshard said

Angel jumped out of the colt winter coat and started pulling as well “Explanations later!, help her get out!”

“I don’t want to die!, not like this!, not becoming a food source!” Black Tide said, not letting go.

Mistshine held the whip all he could, trying to keep her on the shore “You wont!, hold on, take my hoof!”

“Please!... please don’t let me go… please!, I haven’t … I haven’t even seen the castle…AAAH!!” She yelled as her blood started to escape her body from her tail

Black Tide tried to take the stallion hoof, but one final pull made the creature lose grip of the whip and ended up being sucked into the water, red blood was visible on the water surface, Mistshine against all logic prepared his bubble shield to jump in, activating his air bubble spell, inside the clear water, he could hear the desperate muffled screams of the fish pony, a trail of blood let him towards a little wall, he saw her, trying to swim out of the tentacle that had her imprisoned, she even attacked with her water gun attack, but even the power she had as captain of the mermaid ponies was useless against the eel, she was trying to reach the stallion in front of her as soon as she noticed him inside the water, she could still speak, due to her fish half.

“Save yourself!, leave me!, I can feel her already eating my tail and back hooves!, don’t die for a monster like me!” Black tide started to cry, losing hope, she stopped swimming.

Mistshine manage to catch her hoof “ Not even in dreams!, as I said to Coldshard, if a monster has the ability to learn compassion and friendship, and even ask for help, even to somepony that attacked her race, they do not deserve to die, even if they are monsters!.

“… I wish…I wish we could have meet, under different… circumstances… forgive me and my race for attacking you…is our nature” Black Tide apologized, as another tentacle, that looked like a eel, grabbed her from her chest

Mistshine smiled, as he attacked the eel with a electrical spell “ You are forgiven… please hold on.”

“…” Black Tide smiled, her eyes shows a visible tiredness from the struggle

Black Tide cried, her nose and eyes were already red from the blood she already lost, pieces of fleshy scales were being spit from the cave, in a last effort to return the stallion kindness, she charged again her usual attack of water pistol, just that, since she trying to save other pony life, it was powerful enough to kick Mistshine out of the water, he felt hardly on the icy floor, he saw how the bubbles on the water stopped coming, until a shadow came closer to the surface, the water burst, sending a skeleton flying, it landed near the colt, it was the mermaid that he previously tried to help, as her hooves were still in the position she was when holding into the stallion hoof, but it had something else visible, her soul, the Sprit Container automatically captured the mermaid soul, as if it was reacting to Mistshine desire to help her, he felt something else, from the container, a faint voice was heard.

“Please… use me…dear friend”

From the water surface, a monster rose up, it had the upper body of a pony, her hip was made of lions heads, and her back hooves are actually the eels he saw, he instructed Coldshard to attack her with ice spears, to which she happily obeyed, she exited her hoof from the container and threw the spears, the attack was blocked by one of the eels, but this allowed Mistshine to attack using his whip, hitting her vulnerable spot, her pony body, the creature manage to catch Mistshine with her eels, but he send angel and the bunny attacked the eels eyes, releasing him, Angel and Mistshine returned to land, and Mistshine unleashed his Artificial Electricity spell, in order to try to fry the creature, but a surprise came, when the eels absorb the electric attack, and from the lions head, a concentrated blast of electricity hit the colt and the bunny, electrocuting not only him, but all his companions at once, he felt how the electricity ran in all his body, preventing him from moving at that moment, but thanks to his brooch, he wasn’t paralyzed.

“She is using her lower body as lighting rod!” Mistshine said, recovering from the attack

Angel jumped back to his owner back. “And with puddle pony on the container, this will be hard.”

The stallion noticed that one of the previous dead mermaid ponies had a scroll, the scroll was a water squirt attack, basically he can shoot the same high pressure water steam they shoot, he decided to use it on the roof, to knock some stalactites on the creature head, this made her dizzy, but she used her lion heads to attack now with a dark magic infused fire blast, following what his icy companion told him, he protected himself with the cape, and the fabric revealed to be glowing, showing Mistshine that it was indeed enchanted to absorb the attack, he decided to use this in combination with his teleport spell, and teleported near the creature pony body, opening up his cape

“Hellfire!” he yelled as the red part of the cape shinned.

The giant ball of fire went flying from his cape, towards the creature chest, burning her, as she screamed and jumped into the water to pull herself out, he noticed the eels now came after him, using his renewed steel wings, he took in flight and dodged the attacks, they were really close to touching him, but since Mistshine can only fly for short periods of time, he needed to rest back in land, that is when one of the eels, bite his hoof and dragged him to the water, drawing him closer towards the creature lion mouth, the expression of the pony body part was obvious, a lust for blood, she wanted to eat him whole, Mistshine started to struggle, he remembered his magical hourglass sub weapon, he used it and stopped time for 5 seconds, this allowed Mistshine to use his Tech Horn to teleport back to land.

