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Alone Once More: Before and Again by furriKira

I will be hones... im having a hard time on the First one ( the one before the redraw ) , but after a while of admiring the art, i foun...

Tink by furriKira

Is really sad to see that she closed the account... but this is a nice way to remember her is not a good bye... is a see you later, som...

Kira's Maid Outfit by furriKira

Bows.... cute little bows EVERYWHERE, trust me Kira, this is way to over the cuteness meter, i could had mistaken you for a catgirl o//...


Beach Trip - Second Gmod Picture - by TeamInTheDarkness
Beach Trip - Second Gmod Picture -
PS: haven´t figure out yet how to move the inklings mouth

Little Story here:

Fem GRE Pyro : Hudda hu! (The water is nice kids!)
Inkling Girl: So... Mr Engineer you actually say we came from the sea?
RED Engineer: yeah, that´s basic encyclopedia stuff kid
Octoling: Then how come we always die when we touch water?
Inkling Boy: and how come Pyro Can swim if she is fire?
RED Engineer: i guess i´ll need to give ya´ll some smmming lessons for ya
All 3: Please Keep Respawn Active...


I can picture Engineer as the only capable merc of making kids listen to him, besides, he LIVES with Pyro for crying out loud, that means Engi is extremely patient, or a lovely friend, or both, that´s why i used him here

If anyone can give me tips on how to make the inklings and octorians face (lips, mouth, etc) move, let me know D;

TF2 Characters belong to Valve
Splatoon Characters belong to Nintendo
First Gmod Picture - Myself as Engineer - by TeamInTheDarkness
First Gmod Picture - Myself as Engineer -
Well, We have to start somewhere right?, this is going to be my Av for future projects i would do in the future, i would love to get some feedback since im new to this Gmod placing models things, so please comments?

There are some differences between me in Gmod and me in the actual TF2, here they are

1) Instead of the Hylian Shield, in TF2 i always wear the Pip-Boy (Still do not know how to add the Pipboy, it do not appear on my list of items)
2) Instead of the Holdsters i use the Teddy Rosenbelt
3) The Master Sword and Hylian Shield are to represent my TLOZ love ^w^, i couldnt get the ocarina on the Gmod ;_;
Zanreo - Consolers Fancomic Sprite - by TeamInTheDarkness
Zanreo - Consolers Fancomic Sprite -
I want to take a chance to state that depise PS4 having more consoles sold, their games quality has drop significally, and this is coming from someone that played the 3 consoles a lot! so gamers, take this in a reflective matter, when Nintendo kicks the other 2 companies asses on a E3, for 2 years in a row! (im counting 2013 because most of the games there DISAPPOINTED several people on this year, and the 2014 E3 wasnt exception, that´s why nintendo won E3 2015 before it even started, just search Virtual Tiger on You tube and you will see what im talking about ), you know they better hit the restart button ASAP.

Anyway, this comic is for Zanreo, a incredible talented artist :3, so anypony that want to look at her Consolers Comic (her representations of the 3 Gaming Houses, Nintendo, Play Station and Xbox) feel free to visit her DA page here :3

==> :iconzanreo:

Blaze belogs to me
Nintendo, Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox human versions drawn by :iconzanreo:
FNAF 4 Teaser Reaction by TeamInTheDarkness
FNAF 4 Teaser Reaction
Serious Scott! for pete sake stop!!, my heart cannot take so many mini heart attacks in one single game! T_T

as many of you may already heard out, FNAF 4 is already in "the oven", schedule to release on halloween this year, i do not know about you guys, as much as i love FNAF, i think we are reaching the point of where the franchise can start going downhill, correct me if im wrong, but didnt the WHOLE place burned down in FNAF3 and the only things that were saved was going to be saled in a auction?, there is no point for the souls of the children to attack you anymore since Springtrap (Aka Purple Guy) is already dead, unless FNAF4 follows the same train as FNAF2 (Precuel), if it is a prequel to FNAF2, then there is a high chance we might only have 1 animatronic again before the Toys came, which would also tie up with the kid killed during Freddy mini game in FNAF2, maybe im overthinking this but that is my call. what do you guys think?

Toy Animatronics Made by :icontoyfoxytheclown:
Original Animatronic Sprites made by :icondmechatails:
Five Nights at Freddys characters belong to Scott Cawthon (Thank you for giving us one of the best scary games ever)
Blaze belongs to me

Soulmate Fusion Page 12  by TeamInTheDarkness
Soulmate Fusion Page 12
Protagonist Down!!!, I repeat!, PROTAGONIST DOWN!!! DX!!!
with Blaze down, who will resolve the problem that Master hand faces?, and speaking of him, how did he had that special?!, Maybe Shinki knows something...

Next: [ ??? ]
Previous: [ ]


Costa Rica
About miself?, ummm... letīs see, im a very happy person who likes a lot video games ^.^, thatīs why my artwork is about mostly, games sprites ^.^, also, if you havent notices, im a brony ^^, and im happy to be one, i may work super slow in writting or have little time to practice my ocarina, but i will never give up

On Brony comunity, i go by the name of Stardust Breeze ^^, while most of my friends know me for Blaze ( my Sprites Character ), im glad to meet you all :3

Favorite Ponies:

1) Fluttershy
2) Luna
3) Pinkie
4) Rarity & Spike

Favorite Shipping: Sparity x3, they are so cute
:iconteaminthedarkness: : Ohhhh finally!!!, i finished Mistshine story!! ;D finally, everypony that read my story and comics sprites!, i want to thank you, nwn you are awesome!!!, this is the second story i completed to a full and even if didnt get much comments, i feel happy that i was able to create a story good enough to be faved by someponies on DA, thank you all guys ^^, thank youuuuuu * falls asleep due to tiredness *

:iconfluttershyplz: : Oh my... come here my dear * drag :iconteaminthedarkness: to the bedroom * sorry for this guys * close the door *
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