“Wow… this clock is incredible!” Angel said with delight to be alive

Mistshine got his whip ready “Just imagine what we could do with 5 more seconds… this gave me an idea.”

When time unfroze itself, the creature rose again, and had her eels on the water, she was waiting for other electrical attack, if he wanted to win this, he have to electrocute the primary head, this is when the idea he had in mind started, he teleported closer to the pony head and used his hourglass to freeze time again, flying with his wings, he then called in the sprit container as well as his icy companion

“Coldshard!, Black Tide, attack!”

The fish pony soul said from her container “As you wish my master.”

“This will be so much fun!” Coldshard said, as she launched a spear that got stuck into the chest of the creature.

The deceased Black Tide soul reacted to the stallion command from within the Sprit Container, and launched a huge bubble of water to the creature, soaking her wet, Mistshine concentrated his magic into a full electrical attack spell, when time reassumed itself, all the attacks manage to severely injure the creature, as the eels could not redirect the electricity attack from the upper body, this made the creature cry in pain, Mistshine threw Angel, who stepped into the spear, and made it go in deeper, once he returned to his master, Mistshine flew again and attacked the creature with his whip, until she finally died, her body burst into flames, as it started to be consumed by the mermaids that saw tier predator felt to the water, not much could be seen, but one thing Mistshine knew for sure… be better not swim with these ponies when they are hungry, he landed back on the shore.

“Is this something you normally do?” he asked to the soul in the spirit container

Black Tide replied with a faint voice “we are designed that way; we passed from herbivores to omnivores when we were created, besides, my race haven’t eat in 1000 years, is natural that we are starving”

“Backpedal a bit!, how long can you remain alive without eating?” Mistshine asked, surprised to learn they haven’t eat in a millennia

Black Tide voice sounded happy “hehehe, a curious pony aren’t you?, we were imprisoned in ice, when we woke up we ate grass and other monsters that felt in the water”

He returned to the circle, but before he could activate it, one yell of the mermaids made him turn around, he saw how one of the same enemy he had fought earlier, came closer to him, holding something in her mouth, it was a little ice sword, ideal for Angel bunny, but besides it, was a key, the key reads “Theater Camera Room”, once he picked up the items, the mermaid quickly returned to the water… he questioned himself why they reacted that way, but he remembered he have their captain soul in the spirit chamber, perhaps they still smell her scent from the chamber? Or it was mere instinct?, no matter what the answer was, he exited the Ice Cave, and returned to the castle town market.

With no other place to explore besides the other clue on the West and East tower to find Poisonhoof Laboratory, he removed his winter coat and decided to go now to the Central Tower, where he encountered Deathscythe for the first time, however, he kept his cape on, for the eventual cases of dark energy areas, as he approached, he saw a excellent surprise, Alure was already waiting for him, she had her wooden saddlebags and was sat on her giant flower, she hugged the stallion, completely happy and restored, Mistshine gave her the brooch to protect his plant pony companion from her weaknesses, Angel looked at the big double doors as well as Mistshine, as they started to push them, opening them up

“So this is it huh?, Fluttershy is in this tower, and the lab must be here as well” Angel said, waving his new ice sword.

Mistshine got his whip ready “Yes… and I will take her back to Equestria with me, I hope my friends you can lend me your strength one last time”

“Are you kidding?, I have been wanting to kick that mare plot for almost 1000 years!, me and Alure are ready “ Coldshard said from the container, as her friend nodded

Softheart smiled “you gave me a second chance in life; of course I will come with you”

“Then my dear friends, we have a pony to rescue, with you at my side, no dark magic or crazy pony will stand in our way to rescue our friend, the night is still young indeed, but friendship can last a eternity.” Mistshine said to his teammates, as they jumped inside the central tower.
Mistshine and The Steel Empire - Chapter 8 -
Two more companions joins Mistshine in his quest, and the last trial reveals itself, the central tower, what challenges will apply here?, lets find out

Achivement Unlocked: Reflections (Beat Dark Mistshine the first time)
Achivement Unlocked: Soul Eater (Obtain the Spirit Chamber)
Achivement Progress: Children of the Night ( Complete the Vampire Disguise 1/3 )
Achivement Progress: Legacy of Blood ( Complete all 4 parts of the Grand Cross Spell 2/4 )
Achivement Progress: Who need Alicorns? ( Use a spell while flying againts a boss )
Achivement Unlocked: Soul Resonance ( Use one fo the souls on the spirit container )
Achivement Unlocked: Pest Control ( Kill Schyla Pony )
Achivement Unlocked: Just in case ( Craft the elemental brooches )
Achivement Unlocked: Yoink! ( Steal the tools from the workbench )
Achivement Unlocked: Pegasi In Training ( Fly without taking any damage from either, enviroment or enemies at least 5 times )
Achivement Unlocked: Rebuild ( Fortify the Steel Wing and Tech Horn to their maximum form with the workbench )


MLP and all it’s related characters belong to Hasbro
Mistshine and Oc´s featured on this fic belongs to me


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